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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 6, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeLynnes panthers play tonight Lynn View closes first season at Johnson Park 8p.m. Lynn View s Lynnes close the books on their first football 6 thursday nov. 6, 1952 Kingsport times Hoople picks upsets Irish to win Over okla. Author of All this and Eisenhower too As the drunk said As he tried to pour a quart of Giggle water in a season at j Fred Johnson stadium tonight by entertaining i egad with Joy. A red hot Church Hill team. Kick off time is 8 . As the drunk said As he Triet to p the Lynnes have dropped three straight decisions this j pint Glass my Tup run Neth season mainly due to porous defences and Are at least a not Only did i pick Douglass one touchdown underdog tonight. Or. A. E. Litkenhous rates both teams with a 33.6 Power Mark. Church Hill has won its last two games by lop sided margins and now has an Overall record of four wins and four losses. Coach s. L. Taylor s charges have racked up 148 Points while allowing 100 to the opposition Lynn View has tallied 46 times but has allowed 90 Points across its goal line. The Lynnes will be playing without the services of coach Cecil Puckett tonight. Puckett former Dobyns Bennett missis Sippi and Etc Star was in ducted into the armed forces last Friday. Carl Matherly. Ath called on Fox Hunts fires Knoxville Leroy Rymer of the state game and fish commission said wednesday night that the National Fox Hunt scheduled for not. 9-15 in Sevier county would be cancelled. High s 7-6 upset win Over Slater right on the Scozzola and miss the Georgia tech Duke final score by a partly Point but. My old army sidekick. Dwight David Eisenhower now has the reins of the greatest country in the is orld. None of these came As a sur prise to your faithful servant. I knew that Ike would win by a landslide after i withdrew As an Independent candidate and threw my support behind him. But if you think that these were surprises listen to what i have in store for you this week. The other evening in a Pool room i met a scholar whose sound knowledge of mathematics in the old boy himself Rymer said the Hunt was passed me deeply so deeply in fact that this week i am going Cluj a met Paoju me ii Iii i. I Letic director of the school and cancelled due to the slates i to use the system As confided to me american league acid Lajer 1st 3rd til. Savior 181 197 157 535 Hobbs 156 157 155 468 Barker 152 106 .126 384 Range 129 143 138 411 Industrial league begins action for 2nd Quarter Nalley tonight Stringer toll of note players Smith Bro afew her Wallet Kane Alton total organic Crft Alcala Johnson Williams t Murrell total engineers no. I players Mahwood Patterson Deakins Stras p. Murrell total research no. I players Oil Kev Sievers Thompson total dope department players Jackson Olson Erm in Ahern ban on Hunting of All types pucketts Grid assistant will be in charge of the team. We would like to finish the season with a Matherly states. The boys Are in top mental condition but a Host of injuries will weaken us consider ably. If we get any Breaks we could make things he concludes. Matherly has been working the team out on defense most of the week and is pleased with their Progress. We Don t seem to have too much trouble scor ing but the trouble is the other team does t have much trouble he said. Lynn View will probably open up with Jim Fleming in the quarterback Slot working with halfback Ron and Don Begley and fullback Earl Holtzclaw. In the line it will probably Bei Talmage Morfitt and fete haul see at ends Bob Mays adj Dyrk Eddie saw. Barrett at tackles. D former Moon Eye Frazier and Robinette at guards the state banned Hunting because of the Many Forest fires that Hare been raging in this area for almost three weeks. The Hunt the National Fox Hunters association Chase futurity and Field trials was expected to draw 500 entries from throughout this country and Canada. Sawyer May get manage ship of Tlle Man s Anglo a carcase and he has devoted an until the Forest " fire s have Iiron Laci method for winners particularly in the been extinguished. Field of athletics. I cannot divulge All the Steps in the process. Owen 127 745 177 135 151 181 ins 31 la 153 180 146 142 in 130 114 120 162 154 700 1st 187 141 117 167 159 771 155 133 143 so 188 781 147 151 148 125 us 756 2nd 158 165 153 133 165 714 175 17b 146 149 164 813 160 475 favourites new York Southern California Duke and Purdue were made the favourites today to win four of the top attractions on saturday s College football program. Big Sale Lexington by. Two million Dollar thoroughbred horse Sale in which 973 yearling Breeding Stock and of other Ages traded hands closed at Kee Neland last night. 3rd 141 149 149 114 153 7ds 3rd 144 162 157 184 138 765 3rd .86 133 121 157 167 774 131 135 157 167 3rd 155 149 109 133 104 650 Poirer department players Dut Nottingham do Elmer Coo Kenmuir Mccroskey Tola bold Lar 3. He Calls it the smear use Syi Tom of athletic redundancy governed by Universal curvature. Using this astute process i exp Cal to better my average of win ners which is now exactly .915. This week i have four upsets to give you some of them Down j k u we right Starling. The biggest is notre Dame s 21-20 win Over homa. The figures in this contest were very close and i carried my computations out to ten Decimal places with the following result notre Dame 20.7499999999, Oklahoma 20.333333334. Selecting that result let me Tell you was a real two More surprises will have Navy shading Duke 14-7, and Williamn Reeser total 1st 151 Ita 128 1st 145 119 133 147 692 37 2273 the Industrial league til up its second Quarter action on Kingsport Bowling Alley 44s lanes tonight with Eastman Al meeting Penn Dixie in the top 2352 match. Eastman walked away with first Quarter honors winning 24 Points while dropping eight. Penn Dixie an unpredictable team finished in sixth place but showed plenty of Promise at times. Fuller Hillman which split with foundry last week and ended in second place lakes on Mead in another match. Shoe maker s garage a team that will replace Moose Lodge tangles with an improving modern laundry team while foundry and the utilities round out action with another Battle. Callahan of foundry 398 walked off with individual s honors last thursday night by i turning in a 215 single game land a 573 series. Utilities had 164 High team single with a 909 and 4ij j East mans 2540 output was Good for top team series. R 421 final Flat our scr Stani Tunis Texas beating sum. The other reversal will find Lynn View tumbling Church Hill. 27-21. Now go on with the rest of my Sterling forecast and Allen at Tenter _ Church Hill is expected to pirate manage ship and prob counter with Bowers and tonight Lynn vice 27. Church _1. Douglass 33. Appalachia 7. Friday might Kingsport 27. Uni x Virginia 7. k Johnson City 13. 7 Detroit 2ti. 19. Vanderbilt 14. Miami 7 saturday Gate 43. Mead tip 32. Etc -7. I Henry 5. car ii Tennessee 35. 7 n Ore Dame 21. To Texas a i m 16. u 14 Navy h. A like 7. Ipoh 38. Arnn 0 Wyoming 20. Stale r Alabama 27. Chattan Cosa 13 Virginia 33. North Carolina 11 Colorado i. Missouri 10. 14 14 state 33. Auburn 14 Kentucky 14. To Tulane 7 a. 33 s at n Michigan Ijmte 2g. Indiana 7. Pain 34. S Ramr a flu Niban 21. Dartmouth 13. 7. Arkansas 6 California 44 it Baylor 1-i. 13 Penn 36. Georgia 14. . 21, Wake Pittsburgh Ohio Sta Southern California 41. Stanfo 33. Iova 14. 14. 7 27. Nebra. A 6 Pajni j " 33 11 21 n. C Sta a 7 20. Orr sran state n holy Cross 7. Colgate 6. 10. 7 Virginia 21. V m i c. Princeton 33. Harvard 14 and 177 145 163 152 166 151 142 747 780 2229, team 3ril Tel. Fuller k is 16d 155 460 foundry n 107 133 359 modern laundry 17 130 147 408 , 15 145 156 443 Penn me m 140 378 12 682 660 2054 Moose n big five j name a. Rice there is far More life in Shal d f. Cookenour modern g. Saylor Leas Man c. Callahan foundry l. File Cher Shoemaker s1 Low than in deep parts of the sea. 15 17 20 21 18 24 .531 .531 .469 .433 now shouting cd favorite Kingsport theatres the baby of a Large Kangaroo is Only about an Inch Long at birth. Strand Frank Creasy and Dave Arnold at Hauae at Luneack. Bill Morto. Bowling state prepares for game with tip Middle Tennessee team is favored Johnson City. Tenn. After the tip game state too tag faced the Beatin closes out its regular season Here against Middle be the pirates in 1953. Feels Philadelphia s Linda Darnell Gary night without sleep cartoon i news ci1t league Burden Mill players k. Jones .79 b. B k. Col ins c mixers total roller motor sales ers h .1 r. W to a Riar Ern i. Mach i i n ens .1 of a i k to a a. Birr co. Pm 3rav i Lect is f. C ice j. Darshna e b b. Beyer Nemo to a. Boillod Aal if tiers p. c. w cos ill c. j. P. Koitmaa b Keg t. B k neuter k a a Gheiza to Al pet Dairy pm men r Kin c w. Castle c. Ca Lahan t. King p Murrey Nemo Toul 147 149 142 7s5 128 .3s 163 153 778 3rd 160 163 144 Tel. 531 Whiz league Pennant in 1950 and taught at Ithaca College before that is exactly the Man we have been ing to a source Burgh club. Rickey is doubly eager to sign a manager soon so that such a Center hit Parade of 1951" John Carroll Marie Mcdonald City Highway now to three touchdowns the East Tennessee state Tennessee state College careers were Down to brass wednesday in their Tony cd Rolls Piper Laurie in son of Ali Boa Short and news Artz. Ing the week of dec. 7. 1st 3rd Tel. Noj9 150 .4b us Soi 158 150 204 834 150 171 147 it tand 195 17 tit c34 159 182 134 1st 203 153 155 to 370 161 153 151 158 130 158 132 214 147 82? 2nd 223 150 ii4 144 169 850 "l24 142 149 179 173 150 119 183 767 3rd 143 194 150 3rd 166 163 156 203 176 864 did 165 92 163 163 151 see polytechnic Institute. The bucs leave Friday the pirates have been without a manager since the end of sep tember when Billy Meyer Sud Cookeville and a saturday 538 Denly resigned because of his who for arc c402 Tel. 470 543 515. 457. Til. 553 477 500 601 533 2663 Wisconsin is Best offensive team in big ten group Tel. 5s 555 431 latter Date with the eagles also undefeated. The buccaneers have won four games and tied two. Tech has won seven in a Row including a Triumph Over a service team. Yesterday s Drill was at full Speed but head coach Star said state would taper Olf some today. Optimism ran through the Camp when guard Art Defillipo a Ted. Thu. Double feature no. 1 walk softly stranger Joseph no. I tales of Robin Hood Robert Clark Rialto phone 354 Kirk Dot Glas the big sky fun cartoon Gem today Pace that thrills feature no. 2 barnyard follies Gate City theatre tues. Wed. Thurs. Nov. 4-5-6 my a s mighty spectacle Colo it technicolor 133 1bj in j lit 174 Iso 179 189 132 2nd h8 153 206 875 168 177 170 163 170 showed up for practice. Defillips Chicago up i is one of the outstanding line a two week lapse again men in smaller College football. Become the big ten s Best land his loss would be a big mow. -6 offensive team even though in the , game tit played a non conference game where All the ammunition that week end official statistics can be gathered will be needed today. I Tennessee tech Only last week the badgers also were romped Over Marshall 28 to 7. With Michigan As the Best de giving another indication that pensive team. They re improving with each Michigan held both honors wee k. Alone last week supplanting 5071 Wisconsin Over a two week period after the badgers had taken both spots every week since the. Btty mvomt1 second week of the 1951 season. But saturday Illinois upset Michigan while Wisconsin was winning Over Rice and the sri 218 139 145 222 182 815 155 150 360. 2466 532 2526 badgers regained their position. America s fee Var 4 Days starting sunday at your Center sunday your everything it touches. It dirtiest the whole Shock filled Story behind the gambling the bold mobsters their Brazen women their crimes How they got away with anything until they killed a cop. That was the turning Point Holden Edmond Brien Smith features at and color cartoon song dreams world news starts today Betty Hutton somebody loves me color by technicolor state Gardner equipment company 627 w. Sullivan st. Phone 2697 offers Frise estimates on venetian blinds and linoleum and Coal Furnace Asphalt and rubber tile aluminium steel awnings Rock Wool no Down payment up to 36 months to Pat Loans a insurance All forms j. T. Parker insurance Agency 214 Cumberland phone Morelock bide find name la Toby s times news want ads and receive a guest ticket to see William Holden ale ii Smith Edmond o brie the turning Point thur Fri sat at your state names selected at from City directory Kingsport Creeh Chiue Hwy. Of. Area a drive in theater tonight Fox today Walt Disney s Snow White and the seven dwarfs in technicolor a y l o Gate City a. Today John Beale in country Parson George Louis san dts Hayward 2 shows in rally starts at Duck radio programs wept wept mum 5 me. Tit a Suai p Al Vourn Vav Toddei Brown the woman in my 5 five o Clork Shadow the doctor s Wile 6 00 news Calendar time a parts news Joe communist Tor Fri news of worm 7 Man s family Quad Erback 8 your dance 8 30 your dance Parade truth or consequences Cantor Canova John Cameron be announced 1 1 -00 tomorrow s frolic news t 03 site on w k i n or. Touts at Tenn Jamboree it 5 Tenn Jamboree. Pirt 8 Tenn Jamboree part 7 term Jamboree. Part i Jimmy Smith show Wal n birthday club sports Parade a news make believe time sign off . Sign on gloom Cli scr news gloom Chaser barrel Roundup news til or Chaser pals Uwi gloom Chaser news gloom Chaser scoreboard news Alcoin Chaser world Roundup Behl Iid the world miss White Rose Perry Como nine morn ins used Uatisoni news Jim Ana to neighbor s voice engine Day Etc Obj double or no Bini Silke it Rich 11 30-Bob and Ray u dial Dave Gurrobat . News palp i j. News interlude 1 00 siesta serenade 1 Dob is Bennell High pro grail Mueller or Paul dance music or Crane interlude inside Holly Vood life can be Seitu Tofu Road of life Pepper Voung s family Alghi to happen pcs i backstage Bella Dallas Young old Sci Brown woman in my a Btu schedule thursday nov. Test pattern 9. 45 morning news in Psi Arthur Godfrey in Psi u 00 id every family lbs ii do strike it Rlyn in Psi Bride and Groom 12 15 love of life lbs search for tomorrow Story 1 00 Carolina cookery studio Garry Moore 2 00 Dollar Durb j fit Ugloi ought to Psi Art Linkletter Arthur Smith Studli traveler Inci Smith Abc Uncle Buckshot studio Howdy Doody 6 -00 Cisco kid Willie word Elm Weatherman vespers night Wanman 15 movie Quick quiz dour Edwards Obsi ppr and Book i studio Boston Blackie 8 30 death Valley Days i1 dangerous assignment 1 big town lbs Money to Burn studio i be Gor a secret lbs Martin Kane i vening news for 15 min. Network silent Abc lbs Meiai kiddies or. 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