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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 22, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeRed Cross redouble school teacher i Anderson promoted Arnold Kurtz pleas for blood at White House Washington Doro Conn., up to Commodore guest speaker new York John w. Anderson skipper of the Public donations tin today from i e United face of a Sharp decline in collect isome of the people she and her states is the new Cor Mondore of speaker in a series of Evangelis Arnold Kurtz will be guest tons this week High school class the cause of it All. Red Cross cussed Back Home. Medical director David Grant told a news conference yester a Mccall Magazine s Day is the Lack of Public under-1 teacher of the mrs. Standing of a new policy by is in Washington to have Dis the u. S. Lines Fleet. Anderson 54, a Seaman for 38 years succeeds Commodore Harry Manning who retired Early this month the line announced last night. The Fleet in meet mrs. Eisenhower at the eludes the liners United states in the Edgar Stevens army medical Branch. Or. There blood in Many cases. Blood at still needed and so is serum room Bumin. Used respectively in the her posts Connecticut s con fight against polio and As a delegation at lunch at Blair s Gap expander. Land mrs. Oveta gulp Hobby Sec Edgar e. Stevens Coalburg the army has switched front rotary of health education Wel a va., will be guest speaker adj blood plasma to Dextran a sub fare at the White House. I Blair s Gap Church of Jesus stance made from sugar for all1 mrs. Hamilton s problems of j Christ saturday at . Its blood expander requirements democracy classes at Milford or. Stevens will speak sunday Grant said published news High which keep a close Check evening at Arnold s Chapel holi stories about the new army pol on happenings in Ness Church on Highway 81. Icy created Public Misander were cited As a big Factor in her the Rev. Mack Arnold is Pas standing of the continuing need selection Over teachers Nomi Tor of the Arnold s for whole blood. Mated in other states. Church. Chapel Assembly or god m evening Worsnup. 7pm Bloom lord ate Assembly of god a. N first Wall Tina Kestner. Pastor sunday school 10 Tor sunday school m Mornini worship. I evening i worship. 11 worship. 7-3i worship. 7pm Chickc u uhk13t Chorb Hill 1 Mil sunday school 10 . Morn Ihlo. 11 Woshlo Sarr or pastor preaching. 11 urday and ., preaching m sat. George o i sunday school. B-45 morning Wor 3ur.da. School 9 4s ship 10 50 evening worship 7-31 i a. In and p t Putnoi Ham p Central Church of Christ. Ooi Nerce St. Gordon b Cathey minister bunday Schnol 10 m morning worship 11 even ans worship 7-45 p Church of Christ Park Assembly. Church Jesus a . Pastor 8un Day school.10 7 . Salvation Arivat salvation army. 211 k Charlemont Cap Ain coi officer in charge bunday school morning Wor la cur cd of god Charch of god. L i4u Chat stat St. Ray Morgan pastor sunday school to a to morning 11 am Evan service. . First Church of ged. Broad and Robertson White pastor Sun Day school morning worship 10 45 . Evangelistic service i Island Bohorch of god in Jet a san tits Lester s Monroe i a Orald m it. Pleasant Robert need am. Pastor sunday school. preaching 11 a Tor sunday school. 10 a. M. Morning Wor And 7pm. Oakgrove Baptist w r Parrott. Pas Tor sunday school. 10 preaching. 11 evening worship it Lynn Garden a l Trent minister Satanta sited Church of us rent i p38 0 nala Ata Mason minister worst Kandav 945 morning worship i a it 11 worship. P a sunday ship 10 50 ski m preaching. Tic meetings beginning sunday at pin. At the Large tent at 1557 stadium drive it has been announced. Featuring scriptural prophecies As reasons for Faith and Hope the meetings will be held four nights weekly sunday wednesday Friday and saturday in the big tent known As the Canvas Cathe Preston Wal Tenor sing ing evangelist from san fran philippine Congress adjourns amid fight Manila the philippine Congress adjourned last mid night amid a flurry of flying Ink pots Anil failing to ratify the japanese peace treaty signed in 1951. The 100-Day regular session ended shortly after the Congress approved a National budget of including 10 million dollars As counterpart funds for u. S. Aid. Tempers erupted into two fights both resulting from persistent heckling in the last hours of the session. Sources said today a special session May be called to con Kurtz Cisco will also be heard and eve Ning programs will feature an Organ piano duo rapid sketch artist Solo and group vocal num Bers and audience participation in singing from the screen. Or. Kurtz will use As his opening subject sunday what is com ing the Kurtz Wallace Evangelis tic group is sponsored by the Georgia Cumberland conference of seventh Day adventists in conjunction with the local congregation. Hawkins county singing meet the Hawkins county singing Oak Glen Troia. Casild m morning worship. P convention will be held i ruths sunday school. 10 4 Worship service Lori ten inn Morvin Retief each first third sunday i d m and i Campbell pastor. Sun Ula Union men Olst Church second and fourth sunday at -1 school a. M. Morning worship. Sunday beginning at 1 30----- c. Collins pastor f. Day school. A. M morning worship. I a. M. Evening worship. P. M. Efen lne Barton. Chapel primitive Gray Stidham. Theodore Russell pastors. Sun porn Paie. Gray c Henry e air new. Glrst and third sunday worship and fourth Sundar worship sunday school. 10 second and fourth sunday u Sun Day school 10 . Worship every fourth Day school. 10 am. Vallei first saturday and sunday at p. M. Second sunday d a. Thirol Sim Central i , Istir c lurch school. A Mornini 01 Church Hill. Worship. Ii a. M evening service. U. M Lita o Polk pastor sunday school 10 a. M. Morning worship i . Evening worship. P O Long pastor sunday school. 10 a. M morning Worsha i a. M even los worship. P. M. West View Park missionary Bartlit q b Price pastor. Sunday school . Morning worship. 11 evening service. 8pm horse Creek fret will school 10 a. M morning worship. 11 a. M singers from Hawkins and adjoining counties Are invited to the old Union Church is to Bishop Straughn session May be called to con d Sider ratification of the Japa v ichor a Koziy to be held Here sunday Nese peace treaty if Japan sub mits a satisfactory answer to a philippine request for a Defi Nite commitment on War reparations. Harvey family at City Mission the Harvey family of John son City will present a program at the City Mission Friday night it has been announced. Homer Whetzel who has been speaking at the Mission this week will bring his services to a close sat urday evening. The Rev. W. A. Smith will have charge of the sunday morning Bible study. Preaching will be sunday at 11 a. M. And p. M. Revival begins at Arnold s Chapel a revival will begin sunday at Arnold s holiness do sunday school 10 sans rec Belaud i Smith easier son May school. 10 to. Morning wors nto 11 evening worship. H d m Glen Alpine c. Walter Martin Ohio am Chapel _ i Mues Northwest j Church conducted by the Rev. Mack Arnold pastor. Is or Sunda. 3undat Woshlo 11 sudd eve Nung worship. D m View William ban. Presb Atesian Church Rill Charies Ferguson pastor school. 10 Church . Shankles pastor Bun Day school 10 . Church service. each third sunday Mountain sunday school. 10 worship services 1 am. Each Mcconn sunday and d he each mirth sunday worship and 730 pm school. 10 is. L. Pearson. A Liliu. J school. 9i4b . Morning worship. Bin. 11 . Evening worship. B pm ?ht2 i h a by a. M. L. Zion t , 9ua preaching. 8 p. Glen Wood Freeman Wright pastor Pugh minister. Church school . Morning worship. 11 . Evening Wor Phlp 7 Bridwell a. Compher pastor. We. Cameron assistant pastor Mornini worship . Sunday school 10 30 . Old s. A Lyght pastor sunday school 10 morning worship. 11 . Wrath Luffe Charles Ferguson pastor sunday school b 15 morning Wor ship. A. M evening worship. Central presbyterian we. Cameron pastor. Morning worship. . Church Lotrn . J Lay school. . Morning worship worship. O u evening w v Pierce. Detor school. 10 . Morning worship Kendra try Creek rep shed Santur school . Wors Niti firn sunday morn Ana turd 3unda? Eastern sunday school to am sunday school. A. M. Morning Wor ship. A. M. Evening worship. 8pm Surgoinsville l. Booth. Or. Pastor sunday a Nooi. 10 a. M. Morning worship 11 a. M. Training Union 7 p. M. Evening worship. S p. M. Wednesday. 3. M prayer service. Cedar Edwards pastor sunday school. A. M. , 11 Evening worship 8 p. M. U West View primitive Baptist Dana cur cd Crawford elder services each sunday. U u by m and p regular meeting each second saturday and sunday Ham sunday school 10 . Rirl Baptist Charco t. Nel son pastor sunday school 10 Morn ing worship. 11 a. M. Event do worship worship services first night and p third Sunda Mordlee Kendrick i _ Sunda school in Woi Solo services school. Second sunday morning and Tourton Sun Day Alghn school. 1c pm worship services second sunday Nyht and fourth Sun aah morning Mullins. Pastor Morning i ship 11 a. M. Evening worship Lone Island Baptist r. N Black Pas Tor sunday school. 10 . Morning Wor ship. 11 . Evening worship. 8 p. To. I free will Baptist Highland Hammonds pastor. Sunday school 10 a. In morning worship. 11 . Saturday and first o. Sommers Pas i Voncannon l. O. Boye. Oast i Tor Davis Youell. Assistant Pas or sunday san you 10 Wor morning worship. 13 i services each second and third Sun i Junhav evening worship. 8 har u . And each first Ana fourth Grzyl Corner a sunday . H. Race Corner _ Avenue a Day school. 10 worship Ner Rcpt j a. Aid Ridge pastor. 3un Day Nch Ooi. 10 . Worship service u . Evening worship . Cedarview l w Buchanan pastor. Sun Day school. 10 . Morning worship. 11 . Evening worship. . Rock View James s. Mann pastor Church school. 3 . Worship service. 4 . Waverly Road sunday school a. In morning worship. 11 evening worship and minister Oak Troy Jones pastor. Sunday p ser race Wool. 10 a. M. Preaching each tint and Moore Fjeld w v Perea lurch school 10 Worship _ 1 in Mfd sunday h a a and p. St. Method us a v Oak Copper Creek Boatright pastor. Sunday school. 10 or Church school to . Creel in ship. Wor Branch fall Relo s. Wilson pastor sunday school. 10 preaching services third and fourth Sun 8 Bethel. Bradwell a. Compher. Pastor. Church school. . Morn Days. Pm Inz worship. 11 . Evening worship. Wilson Castor . I preaching services 10 Midway c. Chapel retd s sunday school u am worship Serri Cei each second and fourth sunday Fellowship freewill Baptist to Oralf Dale Road. Rev j l. Dykes. Do Tor. Sao Day school 10 a. M. Morning worship. 11 . Evening worship. D _ Reedy v. Bellamy Supply Pas Midway c. Augood. Pastor Dorthula Ted r Duncan pastor. Son Tor sunday school. . Morning j Farley a school 10 Day school. 10 m morning services. 11 11 . Worship services each first sunday. Ii . Each first and third Grace. Gate City White . And each third sunday. 7 minister. Sunday school. . Morn me Conn Ell s school to ing worship. 11 . Evening worship. . Worship services each second 9un . I Day. 7 p in. And each fourth sunday. 11 a no school 10 worship each first sunday. 7 . And each third sunday. 11 . Schrol. 10 . Worship Lynn Garden Watson g. Guy. Pastor sunday school . Morning Wor . worship. colonial Eltiser Iii. Paster. Sunday school. 10 morning services each second sunday 11 and earn fourth sunday 1am. Chapel Reid Wilson. Pastor holy morning worship 10 sunday school u worship. 11 . Evening worship. . I. Lebanon Dan Kelly pastor Sun Catholic i Day school. 10 Mornine worship. 11 St. Dominic s Catholic evening worship 7 p to Woolley. Pastor. Sunday 8 a. M. And i St. Negroes Peyton Manning . Celebration of mass. Dally ass at sunday school. 10 a. M morning . Worship Llam evening worship. A Almond Tabernacle Hammond Tabernacle Ket do Creek fall Brinch Reid Wilson pastor Sun school 2 . Worship Day school. 10 morning worship. 11 p evening worship. P episcopal St. P. Kant Rector. Communion 8 . Church school. Bible self Merdink Der it Luth Fkan 7oune minister Bible school. holy Trinity. I us went seller Corning worship u evening Aid fable. Pastor. Sunday school. . Morning Worsnup. I . Nazarene Chorch Hill o. Gentry. Pastor. Sunday Schnol . Morning worship 11 . Evangelistic ser race. . Church of the Jen Kins pastor. Sunday school. . Worship service. 11 . Evangelistic ser race. P Assembly of god first an pm Haj of e. Waddle pastor. Sunday school. 10 . Morning worship. 11 evangelistic a in. Each first and sunday Marble Point Ted r Duncan pastor sunday school 10 worship service. Second and fourth sundays. 11am first and third sundays 7-30 pm Independent Asse half of god Church of or Bank Lutner acc liner pastor. Services Sun lat 11 And Mission state line Mission saturday worship sunday school am Wor ship 2pm Church or Rise blk taken Church of the p. Block pastor sunday school a a for Nunt worship u . Jehovah s witnesses Jehovah kingdom Bali la i Broad o a. Bible study Friday p a. Service Root leg theocratic ministry school sunday 3 b ble lecture tallow til watch Tower study 4pm pentecostal holiness first pentecostal Park 31. O r Tayti pastor sunday school 1c a. M morn info worship 11 a v evening worship o p i Belvue Christian. Bristol Ilir Hway Wui Tamn Uba Pel Holin flu Curek. Stuart k. Widner. Minister. Bible school i g7 Road a Jan Garden. Elder o d 10 morning worship. Ii . J Peters sunday i Nooi. 10 radio j worship program win 4-15 p a real Lar and Morrison City c. Clart. J Sofir Elisteo p minister Bible school. 10 . Morning j Kingsport times Friday May 22, 1953 3 eternal Rainbow by Charles a. Wells in past years men have lived in the midst of such multiplying hatreds and Ever increasing Powers of destruction that a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness has become almost the character of our Day. Notice How fervently people have grasped at the least bit of news that offers a note of peace and Goodwill in our world. What we must realize now is that love and Goodwill also Are creative Powers. Because of our fears we have forgotten that hatred and violence can Only create More hatred and violence unending by while love can conquer and destroy the enemy As no weapon can because love transforms the enemy into a Friend. Any sane person can see that if we had spent one fourth the Cost of the korean War in programs of constructive Goodwill in China and Korea the korean War would never have come and communism could never have conquered China. Perhaps god will now give us another Chance to put love first the Abingdon big Stone Gap and Johnson City districts of the methodist Church will unite in the Celebration of Pentecost Aldersgate sunday in a Victory rally in the civic auditorium sunday at . More than methodists Are expected to gather for this historical Celebration. The guest preacher will be Bishop James h. Straughn of Baltimore my. This rally is one of 152 such j meet Ings in nine of the South Eastern states climaxing a series of methodist evangelistic campaigns which have to Date resulted in commitments by profession of Faith or member ship transferred. You need Christ now was the theme of the United Effort sponsored by methodist churches in Alabama Georgia Florida Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky Virginia North Caro Lina and South Carolina. These Victory rallies through out the Southeast have been scheduled on May 24 As a two fold Celebration in commemoration of Pentecost in the new testament Church and also in Celebration of the anniversary of John Wesley s heart warming experience in Aldersgate Chapel London May 24, legion to decorate Graves Here sunday Hammond Post no. 3 of the american legion will hold its annual decoration of veterans Graves sunday Sam Carroll chairman of the decoration com Mittee has announced. The legion will place Flower ing geraniums and flags on the Graves of 267 veterans in 38 cemeteries in and around Kingsport Carroll said. He asked that decoration com Mittee members pick up Flowers and flags at Backer Brothers florists saturday night or Sun Day morning. Harvey family at Ford town j the Harvey family quartet 1 will be at Ford town Community i Church sunday at . Youth week services at Calvary Baptist. The Rev. Henry t. Mahan Pas Tor of Pollard Baptist Church Ashland ky., will be the guest speaker Friday and saturday at p. M. At Calvary Baptist Church where youth week has been in Progress for the past week. Mahan the Celebration of youth week will be concluded saturday eve Ning with the crowning of the youth week s King and Queen. Youth week officers have per formed various duties of the Church during the week serving As deacons ministers song Lead ers Etc. Officers included Jack Duncan Wayne Jones Lucian Orrick Claude Smith Stanley Johnson Raymon Thomas Jerry Edwards Richard Harris Fay Carter Delores Glass Wanda Boyer Virginia Walker Mildred Curry Frances Smith Barbara Gibson Shirley Starnes Marie Ferrell Patty Roache Dorothy Shanks. Danny Gibson Larry Powell Sammy Padgett Frank West jr., Eddie Ketner Janice Thomas Glenda Adams. The Rev. Edwin h. Ketner is pastor of the Calvary Church. These youth week services Are open to the Public. Handyman Given life sentence Bridgeport Conn Gro Handyman William Davis 29 begins a life term in Wethers Field state prison today for the slaying of his blonde employer with whom he claimed intimacy just before her death. Only a Superior court jury s recommendation of mercy after finding Davis guilty of first de Gree murder yesterday saved him from the electric chair. Under the jury s recommendation Davis could never be paroled. The jury of seven women and five men deliberated less than four hours. Hearing set on order of ouster j Dayton a hearing is set for june 1 on a petition by ousted Dayton City officials challenging the constitutionality of the Law which took their jobs the suit was filed by former mayor l. A. Morgan and b. L. Morang Birch Arnold and Ben Purser former commissioners. The group is asking an in Junction against the present City officials who were installed Fol lowing a private act of the 1953 legislature effected by rep. John Ross Fischesser. Fisches ser authored several Bills affect ing county and City govern ments in Rhea county. Named As defendants in the suit Are William Harwood the new mayor Elmer Kelly Cor Dell Hembree o. W. Mckenzie and j. M. Jones present City commissioners and state attorney general Roy Beeler. Happily reviews a 50-year record this report first hand Homecoming at Arcadia fifty years is a Long time a product has to be absolutely and undeniably Good to last so Long. Few medicines can claim that priceless reliable and outstand King record. Scalf s Indian River Medicine belongs in that chosen j j i v. A few t116 makers of Scalf s Indian Arcadia methodist Church will River Medicine happily review hold its annual Homecoming and this 50-year record for since 1902, decoration of Graves May 30, with the Rev. M. S. Gamble Pas Tor and the Rev. A. C. Ketron Scalf s Indian River Medicine has been tested tried and proven Over a million times find is today More popular than Ever before. Former pastor officiating. Services will begin at 10 . J Down through the years other the ceremony has been an an tonics have had their r Naur j like a Green Bay tree for a Short while but soon their popularity anti began to lag and like their rapid fill i v growth their decline was also rapid until they passed out of the worship. 11 am evening Woshlo d m Baptist Bethany Raymond Frye. Pastor preach ing services each first and third sunday u sunday school. 10 How ird Dill freewill Ftp list torn Hall pastor sunday school. 10 worship services. . Al Rel Baptist Block Cut George Cater 7 Glen Union Char cd washing i Subda school 10 no worship a. To a Ornon Blankenship. Pastor o.4. Worship services each second and fourth stau line sunday 9.4s of god Robert school. 10 am a. To morning worship. a Renlong Wor ship. 8pm. Mill t. Richards pastor Sun Day sch coi 10 a. M preaching each Sec Ond fourth sunday 11 and each first and third sunday b Black pastor sunday school. 9mb a. M. Morning worship. 11 a. M. Evening worship p Graveley Johnson pastor sunday school. A. M. Morning Wor ship. 11 a. M first free Baptist onion Day. 7 pm Cameron first sunday 7pm i Jesse r. Curtis pastor. Sunday school. Third sunday. 10 Valley Center Sun i 10 a. M. Mom in g worship. 11 a. M. Eve Day 11 am fourth sunday 10 am inc worship. P. M. Fourth Niek Euville r. Fields i Cor sunday sch of. 10 morning Wor saturday at . Sunday school 10 . Gate City Assembly Smith a Tor sunday morning worship. 11 am. C a. Vespers. 30 pm evangelistic meeting. menu Lohsl hat circuit a Haynes jr., Pas Tor Ross Camp ground first Szadaj. 10 _ _ _ Day second sunday 7 . Third Sun 11 am Grange Ball first sunday 31 . Sunday. 7 p a. Fourth Sun sunday Okolona second sunday p sunday 11 Broad g. Wiley or. Minister ship. Church school y 45 morning worship i 11 . worship. 11 am evangelistic service. Glass pastor. Sunday Tor Calgary Baptist Edwin b Setner. Pas sunday school. 9m5 morning evening worship. 7 30 10 worship 11 . Each Farsi i worship. 10 and third Sun Davv evening worship. O m do. First Rubson Davis. Pastor school 1c sunday school. M moral or Wor . Worship services 11 . Each Ham evening worship. Pm Ond fourth sundays. It. Mitchell. Church Bill Everett Lane mount d. Min t pastor sunday school 10 . Regular later sunday 10 a. M morning Mee each second saturday night and worship. 11 a. M even Lar worship. E Orramel Lor sunday school id . Morning 11 . Alfh land m 11 . Evening worship. Herald pal Ketch sunday w Byrd. Pal Tor. Sunday school 10 . Morning Wor ship. 11 evening worship. Rainey pastor sunday morning Woshlo. 11 a freewill Baptist dry Tor Church school. . Morning worship. 11 Erin Long worship Ramey. Pastor sunday school school. 10 n evening Wor Ernest 10 View l. J. Turner pastor Church school 9-.4s . Morning worship i 11 . Evening worship. . Golda Roland Light pastor bunday achoo . Morning worship i u . Evening worship 7 . Lita Manor David a. Rouea paiton nonday school. 10 . Morning won help 11 . Evening worship l d I Robert o Wallace pastor bunday school. 10 a a. Morning Wor Ahlo. 11 8-hr. Service on Roll film by it a. Reidy 4 p. Flu photostat color prints copy Lac to Giro r kit. Camera shop Cherokee camera dont wait select that special graduation gift now new typewriters As Low per As month Carver office equipment company 214 Cherokee of Mccae k6s adventists seventh a Aten tests Arnold Kurte pastor saturday service at 1557 stadium drive Sabbath of to m Woshlo 11 a to Christian science Christian or Kerf the subject of the lesson Sermon in All Christian science churches or sunday trill be soul and Ford town Community Church Ford town Community Chorch Rev. G w Slaughter pastor sunday school. 10 preaching ii a. M evening serv ice. P Prayer meeting wednesday the paint with 100 lives form tort let us show you How this amazing new paint can be scrubbed repeatedly. Smart new colors. Ideal for Kitch ens and bathrooms. 1.65 it. 5.95 Gal. W. B. Greene company inc. Ask any boy Back from Korea if the blood civilians Send Over there is important. Ask any boy who has been wounded. And when you be heard his answer Call the red Cross office 283, and make a Date to give a pint of blood next monday or tues Roaches Silverfish among the most difficult of House hold pests to get rid of Are Roaches ants and Silver Flash. There la a new product on the Market however that eliminates them quickly and efficiently. All you do is to paint it across their Trail. It Levei a hard invisible film that s effective for months after lust one application. This new product. Roach Al Liz contains a chemical that paralyses their lets and they Are done Tor within about three hours after Contact. Roach film is applied with a Brush. Roach film is available at w. B. Greene co. Down stairs. Picture and were forgotten. Scalf s Indian River Medicine has never been a Fly by night item. Scalf s Indian River medi Cine has always been advertised in a truthful honest conservative Way. That is Why this grand old j stomach tonic is praised and respected by druggists and con Sumers alike. Druggists say they like to sell Scalf s Indian River Medicine because their customers Are so Well satisfied with it and their sales Are steady year in and year out. That s Why leading druggists conscientiously and enthusiastically recommend Scalf s Indian River Medicine to their customers. Ask your druggist for your bottle today. On Sale at All Cole drug stores. Step into the Coo Ness of Nylon mesh no reason to let summer give you a hot foot this year not when you can step into the coolness of a Fortune Nylon mesh pattern. And for smart styling that s right for summer note this handsome new a Wing tip design. Be smart keep Cool. Stop by and try a pair. Zeolite sole leather sole 10.90 Kingsport s new i Lonus doot. I critic int com thit. just the Nick of ingot Ida fro it i n i no to. Front foods stay frown the entire de frosting Cycle takes just you Hare the advantage of deciding when you want to defrost look at All these other deluxe fat Tuinei too.2 Glass topped Crispin for Uniti and regencies Liberal Trade ins Only 3.74 per week two 14-Abe, covered Porwit ice trays an 1 a Pound Frozen food storage tray. Gorgeous styling. Omit came flt cd. It. Low n. Umili Shim Mia 339 95 no Down payment

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