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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 6, 1952, Kingsport, Tennessee8 thursday nov. 6, 1952 Kingsport times four local men relieved Stevenson ignores u. S. Nov7 politics Springfield 111. Up gov. Adlai e. Stevenson Loo Kinaj like a Man who has had a great1 Burden lifted from his slender shoulders ignored politics to nay and devoted his energies to. Government. But As the Illinois governor went Back to his desk in the of to Ciai mansion Here it seemed inevitable that politics and Tate of the democratic party thieves r id two businesses in Clintwood southerners doubt gop can hold in Dixie since Truman ism is out Atlanta had defected temporarily four men from the Kingsport area enlisted in the Navy during october according to Recruiter Lee t. Mcclellan of the Johnson City tenn., Navy recruiting i expressed doubt today land would be ready to Treyon substation. .1 men enlisted Are As follows Walthen h. Nickels 105 w. Sevier st., Kingsport Darwin k. Leonard 204 Virgil st., Kings that the republicans can hold i their party As soon As a True have i Navy. Clintwood spa while would preoccupy him again soon election returns were being his Campaign manager at the courthouse in son Wyatt. Was ready to thieves broke that Stevenson s crushing de the Mark Baker garage forces can gym venust in the feat in the presidential election and the Clintwood Kara might mean considerable and furniture co. Alignment within the party and. From the Baker garage tha some old democratic took the Safe and its con ions no longer held True. Tents of in Cash. In Stevenson spent the greater checks and other valuable a part of wednesday saying Good pers but from the Clintwood Bye to newsmen who had and furniture co., eled with him during the hectic i nothing was reported stolen new beachhead in once jeffersonian candidate appears. Solid Dixie after Truman so is no longer an Issue. In giving Dwight d. Eisen port Grover s. Hickman three states the Lake st., Kingsport Robert a heaviest popular vote in history Parker route 1, Ford town. They said the was Rebell. All men have been assigned to ing against policies of the tru the u. S. Naval training Center. Iman Arnini Straton. Bainbridge. My. For recruit i this dissension was Given Ai Bonn Germany for service j South and was coupled and Western experts be a training. Russians build new transmitters Kingsport today thursday civic basketball practice in main auditorium game room open Dickson Home demonstration club lunch Eon m club rooms child guidance in Corner room recreation came room activities group games Friday civic auditorium football frolics in entire building Douglass recreation Center room activities arts and crafts saturday civic auditorium Dixie four quartet in main auditorium private party m club rooms recreation Center game room activities sunday civic Aalt Orlinm u a Marine Reserve meeting 10 Kingsport men . Palmer lauds i Eisenhower election col. E. W. Palmer one of the backers of president comparatively new the reds plan a greatly in-1 ten Kingsport area men left Tensi fied propaganda offensive tuesday for induction into the against West Europe. The land Oil. In a popular vote that almost tripled that of former president Herbert Hoover s previous Best gop showing in 1928, the re publicans swept Florida Virginia and Texas and were close in Tennessee and Louisiana. But equally As Basic As is sometime during 1953. Armed forces the local selective service Board reported. They were Billy Lee Holt Al Stapleton Delma Thomas _ cd. In j.iu.1 u1u Ivl Elliis. O us u Ern objections to the adminis Western experts say they and Herman Manis traction s big government Andi Fure the i i naion Inri to Conn Nerp a Tim wednesday. It was believed that shocked and Crest the Safe in the latter establish original backers of president Traylon s big government and sure the big new stations Are Mlton than he too heavy to Dwight d. Eisenhower in fair dealing aspects was the bended for propaganda Pur Lawien Man be. Said last night he was South s Century old tradition of rather than jamming be Vatt. Who refused to _ Tjit Civ cede defeat until the last ves garage transmitters like most Are shrouded in., _ of the ironed Paul exactly when Cleveland Parker will go on the air. The Barnett Joe Kenneth i Cody Omar Abner Fields Rob Ert Harold Manis Joe daily Dickenson Home destroyed by fire Clintwood spa a fire believed caused by defective wiring destroyed the Home of Estil Triplett at skeet Rock wednesday afternoon before firemen from Clintwood could drive out eight Miles to save it. The firemen did smother a Forest fire nearby which the burning Home started. Mrs. Triplett and her brother Henry Taylor were the Only ones in the House to notify neighbors of the Blaze. Triplett was away at work. He is employed at the Clinchfield Coal co. At lick Fork. The Home had four recently built rooms and new furniture. Estimated loss was set by neigh Bors at Triplett had no insurance. Mrs. Triplett said she believed the fire must have started from defective wiring because there were no fires in the stove. The Blaze she said originated in the loft. Of Hope disappeared held a final news conference at Whie he said he and Stevenson s Ai were unanimous in the belief erase John said i genuinely pleased with the democratic viewpoint cause Russia s equipment of outcome of the election tuesday j comment by the South s to a jamming Western broadcasts Al especially with the which broke into the a Cence of pubic thinking broke into the furniture Public and colonel Palmer who returned thieves Evi from a european trip just in second party status time to cast his vote said Florida democratic that Stevenson would head democratic ticket in 1956. I at the garage. Our it u Stev. .__._. Governor Stevenson would not the shop. There a lined up without comment on this your on Evec Ney attempt a to pry Josities. Since the election and needed his opinion is As Good As inf door. Unable Are discussing the advantages Oil growth Lotical leaders on the is contained few outright Sug a they expect the new trans Gest ions of the Republican foot matters to be beamed primarily hold developing into Western Germany but they polio Mark drops in Virginia area c f. I ii la v u Oci Iii lie feeling i definitely that broke into the office and was pleased with the Way committeeman Richard d. Bark-1 the Evenson in -56." he said. The Safe the various political groups already i or looked upon the election As to will have the Power to blast their incidence of National Way into most of West Europe. Continued to Richmond weekly new transmitters Accord polio in Virginia decline last week our wins Minneapolis Minn. A chapter of the National Bald headed club took note today of the election Victory of one of our Russell s. Ackerman Secretary of Minneapolis Bald pates 2, said Dwight d. Was an honorary member of the club and had been appointed a Delegate to the National convention saturday at st. Cloudy Minn. Eth products Pobvws-tayl9r fast Relief from headache neuralgia world famous ingredients in by with 13 new cases reported Down Wyatt on a Clay when the a the reach the full contents by democratic party As a whole was rifling the Safe door the men. Feeling Blue found the two party system. R a cheering note. He said he looks for a helpful a car into the garage Readl Estment and loaded the Safe into it. Party. Refugee sources Are 17 the week operation that was constructed alongside existing Norfolk was the Only City to to remove a cancerous stations so the russians either report a new Case last week. The from the democratic May increase the total number j others came from county health of stations on the air or put Sev departments that operation has been in a Tinct greatly increasing the next Lime you have head ache and Wane Relief and Wane it a a hurry try by headache tablets or powders. When you use by you get the full Relief giving effectiveness of not just one but Tiv rat of the world s most popular pain relieving ingredients. In Combina Tion As they Are in these Quick Diu Olving fast acting ingredients the state health department j Are remarkably amort in the he said and the Power Over any selected fre put the total cases for the year than any would be alone. Outlook within the next year and the total popular vote cast sheriff Rose said he for Stevenson was greater men involved in the Clint i it is a Good thing to have a tha heretofore received by any Wood robberies Are the same realignment now and Republican candidate in Histo band which have executed a be he said. The great of unsolved thefts through one of those Thinas Virginia sort West Virginia one loss i i Ign Tient has four years in which torque nov make a Complete Florida s gov. Fuller Warren said he believed the Republican wedge driven into the South last tuesday will prove no less Tern pouring of votes should be a of Virginia and West Horary than that of 1928, when heartening thins to All Ameri. The Baker garage has been Raleigh. N. C. The or. Hoover carried Florida and broken into five times within North Carolina supreme court four other Southern states. Wyatt expressed pleasure at the last four years. Three years has ruled that getting your Fin i believe the Republican party the Way had Hso when the establishment was. Ger smashed in a car door is will continue to be the minority Ste a Jon to owned by Charles s. Perkins of just one of those things. J he said. 4" 1 h or o h c. At 643. When you buy by you nay it in either Tablet or powder fora Tablet or powder you get the famous by same fast Relief. You get a preparation that you can use with Complete Confidence for the Relief of neuralgia pains minor muscular aches and functional periodic pains. By powders Loc 25c. But tablets Loc 25c and the Faa oily bottles of and 100 tablets. Buy the urge sizes and save Suva eve. Been Vensor. the Defeated Clintwood. A Safe was stolen the court wednesday dismiss Southern democrats who sup holding s200 in Cash and other de a damage suit brought ported the gop candidate out valuable papers. Against a used car dealer by a right declared they no in three men involved in that customer whose fingers were Tention of letting any a door. The dealer a o abides by the robbery were caught before they caught in aides cheerfully by escape outside the county could not be held responsible. State trooper b. D. Mclemore court said because the mis candidate did give evidence of one regret. He admitted he hated to give up he reins of the state governor ship a Job he thoroughly liked investigation. Sherif Rose said several clues to the Rob a and sincerely wanted to retain. Series were followed. J the question of Ste Venson s status in the democratic party Rhee congratulates was put to Wyatt and the gov _ a error s Campaign manager said Eisenhower Mamie that it was the customary thing for the presidential can Pusan Korea to dilate. Even though Defeated. Rean president syn Man Rhee to remain As the party s messaged president elect Wyatt said Stevenson s Posi Eisenhower we Are delighted Tion in american politics and and the entire nation is thrilled government was certainly be Over Nis projected trip to Korea to seek an end to the War. He will most certainly be one please include mrs. Of the great leaders of our coun Rhee said. Her Wyatt said. Not Only in presence will be a great Honor the United states by in foreign and encouragement to our suf Fering people and the forces what Issue con fighting in the front tribute most heavily to Steven a government spokesman said son ? defeat. Watt said the Eisenhower would be welcomed time for a change chant that with possibly the greatest recep swept the country was probably Tion Ever held in the Issue that Cid the most to crush it s a matter of he said. It probably began in the second term of Franklin Roose velt and gradually built up until it became an accumulative thing. Eight twelve 16 and finally 20 years and the trend ust made itself can ism rub off on them during the next four years. Gov. Robert f. Kennon of and other members of the Vir Hap was one of those distress-1 Louisiana who openly supported Ginia Highway patrol aided in ing accidents which occur daily Eisenhower said the Southern the moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. 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