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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 27, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeSkies . Moonrise full Moon thursday prominent constellations scor Pio follows the Moon. Ursa major it be big dipper id the Northwest at Midnight. Visible planets Saturn in the con Virgo. Venus in Pisces. All times Eastern standards Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 105 Kingsport tenn., wednesday May 27, 1953 16 pages five cents the weather fair not quite so humid tonight. Thursday partly Cloudy and slightly cooler. Yesterday s High 88, last night s Low 62, noon Reading 75. Drop in in settling War Taft says Ike Churchill declare allies in full Accord reds get Plain notice in split has been healed president restates Basic principles on in s Korea position i i Congress Roundup l and dates g we gop brass will views on m orals like s prospective aldermen give answers to Kingsport ministers questions Rok threatens to pull troops Rok army spokesman challenges Ike by William Freehoff morals and the Model City came in for some heated debate last Washington up the night at City Hall As an estimated crowd of 200 came out to see greatest display of Allied and fire questions at six of the eight candidates for Kings since the korean truce talks aldermen. The election will be held on june 6. Two aldermen Gan put the communists on no Joni be chosen. In budget Battle agriculture shuffle i statement says we do not agree Tice today that the secret new United nations plan is the Best Chance for peace they will get. In an unusual move. President Eisenhower and British prime minister sir Winston Churchill issued special statements tues Day emphasizing the free world s United support for the proposal. It was in effect a formal Noti letter fiction that the split on truce these were the queries policy that has plagued the Al if the question of licensing lies for nearly two years had Beer stores in Kingsport should been healed be re opened during your term it also was a warning to the. Communists that Chey no Longeri advocate Ana vote for can use free world differences to How to handle liquor wring new concessions but must 2. What do you think of the decide quickly whether to end present enforcement of the anti the War or continue it. Liquor Laws within the City do or. Eisenhower said the Al you think it could be improved lies were in full Accord on the and if so How u. N. Formula for handling Pris 3. What do you think the City owners unwilling to return to their could and should do about the homelands the one Issue still. Quantities of salacious books and holding up an armistice. Magazines that Are on Sale in Churchill said the new plan some places in the City was very close to the Indian 4. What do you think the proposal and had the Complete i City s attitude officially ought to the forum was conducted by the Kingsport ministerial association and the Rev. Edwin White presided with the Rev. L. Palmer Young assisting. Five questions prepared by the ministerial association were asked of All eight candidates and All eight replied two de g. Guenther and William c. Hagan support of her majesty s gov in keeping with u. N. Requests. But the president said certain Basic principles of the u. N. Be toward commercialization of the lord s Day 5. Position were not change and these subject to presumably would you advocate and neither or. Eisenhower nor j vote for a referendum by the Churchill revealed any of its i citizens on vital issues affecting specific terms. All the people such As Beer stores before decision by the Board of mayor and aldermen candidates reply each candidate was Given a few moments to reply to the queries and to state his qualifications and later the floor was thrown open for questions from the floor. Here in Brief is How All candidates replied to the five queries in the order in which they were called on last mrs. Nettie r. Taylor 1. Let the Issue be decided by a vote of the people. There is much to be said on both sides. 2. Yes. 3. Books Are being sold. 4. The Day was made for Man to rest and give thanks to Jod. 5. Yes. J. Allen Bolinger 1. The Issue should have been decided by a referendum but the result would probably have been the same. Were contained in the plan. As outlined by or. Eisenhower they were 1. No prisoners will be Repa see Unity Page 8 georgian blasts u. S. Surrender proposed truce terms said defeat for u. S. Chattanooga for Mer mayor of Atlanta says a korean armistice on terms now under consideration would rep resent the abject surrender of the United states a once great Roy Lecraw told the kiwanis club yesterday that if you have been praying for an armistice in Korea it May Surprise you that i along with Many others who have been Over there have been praying we would never sign a least not on the terms presently enunciated. They represent the exact opposite of what has made America great and said the for Mer air Force colonel. Lecraw said he had detected a softening of the president s attitude in recent weeks. I Don t know what it the Atlanta attorney continued. Maybe the peace at any Price boys have gotten to him and Hail Falls David Straub Milwaukee resident holds a Hailstone left and compares it to a goofball. The Hailstone fell during a Brief electrical storm. The stones some the size of baseballs smashed windows and dented automobile roofs and hoods. Many residents be Gan filling deep freeze units in their Homes to prove their Story to friends. Nea Tele photo red spy claim labelled phony soviet executes 4 accused u. A spies Washington up the Heads for approval atomic hearings set from press dispatches Washington Republican leaders have decided to Appeal for new help from president i Eisenhower in a Battle with con i Gressional democrats opposing a j five billion Dollar slash in air i Force fund requests. Their decision came after Secretary of defense Wilson report i edly came under critical fire by j sen. Margaret Chase Smith of Maine and some others at a Senate Republican policy com Mittee meeting yesterday. I mrs. Smith also a member of i the armed services and appropriations committees was i quoted by colleagues As having i contended that Wilson had i brushed off senators and had not explained satisfactorily How the fund cuts would be applied. The woman senator has addressed a series of pointed questions at Wilson who said he did t believe that she would press for answers on All of them. Rep. Kilday a Tex said House democrats meanwhile have begun their own study of Eisenhower s proposal to slash air Force funds. Democrats mustered their forces for a last ditch fight but Eisenhower s plan for reorganizing the agriculture depart ment appeared headed for cer Tain approval in the Senate to Day. The plan would give Secretary of agriculture Ezra t. Benson Broad Powers to reshuffle his department s functions by centralizing authority in the Secre tary. Democrats led by sen. Rich Ard b. Russell of Georgia have attacked it on the grounds that it transfers a permanent reorganization Power to the Secre tary rather than making specific changes in the department. Under the government rear Fri not know what kind of state department today de a a animation Law the presidential Georgescu the naturalized Fol i bounced As fantastic and proposal will go into effect Auto american who spurned a Chance Seoul Korea South korean army spokesman today contradicted president Eisenhower s statement that the allies had agreed on the latest United nations truce proposal. He said the president s announcement was not Correct be cause South Korea does not agree. Government sources also indicated South Korea May pull All her troops from the Battlefield if the United nations sign a truce leaving this nation divided. The army spokesman said Gen. Choi Duk Shin South korean Delegate on the in truce team would continue to boy Cott the meeting unless changes Are made in the new and final proposal. If the situation is the same on june 1 As it was on May 25, the general will do the same the spokesman said. Seoul Korea states diplomatic and military officials teamed today in at tempting to end an angry re Volt of the South korean government against the new United nations truce proposals. American ambassador Ellis o. Briggs conferred wit i presi Dent syn Man Rhee while it. Gen. Maxwell d. Taylor com manding the 8th army met defense minister Shin Tae Yung. Irate South korean assemblymen called for withdrawal of the latest plan to break the i prisoner deadlock. They called it a dishonourable and sur i rendering Choi refused to attend last monday s meeting when both sides met following an eight Day recess. The meeting again was recessed until next monday. Asked Why Choi boycotted the session the informant said it is apparent he found some phrase that is not he also revealed Choi had written it. Gen. William k. Har Rison chief in truce Delegate a letter of More than five pages Long outlining South. Korea s stand on the truce negotiations. Rhee s Cabinet was reported to have decided yesterday upon see koreans Page 8 intended victim v. C. Georgescu a naturalized american citizen of romanian descent says Christ ache a a Brett red romanian Diplo mat tried to blackmail him into spying for the romanian government in Exchange for the safety and possible restoration of Georgescu s minor sons now in Romania Parent s bitter Choice praised mrs. Georgescu seeks Ike help for 2 sons Washington up _ Mem Bers of Congress today praised the courageous patriotism of v. Returned to Man 1st class Thomas l. Kinder 21, of near Cleveland tenn., is one of two u. S. Air Force men to be flown Back to Korea from the United states to face murder charges in the shooting of a South korean civilian. A wire photo murder charges Shock two gis report Kinder says officer ordered act phony Moscow charges that magical la junet4 49 Sena four persons executed in Russia were american spies. The soviet press said the four had been parachuted into the soviet. Union last april 26 and had been executed. Department press officer Lin 2. Law enforcement should White said More vigilant on the liquor tray this is too fantastic to de fic. Serve comment other than to 3. Favors strict Laws and fre Point out that it is but another quent inspection plus example of phony charge fines. Is issued from time to time by is a hard task. See forum Page 8 Vinson refuses stay order for atom spies Washington Neys for Julius and Ethel Rosen Berg today planned a fourth a peal to the supreme court de spite the likelihood that a new execution Date for the condemn sealed him off from other con led atom spies will be set Early Maynard Smith president of the Atlanta kiwanis club pre sided at the meeting an inter club visit program. Bloodmobile leaves Here Short of goal the red Cross Bloodmobile drove away from Kingsport last night 113 pints Short of the 500 pint quota of blood expected in donations from local citizens. Maybe they re making sissies of said judge s. G. Gil breath who hobbled in on crutches to give his share. The judge broke a leg before Christ Mas it s the first time i Ever knew nurses to put a shot of novocaine in a Man s before doing a Little it could be the sudeten wave discouraged some folks but 216 Hardy souls went through the lines in the hours from 9 . To 3 . Tuesday. On Mon Day when the blood Bank was open from noon until 6 pin 171 donors filed through. 4. To write adequate Blue Laws the communists in an Effort to delude their own the announcement from the russian ministry of internal affairs said the four admitted at their trial that they jumped into the Ukraine one of the republics of the soviet Union on april 26 from an unmarked four motored american plane. The communique said the men claimed the american Intelli gence service had ordered them to Settle in Kiev and Odessa and had equipped them with radios for Contact with Ameri can spy centers in West Ger Many. Next month. Chief Justice Fred m. Vinson refused tuesday to stay the execution to allow time for filing the new Appeal. But Justice department sources said it is improbable that the husbano7-wife spy team will be sent to the electric chair if an action is pending before the supreme court. The couple s new York attorney Emanual h. Bloch and his associate John f. Finerty technically could ask any other jus Tice to Grant a stay particularly Justice Rober h. Jackson who administers the second court. But the chances of getting one Are now exceedingly Remote at least for the present. The fourth areal of the Ros Enburg which must be filed by june 9, asks the court to recon Sider its action of monday rejecting a third Appal. This was a kind of Hareas Corpus action distinct from the direct Appeal of their conviction which was turned Down last november. When official word of Mon Day s action reaches the trial court in new York Federal judge Irving r. Kaufman will be free to set a new execution Date. Tors or at least 218 representatives veto it. Other congressional news atomic the congressional atomic Energy committee plans to open extensive hearings be ginning next month on the administration s historic proposal to let private Industry in on the development of peacetime atomic Power. Republican leaders see Congress Page 8 a free scenes two year old gleefully waving at friends As he rides in Wagon attached to bicycle rid Den by seven year old sister. W courting couples in cars find Block Between can Rob Circle and Post office a Cool place to hold hands during Early evening. It refreshing Breeze Felt by shoppers As they conditioned stores on Broad Street. To Ransom his two children front red Romania by betraying his adopted country. The communist attempt to blackmail Georgescu into espionage angered lawmakers of both parties and brought demands that the United states close Down the romanian legation. Twin is off critical list faces cameras Chicago Rodney Dee Brodie has moved off the critical list and plunged into the but official anger was mixed rigorous Roie of a celebrity and with a feeling of frustration be Oves it born from the knowledge that Rodney the Only head joined there is very Little this country siamese two to survive a sep. Can do to protect the lives of ration operation was taken two teen age boys held some j from his sheltered life in a nos. Where in a romanian prison Pital room yesterday and placed before a Battery of camera snapping news photographers. He faced up to the occasion Camp. The state department which already has ordered a romanian Diplomat out of the country for the blackmail attempt apparently planned no further action. Officials said this country had no plans to break off Diplo Matic relations with Romania. The Story of parental heroism came to i grit tuesday when the department announced the expulsion of Christ ache Zamb Reti first Secretary of the romanian legation Here. It disclosed that see boys Page g with a big Grin and a loud the photographs Are in preparation for the first glimpses the Public will have of the 20 months old boy whose parents risked All in the Hope the twins would have a Chance for a nor Mal life. His brother Roger died Jan. 20. Or. And mrs. Royt Brodie have authorized publication of the photographs in newspapers magazines and newsreels june 4. Ranch House to end Beer sales county now has Only 2 taverns by Neal o Steen times news writer Blountville spa Legal counsel for the ranch House drive in near Kingsport agreed Here tuesday to stoppage of the Sale of Beer at the tavern next september. The Surprise agreement came during a Beer Board hearing on a petition to revoke the Beer permit held by the ranch House. Withdrawal of ranch House from the Beer business will Cut the dwindling list of Rural Tav erns in Sullivan county to two. The agreement provided that final Beer sales at the ranch House be made four months from May 23, and that Beer sold until the cease Sale Date be consumed off the tavern premises. A warning clause provided for immediate revocation of the permit in Case the drive in proprietor should be convicted in any court for violating the Beer Laws or cited before the Beer Board again for a violation not prosecuted in court. Final Date for Sale of Beer was set to coincide with the last Beer sales Day at the Rock Hill tourist car rip which had its Day before the Beer Board last sat urday. The Rock Hill establishment was Given four months to Dis pose of its Beer Stock. Petitioners charged that drunks created a traffic Hazard on Highway 81 at the ranch House and that gambling on the premises had been rumoured. The petition against the ranch House bore the defense was forced to trial without the presence of the defendant after an hour s Wran gling Over a motion for continuance. A physician s certificate was introduced by defense attorneys stating that William e. Sch Rel ber drive in manager was a patient at a Kingsport Hospital and unable to attend the hear ing w the Beer Board overruled the motion for continuance after defense counsel had stated that the defendant was not present on a previous hearing Date. Preston Taylor one of three attorneys for the defense said that Schreiber had not been present because defense counsel had known that the prosecution intended to ask for a continuance at that time. Taylor added Schreiber had been available and could have been called if needed. When asked if Schreiber had been present on the previous hearing Date Taylor replied he did t have to be immediately the Beer Board acting chairman said Well take you at your and ordered the hearing to proceed. Only two witnesses for the prosecution testified before the hearing recessed at noon. Immediately following the recess the hearing ended with the announcement of the agreement. Taegu Korea Young americans said today their arrest in the u. S. And return to Korea to stand trial on charges of murdering a korean National came As an almost unbelievable Shock. Imagine being arrested in Pittsburg wednesday afternoon and being on a plane headed for Korea on said Robert w. Toth 21, who was honorable discharged from the air Force last december. Toth was working at a Pittsburgh steel Mill when arrested May 13. I just could t believe it at said airman first class Thomas l. Kinder 20, of Cleve land tenn., arrested March 10 at Osceola wis., where he was on duty As an air policeman. Sometimes i can t seem to i believe it Here i i the Stocky red haired Kinder i added softly As if talking Only j to himself. I neither Toth nor Kinder would discuss any phase of the Case in j which they Are charged with j premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit premeditated murder in the fatal shooting of i bang soon Kil at an Allied air Force depot sept. 27. Col. Jerome l. Lowenberg fifth air Force judge advocate said Kinder told the following in a written statement he picked up the korean while serving As a guard last septem ber. The korean appeared to be drunk and Kinder called Toth i who was sergeant of the guard. J they took the Man to Headquarters where an unnamed officer either directly or indirectly or dered the korean shot. Kinder said they took the korean to a secluded spot on the base and he shot him. Five in one family Petersburg w. A. Four Young Brothers and Sisters and their teen aged Cousin burned to death tuesday while their grandmother saved an in Fant in their flaming crowded Home. The five dead children were trapped on the blazing second floor of their two Story Frame House in which 17 members of three families lived. Or. And mrs. Foster George lost four Lee 11, Caroline sue 8, Larry 4, and Terry Alvin 3. The fifth victim Wam the 16 year old daughter Anglee of or. And mrs. William the mothers of the dead Chil Dren Are Sisters. They had been living with their parents or. And mrs. Floyd Harrison who owned the House which was left in ruins. The 54-year-old mrs. Harrison rescued a fifth infant child of the Georges. She said at a Cumberland my. Hospital where she was taken with severe Burns that she was in bed with the baby and Anglee when she heard mrs. Mongold yell fire from downstairs. Mrs. Harrison said she picked up the baby told Anglee to Fol Low and ran. Flames already were leaping around the Hall and she rolled Down the Steps with the baby. Anglee did t follow. Senator urges . Take free hand in Orient Republican declares in not effective to prevent aggression Cincinnati a sur prise major foreign policy speech sen. Taft said the United states might As Well forget the United nations so far As the korean War is i think we should do our Best now to negotiate this he said and if we fail then let England and our other allies know that we Are withdrawing from All further peace negotiations in Taft went even further. The Senate majority Leader added i believe we might As Well abandon any idea of working with the United nations in the East and Reserve to ourselves a completely free Taft s speech was delivered last night by his son Robert a. Taft jr., at a dinner in the senator s Honor held by the local chapter of the National con Ference of christians and jews. The Ohio Republican still is in a local Hospital for a checkup of a pain in his hip. Taft said in his strongly worded speech that even the Best truce under present conditions will be extremely unset Isaac he said it would Divide Korea along an unnatural line create an unstable condition Likely to bring War again at any moment. And said the senator a prime Force on the Senate foreign re lations committee it would re lease a million chinese soldiers who no doubt will promptly be moved Down to Southern China for use against Chiang Kai Shek or against the French in indo see Taft Page 8 red planes raid Seoul air base enemy Craft sneak past radar curtain Seoul Korea up communist planes sneaked through an Allied radar curtain today and dropped bombs on a United nations air base near Seoul in the biggest red air raid since the Early Days of the War. The propeller driven planes possibly As Many As 15, struck and got away before they could be was no immediate estimate of damage caused by the raiders. As the enemy aircraft neared their Allied base at Kimpo red air raid Alert was sounded. The Siren wailed All Clear 25 minutes later. The reds obviously attempt ing to retaliate against continued Allied hammering of their Supply lines and strike at the cause of their heavy Jet plane losses carried Light bombs. A fifth air Force spokesman said radar spotters reported file planes at first but the screens later showed 15 tracks. It was believed the raiders were Light planes similar to the antiquated Craft used by communist be Check Charlies who harass the allies from time to time. A Brilliant bomber s Moon which permitted the reds to stage their pre Dawn raid also aided Allied pilots. U. N. Night bombers ruined 70 trucks and hit an enemy Airfield at Sunan that May have been the Home base of the Kimpo raiders. Only scattered patrol skirmishes were reported along the 155-mile Battlefront. Twelve b-29 super forts from Okinawa also went on a Moon Light excursion dropping 130 tons of bombs and causing Many Large fires in a 55-acre Supply area five Miles North of Kyo to. So lunar tables schedule of solimar periods. A printed below Bas been taken front Jota Alden Knight s so lunar tables is your Days so that you will be lib uni Good territory or Hunt inf in food Coyer during these times. U you w5h to ft5 port that each Day has to Otter the major periods Art shown in both pm Type these begin at the times shown last Tor an hour and a half or two Houn thereafter the minor periods a frowns . . To Liu t a Cio tis 27 wednesday 28 thursday 29 Friday 30 saturday 31 sunday Lake stages 1ml wednesday

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