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Kingsport Times News Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Kingsport Times-News (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Kingsport, TennesseeWeather Kingsport times news vol. 4 a and ins Kingsport , six Dav january 26, 1958 phone Cire to 6-8121 fifteen cents the sin Hong caught with ducks motor his said obeying the take a couple Home Lor the new Gulleu one body recovered Ike visits Pentagon personal touch in overhaul Sec Hubert k. Young tycoon kills self Palm Beach. Flu. Jan. 25 r. Young chairman of the Board of the new York Central Railroad Romi Mneri suicide in the top floor billiard room of his mansion Here today with two shots from a Rio ult Bair eled Shotgun. Tie tie Aili was called a suicide by it. Fred Mead of the Palm Beach police department who said friends told him the 60-year-old had been despondent lately. Reporters were barred from the 25 room Home and from grounds but Learned Young was found in a chair dressed in Street clothes with the Shotgun Between his Knees. A Deputy sheriff who took Pic Tures of the body emerged shaken and said it s the worst one i be Mead said the right half i of Young s head was shot away. Bluff City Jan. Little girls clinging to each other in Frozen fright were knocked from a trestle by a freight train Here saturday into the South Holston River nearly 100 feet below. The victims were identified As Pamela Harmon 13, daughter of or. And mrs. Guy Harmon and Dorothea Miller 11, daughter of or. And mrs. Lloyd a. Miller. All Are of Bluff City. Kingsport lifesaving Crew members a. E. Hunt King Davenport and Roy Rhoten recovered Pamela s body several Hundred Yards downstream about . Chief Deputy sheriff o. C. Akard said. An examining physician reported she had died before her body hit the water. Dragging halted dragging operations Tor the body of Dorothea were halted by dark Jan. 25 .1 Ness and Are to be resumed at 8 i president Eisenhower took a per . Today. Sonal hand today in moves to re tie Bristol Crew organic the defense department., working directly Minier the Budge. He paid an unusual visit u the had 10 fasten ropes of the Concrete a Pentagon and conferred wit i top pillars to keep the swill current civilian and military leaders. Ii Row carrying their boats Down there was immediate bipartisan Stream. Applause from members of con witnesses said the girls for the president s dramatic who been playing in the area 10 peed a promised Over with other children were about haul of the nation s military two thirds of the Way across the up to meet the Challenge of 75-foot huh Span when the South Sian sputnik and missiles. In railway freight moving to Eisenhower conferred for More Ward City at about 30 than two hours with Secretary of Miles an hour rounded n curve defense Mcelroy and 14 Oiler and went onto the trestle. The civilian and military officials Accident occurred about . These included reorganization and the witnesses said the girls visors whom Mcelroy named re turned their backs to the train and cantly. There was no announce embraced each other As the in Mem whether any decisions had Gine struck them. Reached. I train Engineer l. M. Bruce White House press Secretary said the girls apparently on James c. Hagerty was asked Why the tracks when they heard his Eisenhower had gone to the pen warning whistle. Bruce said the Wagon is Ead of having Mcelroy Tram was moving 30-35 Miles an come to the White . Jhoner when it entered the trestle own idea but had slowed to 13-20 the president said lie was when it struck the Eirls. Going to take a personal interest j hurled into air in this so he went Over their bodies were hurled Haverty said. It was his by the Impact and then Hagen said this was just the River. Bruce said. Of a series of conferences Eisen i Akard said a platform at Bower will have with Mcelroy l which the girls could have gotten prior to the president s who " blk safety was about it Crews Rig safety lines. Tragedy occurred near Center of picture. To photos by Burgum 15 feet Awny. In addition to the Kingsport and on defense reorganisation. Sen. Mansfield of Montana the. Assistant democratic Leader said Bristol lifesaving he was Happy to note that City _ emergency and Rescue president at this time a personal interest in sanitation of the Pentagon As he is taking also participated in the the Eor 5caro 1 or the bodies. I cars of Rescue workers. News there was no immediate info indicated he would do in cur Nus spectators lined mation body at on who discovered the slate of the Union noon. No notes were close look the nearby Highway bumper to bumper. Gates closed sheriff Harold Fleming said pates were closed on the upriver South Holston dam so tie water level would be lowered enough to lose the bodies. It was about 7 ., however before the level of the water had John or. New l1. S. Senator Lite gets seat Charleston w. Is. P res fell. A i.1r mile rom b. S. Hope he takes j at the extraordinary number of state pity. Phi d. O Connell assistant secretaries of defense said he plans no inquest. I and assistants to the i am involved Only in cases who Are clue ring up the Penta j where a crime Lias been Mansfield said. he . Confirms reports the body is at a funeral Home. Sen. Knowland of California the i where arrangements Lor services i Sonaike s Republican Leader said i and burial were buns made Eisenhower s action confirms ear appreciably. The River is Young s wife the termer Anita her statements that the president i to 10 pm diet at the Teti Eyck o let Offe. Went to giving his attention to changes Home of nearby friends or. Said recommend mrs. Charles b. Fri Whisman. Aft nations to make to Congress. Or the shooting. There was no in told his Jan a Winch passes through Bluff mediate word on her reaction conference thai while he has 5 her husband s death. I some rather idea married in 1916 i Ile proper defense the two were married in 1916. Ille is of hat they had one daughter Eleanor of them be adopted. I Jane Young who was killed in an Sald a consensus must be air plane Accident in 1941. J reached with Congress and the e the Youngs had a social en-1 charged with operating the Mill Gage enl with friends this after services Mead who reported the i Jan. 25 shooting occurred about 10 . To Jorin Mobil Tzall. Young the body probably would Virginia Republican chairman. To Lneve been found for some time the last to ask for a 1 organization in which i believe., testify on torture visit raises questions Why did Zarubin a Isil vice president Hoblitzell. 45-year-old misfit have caused Youn Wood Bunker and real estate he attended a meet eci Tive. Was appointed by of the new York Centra Lician gov. Cecil h. Underwood. Of directors Here Only a few whose Campaign he Nia nailed inlays ago a which it was de Pitird 135g. Yuoi to declare a dividend a this the announcement was made . Hollywood like television arrived Afler Christmas cameras focused on Underwood a Yon nits. Who come he announced his selection for by kit Ossed at by virtually All state rear the Day political sources since shortly Christmas. Thev crr close Tore in the Cloudy my seen for it Washington Jan. 25 i ambassador Georgi Zarubin quite probably called on vice president Richard Nixon so that when the envoy goes Home next week he can give soviet leaders a first hand report on the Man who could become president. This is the top guess in a guess ing game which broke out Here after Zarubin s meeting with Nix on yesterday. The state depart nent is deeply interested in As Sessing the importance of the move because the. Department is trying to figure out the prospects for drawing Russia into secret negotiations looking toward an East West Summit conference. Tie United states opened a probing operation thursday to find out As one official put it whether the soviets Are serious about a Summit meeting and Are i willing to begin preliminary work or whether they Are solely inter ested in making u. S. Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson called on soviet for eign minister Andrei Gromyko i thursday and talked about getting exchanges started Between the United states and Russia through diplomatic channels on issues which would come up and arrangements which would have to be made in connection with an eventual Summit meeting. T h o in p s o n a reported to Washington that the Best he could get out of the taciturn Gromyko was that Russia would reply in due course to president Eisen Hower s note to Premier Nikolai Bulgarin on the subject. Eisen Hower said he was ready to hold Summit conference if prelim Antioni which would Success in settling East West problems. Premier Alary of state John Foster Dulles Iraq May be quitting the Alliance Thompson left Moscow today to Turkey re is attending As an observer. J or the Fulke o Arab in Jav ,0 Home for consultations. A top myster there is every indication u level study of . Relations id he in the inside the Flag Al a to do is assured when Secretary of extra rope needed for boats in Swift water of crisis hangs Over j 1 1 it i 71 if a s crucial Aba glided fact meet it of s nicely s death. Bodies found management Field. I Ankara. Turkey Robert f. Kennedy the commit Adnan my Mercs of tee s counsel said Mccarty has wed saturday from in in i. Ein maim. No told him he was tortured for of Mission to Iraq and said he in the inside the 4 posing the operation of local 542 Ltd reached Complete closely guarded British american support state Dulles gets Back from the of the Union in As 1 Baghdad on measures to National Assembly build for a Tough new policy toward pact meeting at Ankara it was run by officials installed by Cal the Arab moslem world for ins Here. Dulles will have in play old. A variety of other Sugges about feb. 1. The Union s International pm sip activities. The delicate key Roie of keeping. Ems was advanced but iionc1 in tvs situation state depart William e. Maloney. I a said that he meant moslem states firmly Allied to the any official hat sing either Mcm leaders Are unusually Sensi Kennedy said he expected subversion West. From the turkish government to every soviet move. The slip holy Milder a earlier Carty to testily monday when the talc p1 Cmil t said hew to or ride res flew to Baghdad Fri the iraqi delegation headed by Coj Zarubin initiative in paying a fare Cloudy slip holy Minikin we Allier Carty to testily monday when the the Premier said be flew to. Friends of the Duke and Duchess is los Lea today with commit Nice resumes its Public b-1ehlhti n request on Tor n burned . Re l re Micro nun Savici of Windsor Iram Inte this aft Moi or Arii Ici on tie Union s affairs per of Lac Baghdad pad Confer Pirir Civ at the urgent of one thin the at Scarsdale. X. A. 542 Umlor the spot Arab worried Niuro cred. Or. Benjamin l. Camp. So. A graduate of norther Siren umber rain i in at roller n. Yowmin s tragic tic Aih is a great loss n his Ninny friends. Stu Vav in on to the new York Central to hr-tj1n "4 c stay school of Medicine and mrs Indus Irv and to the in Frda Camp or a in their two hot Roo in Iii Home on a Pine studded on in deals is a real loss to the West Virginia. Maryland. Wapl Fps Vvhs of Lati Vania and York. 1 reached a depth of 2n inches near Jamestown. Tin in 11 for quasi zoning the week possibly tuesday Kennedy Aid Mecar y. Strap plug i of a Man. Hrinke Down to. S outskirts of Atlanta in because he a Cobb county. Lor he he a charred Torso identified As. Camp s body was found in the wreckage of a bedroom. Camps body was discovered Sev Era hrs tirs Lacr in lie water filled j has Mcm. Her bands to hotly bound behind her Hack Wiki adhesive tape. More tape Cove cd her Mouth. Acini it firemen fight Bristol fire a. A. And Ranard up to is inches Koons hired i in the Northwestern tip of Iva la. The or Lowed in flight. But his did nol ans wer Why lie chosen to to dad two Days before the Parley could no same conclusion conference Iii Chi Zih old opens who he committee or had been beaten by by someone in the i n Secretary May chanic his up or fire the Mono err in the committee of he i Caracas. Van Vurla. Even led Spur so Ioir gift or Kenny Riv even to make a similar Call on president Eisenhower is undergoing the most careful scrutiny. Authorities think that Zarubin pos ably sought to achieve several by the conference which lasted for a Little More than 40 in Imus. Including time consumed by translations. Seeks minimum Waire Extension Washington. Jan. 25 said today he Kennedy conference Here with n7iin Sii id in Frei Foier. moslem a mar is would push for action this session and iraqi foreign minister Bur of nov Crumn Junta he United slates and proposal to extend the Ihan Ediin Bas Hayati. And Why he anti Artl err als of deposed Ceni cred minimum wage Law to Hie Pennsylvania Turnpike ul1 Llla of his i said the Story is not Tell other pact delegates dicer for Marcos Perez around Demiauk for economic and million reported covered with Snow elect Hii Irilian t i i z a b a i h t o n7. Tim Founty democrats re led p. P. As chill Man battled a Lazr Nicht in the. Renter of the to own business Dutriz there. A two Story building on so Crl was Stilt on fire at mid Niche. No estimate of was trapped in an elevator numbers and plans. Iraq s Premier Abdul tonight. Aid . No Tab car Iii to Pacl in. Pia Minini Cocoi Louir. Voln Pucill projects Weihin pact re Cion. n is i Elveu notice Britain is in no i needy by Iran. A in e Canior View he would additional per c de of Iligir committee was Urdaz. He has bran county chair Man for More than 30 years. The fire was after 11 . Continued up until ear Wehab Btl re the Olio line eastward to rending overpowering numbers and did in come Here for the for dim the Speed limit was Cut to 35 elevator kept going up and Mcewing. Of new .p.h. Descending was subjected to Lor. The five pact nations and the to sic. I heavy Rains hit a stretch of the of which he termed to Nitro Stales will the cnr.ic.i--. Din of x last Atlantic from South he declined to say sense of the Middle East Sand northward into new Jersey. The beating . And i hoists of soviet com signalled peaceful traffic Ianis. To any Bill As a a labor sub com were displayed along Kennedy displayed a coloured monism. All a new am beyond ii Mitre which or Heads completes Shore from Cape hat eras. N. Of Mccarty. His face the strains and Stre ses of the were open and doing Rush seven million dollars report on a Bill to to Eastport. Maine. A mass of culs and bruises. Ken m i d d 1 e East political Maze reopened for Afsar Matin available. To am Ripari s Welfar. And porn inn the weather Bur Nii said the said that b How the the background both to noon showings. Sci Noi Chi Lorrn likewise Plain he Kennedy minimum Waze pro Brough the when or got away his. Menderes Mission trooped Luck to rus is. Lottery a the. Washing on was Nervd in Luil com Poi cd shortly Sizow. As Well As Strong winds and made his Way to the to the conference of Ine Balvi Lirar hawked their fuck v in conic through with Enn Ihmi the in an k that the labor resume it work on tic legislation at Early Date. In he would be ready to i h he minimum Ware Friday How Over the Atlantic Lunion Hall dad Alliance w Rich u. S. Secre Aioli incr wares. Money in pay for the project. Al session ended. 1957

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