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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 31, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee12 King port times monday. May 31, 1954 North Africa is another trouble spot for French editor s note last month William l. Ryan associated press foreign analyst. During a study tour of the far East and Southeast Asia surveyed France s Al she if. Indo China. Now investigating cur rent affairs in North Africa. Ryan reports today on the troubled situation in another vital French overseas Terri tory. Tension. It is there that extreme nationalists carry out terror against motor Luis who Are suspected of being pro French. Auxiliary troops brought in from country tribes Are encamped on Hills overlooking the me Dinas and Bido Villes in a state of constant Alert. By William l. Ryan but despite the extraordinary military measures terrorism is continuing. Almost every night Are or other Vio Lent incidents of Casablanca Casablanca Morocco scene of the most persistent at French civilians Are carrying Vincks. Guns in this worried City today Bull less Puoplo lip extremely Gulf Between French As nationalist terror rises. They say that if is Casablanca. Morocco s big Moj terror continues unchecked Francis . Of Falls silent by j other year their backs will he French resident . Faces night. Streets Are virtually the Wall. The terror ii rave dilemma. One Thoni on sorted. Movie houses and away both All moroccans 1 saw rants Are Bare of foreign capital. Some French Ion was the Issue of the Sultan. French and those moroccans Are already beginning to who Are terrorized by of Casablanca nationalists Are staying in their officials worry Over the wors in situation which pull they Are insistent that he must be of Homes at night. Outside the Central prison dozens of veiled moslem women on French official a knowl cling to the of the Iro Niedner it is not impossible that Gates and Wail for their i hit mid run guerrilla warfare around police stations become current Here by native police in red anger has been rising steadily and Blue uniforms crowds Are during the nine months since herded daily to have French ousted Sultan sir ii bringing Sidi Mohammed Back. 1 that will protect Trench Ham operators gel transcontinental messages through today general Taylor leave Korea t Peak n. M. Week end Wrath-1 car arty in club Hanoi arts m t l Job in Cori or r i. Cloubil fire Urmi Seoul Insi it. Gen. Max Well g. Taylor announced today Kirk Douglas slopes with French girl today s quotes by International news service Washington president Eisenhower we should keep Faith with our heroic dead by humbly and devoutly supplicating almighty cod Lor guidance in our efforts to achieve a. Peace Ful Rome Gen. Mark w. Clark Usa. the Only answer to the red dominated world and its menace is our will to resist we have the Only pos sible Way of life for free men we intend to preserve it must match strength against strength voluntary Unity against coerced Lawrence. san be Kansas Brilliant Middle Dis Ance runner who set new american mile record of pacing by my teammate helped a Al Kiln Clu Luj t 00-930. Flold n cipro Tarp motor m. Schuol fired the would leave Korea tomorrow j for the United states. I the eighth army who has been in Korea 16 Mouthy Las Vic Cias. Nev. I actor Kirk Douglas and the Tive i Aris Brunette who Han publicity for one of his ii i ii Ihu i 1 lil w tin w i Tini i liar although Thev say that break the order to anything bottleneck and tons verified As a strict Security Mohammed nil Lacoste must bring conces Sions with him. Some French Here have been criticising openly the present bottleneck and Complete history s first trans Youssuf and French policy of poll e Depies Continental relay on the two meter band. Working under a blazing Sunj on the Mountain tops and nuns i Lulu As .1 n t l in Mil i a. I. On Uit measure. Unless their papers 65-year-old Sultan Muy Sion of nationalism a Man h Texas Panhandle. New j nv41rtr-l till la l t Mil m Psi i n 1 t Arizona and Ca Lornia. Amateurs rolled hotly East bound j Kilt mall to club Flotd is Cpl paving s gent Kinf porn inn optimal club. Simier jul to Keshav Volc if Terri Drill in club was presumably being called to j Washington for a High Leve con european movies Honey strictly in order they Jet to arrest. The Are Mohammed Ben Arafa on jailed or exiled All nationalist it lie throne of the Sherif Iau pm leaders. Heavily armed moroccan gov Pirp. As matters roam the streets there is nobody on the leaders gone and to Smoot Luy lip Mil we Crew on bicycles watching for a group of moroccans Lotical activity last week s test broke Down in the medinas the native towns told me during an interview no safety to it Lupy in the medinas and Bido Villes a moroccan Home. The new More and the fantastic slums of moroc Tan is they added sex reme All the inc. Finds ils can cities there is an air of and what is happening the Only expression violence. Midori be my Stirr Fere acc on the Indochina situation and on plans to Consoli Date a Northeast Asia system. Taylor said he would return to Korea in late june. Another american military expert on the far East. Gen. James a. Van Fleet Cut Short his visit ibid i to Formosa saturday for a flight work Lor Ito Washington. Mooning today after an Elope ment that caught Hollywood by Surprise. 1 Douglas. 37. Married Anne buy Dens. 31, at the hotel Sahara i saturday after flying Here from the movie capital the two met in Italy last Yeai when he was acting in a movie was doing publicity the film. Each had been wed once previously. I Don t through this Tim Hubbard Larrell. W5fag.i who set up his station just off in. S. Highway 66. Seven Miles least of Clines Corners. The westbound message which left de Tilton s Canton. Conn. Station we Huq. At . Esti saturday reached de Lucky in Manhattan Beach. Gemm. About 14 hours hater. I Tilton is an editor of the american radio relay j National Ham organization. Lucky is trustee for the two meter and Down club station of los Angeles one of the Lead a in organizations of the test. The Fate of the official Enst i i bound message which cleared a. David Middleton. W5ca at i this 9.000-foot Elevation at pm ., Esti was not known but it passed beyond Camarillo. Tex. The relay had been solid from that Point East. All Day. I More than -10 stations across the country most of them manned by two or More Ama a Tours combined equipment time and Energy in the Middleton said. Generally each station could hear Only the one Kiu Ciuris i. La Lull Shnol Karld limes news Ken sport Lull c Lub. . Noon club Nunin dirt . Nimitr i 00 a of Carvente eve inn Skunk Nav audit j red China s piping radio said j u0ugias was Maui ecu Van Fleet former eighth army Angeles feb. 8. 1950. By actress commander had conferred Douglas. She and their British officials in Hong sons Jive in new York. A concerning a Northeast Alsan of the Sahara said anti communist military was informed that miss was divorced in los e. Gla headache you get extra fist Relief when you use by headache or pow contains Mil Aurllio Dull club in go r Phiv i club club in in Rorr Shooni. K i. Cloud Kerr Fallon i urn or acl Ivetic r Ilii i o Pinr lira swim link Clith room. Lowarl. Noon nub. Uncle Alvrn by Laurel room. Thurs Nav civic Auri Orlum pan Ain Fulcan Hoad race Anvic main auditorium violin class in gum room. Hosmun District scouts in club rom n Irth Daj puny m club 4 Imd hooked rub making in club rooms leaders meet list in Core Ance. Or creation Center Arlin Luck. Del Lull Irr Callnn Center mu1-" or Allce 00. Ime elks club 5-no. Filth Sehnal held Hoys club a lab noon club room.1 dinner a l. Sutherland. Ill Al lunch 12.30-com- Tierce room. Saturn a Cartr no no Tillies scheduled. T Cloud Center be creation can try activities. Doi Ilyass item Callon Conler out of doors Kinji port inn breakfast miss Conrah buy Riens was divorced in last March. Paris pain relieving ingredients. Remark ably effective for headaches neural-1 Ric pains and minor muscular Ely used. Thoroughly reliable. Recreation Cemer activities. J girls softball practice game room activity Washington Field Civ Loans is. Boys Moose i In inti school Karld Els club i paving kit i is 00. Blue a wry or Johnson held mural cd intr Optimist View Flold her knee motors is Lynn Oarden-4-Fln in Nicum held rotary is Luile Civ an Celtib. Lunch. Noon club room. In acres. Dinner room work simplification F kid a cd tic Anrit Oriun Sullivan commence mint exercises in main auditorium Frank a Cloud recreation Center meter orders for natural Gas service now being accepted for Cherokee Village five Points Section Dale Strart Borden Village come in or Call Volunteer natural Gas company 215 e. Sullivan st. Dial i 5-4104 the spotlight s on Raythelon to 17 or 21-Inch sure performance see television at its Best 17 or 21-Inch screen and Power packed performance at a new Low Price priced at with Coupon Channel 11 Antenna for the Low Price of this Coupon Worth on Raythelon to colonial to sales 1029 Lynn Garden drive dial i 7-7681 we do All kinds of service Evans. Adulf delinquency Sermon Partis recapture As son is held for murder High who escaped from penal farm san Antonio Tex. Baptist minister pausing often in his Sermon As emotion Over came him preached sunday on adult delinquency As his teen son 10 Days ago accused of murder sat on the front Row. After the Kev. Luther b. Osborne. As is customary at the end of his sermons called for professions of Faith Many in his emotion charged congregation began crying. The son Luther 17, and Jerry Henning Speed ily recaptured Erht me., Rirs to win majority in House elections Washington ins h. Bean who predicted was picked up about a mile known As the very High fre Quency Range because signals generally follow line of sight or horizon to a i jump of 300 Miles from a Moun Tain top to a Distant High Point is considered exceptional. From Point to High Point Sig rials will average under 200 Miles. In Eastern sections of the country where communities Are closer to each other stations in the Homes of n then Ca s same electric generators carried ovoid seven were spotted Rimens. Imit Lve Ohtis the sides of across a stretch of fall Lance was used were pinned Down by Rifle guards arrived. The eighth Trie son a i Luiei it inv wills. 18. Are accused of i president Truman s return to j from the prison. Julian Vega 68, cafe bar in 948i thinks the Warden Joe Barf to death with a Pool Cue May win a Ion seat major men broke from tin of May 21. Scaled a High Fenc r in the House next year. F the inn info of try Road for Nichols the pastor of the Linares j fourth inn Lar of a Earne be nere till Enue Baptist Church listed these he said the economic Down Wran fort Pludow and my for Joherl Hamilto As his views of the cause of jul turn of the past year will be ant Tenn. Nichols. Nashville invest men Venile delinquency a responsible for giving the they got Runny sir More than the of association of then in an la identified too convenient. Occupied with material and selfish motives to give. Youngsters the attention and love they needed use of the economic situation Paul Cranmore 19, of Boddy above he i the Ball game broken up by a in Jackson. 44, Philip Morris snap oper Pai l Al bean the International eve or youth this hour. Promise to to to Korea greatly churches have Puhst dec i he clock Lynn Lold it a social program for a Par International Factor will either party next All types Loans All types n properties it. A. Bauer que. Realtors 232 k Market dial i 5-5193 Dobyns Taylor every drunkard at on Carli was fired As a gov Rood his studies also show that i 1 fail unless the in the influence of sen. Jaseph r. Puts his Faith in Jesus Mccarthy r. Wis., has been _ compare our prices and terms Coal furnaces Wink lick Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Circulates fan z. Forced draft Fin 3. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls install Only per month fur on n 5 Somri compleat Felt priced from to j350 . 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