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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 31, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeFavorite in sport theatres presbyterians talk unification at annual meeting Decroff Man withdraws from Constable race t Noward hooves Jane Russel the French Lyle Albert Roland Arthur Hunnicutt color _ news cartoon 9 a vents c e m t e r Jeri Alucs fall Laranch Joe Sherfey. 108, died at his Home in double Springs near Jonesboro. At . Sunday. He was a retired employee of i Montreat. N. C. Eastman and a Johnson City a fiction was the problem facing member of the double Constable has asked the general Assembly of the Baptist Church. Julie Washington county election Southern presbyterian church1 he is survived by live children commission 10 pull his name out Here today. Shirley a Wisboro hip list Piti the Issue came in the Wake Ralph of fall Brunch. Mrs Lions for the office of Constable of saturday s dramatic session Tholma harm us fall Branch in the Irith civil District. Which saw tile Church Siron sly mrs. Harold of kurd a Cui stable John Cloyd of urge its doors be opened to town. Mrs. Kuby Dickerson uti Jonesboro described missing of color. Telford. Tenn Lour Sisters. Mrs papers happenings and underlying the passage of the Klimina Copas of fall development.-, in the Jude Issue was the mrs. Lena Sci Ray us Kall judicial Pix Oss which he said i ii he Unity a mrs. Of Tui Huberts of amazed and uis kind tie oneness of god. Mrs. Pick busied him. It Lisp favouring Union with two ens of Weber City. A also to Clwyd wrote it his disillusion Northern branches if the Church grandchildren and one great Iii experiences in a Leiler looked Back and look Nemir grandchild Cli Clion Cummis Siun As his Rea thai the Union Issue funeral revues will be con suns for seeking the office May be swept into the current ducted at 1 . Tuesday at the again. He has staged Many of liberalism also. Double Springs Baptist raids in the county since i others Felt that the conces with Rev Wesley , Kev write in election in 1952. Slims already made by the con Geurge Coldiron and Rev. Tom when someone is brought to Serva Tives would cause them to Crawford in charge. Burial will court for a crime he has been fight Union with even More vigor be in the Church cemetery. Charged with the attorney Gen than in the past. Pallbearers j. V. Risks. Floyd Cral vigorously prosecutes the Union already Lias been a Borreli. Herbert Fink Kichard Case and if the jury finds him by the presbyterian Willis. Mitchell Kincholoe Dan guilty is in the hands of the Church of the u. S. A. North by Ferguson Roy Davis and sheriff and goes to he Era presbyterian Church of Milan Mccrary. Wrote the. Election commission j North America. The body was to be removed j sunday afternoon the the fall Branch funeral a Bootlegger is Ralph Waldo Lloyd president of Home to the residence at 2 . Tilings happen. Maryville Tenn. College and a monday. Fraternal Delegate to this As Frank Mcclure when a Gambler or tried strange Sembly from the Northern Branch urged commissioners to vote for a merger. In color Captain John Smith and Pocahontas Frank me Clure. 74. Rogersville. Route i. At 2 a. M. Sunday at hol stun Valley Community Hospital alter a Long illness. Funeral services will be held wednesday at 11 a. In. At my Bristol More than Peters Bend Baptist _ _ i delegates and visitors will at in to burial in the adjoining vigorous prosecutor an hour be Stenci the 131st annual Holstone conc try. The Rev Oulu e fore now seems bewildered methodist Vonic. The Kev. Raymond j i Here wednesday through Sun Holston conference starts wednesday when the jury is called peo ple who have been bashful about coming 10 the Surv Box suddenly Limp up and dash past the slow i a the trial is about to Start warrants cannot be found. Papers that were perfectly in order the Day before Are bad be cause of a glaring mistake that suddenly found. The actor Church Ney general. Who has been a Kingsport monday. May 31, 1954 and the Rev. James will officiate. The body will be re a and a Kettle at Home cartoon comedy i Day. I sessions will be held in Yginia High school gymnasium at 9 a. A. 4 p. M. And p. M. Bishop Roy h. Short still open ithe morning session with a devotional. Speaker for the 4 p. M. I service each Day will be Bishop Mary. Lime and Laura Fred p. Corson of route 6 tour sons president of the general Board Harvey. Henry. B. K and Alfred of education. I Mcclure of Rogers Villa a sister. 3 p. M. Tuesday from Wilson i funeral Home to the residence survivors Are his widow. Mrs. Emma Mcclure four daughters. Mrs. Ollie Quillen. Kingsport. Gets . Degree 24 years alter Honor nation s War in front of a reply a of the unknown Soldier s Tomb at the. Mountain Home veterans Center Are from left Cookk Holt Tennessee commander of the veterans of foreign wars Harvey v. Inc try chief of the veterans administration or. Guy c. Richardson of Bristol National surgeon general of the veterans of foreign wars Kip. Carroll Keeck and colonel Lee b. Hark manager of the veterans Center. All five participated in memorial Day services sunday at the veterans Center. Youth Sells pint Man held on charge a youth at a place on the City Highway made the mistake a of Selling a pint of dial Circle 5-1671 murder and they Don t mix Angel face Robert Mitchum Jean Simmons plus chapter 4 Dick Tracy is. Phantom Empire cartoon Flowers dial i 5-1121 Hutch Wallin 115 e. Main st. Mulligan College the i i mrs. Sue goad Kingsport. And a order of degrees May be brother de Mcclure Rogers i orthodox in academic circles Dasar on even Ville. Or. Nicholas Cavallara of Brook-1 the Deputy. A. F. Lyn. N y., who received the arrested the youth and i degree from the University of charged him with Selling Tennessee 24 years ago deputies searched the out Church serv the . Degree monday at Milli i House from which the Young monday City court a 29-year-old estranged Hus band was found innocent Mon Day morning in City court of a charge of fighting in connection with a ruckus saturday night at an apartment Here. Tie other party to the scrap his 30-year-old brother in Law three proposals of ikes program face tests Washington three equate to provide a realistic major proposals in president i minimum Protection Groseclose Flowers for All occasions dial Circle 6-6108 All arrangements guaranteed a s25. W. A. Pendergrass hrs thru in he himself Lotheim Law Lul band ick tin Ash tray a stick and Benhower s legislative program headed for crucial tests on Cap Itol Hill this mixed prospects. Both the House and Senate took today off because of the deput 7ohp" is Muny j f ent and j a radio programs wept wept pm 1400 pc. Me. Hon Dat 4-30-Touee Fri drier Brown id it House 5-co-Flte o clock Shadow 3-30-Lorenzo to be a Morteo loot at the 6 20 film editor music 8-30-sports news Joe 7 co one stand 7-30-Newi of world 7 45-one Man s family of the masters 8-00 Railroad hour b 30-Foruni of the at b of Telephone hour 9-30-Eddie Pusher show 10-co Fibber Mcgee anal Molly 10 to Mccarthy army of the worst Lias sport scope 11-20-Hoo frolic 12-co news 12-05-Slgn off fue30a1 a jul Sim on 30-Glooro Chaur s-35 news gloom Chaser b 05-Mornine farm Roundup Chaser gloom fit Udy 7 00 news a 2b score braid 7-35-gloom Chaser news Roundup in Sci 8 15-Kingsport Calendar chair Perry Como time Davi i comes calling mum ale club 9-55 news 10 co Wei comte Abc 10 30 music for you 10 break the Bank Nhut 11-00-Strikt it Rich u 30 phrase Liat pays Chance u is it memo do i j -30 country tune time 12-45 sews 12 50-Mnsir. In March sic soft serenade 1 -30 Saulme Frei Lanct ihb1 l-4 or Crane 2 00-Mccartli is army im.c1 can by a but 3.15-Roaa of Elf. Sci j in Torii a Gamut Abc 4-15-sw1u Dallas Ink i a Btu sch Rule Monica a 5 no or Nhuc 5-30-kit c Adair Como in sri report a fl-4s wac in studio is turn 7 Oil Burns and Ahrn 7 30-Voift of Abc. A 00-1 love Lucy ices show boo Shidlo one Ichisi in co or Craton Iff jello in 15-vacation land ism Iii my Fri Nii Iron Kir morn town. Father of mrs. W. he joined his brother hero in i tie and found two More pints. Spangle of Church Hill will be 1905 and completed a year and a j three charges of illegally sell held tuesday at 2 . In mor half College work when he was j ing Beer and one of possessing admitted to the it school were filed Over the week Medicine and was graduated Leirl As the result of four visits to there in 1930. Since that time Helone place a Watermelon stand has been practising Medicine in on the Knoxville Highway. Brooklyn. J Pertici latins in the various he lacked by three semester hours of completing his degree which was in the new testament a required subject at Milligan. He completed his studies in the course and took a proficiency exam in it. The College commencement exercises got underway sunday with Harold w. Scott minister of in pianola Cli urch of Christ co Lumbus. Ohio delivering the baccalaureate Sermon. Things and said. I Don to memorial Day Holiday believe he hit me Ary Po-1 the House i take lice said the husband was pro w an administration conscious or something Bill to add new millions they arrived persons to ulc so cml Security program increase the Benefit the brother in Law said he. Dalton Floral Lynn Garden Flowers for All occasions All arrangements guaranteed dial Circle 6-8822 Circle s-3212 Ems Wem a apartment at the re i contribution of he sister after she Al her husband from Horn Hall been separator tas threaten lab the cell circa Ullh l gel lady West payments and boost the annual Mason and Utt entered their fire on a provision to increase from to s4.200 the Maxi both annual wage workers and on which employers contribute currently at a Rale of 2 per cent. On the housing Issue. Senate democratic leaders were re ported looking for some com Promise which might Avert a party split aver a. Civil rights Issue. The possibility of such a by employees and split was raised last week when 5eemed As i Hie supreme court threw out an Appeal in Beau of racial scr Nrec the Senate has scheduled de legation in a Public housing Baw starting thursday on a j project. House approved housing Bill. Sen. Maybank Prev i while passage in some form a Strong advocate of Low. Loki the. Virtually certain new opposition rent Public housing then an 1 e top Tunca Rry go round 1320 pc. Monday thru Fri Dat on a fixes heart program 5 20 up time news 6 -.05 Wake up Tift Hyinio news 7.00-gospel favourites 7-30-tirr.e to news 8 do musical Mer 8. 45 musical or round obituary column shop Al 30-Morninq special b 45 interlude a news 10. 00 Public service Box 10.15-Pinttrr party 1 to hillbilly i Latorr f arts Jamboree Bob oath is gospel soft Ottmo bar news pops review news 4 45 Cavalier score Hnnry 5 00 support me frolics news preview p Roll i Roundup by lilt Siulc of the Road in pops 7-no-s be Renac of Wuhl to m on Dat a of sift on new matinee 2 30 Bob c Rosby Sho c is 3-nn-Smith of dance 3.30-on your account roof can 4 30 to be announced 3 .00 tins Falls Inci 5 15 farm hour 5-30-Dlone Lucas Cookle show 6 co it music makers to news report 6 10-Tri-citirs Weatherman Como cd ii 7 00 Paul Winchell Inci 7-39 Amos and a 00 -1 love Lucy 8 30-Badse 714 9-co-studio one 10 to Ivan thru news. Sports 10 i5-tba 10 to president Kisun Hower lbs news sign off networks monday May 31 evening Clos tuba All arrangements guaranteed we Are As near As tour Telephone dial is 5-5174 nights ant sundays dial Circle 6-6657 by 2ol.olt cartoons search missing ship brother in Law his sympathies rom some Southern demo bounced he would move in were with him. But that All considerable doubt on i Senate to strike out All City court could try was the the of the president s re to such projects. Charge of fighting. The judge for authority for a Eisenhower asked authority suggested if the family wished year Public housing program. Over a to file other Type charges they Senate finance commit four year do so in sessions court. Free Hopes to Complete by Fri a 48 year did Kingsport Man Day its version of the adminis new guard York a s20 Fine for tax revision Bill already again today sent Umpir drunkenness despite his plea1 passed by the House. Gop Lead god opens and closes the pianos to search for a he had had Only four have voiced Confidence that door of Opportunity today As that carried seven did t think he was that the committee will approve it did in the first Century including five Jabout in the form the adminis christianity. The gospel is should have made port at patrolman Avis Boggs said he traction asked the answer to the troubled world a fire Island saturday night. And has the Power to control so j period. The House eliminated All pubic housing authority and the administration been counting on the Senate to restore it. Sen. Ellender a la said Over the week end he would continue to support Public housing. But he conceded the supreme i it Nln Trivino for i new in court s action would a doubt arrested the defendant at a Nessis Cantois plugging Foi thinking of those who Are the Issue is not Likely to conic i to a Senate vote before next he started protest j come tax Cut have said they will of o if Tounh a paper bag which floor it Nej lost in to e contained five a tee s closed door Sessi Hec Ommi tie comma sessions an All Day search of the area Island after Cial moral and spiritual boat and loudly about finding of the world failed to turn up any sign of flour in soil. Or. Ard Hoven minister Mii apr the coast guard should have coma Inco Uva Broadway Christian Isles. Saying does that look like the tax revision a Bulky apples to Bill would make no changes m major levies but Boggs said the Man was no-1 Cut taxes about a sorted lexis upon by. And Tho Rev. Re Palmer Young minister of the aboard the missing Craft were. First Christian Church. And mrs. Warren Anderson port. Were honoured with doctor-1 graduates monday morning. Nine charged with gambling Nutley. N. J in its first year of opera Ocie Arious benefits for and imposed one s10 Fine for a Man four Ristine. 7, six fines for speeding Barbara 6, and Stephen Francois Defaymoreau 12, the charged with doing 46 Miles per Georoe a a and two son of a Friend. Hour one s5 Fine for a Motorist sponsoring a move the Andersons set out 39 Miles per hour and individual income taxes at 8 a. M. Saturday s5 Fine for four persons t 4u Simon dollars this a Holiday trip to fire Island i charged with speeding 38 Miles by boosting from boo to at the same time. Francois Par. Deputy sheriff Claude Yankee ends. Or. And mrs. Etienne de arrested nine men late sunday Fay Mornini of Nutley. And their pm Rhino in the by Iris Gao younger children in Lii fun. R i inning nver i tire Ilion and charged them with on a Roncs for illegal parking on Center t free the personal 11 Iii ,1 to 12 -.10 to 4.1 7-00 ii-30 0 00 to 30 11 of u Ift 12 so 1 if in will s the to studio sports it Turtle sign of s 1 pattern test pattern i Lurk f White Hack to tint cons Cohee break on your Arrout Abc Arthur Lio Frev chs str Lite it Holch lbs valiant lady icons of ult ,c11s, Tomi Frow lbs a notary still i Jarry Moore tens Art Unker Tler ice Psi you arc Wlms Gnu Doris is Nicoloi rot Ichisi a do run h birr Rel storm talk s 9 00 Voni Elf s Fritz by a non ill c to to Oft it Hirk Vlaar Hul 4 Jyh Tiow hops my oar dry or not drive in a theatre Greeneville Hwy. Of. Area at on i a ii to Sah Ayward Holt Heston John a Claiire Fay Bainter Henry Levin John Patrick shows starts Al us Sec also cais Toon preliminary hearing for 10 . Tuesday. Reached tonight starring Ingrid Bergman Alex Knox 2 shows and 10 . With1 o 1 inc same trip in a i outboard motor boat was Seti the Mcfay Moreau port and became alarmed when the larger boat failed to show up. They notified the coast guard Early sunday that it was Bonds overdue. Ande Are in communication laboratories at Nutley. Street for two persons who had a democratic drive for a boost to s700 lost narrowly in the House. The administration is fighting the move on the ground the government cannot stand that loss of Revenue for fighting three Bill an adn son and Defaymoreau ibo urls Ulle s f Tion backed provision sneers at the Federal Tel for reckless driving eight give subset Alltia laboratories vie8al. To stockholders on today Rita Hayworth Stewart Granger just moved to town. Forfeitures were one s20 Bond democrats have coupled their for Public drunkenness two with a move to Knock out fighting three Slobof the by Nistra. Which tax re Bonds for making an illegal loss i turn and Bonds totalling be ,40 million the first parking. And 814 million annual i when fully effective. The social Security Bill rep. Daniel a. Reed Rny said sat urday night will win Over whelming House approval. The in technicolor Story a fixed on Ink feb be s Pouney prize Hosel of Fiona a incr Brosl 3a1ewyman Steve Forrest Jomn 1vtst mows Anil color cartoon Gale City Ilir Hway la lit the big sky starring Kirk Douglas to in of Ilir and of n pc Rhoat up lir my Miniri for non is Louis m 18.10. Hound for the Hur font Indian country to establish a Lur trading Post. Plaque marking site of treaty planned Kodak Tenn. A marking the site near Hera where John Sevier signed a treaty for the state of Franklin exemption Wuh the Cherokee indians will allowed each de be presented in a coi Ofui Cele bration june 10. Kodak is Between Dandridge and Sevierville in Sevier county. Or. Dan Robinson head of the Tennessee historical commis Sion will present the plaque and former gov. Jim Mccord will speak. The program is sponsored by the Jefferson and Sevier county chapters of the Tennessee association for the preservation of antiquities. Activity group plans recreation Jonesville youth opponents i reps. Mason. 111., and activity group of the Lee county ult. Calif assailed the of Commerce will meet main Points but indicated the courthouse Here at 7.30 thought it would pass. . Monday to discuss plans Reed chairman of the ways for summer recreational Active incl Means committee which i is. Handled the Bill hailed it As a chamber of Commerce representing sub spatial Progress spokesman said civic groups and towards achieving Universal old churches throughout the county age and survivors insurance i Are invited to Send represent coverage with Benefit Levels and i lives to the meeting. Senate has not acted. Two gop elephant walk color Liy features at it s Makr body s Blis Lakhs would news today s special 1950 Pontiac 2-door Silver Streak radio Heater seat covers White tires one owner. Car looks new and drives perfect. 995 Cherokee motors Buick to e. Sullivan st. Olds dial Circle 5-5126

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