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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 27, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeJap businessmen not Happy about possible War end by Phil Nev som up foreign news editor japanese businessmen Are not Happy about the Prospect of the korean War coming to an end. Righting Independent they fear that an end to the Reynaud Otry to set up new French Cabinet Paris Reynaud last Premier before the fall of France in 1940, announced he would try to form a new govern ment to represent the French at the forthcoming big three talks in Bermuda. Sign win to. Talk with president Vincent Ratai also win mean the end to a in f United states orders for steel japanese Economy. Tee was asked by Auriol to try even the possibility that the to f0rm France s 19th postwar return of peace might open up Cabinet to replace the fallen gov increased Trade with red China Ern ment of Rene Mayer is not enough to still their fears. Breaking with an old Parlia nor is the knowledge that j Centary usage which requires world tensions inevitably will j extensive negotiations with pros mean a continuation of War or up Active government partners and Ders for at least a time even their parties Reynaud declared should a peace in Korea be con a there will be no pre invest clouded. Ture the difficulty lies in the fact National Assembly chairman that after 13 months of Post War was immediately Independence Japan still has not solved any of its Basic International problems. Diplomatically it has resumed relations with 49 countries has Semi diplomatic relations with eight More has concluded one fisheries agreement a number of aviation agreements and Trade pacts and has rejoined a num ber of International organizations. On the other hand it still has no formal relations with very important Asiatic neighbors including the Philippines in Donesia and South Korea and still technically is at War with Russia and red China. Japan also has made no Prog Ress toward settling its War reparations with two most insist asked to summon the lower House for the vote on Reynaud tomorrow. Political observers predicted Reynaud would win without much trouble the 314-vote absolute majority he needs to be confirmed by the 627-member As Sembly. They believed however he might run into serious difficulties later when trying to line up his projected National Union government. Reynaud decided to make a comeback try after leaders of two other parties refused to even try to form a government. As economics minister in 1948, Reynaud also proposed a plan for economic Reform which caused the fall of the Cabinet of Andre Marie. He called for broader ent creditors the Powers As Well As re and Indonesia Are at a stand-1 organization of the government still. I services the nationalized Indus its air planes still Fly no and the tax system Ter National lines. J its shipping sails the seven j seas but like the rest of Japa a Nese industries faces some of the stiffest Competition in world1 Trade history. Japanese holdings of Pound Sterling also have fallen sharply from pounds last the first of this month. At Home japanese business men also complain about the u. S. System of placing con tracts by competitive bidding. They claim they Are forced to quote that sometimes they Are below actual Cost of production. Not enough is being done to it replace worn out and outmoded Umphy executive Secretary 21 which might other presidents re Wise increase the efficiencies a these were by Accra japanese industries. Matron Israel Horowitz new York bus crashes into cattle truck one killed ten Hurt Paducah by. Grey hound bus crashed into a careening cattle truck last night and rolled Over a 50-foot embankment. The truck Driver was and ten persons were i Jared. The Accident occurred on the Kentucky approach to the Irvin Cobb Bridge which spans the Ohio River Between Paducah and Brookport 111. Everett Gillespie 42, of Metropolis 111., was crushed to death in the smashed truck cab. State policeman c. D. Henry said the trailer Type truck loaded with cattle swerved and Jack knifed into the path of the bus after being passed by an Auto Mobile driven by mrs. Maxine Ingram of Paducah. The Auto Mobile was not caught in the collision. The St. Louis Paducah bus carried 11 passengers. Three were uninjured and two escaped with minor injuries. Mrs. Avis Norene Jones 42, of Junction City kan., in route to Paducah to visit a daughter was injured critically. Ralph Jenkins 32, of Marion 111., Driver of the bus and Rob Ert Davis a passenger in the truck were injured seriously. I Hurt less seriously were these bus passengers Glenn Knapp 51, of St. Louis Robert Raymer 56, of Marion by. John Cope land 79, of East St. Louis 111. L. G. Bursey 43, of Nashville Tenn. And de Carrigan 75, of Paducah. The cattle were unharmed. Increase shown in Tva Power usage in Tennessee Knoxville per cent of farms in the Tennessee Valley now Are electrified As compared with Between 3 and 4 per cent 20 years ago the ten Nessee Valley authority said tuesday. Farm dwellings receiving Tva Power total Tva said however that this represented approximately farms As such excessively Low As unfair Competition in theia number of farms have More Dubinsky re elected president 01 in Gnu Chicago up David Dubinsky was elected president tuesday of the International ladies garment workers Union a Post he has held since 1932, and called upon Congress and the states to move against what he describe approx Matefy of tie o gift if i i _ i garment Industry. Luigi Antonini was reelected vice president Frederick f. Added to All this is the fact the japanese know they eventually will be called upon not to get along without u. S. War or Ders but also will be asked to carry the main Load of their own of lenses. For that reason Japan soon open negotiations with the Mutual be Japan is gloomily aware that the hard est part of her comeback Trail lies ahead. United states for purity Aid. By meanwhile vesicular exan Thema is a virus infection that attacks Swine. City was elected to the vice presidency left vacant by the death last year of Israel fein Berg. Horowitz born than one dwelling. Seven municipal and five co operative systems distributing Tva Power now serve 99 per cent of the farms i their area the authority said. It added that All Tva Power distributors Are working toward 100 per cent farm electrification. The municipal systems serving 99 per cent of farms in their came to the United states in 1900 at the age of 12 and after areas Are Huntsville and Shef in Austria j Field Ala. Johnson City Jack son Nashville Knoxville and Sweetwater Tenn. Cooperatives two years in elementary school serving the same percentage Are went to work As a Basting Puller i Joe Wheeler electric member at a salary of a week. He was ship corp. In North Alabama Active in the formation of the in Gnu and in 1951 became general manager of the Union s Eastern out of Tower department. Dubinsky in his acceptance speech discussed conditions in the garment Trade and called North Georgia electric member ship corp. In Northwest geor Gia plateau electric in East Tennessee Tri state electric serving portions of Georgia ten Nessee and North Carolina and West Kentucky Rural electric upon Congress to plug what he j cooperative corp. In Southwest called a loophole in the tax Laws Kentucky. Kyes declares Russia Swar potential Down Chicago de sense Secretary Roger m. Kyes declares that Russia s War potential has slipped in spite of its massed armies and growing air and sea fleets. He also stoutly defends the administration s cutback defense program As the most effective and efficient Way to get Mili tary strength without weaken ing the economic body which supports the former general motors executive spoke at the 69th an Nual Spring meeting of the in land daily press association. The soviet Union should never be underestimated he said but indications Are that its mobilization Effort and its support of communist China Are Tak ing a it needs Oil raw materials transportation and fabricating facilities before it is in the position to assume the risk of sustained he declared. By any Standard of measurement the soviet bloc is unable to equal or even compete with the annual production of the Western world. They produce about a third As much steel one tenth the Petroleum half the Coal and one Quarter the elec tric in spite of these hopeful signs Kyes warned that the free world must continue to press rearmament to meet any situation and guard against extravagant spending that would play into the hands of soviet strategy to destroy the West s Economy. Esp i Ranza needs ,000 a year plus Golf balls los Angeles in while second tax free Deal bared in Sec. Snyder probe Washington up House investigators have disclosed that government tax experts were overruled and a Gen i eral foods corp. Stock Deal in 1948 was declared tax free after then Treasury Secretary John w. Snyder took an interest Ini the Case. Craig s. Atkins assistant head i of the Bureau s interpretative division told a House ways and Means subcommittee he argued at the time and still that the Deal should have been taxable under capital gains. Subcommittee counsel John e. Tobin told re porters the Stock owners including general foods president Austin s. Igleheart save close to in taxes by getting the Bureau to reverse its own experts. The Deal involved Transfer of about shares of Igleheart Brothers inc., for shares of general foods corp. Tobin read records of Tele phone Calls Between Snyder and Charles Oliphant then the Bureau s chief counsel. Snyder first Callec Oliphant on dec. 21, 1948, about the Case. Oliphant replied i will run it Down right Oliphant then called Thomas j. Lynch the Treasury depart ment s general Council and told him the Secretary wants it sex later the same Day Oliphant called Snyder Back again and told him he would have an answer tomorrow or the next Day. Does that sound All right Snyder replied would like to clean it up before Jan. 1." testimony showed that Oli Phant and assistant internal Revenue commissioner Fred Martin decided a Day or so later to Rule that the Stock Deal was tax free despite technical sex husky John Wayne was Cele perts who ruled it was taxable Brating his 46th birthday his i the formal tax free ruling was estranged wife was in court Dis issued dec. 31. Cussing the possibility of his subcommittee chairman Rob death. Cert w. Keen a no said he had the matter came up during j no intention of subpoena eing Cross examination of mrs. Wayne i Snyder but will give him a yesterday at a hearing on her i hearing if he wants to Tell his request for a month Tern-1 Side of the Story Horary Alimony pending trial of j her separate maintenance suit. Asked if she considers i one locomotive handles rail a month for life insurance a passenger and freight traffic in reasonable request the former Britain for four and a half Square Esperanza Bauer replied i Miles of territory while in the yes i do. Suppose or. Wayne United states there is one Loco party slated for saturday the state theatre will hold its annual school s out party sat urday with free admission and gifts for All children attending George Deavours manager has announced. The first 100 children to enter the theater after the door opens at 9 . Will receive free comic books and everyone attending will be Given a free Novelty in Dian hat or Cut outs. A special picture from the children s Library of films has been chosen for the occasion Deavours said. The movie boys starring Butch Jenkins deals with a group of boys who set up a ranch in Texas similar to the boys town. The school s out party is sponsored again this year by Hecht s bakery. There is no charge for admission. Kingsport times wed., May 17, 1953 5 Gen. Kong promoted Seoul if South korean maj. Gen. Kang Moon Gong has been named Deputy commander of the american 10th corps the eighth army said today. Kang also is commander of the newly organized korean 3rd corps. All american corps in Korea have one or More Republic of Korea divisions attached. You Coll pm depend on t prompt Courtesy safety safety cabs phone 2863 Quality makes the difference drink 4 i i a Eerme should die How would i live i be got to have some Protection i think this would guar Antee the a year i need to concerning her request for a month for sports activities mrs. Wayne declared she pays a Caddy a Golf game and Usu ally loses three or four balls Worth each. Your said Wayne s attorney Frank Belcher i say any Caddy who loses three or four balls a game in t Worth moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. Motive for each 60 Square Miles. 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