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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 31, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseePhillies cards Brooks cubs win orioles halt White sox string 5-2 Tkv Jack hand a sports writer is a surefire remedy for woozy National Cote riders. One at Philadelphia Ana Imu is due to a league pacesetters i Liis shoulder. Gil Hoders 3 3 Streak was broken by Baltimore. 5-2. The Victory snapped the ins orioles inn of a 10-Eauie has 12th Home run. An in path Ixia. Slump Side the Park Bias with two on Cut Bast on added to Casey si1 l. Al s worries beating ii Roy Campanella returned Yankees. 3-1 on Willard action for the first time since s four hitter. Was i la i i la purr took the cure Hind Maury Mcdermott but tips Iliot him a Sec a s came bark to pet an even Jenc at Martma a new a place lie with new Fork break winning the second. 6-5. Reer As a Pitcher at the of Pinch double to. Held the slip Agmi Cincinnati club to four hits until he had 1kam k and Brooklyn Only 1 3 games on de Mcghye s behind the Lear wins Milwaukee in the last of the ninth. Braves. Now it s the giants turn Al Tnp pole then i n leave in the ninth inning of Saiva. So to visit the health i renal books like a the opener because of a Finger the phils Anri have team scramble. The . J found the pirates of so helpful already has shoved four clubs Mike Garcia held Detroit to in. The first Quarter of the sea into the also ran class. Four hits to keep Cleveland son. If the phils had t thump Kob ill pitched has Lar with their huh Vij in the pirates in six of and third shutout a seven hitter in Hometown Victory. Bobby the dodgers had t beaten them the phils. Al Rel Romp helped him along with two in up Jet of in both clubs would the pirates spoiling Dick Little Bles. Buo Stiim league leading be under the .500 Mark. Field s first National to .387. The league closed on Mil Start. The phils continued to Eddie Waitkus and Jim Waukee sunday when Louis bombard pirate Pue Hins in tin key hit that helped knocked off the braves. 3-2. For second making a total of 27.larson to his second Victory Stolk a tasks n in Harvey Lla Dix s seventh in the two games with the White sox s win Brooklyn bested new York. 5-3. Lie Jones and Richie Sima. Making his first Start j the phils dumped the collecting five hits for the of the season was tagged twice. 8-0 and 0-7 and Chicago Day s work. was the the defeat. Split two with Cincinnati. The second game Winner on Relief put Down a Yankee cubs took the opener. 7-5. The Over Friend. In the ninth b y first Start for sex out elder Hal the cardinals who broke Mil Andy Carey with two men on Jeffcoat but Cincinnati rallied to Waukee s 10 name save a decision Over Jim my the second. 6-n. Called by Slcak saturday night made ii Donald darkness after eight innings. Two in a Wilh it s Only five games from first inning in which Heel Schoen Tuvil Littzi homered behind my to seventh i Milwaukee to Chi Dienst hit a Home run. Four sue Nerr Nott in Washington s first a Joi but the pirates already Are Jessive singles off Warren Spahn rame Victory Over Philadelphia. 13 games behind. Followed the Homer. T he lanky lefty never had an Cleveland finally Shook off a crowd of 47.672, tops for the anxious moment striking out Chicago s Challenge to open up season in the National jammed seven for his third Triumph. A a Ine game Lead in the Manri the Polo grounds for the Dod Fate spurt gave Rookie Arnold ran. Defeating Detroit 3-1 while Ger giant game won by Johnny Portocarrero the Edge Over Bob Chicago s eight game winning Podres who had to leave in the Porterfield in the second game. Clint Wood wins 5-4, 2-1 games with merchants Clintwood swept a pair of one run verdicts. 5-4, 2-1. From the merchants at i. Fred Johnson 1 Ark sunday. All five Clintwood runs came in the second inning of the j opener As a result of three hits olt i omits Pitcher Hob Gallo Way and four Kingsport errors. Don Adams and Pat Osborne matched Southpaw serves in a tight Duel m the second game but a single tally r. The seventh Frame gave Clith work and Osborne the Atlanta s Victory string ends at 15 standings Mountain states k w l Ivi. Hladke in 12 goo j monday May 31, 1954 Kingsport 9 Lexington Lucil Nguo 5-5. Maryville Alcoa Elk Kmart Oik Hydue s. 7. 15 h h 21 2-3. .500 .500 .469 .400 at Oak t Hlas h. Clov 4 Ai Erlih National a h h pet by the a Suriati to 1 Ress Southern association teams u proved that Athin i an be i Aton. a Baron Rookie closed the on tile crackers f i a winning Streak in the second in a yester of Lay. Makins his first appear 1i1.-c cml s 3. Milwaukee k-10. I str Burth "0. Cincinnati 6. In 500 3 .4h3 5 l do 13 cherokees drop 3rd in Row 6-5 j Maryville at the expense of the Kingsport cherokees Maryville aloof climbed to within half a game of the Mountain states Lead Here sunday afternoon. I the twins won their filth straight g-5, Over the tribe whirl tasted its third setback in succession. The cherokees move Over to Harlan tonight for a series i with the smokes. Bueky Cullette will probably Goj on the Hill for the cherokees in Hopes of breaking their losing Streak. The twins picked up 10 hits off four Cherokee i being doubles. Kingsport collected eight Safe i ties with manager Leo Shoals land Howard inn sum blasting out Home runs. Sammy Germano led f Cherokee attack with three hits Maryville in four trips to the plate. Or a la Rio Leroux and Shoals . San in with two hits each. 31 Whitey Meadows picked up ii our iils in four official trips to h o my Yville a 3 0 Duns Al 0 1 n in 0 3 Irr d n 3b i Freems ii 2 1 Shaults r 0 2 to incas is 1 o m dons in 0 in h Addon if 0 0 Vaughn p 1 2 1 i 5 a si1 totals 3 6 10 t. 001 110-i 010 130 013.-b Nano. Rib sauce. 0-3i. A Vail 11-31 the plate Bob Shan Lis was the Only other twin player to col Brooks 5, giants 3 a u ii 14 12 27 m.1 i i Lor Jansen in 7th. 1 in Kan in in 300 i sunday s big league boxes orioles 5r Chison 2 nats 6-57 a s 0-6 cubs 7-5, Redlegs 5-6 car is 3 fax 2b 3 if 4 Fain in 2 kill 3b 4 Marsh a t Rivera Al 4 Lollar c 3 Sim i p 1 h o x Baltim or h 0 3 a Abraxas of 3 1 224 bold w r 4 q 1 c 0 Waitus in 4 2 1 13 0 mete of 4 0 011 3h 32 1 0 0 in nary of 11 110 Garcia 2b 2 0 0 p Marras c u 1 0 n n Larser. P 2 0 0 0 0 4 0, Wotton 3 Yost 3b 1 Easby of 0 Vernon in if r 1 l p 4 3 c Tete i Atrit car h n 1 1 1 Jacobs 2b 020 in in 3 10 o Fiacan 3b 050 a cranial h 1 1 7 Valo 0 Bic Ryfan 0 1 0 0 i it 0 Doni Triss 70 Hamz c 1 u Sncano p 4 2 3 it Klovski in 407 a tempi 1 n to 0 4 Konrich 0 0 Kight it 1 u Chi Wibot of 4030 jacks r Floo-5. 000 Floo-3 r Fri of. Hrs lips Furillo. Plan. Muc apr. A Siva. Jansen a none. Iii Eprict s 3. Mays 3. . Honk. Us Jun Van. 3b-Rrrsr. Fit j i in Mays. Up Robinson s halt do hark. Williams Neil 1 in Venn Jensen. Dark and lock Man Kaiui left Brooklyn 5. New York -1 in in tres 3. Ai Tonelli so in Clos 4. Antum Ali. 1. To Infin a 51 in b. Huk hrs 0 in 1. An Hondli 5 111 2. Jan a 7 in s Wuhrl 0 in 2. Rah a non a j 3-1 Hur hcs 0-0. An Tonolli 33, will ilm no. W 5-l in 2l a Secory. Jackowski. Gorr. Conlan. T-2 19. A-47.s72. 1000 1000. R p 3 1 3 020 Raker 2b 1 4 1 car c la c n 1 2 in coat p too Davis p n 0 0 a tact y i 3b 3 0 0 61 0 0 s 24 h totals 2s s 27 ii but Why p 1 0 0 0 Allied oui Lor Fornieles in 9ih. Totals 32 7 27 10 _29 i 27 Chicago 000 Ooi 010 2 w nov full 10" i Baltimore 110 000 j Jos 000 000-0. A Fox. Wilkus. Stephens 2. J a Yosl. Busby. Verdun. Ter air for Ley. Murray. A Garcia. I o Lar brie Demaestri flt can. Garcia. Fri Tley 2 Vernon 2. Busby. Rat ten. Kelt. 2b Stephens. So Murray. Or Terwilligor. Job Runnels. Valo. Dermal. U Wiikus. . A Abrams. Of Vernon Ter Witler. So yes t. . Garcia of Busby. Do fining i. Jacobs d u Carras Tiei Fain Fornieles. Bolweg Teru Sleibi a. V 3. Bell Anri Fain Fot. Marrast Jacl and Wannek Terai Liser arid Vernon. Left Toof. R incr. A Csori Fain. Lrol or Capo 7. Fuji More by i 6. Washington 6. He Frt Rano pol Sima i. Larsen 4. So Larsen 3 Ho-i3 Mcd Ramou 4. Burtschy 2. So Fricano. Rel Baum Huntr. 2. Cil. Wants. Jeff. Sins 3 in 2. Forntes i in 6. Re 4. Mcderm Oll 7. Burtschy 1. To , Klusz Wiki j. 2b he. A apr. Semi Forn Plec 3-3 2-2 in 6 Buri City 2 in 1. Rep. Fricano or Kir 10-, 10 w5 i 10. Ft.5 pox Naum so lunar tables i by John Alden Knight r. The of periods As a Init of Fri Row has born to Ken i rum John Vicin enl rat s so lunar tables. Plan your Days so i hit you Wilt be in i co i territory or hint Iii in Bock Rover during nines if you wish to Fitl i Best sport that rach Day has to offer. Tin major periods Urr Slown in bold face Type. Those a com at the times shown 1 and not for an hour and half or two hours thereafter. The minor periods in Type. If of somewhat by Ortry duration Kast Kra Standau t1mk is 0-1 Mckinley. Phils 8-10, bucs 0-7 rut i Phi phia h o .1 i sub the Jurf j 3b 4 Al 2 c s 2 Ash in of 5 3 5 0 wart 3fc Tor son in 4 Ennis if 5 Hamn r 2b 5 3-2. Burtschy by Burtschy Tyl Sncano h-3 pcs. Rommel. Pfc or Washington Philadelphia Porlar Ltd Anri f Anri Wash Stev to Schmeier j in 5 4 in 6th. n i Jeff coat 4 in 8 fared 1 m bin. Coll in Iinn-ffg3 in. 1-3. Duvi5 1 1-3. Jurison 0 in 1 5-3. I 1 in 2-3. Raffin Var rear 2 in 1. 012 001 ot3 00 or Alt 31 monday wednesday thursday Fri trav Astroth Vernon or eth Zernial or Pha. 6th. 2 0 Clark of .1 1 2 0 1 i Morcan 55 1 i b to p 4 0 0 ski nor in 4 0 Thornau of t 2 2 Gordon of 3 5 1 c 4 i 1 Rice if 3 1 1 3 0 n Lizul pm p i 2 2 Blanch i 1 0 Purky j cards 3, braves 2 fi-4. Col ill 11 0-0. Ref from 4-3. Davis 1 1. Hacker 0-0. -00. Hip by i bakery Collun by lurid in . W Jpn focal 2-0 u t 3.00 0 n l n o o j if 4 1 4" indians 3, tigers 1 3s ii 27 3 Tantau 32 t 27 b Lor Khz ask n eth of Truc in for Litile fiend n 6th. A fixed out for Purie 6tn. Philadelphia 12.10 to 105-s Pittsburgh Coo 000 000-0 r Ashburn. Torn for. Ennis. 2. Morgan. R. Roberts. A none 2. Burgess. Morann. Torgeson 3. Or Ennis. Do Cole and s dinner Ham re. Morgan and Tor Joeson. Left ply dram s Sarn c h add in p 3 Arico 0 lol a 1 Aaro Conn Ibson 0 0 0 n 200 1 1 or Arntt n 1 0 ibid 3b 1 4 Kun 2 3 1 j 0 2 0 a 2h p 1010 2111 33 030 Cha lit totals 35 8 27 1c for Brut on in 7th Sacra fire by for Crandall in a walked purposely Lor Spahn in 3 st. Louis 300 con 000-3 j Milwaukee 100 000 100-u Detroit uni 3 Avi 4 d Why c 0 in 1 of in in Al Phil try of 0 3h 0 he Rel d . Minor Majni 5 2ft m to 10 in 10 55 Lake stages Ata Ica Lake level saturday. -1 Sotich Holstun. 50 Roone. 5. Chi Rokart. 306. Today s skies 010 0 1 2 3 n Monn a the next new be an eclipse jul Sun. It will be j Over a Arroix area amending from 0 Minnesota Over Lake Superior Anri across a Northern Ontario to uni Java and Labrador eastward across the Atlantic to Europe 1 j and Asia. I Anco in a Birmingham outfielder Lou banged Lino drive Sac if c Liat scored Herb Plews with the run that a a Jennins Hani a i Victory Annta won the game riia i -1-h. With Mustak slime run in Thi Ihly with one on Pullig the c rackets ahead for Good. I threat of showers worries race Indianapolis three Veteran Auto racers Wor ried metre about the possibility of rain today Durini the 38th annual 500-mile race than about their occupational Haz j Ard. Death. Even a Sprinkle could bring out the yellow caution Flag that prevents a Driver from improving his position and ruin the chances of cars Bache of the leaders. It s a race if it goes Miles. Jack i Megrath had made no secret of his intention to stay in front All the Way if possible. One Good reason was that the Speedway pays s150 extra to a Driver for each Lap he leads a tidy for leading All the Way. I Palmer wins colonial fort Worth. Tex. Ins Ess Johnny Palmer of Charlotte. N. C., who plays Golf with Light-1 hearted gamely. Has his sights Sot on the Western open at Cincinnati next thursday. Following his Triumph in the colonial open tournament at fort Worth. Rcd a final round 69 yesterday for a 72-Hole stroke i in strokes better than second place Fred Haas via or new Orleans who had a 30. Ali crr i 282. Davidson freeing. Meadows. Up re Harrison and Davidson. Lob Kings port 8 11. Bob Clark 3. 3 Vaughn 6. So Clart j. Lopez 1. Onate _ 1. Vaughn 3 5 t Cal Wilho Cir ration look .3-2, or ,1-31 vol acct two hits. Wenj a Vaughn Maryville took a one run Lead Lope w i. Ivi. Niin the second Frame Only to see to move out front. I Middlesboro Oak i--1 tic twins knotted the count pioneers Defeated the u j 312 iji.1 m 2-2 in the fourth with an Middlesboro athletics 9-7, Sun other is Dirleton. They moved out afternoon in Mountain i front once at Iii with three states league act Uii. In arkers in the fifth. Adams and Gibson led the win Shoals nov Rel cd Ero Kucs Ning attack with three and two in i. Closer with his eighth Home rps a Tivel to h-2, is and in the 0 of the sixth Schmir seventh and one More run in is the eight i. Maryville broke the deadlock i in the eighth when Davidson led . Off with a walk stole second and came Home on Shaulis double to 6 give the twins the Victory. A of Turley i4-5 0-3i Ami Stewart to of is i Ord Ilij i3 01 or Kuzava i Liila Ethla at Boston Rai Ditmar Mil Van Brabant to of Henry 1-21 Soi Thkun association w l re. 30 in .652 38 20 .5fi Orleans j5 23 -5 j a i Memphis 19 _ i ,42 j Mobile 30 .-10ij yesterday s results Atlanta 4-4. Birmingham 3-5. 6-2. Little Rock 2-5. New Orleans 3-5. Mobile 2-3. Nus Hville 8-0. Chattanooga 6-u. International league w l Clute i Toronto Syi . Minor a 5 50 ill hmong h Ottawa 13 yester Cut s results Havana a. 1 Montreal 1-4. Toronto 0-11. 6-a Ottawa Roche sir 8-5. Buffalo 1kxas Kagl k Oklahoma City 16, Dallas 6 Houston 6-1. San Antonio s-3, fir an m tint 3-5. 0-9. .-16 .531 .457 412 .412 Amk Kincan association club w l pet. Indianapolis 2fi 15 .651 25 18 Minneapolis 21 19 .525 st. Paul 21 21 .500 Kansas City 19 21 .475 Columbus 10 23 .452 Toledo is 25 .419 Charleston 17 26 .305 yesterday s results Indianapolis 4. Minneapolis 3. Chartr Ston 5-g. Toledo 4-3. Kansas City 4-1. Paul 3-0. Columbus 4, Louisville 3. For fast Safe dependable service Gilliam cabs dial Circle Back of Union Bui Ter Liui leave tour Rolls of film with Mildred Kotron for a your tins hint service. In by 10 by 4 . Kingsport camera shop phone cd 6-9981 i Broad Street phone i 7-7141 sea King "5" Standard 151.00 Standard 5 he for medium size Auto rewind water proof Magneto. Top Speed of 12 Mph. Gromek p 0 0 0 0 g. N n "4 in 3001 Rie Iphia. I. B by l Falston Hinton Purkey 1. Hell 1. I Echo indic no repulse Ltd. Alston. Marhc is. 3. R. Roberts 6. To Littlfield 3 2b Musial he . In 3 3 in 3. Hui a in i h the so Alston. Do Jablonski. 2-2. Purkey la. A-5. Rob and Sarn. Schopis direst. Ers 0-0. Hip by pure v h of i am Ami i Oenn Lopata. Or. A. A Oulu 7 to Piaf Ldla 2. Spahn 3. So Han Dix Spahn Jolive 2 to Spahn 1 in 7. Jolly 1 in 2 re had clix 2-2. Spahn 3-3. Ufi Jav 00. We Hart Dit. W Haiti in 7-3i. Cleveland k 29 7 27 10 or Marlowe in Itri. Cwi Noi too -1 if Iox-3 a. Avila. Strickland. E panic coast ran d pc 4-1. Holy Wood los 10-2. Portland 5-3. Oak Laid Sci Aminto 4-9 2. Garcua Rar in Btl Philadelphia Pittsburgh 043 000 10 if 1 101 030 7 is 0 Nti. t-2-10. A-37.532. 211-Phil so hns do Avha Purland 7. Marlowe 2. 7. Gron iroc 3-2. Oron pfc 0-0. w Garna i a cd via Pap Arhia. 3-21. To Ohy Iak. Put Parylla. Mcgowan. A-16.b45. I moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Wp-drrw.1. Up botox 3, Yankees 1 v re h o prof 301 feh or 1 0 0 m n to 3 0 0 1 1 to f. X Boston a h n an3b 1 i 1 1 it 4 1 4 0 3 wiil me u 0 of 0 mtr r 0 0 boiling i n n l a 2 1 h a 1 1 3 Berra r. 402 a non e if 3 1 2in 4 1 10 0 Nixon p 3013 m d id 2b 3 0 2 6 0000 Carey 3b 3011 m Don d p 1 f 0 1 Ann run 1000 p 0 0 0 1 f Slais 30 4 2-1 12 totals 30 i 27 13 out for or Donrald n 8th a Lineal out for Baliet in 8th. Sci idled for Coleman in 8th. For Robinson in 3 h p walked Lor Mcl Dougald in York too Ooi co i Clio 100 20x -3 a Mantle Good mat White. F Mcd outta id a Tillman Rhu Mantle. . 23-White. Or Manlif. P lol inc do coir Man. Mcdo Utwald and York 7, Boston 10. By or Donald 6. Nixon 4. So Mcdonald 2. 4 to Mcdonald 5 in t. Ray Norris 1 r. Re my penal 3-2. Crynn re 0-0. Hip by Nixon Carcy. W ii Urley. Trieve. Umont. T 2 30. A 27.407 Mew Jim to Jim the Molt hairy if Ortins Minrow w it Ruai live in sen Silion to me Century ii no i print. Cie no Lull it 11 Imp i you Leive it in the 01 Brkl us. H h n fun. Y no t i i or Ike a Rii new will Sli Ile Jim to. This a no Jill Jet. Looks and Swiss like a live ii the litre of ill Begum us Silver Leal Plait in buy one Lor your trend also Sittl Aclin Send 51 cd Only of each Luie. Send sheiko Cash i pay Costajr a t j. Jackie co. To. Lanjo. Fla. Broad Street phone cd 7-7141 wards top Towel values if you want to save on Youh insurance the place to save is Agency 101 Broad Street Sale a usual 49c, 20x40" Cannon Bath Towel. Frosty White Cotton Terry with Pei i Candy stripes. A Hara to beat value. Matching Wash cloth. Loe Sale 67 c Reg. 79c Cannon prelude both Towel Cotton Terry in White brilliants. So Matching once Towel. Matching Wash cloth .22e Beach Towel i. T King sired Cannon Towel a Sand and surf lolling on the Beach Sun bathing and it really soaks up the water. Stripes on White. Out Sale we have Only one or two covers of each size so come Early ill covers for this is not a special or Sale but a close out of Quality covers. We re going out of the Scot cover business take advantage of these prices. Cash and carry Between Highway 81 and. Eastman

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