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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 20, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeBoard continued from Page 1 for business that any six Lane thoroughfare is bound sooner or later to become a business Street and that denying his client s request was the same As denying land him any use of Tho Dodson argued that Sanders knew the property was zoned residential when he bought it that business should not be Al Lowed to encroach on the Junior High school As Well As on the property of it Ople who buil their Homes in that neighbor Hood with the understanding it always would be a residential Section and that the Type of business proposed by Sanders would be a traffic Hazard for school children and an unsightly deaf h notices g. N. Moody g. N. Moody 83, died at his Home on route 3, fall Creek Pike at 5 . Tuesday after an illness lasting two years. He was a member of the Emory methodist Church and was superintendent of the sunday school for a number of years. He was engaged in farming most of his life. Surviving Are his widow an Nie Morris Moody four sons Howard Moody of Kingsport Leonard Moody of Jonesboro John r. Moody of l i m e Stone and t. E. Moody of Clin ton mass. Five daughters mrs. Orpha Phillips and mrs. Ruby Brandon of Kingsport mrs. Leona Pierson of Church Hill nuisance to the neighbourhood. Sanders proposes to build Lochiel Dyer drive in ice Cream stand. And mrs Vona among other work tuesday night the Board Blountville Browder of Jonesboro 29 grandchildren 14 great grandchildren. Child Battle continued from Page 1 but Hogan said there was no truth in the Story. He said she was a lonely woman with a Strong Mother Complex who is separated from her husband and does not know his whereabouts. Mrs. Grimm told police that she had been the guest of four different men three of whom took her and the children to their Home when she told them a hard Luck Story. She said they were fed Given sleeping accommodations Money free medical attention and clothing for the children. Clifton e. Bradford an Auto Mechanic was reunited with his one year old Blue eyed Daugh Ter Diane who was found with mrs. Grimm at Hogan s office. His 3-year-old son Clifton year his admin continued from Page 1 ent Laws Call for a St Pup to 2 per cent for both groups Jan. 1. Since social Security taxes Are levied on Only the first of income this would Benefit a worker no More than a year. His Over All program would provide an additional billion dollars in Revenue for the year starting july 1, but still leave an estimated deficit of about billion dollars for the first full fiscal year of his administration. Eisenhower said he would Cut at least billions from the spending plans left by former president Truman. If the tax rates the president proposed Are maintained they would provide 2vi to 3 billion dollars More than present Laws for the fiscal year starting in final plans made Northern textile denied wage Cut for atom firing was returned to him yesterday is ration plans to attain what by welfare department called a vital goal 1. Passed in final Reading Ani funeral services will be Nad been caring for a balanced budget. Las vegas Nev. The army and the atomic Energy commission today began final preparations for the Long awaited firing next monday of a nuclear Shell from the nation s new 280-mm. Cannon. The Date for the historic shot was set yesterday a few hours after the ninth blast of the Spring series jolted communities in three states. Radioactivity from the Drifting atomic Cloud contaminated nearly 100 vehicles in Utah and Nevada. The dec said the radiation was not hazardous but it nonetheless paid for giving the a Hines a precautionary washing. Cars trucks and buses were halted at Check Points in the Nevada towns of Alamo Mes quite Glendale and North Las ordinance making Possession of ducted Friday at 11 a. M. At the since be found wandering immediate tax reductions a Federal gambling tax stamp Emory methodist Church on the Central Park zoo. Cautioned would increase t u Veorse n r run r a ii j. _ Ornt incr up Nipral rip Finiff ten incl utct11. Boston Ameri can Woolen co. Has been denied a 20 per cent wage Cut for its Cio employees in 21 North Ern Mills in a decision minimizing Southern Competition. Arbitrator Raymond f. O con Nell who announced his refusal of the company request last night said the firm s reported loss of in 1952 does not alone justify a wage reduction 1 this approach would disregard the established yardstick of the value of the services per formed and wow be to adopt a new policy of fitting wages to the fortunes of o Connell said. He added that Southern com petition was a Small Factor. Company president Francis w. White said in new York the Kingsport times wed May 20, 1953 9 this is the tax program outlined by the president Washington this is the tax program which presi Dent Eisenhower outlined in his nation wide radio address last night 1. No action by Congress to Advance the personal income tax Cut of 10 per cent due to take effect Jan. 1. Some Veteran House members want to and Vance the Date to july 1. 2. Retention of the excess prof its tax on business expiring Kingsport Man is bound Over a 24-year-old has been bound to the Graild jury on charges of obtaining merchandise by false pretence and passing bad checks. The defendant Harry Buck Ner route 8, was placed under Bonds totalling by general sessions judge s. G. Gilbreath jr., Here tuesday. Buckner was arrested tuesday by City detective j. M. And patrolman George ngg Eie. Broyles said the defends Itji charged with passing twi Ohl checks and obtaining Merchan Dise from local business establishments under the name of illegal and Prima Facie evidence of gambling. 2. Passed on final Reading a similar ordinance concerning Possession a Federal liquor License. 3. Passed on final Reading fall Creek Road with the Rev. Ray Willis and tins Rev. Paul Strickler officiating. Burial will be in the adjoining cemetery. Pallbearers will be nephews j. S. Moody Walter f. Moody John d. Moody Hubert Cross ordinances accepting Strickler g. W. Strickler of Belmont drive and Belmont Dewey Strickler and Earl Strick Circle in a new residential division adjoining Holyoke the body will be removed to Street and easements for sewer the Home thursday morning. Lines and a Public Walkway Alii from or. And mrs. James h. Ernest t. Crawford a proposal by graveside services for Ernest Juilien to Grade the streets j Thomas Crawford infant son of apply temporary crushed Rock i or. And mrs. Henry Crawford ._., were to be held at 2p.m. Wednes Day at Pine Grove cemetery. The body of the child who died monday was removed from Huff funeral Home to the Resi Dence 905 horse Creek Road at 5 . Tuesday. Quillen. 4. Approved surfacing and install sanitary sewers under City supervision at his own expense the City to furnish storm sewers. 5. Passed on final Reading an ordinance authorizing Sale of j. J. Rogers of lot 13, Block 71, on Sullivan Street for the amount of delinquent City taxes a. Gibson said he planned to Federal deficits and thus take the children Back to Wash bring More inflation. aug Mel in ton and their Mother As soon and that he said would i doors from 9 am to As possible probably late today. Cheat every family in America Clifton or. Spent last night at would strike most cruelly at children s Center and Diane poorest among Ped at the new York foundling the president said his admin Hospital after mrs. Grimm regards present taxes of to stay noon. Special session of court called arrested. As too High but that Russia re a Jonesboro splat the 1, for another six months. 3. Indefinite postponement of a drop of five percentage Points decision is too ridiculous to the tax on corporation in cuss.1 i comes now due to take effect the company had con tended next april l in arguments supporting a 31-1 4. Indefinite postponement of average wage Cut i reductions in excise sales taxes that taxes work loads and j also due to take effect automat made it impossible topically next april 1. Among oth compete with Southern textile ers these include taxes on autos firms for the limited amount of due to drop from 10 to 7 per cent business available. J gasoline from 2 to 1v2 cents a the Cio textile Union said gallon cigarettes from 8 to 7 the company s 1952 loss was sex cents a pack Beer from to some farmsteads in Sweden have existed for 15 centuries. Deputy chief police inspector to a11 of the county court agg rated and cited High barrel and whisky from James leg Getic said the Little girl and that he behaves no citizen j budget and finance in the preceding 14 years. To a proof gallon. Wants any tax saving at the i county judge Bynum Chase has j regarding Southern compete 5. Indefinite postponement of Price of essential National a special session of the full Tion o Connell said a hike from to 2 per cent of appeared to be in Fine mrs. Grimm was arrested on a Telephone tip from John Smalls 25, who returned to his Home last night and found the woman and the child sitting on his door step. He said she appeared to be confused and asked to be taken to a foundling Home in Brook Lyn. Smalls told officers he took them to a Home and waited out Side. She came Back out in a few muttering it s no minutes Smalls returned to his Home in South Jamaica with the Wom 6. Passed on second Reading an Wood a. Spalj Rosa a. I an and child he said. Early to ordinance authorizing Sale of Agibson 53, died at Holston a neighbor suggested she curits court at the courthouse Here manufacturers have always had the social Security payroll tax against the backdrop of that tuesday to reconsider a referee a great advantage in labor costs paid by both employees and pm Appeal a fight shaped up in Odum on a have probably mediately Over the excess prof its Issue. J0ne 110w." tax proposal. And other Points the budget committee meet seemed certain to stir a storm ing with the Washington county of opposition As they come up i Board of education tuesday aft for action. Senate Republican Leader Taft of Ohio who reluctantly sup ports an Extension of the tax expressed doubt the House would go along. In the House opposition Cen tired in the powerful ways and committee the group that starts All tax Bills through Vernoon asked for the court meeting. Small triangular shaped plot of. Ley Community Hospital at 5 i might be the woman sought in Congress. The proposed Exten ground to or. And mrs. G. . Tuesday. Toncray or. So As to give the one survived by her Hus to Crays Access to West Ravine band Mosco Gibsonjr. Three Road. Daughters mrs. Arlie Williams passed on first Reading Kingsport Jane and Ada ordinance to accept a deed of Wood three sons easement from the que Lens Gibson or. Of Kingsport the storm sewer from Holyoke j Edward Gibson of Aiken s. Street Down to Belmont drive j and Kelly Gibson of u. S. Army 8. Passed on first Reading or in fort Bliss Tex five Sisters Dren when they took a Brief a finances to accept deeds of ease j mrs. George Nickels of Wood walk ment from or. And mrs. . L0gan Sweeney and mrs he said be knew the woman the Washington kidnapping and Smalls called police. Bradford told authorities the boy and his baby sister disappeared from their Home Friday night with a woman in a red dress whom he had met earlier in a restaurant. He said he and his wife left her with the Chil Spivey and or. And mrs. R. Lewis of i inn a mrs Brickey and mrs. Lou Brickey of fort Blackmore and two grandchildren. Wood Road. 9. Passed on first Reading an ordinance to accept a deed of easement from the securities i. Company for Woodlawn ave thursday at2 pm at funeral services will be held nue 50 feet wide Between la ment Street and Prospect drive. Although the Street appears on City maps it had not previously been dedicated officially. D c j 10. Authorized Hammond Post d Rora no. 3, american legion to hold its annual carnival june 19 on the the Rev. Wrightley sailing and the Rev. V. S. Vaughn will officiate. Burial will be in Cox cemetery at Wood. Funeral Only As and that she had told him she recently lost a son of her own. Bridges washed out in Dickenson county Clintwood a. Spa Large areas of crop land were ment owned future Post office tuesday will be Neld thursday Day night site property on the Corner of at 3 . At state Street method fun Fri so ref one Center and Clay streets. 11. Authorized repairs to mechanical shovel used by the Public works department. The Cost is estimated at s1.700. List Church. A native of Sullivan county Ford was in the furniture business in Southwest for a number of years. I9 us a us years. I non Rhu Jar he owned Ford furniture Corn bids for 2.000 feet of six Inch cast Iron water pipe. Reaction continued from Page 1 Pany Here at the time of his death. Or. Ford was an Active Mem Ber of the methodist Church and was a member of the Holston flood since 1943. After 36 hours of almost con Stant rain Highway traffic was halted in some sections by land slides and basements of Homes have been flooded in almost every part of the area. The town of Haysi at the con fluence of three streams Russell Fork Mcclure River and big Crater Creek seems to be hard est hit. Water was still rising tuesday night and parts of the i town including an area of the r a number of years. He served i hip wet a Flynn Ripari Are having a cutback in our air As a sunday school superintend bus mess were flooded ent for 26 years. The president said in a Jab at i administration critics that survivors include his wife the air former Annis Louvenie fickle defences cannot be measured in i four daughters miss Louise Ford terms of so Many planes or mrs. Cecil Stair and mrs. A. Ford with new weapons he Godbey of Bristol and mrs. Mary said three planes today can Alderson of Arlington one almost the same punch As the sister mrs. M. R. Hickman of used in the Normandy land Arcadia and nine grandchildren Ings during world War ii. And six great grandchildren. Democrats have ripped into the body will be moved from the administration for shifting Jackard funeral Home to the residence at 4 ., wednesday and will be taken to the Church at 2 . Thursday. Burial will be the air Force goal from the 143 j wings planned by president tru Man for mid-1955 to 120 wings at that time. They also criticized the cutback in the air Force s actual spending authority for fiscal 1954 and a slash in the Truman request for new air Force appropriations. Or. Eisenhower said however that As of june 30, More than will be available for the air Force and that with additional Money earmarked for naval air Power almost "60 cents Cut of every Dollar for National defense will be devoted to air Power and air Man Hurt in traffic Driver held mishap a Sullivan county Man was injured when the car in which he was Riding slowed into the rear of a truck on Eastman Road wednesday morning. Andy Herron 39, route 1, Kingsport was treated at hol Ston Valley Community Hospital for severe lacerations of the Scalp attendants said. His condition was termed investigating officers City patrolmen Paul Porter and Hal Eastman continued from Page 1 ago. We generally earn less from this Type of business than we do from our regular tax percentage rises total income and excess prof its tax in the first Quarter of in Glenwood cemetery. Friends barricade negro s apartment to halt eviction new York crowd of More than 50 persons barricaded themselves in a three room apartment today in an Effort to prevent the scheduled eviction of a negro family from one of the City s biggest housing developments. The action came some hours after six women gave up a lock and Chain sit Down protest against the same eviction in the downtown offices of the metro Politan life insurance company which operates the Park Chester housing Center in the Bronx. The barricade was set up by members of a group calling themselves the Park Chester committee to end Dis criminal the protesters along with several children crowded into the apartment of or. And mrs. 1953 was at a 30 per cent rate Hargrave and Chapman explained. Should the Law be allowed to expire on june 30, As the present statute provides this would be come a 15 per cent rate and our net earnings would be increased about million. We would then show earnings of 71 cents a com Mon share instead of 59 cents As now they said. Last week Kodak announced a new step in its capital program plans for construction of a new polyethylene Plant at the Texas Eastman company in Longview. It will have a capacity of 20 Mil lion pounds a year. Officers re elected company officers re elected at the Board meeting tuesday Are Thomas j. Hargrave chairman Albert k. Chapman president Donald Mcmaster vice president and general manager or. C. E. Kenneth Mees Adolph Stuber Ivar n. Hultman Edward s. Far Row James e. Mcghee Edward a. Curtis m. Wren Gabel i. L. Houley vice presidents Archi Dold h. Robinson treasurer David h. Fulton j. Donald few Ster Carl l. Stevenson assist ant treasurers Milton k. Rob Crumley said Herron was seated Michael Decatur the tenants to on the Side of the automobile struck the rear of a truck driven by Floyd c. Wood 52, Litz be evicted. Mrs. Decatur told re porters that the people had come to show their Manor. I City marshal s men stood by officers said the mishap of on ground floor of the build curved at a traffic Light near the Junction of Eastman Road and horse Creek Road. They said charges of Drunken driving and driving without a License have been lodged against George Teague 1207 Robinson st., Driver of the car in which Herron was a passenger. The car was termed a total loss by officers. They said the truck was undamaged. Ing awaiting orders to get started on the eviction. Two ranking police officers were on hand in the event a disturbance started. Flowers Backer Bros. Chi Clemonl mad a Tarm attn Row Pmj promptly Drew fire from committee chairman Daniel a. Reed who has repeat edly vowed the Levy never will be extended. And As Reed put it when i All 15 republicans on the committee in a private caucus already have lined up against an Extension. Whether any could be persuaded to change his position remained to be seen. Re publican members said it is doubtful if 1 Reed will permit the proposal to come up and 2 any committee Republican can be found to sponsor it. Churchill invites president Over for British visit London minis Ter Winston Churchill invited president Dwight d. Eisenhower today to visit great Britain some time during his term in the White House. A questioner asked Churchill in the House of commons about inviting the president Here to help reconcile Anglo american differences. Few things would give More pleasure to her majesty s government and the British people than that president Eisenhower should visit us in these islands As he so often did during the Churchill said. And i earnestly Hope that this great event May occur during his tenure of the presidency of the United Churchill paused and continued if i thought there was any Chance of his being Able to de Tach himself at this Point he was interrupted by a shout of my from a labor member referring to sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy of Wisconsin. Churchill hesitated seeming not to understand what had been said. Then amid cheers he said i did not drag him Mccarthy in. I think it is a great mistake to mix up the head of the great american Republic with a Policiano or a member of con Gress in that country. I think separation should be observed in View of the entirely different character of the offices held by the parties the foreign office issued a formal denial before Churchill spoke of a report that he has made any approach to soviet Russia on a possible big three or personal meeting with soviet Premier Georgi m. Malenkos. Snow often evaporates into the air without melting. It is estimated that the United states uses 700 million pounds of Cocoa Beans a year. The Grey Squirrel is such a Inson Secretary William in England that there is a Shepard Harmar Brereton assistant secretaries Cornelius j Van Niel general comptroller and Thomas j. Mccarrick j. Les in Harper assistant comp Rol Groseclose Flowers for and occasion phone 6 All Law against keeping one alive. The Trapani Salt marshes of Sicily produce tons of Salt annually. Oil of cloves was widely used in the ancient world. Cherokee Monument co. W. Carter Shelby Sto. Greater players on the first of a j worker s annual income. Under but the capacity of those in present Law the increase is due the Woolen and worsted Field take effect Jan. 1. The Southern states is limited less than a seventh of the a therefore be considered a Deci Lional production and cannot Sive threat at this dont wait select that special graduation gift new new typewriters As Low per As Vav month Carver office equipment company 214 Cherokee phone shop and save on these sensational values 3 big Days thursday Friday saturday Only Garden hoes Standard Shank pattern. Tapered polished Blade 6 Width 4 deep. Sharp cutting attachment. It. Han dle. Regular 1.45 Sale 110 regular 1.s9 grass shears Sale i 39 grass Hook tempered steel Blade ground and polished solid steel Shank securely bolted to Blade. Regular 1.49 Sale 14-tooth Garden Rake forged from one solid piece of steel. Curved Teeth 2 Long Sharp pointed. It. Spring neck handle. Long Plain Ferrule. Regular 1.65 Sale Miller Falls hand Drill steel Frame. 3 jaw Type Chuck with hardened tool steel jaws. Regular 6.50 a c if 3 pitch Forks Long handle 4-Tine Hay Fork. 12" polished Oval tines. 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Regular 18.95 Sale 1595 Nail Hammer smooth Black finish with polished poll Patent wedged mahogany sized Hick Ory handle. Regular 2.75 Sale old English floor Wax guaranteed Protection for longer last ing Beauty for floors linoleum Woodwork and furniture. Reg. 59c Sale 44c double x floor cleaner regular 75c Sale 49c Radiator pliers regular 1.79 of Sale pistol grip hand saw set regular 1.95 Sale look for two big tables of unadvertised values hardware to get or

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