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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 19, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKing port wednesday May 19.1954 Hal Boyle s column by Hal Boyle Vic Domone says he did Nof get special favors mule wrestling for India Exchange Hoof shakes and then engage in a by Bob Thomas a flow write do Good idea that the other , Debbie Reynolds and Edmund Hollywood the rect and produce some Campi Diers would resent it. I said that Purdom. Papers have been full of reports shows. My buddies were All for it. He the name of the blonde she famous army privates "1 told them that was All argued some More and i new York .1 i lately i be sure he is keeping on the sly. With special privileges. Here s one wrong. I know what it is to put you mean the officers would re-1 about 54 million pounds of been running into a lot of sleep a the who claims he got on a show and one person can t sent it i told him i had the beef veal Lamb and pork Are claims if s of to smoke just Don t inhale smoke less wives. J you dare go Vic Damone. Can t figure out the reason i to sep before i but naturally this sleeplessness warns her husband. Marriage been must be caused by husbands. Is a business. If i can t when a Man gets Why should you he generally shoulders the full responsibility for it himself. Lie figures he drank too much cof Iee. Ate the wrong conic Inatio of foods or else took his Busi i Ness or personal worries to bed with him. A wide approaches the prob Lem from the opposite direction. I can t she muses. Why what has my husband been up to her Only task then is to find something her husband has done wrong. As this in t very difficult for the average wife. Do it. I suggested putting on congressional probes have shows like this is the army into charges material that had been new Delhi Indian army has come up with an at a traction to outdraw the Ameri a i can style wrestlers now popular. I in this country. It s a pair of wrestling mules. J a sponsors say the Well trained right to do whatever i wanted eaten daily in the United states mules will enter a Standard out of the Ordinary treatment i proved. They did t go for for sports stars hotel Deas at All. I went Back to the who have been drafted. Shop and never heard have been rumours that More about when i was off duty. A week later i was transferred to the 7th army head show business figures also have Vic said he might have served Damone said he found More understanding there and Start been favored in the army out his overseas time there exited Talent shows the lines me save Momone Law for a ruckus Over a the Arthur Godfrey to pro j Tamone. I r he added that when he received no special privileges. I l or Europe there were three went through four months of i had saved up some Money h units enter taling the Basic training just like anyone land wanted to buy a ise. I spent a year in related. Another private on v by Frank Carey Atlantic City. N. J. A new else. Then eight pent a year in Germany. I came Back and past had a Jaguar and months at san had a porsche. I talked smoking lung i i was doing recruiting work part i to the Fellows in my Barracks of that time. About it and they thought it was during my first five great idea they were a for Damone s career is getting Back into High gear after the two year lapse he is doing his first film since his army absence with Jane pow i an t univ Ori in Tho a Shimo but a major heard about my she pins Down the latest error has been suggested by a Nii the Whir a and called me on the car bawls him out roundly and then doctor Stop inhaling until d in he said it would t be a p the sleep question is settled. I shows in Cluro be it meanwhile it s Okay to smoke wrong to me that i would t be1 you Don t inhale says As a Singer. I had been. I Richard Overholt. One of til is again to sleep o the just. Sometimes a husband disco caused not by something he did something he did t do. Why did t you Stop me from eating that she Rich dessert last tells him. You knew it would t agree with me. But there you sat like a com plete dolt and let me go right on eating it. Sometimes i Don t country s leading Chest surgeons. Ter Tainer before i went into the Overholt who says there s no Jarmy. The Uso shows which question in his own mind that j were being Given Cost the tax i there is an association Between payers Money. They could have heavy smoking with me for a bargain paying inhalation and some month. For fast Safe dependable service cases of lung cancer told re a porters at the 50th anniversary a once i was invited to attend meeting with some officers know what i m going to do with Meetins of the National tuber a who wore trying to plan enter Vou i Neve slept a Wink i Culosio Assn. Last night it amment. It was proposed that there Are several common the Public ought to be specialists girls types of insomnia among wives i warned that there is a possibility who had some background in and perhaps you have one of the of such an association and we Gilliam cabs 5-3171 Back of Lett Jon rns r e Happy is the Day when backache goes away note Kane backache of Pep and Currry Eva Dachlet und Dii Wineas May be due to blow it it ency function. Doctors any Irod kidney function is very important to health. W Hen every Day As at this and Cussea the important f unction Many inc backache feel minor Blasl Der due to cold diet May j Don t pcs Lect your kid Noya if the Vic Tiitma bother you. Try h i Ilu a Mill i Diuri tic. Used i for Over ill years. Its Ama int How Ninny Tir Nuj Doan d Civ Ehni by Fruto those Dis rum Ford help the if Mik Pinr Fil ters Luluah out a at. Jet Darto i ill i Odayl for your Bridge parties tallies and prizes Russell s gift Hobby shop upper Circle cd 6-6771 no More floor never Bruce really cleans As it easy operation. There s no need to Wash before waxing. Just pour on Bruce and even the Moat stubborn dirt wipes Awa leaves floors sparkling with Long lasting Wax just half the usual time. For linoleum use Bruce floor cleaner for easy clean a you Wax results. Leaves just the right amount of tax. Tor Hardwood use heavy duty Bruce cleaning Wax. Contains 3 times More Wax. Bruce easiest floor care Etier Burro need by Iho following in your own Home 1. The empty stomach in plump lady wakes up every hour on the hour then raids the refrigerator wolfs Down half a sleeps like a baby for another hour. 2. The wraps her arms around her husband s neck slowly throttling him. The last words he hears just before he Blacks out unconscious Are her moans. Why can t i 3. The false wife snores like a Den of Roar ing Lions from Midnight until 8 a. M., then looks accusingly Over at her red eyed sleepless Hus band and says you simply have got to do something about your snoring. It kept me awake All 4. The travelling insomniac she wraps herself in a Sheet and two blankets and prowls the House in search of sleep. She closes in every bed and chair and winds up on the living room Rug. But As soon As her husband goes to work she lies Down on a Couch and sleeps like an Angel All Day. 5. The intermittent dreamer just dreamed i was walking Barefoot in my Nightgown through a Meadow full of she says shaking her Hus band awake. What does that 6. The suspicious insomniac she steels herself to stay awake All night hoping her husband will talk in his sleep and reveal ought to urge them to Stop in Xialing smoke until the Issue is settled. If present investigations show there is no link then All right. But if it is shown that there is a link then the tobacco companies ought to eliminate the responsible materials from the the doctor also urged that physicians take the Lead in giving up inhaling a suggestion perhaps inspired by something that happened earlier in the Day when Overholt was presiding at a panel discussion on lung can in. The majority View of the six member panel was that there might be an association Between heavy smoking and lung can cer although Only two. Including Overholt voiced strongly Posi Tive views. But when Overholt later asked the audience of 200 doctors How Many out of the approximately one third who were smokers indicated they would give up financial Advance Lynn mass. 100 year old Washington Street Baptist Church has put away a 100-year time capsule with a Newi twist. I among the items to be seen next in the year 2054 Are forecasts by local Bankers As to the highest interest rates that will prevail in the Middle of the 21st Century. A Bank Book showing a s10 Deposit has been included and the Best his Bank get the interest on the Money will go toward the 200th anniversary Celebration of the Washington Street Baptist Church. Smoking not a single hand was raised. Amid laughter Overholt said with a smile then this panel has been a total waste of lumber to spare Eureka Calif. Nine giant Redwood Trees will be Cut Down because they arc too close to Highway 10l some Are 300 feet tall and.20 feet in diameter. Because it would Cost too much to Cut them into lumber they will be left near where they fall. In by 10 by 4 . K1ngspokt camera shop phone cd 6-9981 super Kim tone adds so much to a room. Yet costs so Little Gal deep colors it s the Wall paint value of the Century super Kern tone the later Wall paint that flows on smoothly with either Brush or roller Boater and Fri c you .1 new room in than Day. A gallon will cover an average room and super Kern tone dries to a touch super washable finish that actually resists Wear. 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