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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - November 6, 1952, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset 5 -9 . Moonrise . Lasi Quarter sunday prominent stars procyon. Low in past tha twins North of the Moon. Visible planets Venus sets . Mars vets . Jupiter High in Southeast . Saturn rises All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxviii no. 223 Kingsport Tenn., thursday nov. 6, 1952 20 pages five cents the weather fair tonight lowest about 37. Cooler Friday. Yester Day s High 63, last night s Low 32, noon Reading 53. With prestone anti freeze you re set you re Safe you re Ike must depend on democratic Aid Russia protests Clark s defense zone off Korea reds to hold . Responsible for any incidents resulting repulse chinese attack on Ridge big guns wipe out 200-Man Force Gen. Van Fleet visits front lines Seoul Korea murderous Allied artillery barrage virtually wipe d out 200 chinese communists who tried tonight to Moscow i up Russia served storm Allied positions Between Triangle Hill and sniper Ridge. Notice wednesday night it will the Battle the second in the Triangle sniper sector today came i hold the responsible Foria hours after the 8th army disclosed that Gen. James a. Van any incidents resulting irom flew to the scene for a personal inspection of the bloody Cen i fun if free ride for Ike Deskins and d. A. Honeycutt were in the Driver s yesterday collecting an election bet. Pete Ward and James Vilarr two Stevenson backers furnished the horsepower for the buggy ride Down Broad Street. All four men Are employed by the Mead corp. Photo by Byland new Forest fire event Werhas la j r j Lead in hazards establishment of a korean sea defense zone extending within 35 Miles of soviet Waters. J i Washington unit-1 de states today rejected a so Viet protest against creation of a sea defense zone in korean Waters. A state department1 i spokesman called the complaint. La red attempt to deceive peo j i the soviet government an i i bounced it had sent a note to the a. S. Charging that Gen. Mark jew. Clark s sept. 27 designation i i of the defense zone constituted new act of aggression in the far i the note said Russia refused i to recognize the zone at Legal. Dry weather conditions high1 the Unicoi office reported 40. Winds and dropping humidity men were standing by in Case caused Forest services in East of new fires in that area. Tennessee and Southwest Vir one Small fire was controlled Ainia to Alert their personnel according to the Forest service j for More fire fighting thursday. Station in Elizabethton. The the District forester s of Rice i fire was on Iron Mountain. Very in Bristol va., estimated winds were reported in fire damage 10 area. Some army men doubt Roks can handle defense difficult questions to face Ike on his visit to Korea soon from press dispatches .1 when president elect Dwight this zone proved once Eisen Nowr goes to Korea he that the us. Government is not probably will be told that the Only unwilling to Stop the korean army even if give in Korea but is following the in american material path of new acts of cannot be counted upon front Battleground. Van Fleet visited the Triangle Hill area yesterday on a Rou Tine visit. He returned to the front again today but visited another sector. Seoul Sabre jets and communist Mig-15s clashed today in four air Bat Les deep in Northwest Korea. The fifth air Force said its airmen shot Down one red Jet and damaged four. In addition seven More damage claims were pending checks of gun camera film. The reds opened their latest attack at p. On Low ground Between Jane Russell Hill a red held position on the Shelby s democratic shift is balanced by other counties 1 to defend Korea alone for a Long i the note said. I the establishment of this time. Zone represents a violation of the several american officers now j Freedom Mohe sea. Trade in As advisers to the Rok open sea and also a violation of forces on the Central front said the rights of the user and other building a South korean army states i Strong enough to hold the in the soviet government front and Check a renewed Nashville. Tenn. Up. Re Tnp u. S. Government offensive would take 22.000 acres in Southwest Vir a the Bristol va., District for publican Dwight d. Eisenhower a possibility for the Conse i years not months. Ginia Between and Ester s office reported Early held a Lead for ten quenches of this new aggressive the All foresters and morning six patrols of Nesce s 11 electoral votes today act and for any damage that unters of the service had 20 to 30 men each had despite a late democratic shift see Russia Page 14 alerted Early thursday. Dispatched the returns from populous Forest service men in Unicoi South West Virginia. Shelby county county reported two new fires District forester d. Waite a with 2 46q of the state. 94g5i near the Tennessee North car office announced that High fire j precincts reporting an i Olina state line. The biggest danger warning had been press tabulation fire was estimated to cover 200 Cei Ved from a weather Bureau Benhower s vote standing at 429 acres. Sixty men from Tennes station m Asheville. N. C. This 729 and Stevenson a 404954 see and about 40 from High weather station according to Point n. A. Were dispatched to the Virginia forester repo Iyub precincts fight the Blaze. The fire in studying Roviest fire county. of near the Appalachia Trail. J see forests Page 14, Shower to Stevenson but late re of ill in doubt Little fellow s ii c in gop state . Job sate r a turns from other metropolitan j counties have More than bal i i danced this shift so far. Nine precincts remain to be i accounted for in Shelby How Stevenson holds thin margin of votes a shortage of experienced Lead ers from sergeant to general and the heavy casualties suffered by infantry combat leaders just they Are becoming effective after months of training. Rep. Adolph Sabath Adolph Sabath Congress Dean Dies of cancer Illinois representative dead at 86 served 46 years in House Triangle mass and sniper Ridge occupied by South koreans. Advancing through their own artillery bursts under a Brilliant Washington up rep. Adolph j. Sabath who Rose from Bohemian immigrant boy to Dean of the United states con Glare from in searchlights and. Gress died Early today of can slide Victory. I it 11 do j Tii Hilj republicans win a thin majority in 83rd Congress Friendly Aid Likely from Southern demos vote totals growing from press dispatches Washington republicans won control of both houses of the 83rd Congress by razor thin margins that will Force presi Dent elect Dwight d. Eisenhower to rely on democratic help to enact his legislative program. Washington associated press returns at a. M., Cost today from of the country s voting units showed the popular vote Eisenhower Stevenson total Eisenhower s percentage 55.4. But Eisenhower probably could count on a Friendly con Gress to underwrite the domes tic and foreign policy changes mandated by the volcanic eruption of votes that gave him the presidency. It was not so much that the republicans had gained prac tical control of both houses As a result of the general s land Aerial flares the chinese were incr. An easy target for the Allied a see War Page 14 3-year sentence Given defendant Young Man admits burglaries theft r Blountville maj. Edward j. Russell 23, pleaded guilty to Lulu an american adviser with burglar izing three Kingsport a korean division said i apartments and stealing a Bris the friendliness of in the House and to the end an i unyielding Battler for Liberal legislation. He served in con Gress under eight presidents. Sabath was elected by Chicago voters tuesday to his 24th consecutive term. He had served longer with no break than any House or Senate member in his tory. Only one member Ever had bested his that by Only two months. Sabath was a new and fair dealer Early and late. He battled the interests and Cham the warmth of regard for the general shared by Southern democrats in the coalition with republicans which has con trolled legislation for the last four years. This coalition Rode intact through the greatest nation wide sweep Ever made by a presidential candidate a 39-state popular vote rolled up by the five Star general who turned politician Only last Spring. Nearly Complete returns from tuesday s congressional elections during the Battle for Tri Itol s stenographer s purse last i Man. He distrusted the generals Angle Hill the infantry got with summer in criminal court Here i and would Likely have tangled in so Yards of the lop at least today with president elect Eisenhower. 10 times. A Good squad or Pla a total of 10 on House members loved Sabath Toon Leader could have taken each burglary charge and one almost to the last Man though Rosr. Of the Toov year for Arceny _ was and More often in recent a majority found itself pinned the Little he was showed the republicans holding an unflagging supporter of 219 House seats one More than presidents Roosevelt and Truia Bare majority. They were that Louisville. By. D. Will be them the rest of the Way. They just did t have Lanai mended by the Surv Allwn years last ounce of fences Are to run concurrent v opposing his goals. Meanwhile defense Secretary ar3 to Lun Concu Nentl Robert Lovett Gen. Omar Brad leading in two of the still undecided races for an indicated total of 221. Will be More thus the House closely divided some top demos will be swept out Washington Dwight d. Eisenhower s House ing in Washington will some 2.000 democrats out of bracket Federal jobs. Washington state department target of Republic Sabah Ente Edthe House on Republican nce Herber the p 1907, and in demo result in a narrow of Eisenhower s Lead before Bend of the second Day of bal i foot in rov101 counting at ready today to face the could shift Tennessee Republican shakeup. Into the my Stevenson portion the born lne Memphis tuesday s general r the state name a 5. Senator and two wl11 retain six probability is the an officer to a com if that i Eisenhower. Although the i told the court they missed Small Melee amounts of Cash from their he set a number of records in purses after a Man identified deluding one in the Penley was seen prowling. Rank there was an impression will not be Bradley. Gen Mercial Appeal and press Sci i i Ana Democrat that it will not be Bradley. Eig Ortof Home stretch of their one of the famous to Naomi j drilling race almost neck and i soldiers he no Loneer holds ills j he no longer holds ills neck. So narrow was the Gap it see Korea visit Page 14 looked As if tabulation of Abl Sente ballots would Victor. Jefferson amt file had 4.000 such Del ply j ballots to count. I Vilii it Vij i returns from of the i state s precincts gave i Johnson City Home Stevenson Eisenhower made bomb containing 12 Sticks perts said today the average it meant that head s will fave Little fellow on the Federal estimates of the numb or of High Tenn. Vote Page 14 payroll need not worry about officials and diplomats who will losing his Job when the new and get the a Range from around ministration takes office next 40 to 100 or More. J Jan 20 that Secretary Dean Acheson the spoils system of Andrew is out no one disputes. He has Jackson s Day is no More. Most planned for months to return to of the civilian workers his Washington Law practice on Uncle Sam s payroll now Are whether Eisenhower or Steven Sewanee Tenn Dana mate Nanc single Sticks two defendants pleaded guilty governor of Tennessee Frank protected by civil service. Eisen son succeeded Truman. The top faculty members of the univer i thus with Only 105 dynamite and two quart jars to forgery charges at the morn Clement is past the half million was another term accompanied a guilty ver i though he modestly told report ers later he had just sort of Charles e. Monroe negro. A Bristol resident Robert Baskerville told the court he caught Monroe prowling through his Home one Day last july with stolen jewelry in his Possession. Trial of Ballard Stephen son charged with felonious As Sault on a Kingsport policeman got underway shortly before rep. E. Eugene Cox a see Sabath Page 14 _. A lulls Nashville up the new containing explosive ing session. Hower could not fire and replace Echelon under Acheson embraces sity of the South have unreported Stevenson s margin be co Nanny expose ing session. Mark in returns in on the state them even if he wanted upwards of 20 persons in protest Over a decision by the a precarious 1 u to were found today beside a penalty of one year and one gubernatorial race. Which he does t. Ing an undersecretary deputies trustees not to admit negroes to president Truman s plurality inf. Jones Supply co. Building Day was recommended by the Tennessee s new senator Al Eisenhower s Campaign pledge and assistant secretaries. The theological school. Jover Thomas e. Dewey in 1943jp0 " reported. I the firm is to clean House in democratic in addition there Are men who their resignations effective at was 125.546. Washington was aimed at what have been closely identified with the end of the current academic precincts unreported were in he termed the he also Acheson s policies such As Philip year were accepted yesterday promised to oust the disloyal Jessup ambassador at Large or. Edward Mccrady. Vice and corrupt. He repeatedly As policy planning chief Paul Chancellor of the episcopal sure Federal employees Wall Street investment they could count on keeping banker. Metcalfe Mcgoffin Pike. Leslie Adair and Greenup counties. The race was nip and tuck in their jobs. Abroad a total of 72 Amassa shakeup Page 14 Eisenhower promised to end do and ministers up u r can Falm in i it the policy of big government for the Sake of campaigned on an Economy form. He said he would end pm i Pire building by the Heads of Federal agencies. These pledges were understood see jobs Page 14 state s a Ray unit to visit Kingsport Al vol u11c to 111jj d.111.1 14.1 Church supported school. Three counties Stevenson Wasl g. The firm is operated by. City commissioner Lewis Young who said he regarded the incident As a Young has been Active in an anti vice and gambling signers of the letter dated ahead in one and Eisenhower in oct. 6, were the Rev. F. Craighill two. Brown Dean of the theology see Sewanee Page 14 the first Kingsport visit of the state a Ray unit for this year will begin next monday at Tennessee Eastman co., and a 10-Day Public Survey is scheduled at the Kingsport utilities lobby on dec. 8-12. The unit will be at the West bus terminal in the a. Y. Area at Tennessee Eastman nov. 10 to 14 and will set up nov. 17 through nov. 19 in the North bus terminal. Examination hours will be from 9 a. To 5. P. The unit will go to Holston defense corp. Nov. Three Day visit. 24 for a Kings port s aldermen to consider budget by Bill Barnett a proposed City budget for 1953 will be presented formally to the Board of mayor and aldermen at a ses Sion set for 11 a. Fray City manager d. W. Moulton announced wednesday. The meeting was postponed from tuesday night when a quorum was lacking. Moulton said the first vote on the budget probably will be at the next Reginar Board meeting november 18. That and the two regular meetings in december would provide Opportunity for the required three readings in time for passage before the end of the current year. The proposed budget would be greater than Esti Eisenhower sprang into an Early Lead on the basis of first returns but Stevenson closed the Gap As reports trickled in and led until nearly noon yesterday. The general collared Stevenson on the basis of a noon Tabula Tion and pulled ahead but the advantage switched again and the latest count put Stevenson in front. A graph of periodic Tabula increases Are provided for All in the course of the count departments except capital in line put Eisenhower s largest Lead prove ments of streets and 10.214. Stevenson was ahead which would remain at on time by 12.356 votes the same As this year. Largest single increase be for the depart ment of education which also is by far the largest department of the budget and would go from to this includes automatic increases in salaries of teachers for each additional year of experience or for additional training such As obtaining a degree not previously held. With the recent Sale of 000 Worth of Bonds to finance a new elementary school and a Junior High school addition at higher than usual interest rates mated expenditures this year see budget Page Kingsport fund drive will close on nov. 11 Kingsport s 1952 drive will close United fund officially on tuesday november 11, according to an announcement made thursday by Clarence j. Bryan Campaign chairman. A few contributions delayed for various reasons Are still coming in and the goal Hai been sur passed by a considerable amount. Bryan said that final totals will be published november 11, As soon As All pledges have been counted. Detectives gating but they said it was too Early to make an official state on their Stockholm Sweden two american atomic scientists were awarded the 1952 Nobel prize in physics jointly tonight. Professors Felix Bloch 47, of Stanford University and Edward Mills Purcell 40. Of Harvard University will share the prize. Earlier today the 1952 prize for literature was awarded to French novelist Francois Mauriac 67. This year s Nobel prizes Are Worth each. The two americans working independently almost simultaneously perfected methods of establishing the properties and be Havior of atomic nuclei. Johnson City City commission passed on final read ing today an ordinance making it illegal to possess a Federal gambling stamp in Johnson City. The ordinance provides that Mere Possession of a stamp shall be Prima Facie evidence the per son is engaged in gambling. It also provides that each Day s Possession shall constitute a separate offence. See briefs Pace 14 jury in each forgery Case. Bert Gore also has massed an Joseph c. Beard negro majority Over his milled Ernest forging the to checks each under and then cashing them at Kingsport Busi Ness firms. Name opponents reaching toward the count. The latest tabulation with of precincts reporting on the state in the other forgery Case Sid senator Hobart Atkins Ney Gilman pleaded guilty to 956 Gore forging and passing two checks governor Beecher Witt in Kingsport last summer. 450 Clement Truman to nod on big decisions Washington up new Republican president. Dent Truman indicated today that he will not make any More major decisions As the nation s chief executive unless they Are absolutely necessary. If world events should Force a major presidential decision be fore Jan. 20, indications Are that or. Truman will not act without approval of president elect Dwight d. Eisenhower. About two hours after arriving Here wednesday or. Truman invited Eisenhower to an Early White House meeting to make Clear to All the world that this nation is United in its struggle for Freedom and or Truman said such a meet ing also is necessary to the or Derly change of administrations after the Jan. 20 inauguration of the president earlier had invited Eisenhower to Send a representative to Confer with budget director Frederick j. Lawton on the fiscal 1954 budget which must go to Congress by Jan. 18. Informed sources said presi Dent Truman probably will not Send a state of the Union Mes Sage to the new Congress As is customary. It is not required by Law As is the annual budget. These sources also said that or. Truman probably will leave the Semi annual economic Mes Sage to Congress for Eisenhower to handle. Or. Truman pledged his sup port to Eisenhower and warned that the new president will face see Truman Page 14 than it has been immediately after an election since 1916. Democrats were elected to 208 House seats and were leading in see control Page 14 Eisenhower to Confer with it i accepts Truman bid to ease changeover Augusta a. Of Gen Dwight Eisenhower has accepted president Truman s suggestion for a conference on the prob Lem of peace and he proposed today that the meeting be held in the week beginning nov. 17. Eisenhower replied to an invitation from Truman to meet with him in the White House. The president elect said he needs some time for conversations and conferences leading up to the designation of important therefore his Mes Sage continued i respectfully suggest we tentatively plan the proposed meeting for the Early part of the week beginning nov. 17." Eisenhower sent the message from his vacation Headquarters at the Augusta National Golf club where he arrived yesterday for a 10-Day rest. There were indications in Eisenhower s reply that he envisions an Agenda that would include More than a discussion of peace problems. He notified the president i shall try to take immediate advantage of your suggestion concerning a budgetary representative and will additionally propose other individuals for indoctrination in several of the other departments in the Feder Al so lunar tables the schedule of so lunar Porto i. Printed below has been taken from John Alden Knight a so lunar tables. Flan your Days so that you will be fishing in Good territory or Hunting in Good cover during these times. If you wish to fled Best sport that each Day. Has to offer. The major pc nods Are shown in boldface Type these begin at the times shown and tast for an hour and a half or two thereafter the minor periods. In regular Type Are of Shorter use Kaitera Standard november Date Day 6 thursday 7 Friday 8 saturday sunday . . R minor Lake stages Wau Ugi Lake level thursday. 1.m1.3 feet Cherokee 8. Holt on

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