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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 27, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wed., May 27, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edvird jr., fun Bushel j. W. Wen. Be Terai Hon Iii w. J. A Caullet editor Eull ankle a. Bie cutlet editor t Huttt Street. Ulni sport Fenn. Member of the associated Preiti South Man new Ippei publishers Amo Callon and Tut audit Bureau cd circulation and Independent dem Catle newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated Peai ii exclusively entitled to the use for publication of a.11 Loewi dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Klinsport Tenn. At second class mall matter october 37. 1944. Under the act o a arc 8. National advertising Shannon a associates. Inc. With offices in new York. Cal cafe Detroit Atlanta. St. Louis. Kansas City. Los Angeles add san Kran Cusco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week today s Bible thought servants obey in All things your masters according to the flesh not with Eye service As men pleases but in singleness of heart fear ing the times daily tonic let each Man think himself an act of god his mind a thought his life a breath of god and let each try by great thoughts and Good deeds to show the most of heaven lie hath in him. Bailey s merry go round letter to editor i at Bermuda the president is being Given a great Deal of credit for taking the initiative and showing aggressive leadership by calling the Bermuda conference. With All due respect to the president it would seem that calling the conference was not a completely voluntary act. It was in fact More or less forced upon him by the Churchill speech and other events. With such bitter evidence of wide differences of opinion and our allies calling for action which we could not agree to to Call a conference was the Only possible thing to . There also seems to be a feeling of optimism Over the conference As if we were counting on it to Settle a lot of problems and smooth the Road ahead. That out look is hardly justified and we had bet Ter look Forward to the talks with fear and trembling rather than with High Hopes because out of it we May get fur ther evidence of differences of View. Oddly enough it May be the russians themselves who have gotten us off the Hook. More of that later. The United states is not eager for a conference with Russia. Great Britain and France apparently Are. We Are not eager because we feel sure that the rus sians will use the Opportunity not to talk about peace but to enlarge upon those subjects on which they know there Are differences of opinion. The russians would use such a conference to sell Europe on the idea that there is no need at All for nato and that there is no Justice or common sense in denying the facts of life in the East namely that China is red and Formosa is part of China. So before we can agree to a conference with Russia we would want to have some Assurance that our allies would not be taken in. If we have to agree to a con Ference which we would rather avoid As completely wasted time at Best and extremely dangerous at worst we want to know that we Are going to be United on our Side. And that is not going to be easy. The conference at Bermuda May Only serve to emphasize the ugly facts of discord rather than heal them it will take great leadership to bring the conference to a Happy ending. As of now we know that Attlee on one hand and Mccarthy Knowland on the other spoke for a Large part of the respective people Attlee far More than the Mccarthy Knowland group. We know that the Attlee speech was widely sup ported by the British press so that the differences of opinion Are not just at government level but at grass roots level. It is a shocking thing to say but the sad truth is there is almost As much Dis Trust of the United states among the people of great Britain As there is Dis Trust of the russians. As one briton said it in t that we dislike you americans or mistrust your motives but we see Little difference in results in a War started by a nation through cupidity and a War started by a nation through stupidity. A lot of us fear that is what you Ameri cans Are Likely to and we have no taste to be in the on the other hand there is a lot of sentiment in this country that the Brit ish have gone soft and want socialism and Are ready to play footy with Russia. Along with this feeling is the thought that the United states does t need to count on european allies if it comes to a showdown. Moreover there is the conviction that the Only Way to destroy communism is to beat it to death. So we have the the big stick and never mind walking softly. President Eisenhower will face the acid test at Bermuda to avoid letting the extremists have their Way and destroy Western Unity. But As we said above the russians May have gotten us off the Hook. The Malik speech giving us Russia s refusal to meet to talk of an austrian peace May open the eyes of a lot of europeans. It is Strong support for our position that right now there is no use talking to Russia. By Drew Pearson senator Mccarthy really to probe All Aid to red China in Addi Tion to that of the British he would t have to look much further than members of the Soong family relatives of Chiang Kai Shek. Furthermore he would find that this column two years ago revealed the amazing fact that Law partners of sex Secretary of defense Louis Johnson set up a Dummy corporation which shipped 123 tons of strategic tin to tientsin in red China in 1949. However the Commerce department got wind of the shipments investigated the mat Ter carefully and Secretary of Commerce Sawyer issued an order suspending the com Pany from getting any More Export licenses for three years. Senator Mccarthy who Long has pled Chiang Kai Shek s cause in the Senate has taken no Steps to investigate shipments by Chiang s relatives to red China nor the tremendous Stream of goods which the United states has sent to Formosa some of which Are reported not to have remained there. Italian communism ambassador Clare Boothe Luce has cabled the state department from Rome that the italian communists Are making tremendous inroads and May win an important National Victory june 7. Many italians mrs. Luce reports Are fooled by the phony russian peace drive with the result that Premier Alcide Gasperi s pro american government is in real danger. That s Why every american citizen of ital Ian descent should write his friends and rela Tives in Italy giving them the facts regarding the u. S. A. And the danger of communism. Letters from friends Are a lot More persuasive than government propaganda and four years ago it was the tide of letters from Italo americans which helped swing the election against communism. Next month will see the first National election in Italy since then. In an attempt to counter communism an Drew n. Farnese Deputy attorney general of Pennsylvania with a committee of seven is flying to Italy today to Start construction of a boys town in Sicily. Money for this boys town was raised in the u. S. A., and the Cornerstone will be Laid just a Days before the italian elections. The american committee will stay in Italy until election Day and should be a healthy Factor in helping make italian democracy live. Farm Belt warning storm Clouds Over the farm Belt May last longer and More political damage than recent Texas that was the warn ing Given president Eisenhower recently by sex sen. Fred Seaton of Nebraska one of the few men who an offer of a White House Post. Seaton dining with the president told him that Farmer resentment was gathering that Farmers so far t blame things on Ike but take it out on his Secretary of Agri culture. Ezra Taft Benson cautioned Seaton was getting to be a political dead weight around Ike s neck. Meanwhile Benson is almost frantic Over farm surpluses is considering a huge give away program to India Japan the Philip Pines and Southeast Asiu. With bumper crops in the offing he sees the Specter of Henry Wallace s Little pigs coming Back to haunt him. At present it s not Little pigs but butter that s getting the publicity. What Farmers know however but the pub Lic does to is that though butter hits the headlines it s wheat Cotton and tobacco which Are really costing the taxpayer Money. During the last five years Price supports for wheat Cost the taxpayer or 35 per cent of the total value of the wheat crop. Cotton supports Cost the taxpayer during the same five year period or 12 per cent. Dairy products Cost the taxpayer Only compared with a 000 yield or 1.67 per cent. Under the Law the parity Price of Grain is guaranteed and since cows must eat Grain this automatically sends up the Price of milk and butter. Newspaper attacked probably the most significant attack on an american newspaper in recent american poli tics is being carried on in los Angeles by mayor Fletcher Bowron against the los an Geles times. In Chicago the Tribune has frequently been the target of political attacks while in the old Days of muckraking journal ism the new York Herald and the new York Tribune used to get into politics up to their ears. But in California the powerful sanctimonious times and its upstart new tabloid the Mirror have been Able to influence politics in the past without getting tagged for it. Today however mayor Bowron has tagged in a manner which in these Days of newspaper monopolies May spread to other parts of the nation. The los Angeles times is the mouthpiece of a Small group who control a vast Commer Cial financial agricultural and Industrial the mayor let Loose in a radio Broad cast and the los Angeles times says what they want it to say. Through an extremely complicated net work of holding companies which control other companies through major Stock holdings and interlocking continued the mayor the Norman Chandler group exerts control or influence Over banking publishing printing insurance real estate farming Oil and department stores. Not Content with the ownership of two major newspapers the Chandler group owns a television thus to reach and influence your mind through the newspapers is not enough. When a new medium comes along they buy the mayor who belongs to the same political party As publisher Chandler then went on to Tell How Chandler made a profit on every Telephone Book published for the City last year and was even printing the ballots for the mayoralty election. He also detailed the tremendous property holdings of the los Angeles times including office buildings in downtown los Angeles acres on the Edge of los Angeles county 250 producing Oil Wells a ranch in new Mexico extensive irrigated Farmland in the Imperial Valley an entire City Block on eighth Street the guaranty building a restaurant and Motel at Santa Anita Etc. Norman continued the mayor is an officer or director of largest department store in Long Beach a huge insurance brokerage business which uses the Power of the times ruthlessly to take insurance business away from others a corporation owning Large Stock interests in Many other companies. It is dangerous when the few men who control great wealth and Power also control your Access to the truth about what is going observed mayor Bowron. It is dangerous when they use their influence Over Many Many companies to Force advertising in their own papers. It is dangerous when they use the los Angeles times to extend their control and to increase their Power and editor Kingsport times dear or. Editor i note from or. Freehoff s political Pinwheel yesterday that not All the candidates have accepted the invitation of the Kingsport ministerial association to meet with them and go Over the issues of the Day. I not know which candidates resent the invitation to the Point of not accepting for i can see no reason that any candidate for any election would not Welcome the Opportunity of having the advice and Council of our ministers. I am quite sure the issues in which they Are interested Are moral ones and As leaders of our churches Why is it not their responsibility to work for the betterment of morals in Kingsport As i see it this does not mean that any candidate has to change his views or ideals on any Issue but it would give the voters a bet Ter Chance to know How they Are voting if the results of such a meet ing Are publicized and i not think the ministers of our City would object to that. There is a Rumor that there is resentment of the questions to be should not they or any other citizen ask any question they wish of a Public Why would not a Public servant if it is his wish to serve the people As they expect to be served Welcome the Opportunity of stating his views in t he Honor bound when he announces for election to answer any question any voter puts to him in t our democracy supposed to work that in t it the responsibility of voters to be informed before they cast their votes is anyone trying to open the by Issue that seems to be the stumbling Block t we have a referendum on that Issue in t it settled guess the voters should know a bit about any such plans. So let s have All the we can All vote As we see Best. Cordially yours mrs. Paul w. Wimmer. Editor s note there was no. Referendum on the Issue of Selling Beer in the City editor Kingsport times dear sir Kingsport is known As a Model City. I will agree with capt. John son jr., what Model a All other towns and cities Are far ther advanced than ours. I have always believed in Law and order that is Why we have police service. Yet today our City is swarming with bootleggers gangsters and with disorderly conduct. If the Christian people of Kings port will keep their churches in order and quit trying to get into politics i feel our churches could a wonderful work. Our boys have gone through two wars fight ing for their Freedom. And they Don t like to be told every move they make. So we cannot live the other fellow s life. If our churches want to Good work they can it through the Church and stay out of politics. Theu our people will have More Confidence in our Church. The people of Kingsport Are get Ting fed up with a few people try ing to Tell the taxpayers of Kings port How to run our town our town is for a Choice few. I Hope this election will bring some aldermen that will work for the people of Kingsport and will give us a More progressive City. I also Hope it drives the bootleggers and undesirables from our City. So Long As the Bootlegger gets the backing he is getting now he will still be Here with his dirty work. Let us Hope that whatever Prog Ress our City makes that we can always count on our Law and order for Protection. Let us Hope for a better City a progressive City and one that everybody could be proud of. Jim Pierson red 2, Kingsport. Same old thing Washington calling by Marquis Childs no one questions that the unwieldy bureaucracy of the department of defense can be greatly improved both on the military and Civi Lian sides. As president Eisen Hower put it the need is for constant examination with a Frank recognition of trial and error in evolving a More work Able and economic approach. The president is moving in his reorganization plan to promote efficiency. But Back of the tech Nical changes is a problem in political relationships involving for the president ties of Long association and Friendship. It begins with the determination of that determined Man senator Robert a. Taft the re publican Leader in the Senate to get rid of the present Mem Bers of the joint chiefs of staff. Senator Taft s principal target is general Omar n. Bradley chairman of the pcs. Bradley has repeatedly rejected Taft s military viewpoint which has closely paralleled that of Gen eral Douglas Macarthur on Asia and specifically on Korea. Campaigning for the presidency last year Taft said he would put in a new set of military advisers if he were in the White House. It happens that not Only Brad Ley but general j. Lawton col Lins chief of staff of the army and general Hoyt Vandenberg chief of staff for air Are All due to retire by August 1. But this is not fast enough for Taft. He has pressed the president to name stand by chiefs who would sit alongside those now in of fice. Presumably they would be learning the Job pending the time when they could formally take Over. This makes sense and True. But Eisenhower in his Mes Sage to Congress put the Case very Well should for any reason the National military policy become a subject of partisan politics the Only loser would be the american so they say sweep the fourth member of the a possibility of the Secretary of old team Admiral William Fech defense which is technically tier would also step out although he still has two years More to serve on the pcs. That would be interpreted in the View of those trying to pre vent it from happening As substituting Republican chiefs of staff for democratic chiefs of staff. It would put the military right in the Middle of politics. Taft has attacked Bradley on Many scores. He has several times implied inconsistency in reminding the pcs chairman that when Louis Johnson was Secretary of defense Bradley approved a defense budget of that of course was before the attack on Korea revealed naked communist aggression and brought with it an inflationary Price Rise drastically increasing the Cost of defense. In the interest of Harmony president Eisenhower has con ceded much to senator Taft. In part this was defined in the compact of Morningside Heights which Taft Calls his Bride. But the Issue of the pcs touches on Ike s deeper loyalties. On at least one occasion in an off the record talk with All of the principals present the presi Dent spoke in defense and Praise of Bradley and his other com rades in arms. He must have been at least somewhat surprised to learn from the speech of his Deputy Secretary of defense Roger Kyes that though the department is the largest organization in the world it has Only a handful of men who abilities knowledge and experience Are up to the task of managing the defense operation. This is a grim commentary on the thousands of men in uniform including Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe what is needed at Panmunjom is to turn the negotiations Over to two new sets of negotiators who would be ajl women. After All these negotiations Are matters of talking not fighting. So Why not Send a group of women from both sides and let them thrash out the problems of course if the reds not agree to Send women that would be their loss because with a gang of women arguing with a Bunch of men those men simply would t have a ghost of a Chance. They would probably sign before they knew what they had agreed to. The Bermuda conference is a wonderful break for All the re porters who will be assigned to cover it. It or will it be covered to one of the things that makes a Good memory really very Nice is that it keeps you from telling a Story to the same Guy twice. The girl was telling her Best Friend about the new boy Friend. And the nicest thing about him is that he is real tall nearly a million a Man makes a serious mistake getting High because he s trying to reach a girl above him. For a lecturer says that the Day will soon come when women will take the initiative in courting. Wake up professor we passed your station a Long time ago. Let s Hope the product of the Bermuda conference is not just onions. Truth is not Only stranger than fiction but it s a lot happier. Take picnics. All the picnics of fiction Are about sudden rain squalls irritated bees hungry ants bottles that won t open pickles that spill on cake and children that step on chocolate pies Etc. Actually statistics prove that 978 picnics out of a thou Sand Are thoroughly enjoyed without rain ants bees or Acci dents of any kind. But there s a Happy Ness affairs have Cost the an Drews Sisters in bookings during the last three months. Unless there s a peace pipe smoking session soon the act will be broken up. Van Johnson has made the big won t re sign with Mem in the fall. His future Ca reer blueprints include movies As a free Lance Star a big fling in television and theater per Sonal appearances with his sing ing and dancing act. If you have a dictator you can t have a free press. If you picnic. Did you hear about the absent minded cop who gave his wife a ticket when she talked Back to him this world would be better if there were More smiling faces about and More things for faces to smile about. When you see a Man with a worried expression you can t Tell whether he s thinking about the bad feeling developing Between great Britain and the United had a free press you would t states or about a trip he s got to have a Edward Herbert d., on Argentine ban of american news service dispatches. Make to the dentist. To just what sort of bullets does a Square shooter use i want you and All of the dumb Dora thought that sugar american people to know that cubes came from cuban sugar. During the entire period of internment we acted like Good out in Colorado they Dis americans. At no time whatever covered a Coyote on the Campus we Compromise our Princi Christian Jensen american missionary freed after being interned since Start of korean War. It s harder to discover a Wolf on a College Campus. Definition Campus a cat that is kept at Camp. A radio interview Unity vigilance and Fidelity Richard Harkness. Bradley advocated just that in Eisenhower himself responsible much legislation to t to Leocle s with Abc part for the operation the first like on what Taft and other powerful West Point and Annapolis that which to Hope and Senate republicans would like minister Churchill. The humane thing of course and it is a sad commentary on to Mem 20 years that a Republic. _ of Olsovi 1 n to of course is to Short Cir Cuit the present chiefs. The be prepares these men for their work. The president was asked at his press conference whether the Goti Ator on red pow s Don t want to go Home. Who new would the pcs. On his extraordinarily expressive face a momentary in Ennid in ii Cassity has been urged on the it r Cru is president of a new Survey of . Gen. Harrison Unne military in Tion to National Security by a new team would come up with while the weapons continue to answers coinciding with the Mil get the headlines the pos Sibili Hary policy of these key re pub he replied that this was the re ties of nuclear developments in Laicans. One aspect of this problem is causing some of Eisenhower s advisers particular concern. Taft can president and a Republican Congress have had to work to of state dul Les. The disposition of War prison Radiator. No matter what you say it just won t get steamed up. Nothing seems to make people suffer in the heat so much As the approach to defense ers who resist repatriation is of refusal of some other people to mean a new team in piously a part of the postwar be bothered by the heat peaceful settlement of the korean question and is not a ques a prizefighter entered Tho certainty was registered. Then Tion of the korean ministry. Changing from Paster North korean Gen. Nam ii. To pastor. Power Medicine biology Agri culture and Industry hold the greatest Assurance of the advancement of m. And those who think like him Zuckert atomic Energy com Mission member. Are said to Hope for a clean sweep in the pcs. With such a doctor says by William e. Gilroy d. Side glances Here till we re sure they re put. Would t for my son to catch it after the lecture i can him yesterday about playing when Saint Paul was leaving Miletus after having called the eld ers of the Christian Church at Ephesus to hear his words of fare Well before his last visit to Jeru Salem he bade these christians to remember the words of the lord Jesus it is More blessed to give than to acts 20-35. No words could express More accurately the spirit of All that Jesus had said and exemplified in his life and death. Nor could any words express More pointedly the Challenge of Jesus and his teach ing to the ideas and actions of what he called the self interest enlightened or unenlightened is so much a dominating principle that economists have taken it for granted. The business Man in his personal life ideals and actions May be motivated by some thing higher than self interest. But the great Structure of Industry Ariti business rests so much upon the profit motive that if it were not for profits there would be no Busi Ness at All. Getting and receiving is such a Normal process of life and is so natural to happiness and welfare that we might Well ask whether Jesus was right in declaring that it is More blessed to give than to receive. We May ask but there is Only one answer. And the answer is found not Only in some spiritual blessedness that compensates for the giving or renunciation of some material Possession or treasured thing. Jesus offered men rest come unto me and i will give you yet rest is the one thing that men Rich poor old Young sick or Well cannot without. That offer of rest by the master was supreme in its insight into human need. So in this matter of the blessed Ness of giving in any Large and spiritual reality the assertion that it is More blessed to give than to receive is an Extension of much that is True in Normal living. The giving of parents to their children the giving by lovers to loved ones the innumerable acts of gracious Ness and self sacrifice in which men and women find supreme satisfaction Bear witness to the Tes Timony of Jesus. In the ancient Christian Church there were Many who were Well to . Especially in the roman provinces where they were engaged in Trade. But there were Many who were poor especially at Jerusalem. So Paul encouraged the Art and blessedness of giving. Read ii corinthians 8 and 9 and Many other passages that Tell of giving in spirit and action. Ouf our Way

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