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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 18, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeMonday May 18, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwardl. Jr., pub Zubei j. W. Wen. Owner my w. J. Uca Ull be editor Ellis pin lies. Eze Cullet Duoi 220-23 e. Market Street Tel Nispon. Iena. Member of the Asao clotted Preu Southern Newi paper Pubil Snera association Aco tie audit Bureau of circulation an Independent demo att newspaper dual lived each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated in exclusively entitled to the use for publication or All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in thl paper and also the local news pull feed Nerem entered at Post office in Kingsport tenn., As second class mini matter october 27. 1841. Under the act of March 8. 1879. National advertising represent Olvea. Shannon As. Sedate. Inc. With offices in new York. Chicago. Detroit Atlanta St. Louis. Kansas City. Los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mall first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week today s Bible thought for thus Ardth the lord be have sold your selves for nought and be shall be redeemed without the times daily tonic the work of redemption is the most glorious of All the works of god it will forever remain the Mirror to reflect the brightest beams of the divine Meny go round Hollywood two roads the storm that has been kicked up by Clement Attlee s inclement remarks on american foreign policy must tickle the gentlemen in the Kremlin. It in t Amus ing to anyone else. Neither or. Attlee nor senator Mccarthy Cut a very pretty picture As they scream insults at each other. It sounds like a verbal Brawl be tween a woman Motorist who forgot she was a lady and a truck Driver who never was a gentleman. We can agree with president Eisen Hower when he says i have never met anyone in this country who wants neither has anyone else. Nobody in his right mind could want War. But that is not to say there Are not plenty of people in this country who believe that War is inevitable and the Only possible solution to our conflict with Russia. There Are plenty of people who think the Only pos sible Way to Deal with Russia is to pile up such military Power that we can blast Russia from Leningrad to Stalingrad from Minsk to Vladivostok and then use it if the russians do not accept our ultimatum. Or. Attlee was unfair when he said he did not know whether president Eisen Hower or senator Mccarthy was making the foreign policy in this country. We might just As Well Point out that it is equally difficult to decide whether sir Winston Churchill or Aneurin Sevan is making the policy of great Britain. But it is quite True that the United states and the world faces a terrific question which is implied in the Attlee statement. That question is the old question which we thought was settled of isolationism. It will be a different aspect of isolationism but it will be basically the same idea that the United states can take care of itself and if necessary Tell the rest of the world to go to hades. The old View of isolationism was that the United states should stay out of Europe and Asia and let the people of these continents fight their own wars while minded our own business. The new idea is that using the words of senator Knowland the United states can go it alone in righting and in Mccarthy Ese this country has the guts and strength to fight communism this is a new kind of isolation ism. Instead of pacifistic isolationism we see the Rise of militant isolationism. There is a question whether the even Tual foreign policy of this country is to be based on the belief that the demo cratic world and the communistic world can reach a working agreement of peace Ful relations or whether it is to be based on the belief that democracy must de stroy communism or be destroyed by communism and that Force is the Only argument that Russia understands. The Van fleets the Macarthur the Mccar Thys Are convinced that we must destroy communism by fire and sword and do it alone if necessary. Many people agree with them. This Sharp division of sentiment in this country forces a foreign policy of caution. The administration does not know which is the predominant senti ment in this country. In Europe there seems to be less ques Tion of How the people feel. Definitely there is less sense of urgency to destroy communism. There is less fear of rus Sia. There the sentiment is strongly for reaching an agreement with Russia. Con sequently the governments have a clearer mandate. Or. Churchill s speech reflected British popular opinion. The time May come sooner than we like when the United states will have to decide clearly whether we Are going to go along with our present allies and accept the fact of communism or leaving our allies set out to destroy communism. That Issue has not been clearly drawn As yet and we Are on a Middle ground. But it will be drawn sooner or later and we ought to see the full implication of both choices what the United states will face in meeting Russia alone what it will mean to make a Deal with Russia. By Drew Pearson of the most amazing backtracks of the Eisenhower administration took place very quietly a few Days ago when it reversed a program for keeping rat drop pings and Weevil waste out of wheat and other Grain sold to the american housewife. The rat cleanup program had begun last fall oct. 15, 1952, under the democrats and on april 6 was widened by the food and drug administration under the republicans. It was then extended to Weevil infested Grain. However one of the first official acts of mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby after she became a full fledged member of the Eisenhower Cabi net was to suspend this Grain cleanup pro Gram by an order issued May 1. The food and drug administration is under her. Simultaneously Secretary of agriculture Benson who was cooperating in the Gram cleanup also dropped the program. The sudden reversal came after 45 carloads of wheat had been seized for having an excess of rat droppings. It also came after the pro Gram was vigorously opposed by big Grain dealers with several of them protesting direct to the White House. Pressure against the cleanup program was also exerted by sen. Andrew Schoeppel of Kansas who in turn was pressured by Walter Scott of the Kansas City commodity Exchange. Kansas City Grain dealers went so far As to threaten that they could not handle the Southwest Grain now stored in farm bins if the government persisted in its new pro Gram. They advocated a voluntary cleanup by the Grain Industry instead. The government s Grain cleanup actually had got under Way with the encouragement of Many Millers and Ali the Bakers. With their cooperation the of god and drug administration last fall set standards whereby Grain con Taining More than one rat dropping per pint of Grain was condemned for human consumption but classified As . For animal con sumption. Likewise Grain containing More than 20 surface Weevils or other insects dead or alive per Grams of wheat would be declared unfit for human consumption but could be used for animal food. The Grain Trade objected to this partly on the ground that it set up two standards for Grain that for human consumption and that for animals. Grain dealers also claimed that their own voluntary cleanup program was sufficient. However food and drug commissioner Charles Crawford and his assistant George Larrick went ahead with the cleanup pro Gram immediately there arose an angry de Mand from the Grain lobby that they and two assistants John l. Harvey and m. R. Stephens be fired. For a time mrs. Hobby was on the verge of doing so. Then As the scandal Over firing or. Allen Astin of the Bureau of standards got hot advisers cautioned that the Eisenhower administration could t afford another firing scandal and mrs. Hobby decided to let them remain. Government has Weevils too thereafter pressure was brought on the agriculture department and on the White House direct. The commodity credit Corpora Tion the Arm of the agriculture department which stores Grain under the Price support program was warned that some of its own Grain would be declared unfit for human con sumption. Under the new inspection program Secretary Benson was told by Grain dealers that about Worth of government Grain would be declared Weevil infested. A meeting held at the department of Agri culture attended by some of the biggest Grain men in the country also dropped veiled threats that they would t store the bumper wheat crop expected this summer which the government must handle for Farmers. Simultaneously the Senate agriculture committee under the prodding of gop Sena Tor Young of North Dakota hauled up George Larrick food and drug Deputy commissioner gave him a stiff senatorial third degree. Testifying against him was William f. Brooks executive Secretary of the National Grain Trade Council. Finally mrs. Hobby and Secretary Benson tossed in the Towel. They issued joint state ments abandoning federally inspected Grain said they were going Back to the old system of voluntary cooperation to prevent Grain contamination. Freak tornadoes the weather Bureau which predicts the weather but does not make it has no Pat explanation for the record number of tornadoes sweeping across the South this except this tornadoes Are caused by a mass of warm moist air from the South meeting a cold mass of air from the Northwest moving Down East from the Rockies. The Only explanation for the record number of tornadoes is the Prema Ture heat in the South this year. The weather Bureau has some other inter Esting observations to make about tornadoes As follows a Tornado they Point out is a funnel shaped rapidly rotating Cloud. Its terrific Power is due to the fact that the Low air pressure in the Back Cone differs greatly from the High air pressure in the surrounding atmosphere. When a Tornado hits a House or any other building the High air pressure in the House is suddenly forced out by the onrushing Cone of Low air pressure creating a vacuum in which the Cone explodes somewhat like a bomb. That is the reason for the destruction caused by tornadoes. The damage in t caused by Strong winds but by the explosion of the Center of the funnel shaped Cloud. Tornadoes Are nearly always preceded by Hail or Thunder storms or both. The average path of a Tornado is Only feet wide and the average travelling length of a Tornado is Only 16 Miles. The longest in weather Bureau history was a 1917 Tornado in Illinois and in Diana that travelled 293 Miles. Merry go round Roy Cohn chief investigator for senator Mccarthy has a lot of people laughing at him As a result of his recent antics in Europe. But his father still loves him. Papa judge Albert Cohn of new York told friends in washing ton last week people Don t dislike my boy Roy. They re just jealous of More than a Hundred thousand spectators Are so anxious to see the Coronation Parade that they re planning to sleep on London sidewalks the night before. The British broadcasting corporation will cooperate with the police by playing special Wake up music through loud speakers. Air plane noise the airline Industry is collecting a fund to educate irate citizens who complain about the noise of Low flying planes. The fund is used to Send speakers to club meetings publish stories in local newspapers and influence state Legislatures. The Campaign is aimed at teaching the Public that planes cannot land at airports without disturbing the neighbourhood peace to some extent though the airlines Are doing their Best to Cut plane noise to a minimum. By Erskine Johnson Guys and dolls if some Musi cals Are flopping at the Box of fice it s Hollywood s own fault for dubbing singing voices with out rhyme or reason. Ticket buyers Are downright confused about who can chirp and who can to and a lot of movie fans Are muttering that they be been misled and fooled. Hollywood does t make any explanation and so there s Noth ing but Warbler mar Garet Whiting told me after a night club tour. Even i did t know that Rita Hayworth has had three different singing voices until i started talking to Margaret says she went to see a Rosemary Clooney picture and heard a woman comment that Rosemary was delightful but she wondered who was doing her singing. It was the mar Garet said with George Sand ers. Very few people believe he sings in Call me Madam Why people even think i did Jeanne Grain s voice in state fair i was Luanne Margaret has her sights Sei on musical Ever gave me a Chance at comedy until i had to fill in for Dorothy Shay on sex Economy tip a new movie Beauty has an Economy tip for producers Rush Ina to build new male stars to replace the fading matinee idols. Test Only be men Whiz gorgeous Cadi Scaffa told me. Be great sex Appeal stars ave minds. No Man can ave great sex wee out be Brilliant mind. Man week Only animal Sharm and no brains can not last. Women do not like Heem when she see Heem on be screen after be first Franchesca was imported from France a couple of years Back then turned her Back on movie Fame when she married Bruce Cabot from whom she s now separated. She s making her movie debut in capt. John Smith and with Tony Dexter and Jody Law hence. It it it took a lot of Sweet talk plus privileges that even Clark Gable does t rate to change Percy Kilbride s mind that he d never play a Kettle again in a i s super Money series. Percy even has a Promise from the studio that hell get a role completely in Kettle ish to get me away from being typed so terribly. Ever since i started playing a other studios have said that they wanted me. Then they d decide that i was too much in the Public mind Aspa Kettle. They re wrong of course. A Good actor can t always change his appearance but he can con vey anything in the Way of Char Acter that the script a and a Kettle hit the Road Home will absolutely be his last stint As the shiftless la conic Farmer and Champion papa take it from Percy. Like father like son marriage is difficult for two Young people who Are starting their careers at the same time. But we re going to make our marriage red haired Cara Williams who s red Skelton s leading lady in the great Diamond Rob laying it on the line about the Circle of troubles that sur round her and John Barrymore or. Johnny s jealous that s the frowned Cara. He mis understands things in tic desire to be assured of my love. His father i have Learned was exactly the same Way. He feels that we should be to Gether All the time. I have to turn Down things that would take me out of town. He likes to be on the set with me. People make cracks because we re Al ways together. It in t easy for it it Clifton Webb in t saying i told you but he s amused about the feverish search for stories that will give him dra Matic roles now that he s being hailed for his powerful emoting in his Belvedere in sitting pret Handicap Washington calling Washington the angry noises in the air on both sides of the Atlantic come out of the great Strain to which the North Atlantic Alliance is now being subjected. Those strains Are Al most certain to become greater in the near future. They will put the Alliance to a critical test. Clement Attlee is a mild mannered Middle class product of Fabian socialism who came up through the bureaucracy of the British labor party to be prime minister and head of the party. The fact that it was this in emotional Leader who plucked at the american Eagle s Tail feathers in his speech in the House of commons is a measure of How deep the distrust of America goes not Only in Britain but throughout Western Europe. There has been Little reflection in this country of the extent to which senator Mccarthy has spread among europeans the fear that the United states is moving in a Radical and perhaps even fascist direction. Three weeks ago the sober conserva Tive London times said in an editorial that Mccarthy was no longer just an american prob Lem but a problem for Europe and All the free world. That opinion had been expressed in european newspapers of every Shade of opinion from conserva Tive to socialist for Many months. These Are facts which May seem to reflect exaggerated and even absurd fears. But they can not be ignored in terms of the working relationship which has thus far been considered Essen tial in the struggle against communist imperialism. In the same Way the appoint ment of Admiral Arthur w. Rad Ford to be chairman of the joint chiefs of staff is a fact which Europe will interpret in Accord with what Radford has said in the past. Here it May Well be is the focus of the mounting Strain on the Atlantic Alliance. Radford has several times publicly stated that a blockade of the China Mainland is a feasible Means of bringing pressure on the communists to end the korean War. He is considered an advocate too of the Macarthur policy of bombing across the Yalu River in Manchuria. The British and most of the other european allies Are opposed to such measures believing they would expand the War in Asia. The British say that the chinese coast probably could not be sealed off completely and certainly not with the forces now in the area. But they go further in arguing that even if a blockade were 100 per cent successful it would affect Only a Small part of China s imports. Their figures show that up to 80 per cent of the strategic material moving into red China comes Overland via the trans siberian railway. If the truce talks in Korea Are broken off the pressure for a blockade and for other aggressive moves will be Strong. It will come from the dominant re publican faction in Congress. Admiral Radford will be More to in 1948 sentenced Clifton to the comedy Groove after he d graduated to classic drama on Broadway and that s sure says Clifton. You can t keep doing the same but now he s worried about be the howler about a to performer who becomes a scoutmaster. He groaned May set me Back 3000 years. The critics will say Webb is being Belvedere ish again " it it it close ups and Lon shots Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz who made coast to coast headlines with their television baby Are now going to play newlyweds and there May be coast to coast howls from video fans. The stars go to Mem next month for a theater movie ver Sion of the Book the Long Long but the studio has rewritten the plot. Instead of a Middle aged married couple try ing to get away from it All the i am a Quentin asked to Dis May be necessary to give trans by once it has been identified it movie version will have Lucille cuss anaemia and what should be or take other measures can be successfully treated by by Marquis Childs than responsive to such pres sure. Over opposition to such a blockade the Alliance could break apart. The europeans As Well As some americans with a first hand experience of Asia believe a blockade would have two dire consequences. First it would Force piping and Moscow closer together and end the Hope arising in the Wake of Stalin s death that they May be split apart. Second it could be the signal for piping to Send red troops in numbers into indo China Thailand and Burma to gain control Over the great asian Rice bowl. As for Attlee s speech the Folly of it can hardly be exaggerated particularly in terms of timing As the foreign Aid Bill comes up. But As americans indignant at criticism of the Constitution we should recall what was for at least a Century a Fine old Ameri can sport. That was twisting the British lion s Tail during the years of the Pax Britannia. Back in the dim Distant actually it was t so Long big Bill Thompson in Chicago used to run for mayor on a Sim ple platform. It was that he in tended to bust King George in the snoot. Every Crossroads speaker could count on a cheer by denouncing British Imperial ism. We cried out against their oppressive Rule in India and the Way in which their gunboats were sent to Distant ports to subdue unruly natives. This was a pleasant luxury. As for the British they took it with Fine indifference almost As though it were a tribute to their Power. That aloofness May be hard to achieve. It May come at the end rather than the be ginning of a period of Power. But certainly if we Are to exer Cise leadership we Are going to have to get accustomed to Brick bats and Stop looking for Bou Quets. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe no Man remains a great hero very Long unless he Dies at it. It in t Only in baseball that today s hero is tomorrow s bum. It the superintendent of Parks in Washington says that people in d. C. Are so used to statues that they pay no attention to them. It May be that they think they Are government officials and big Pentagon brass who just stopped to think. It maybe it is Lucky nobody pays attention to the states. Some of them might be Given bums Rush if people stopped take a Good look. It there ought to be a Law that nobody could have a statue put up in a Public Park without 000 signatures on a petition. It the Story of the horse that got frightened and ran away when he saw his first automobile is now balanced by the Motorist who got scared at his first View of a horse s head coming Down the Road and ran his car into a tree. It somebody commented that a very Large percentage of the people who get on radio quiz programs Are quite dumb and ignorant. Probably proving they Are a pretty Good Cross Section of us people generally. It a Man May know How to treat a lady without buying her a drink. It now comes the Days to live outdoors to get away from shops and stores. Go Hunting fishing have a picnic or go touring like or. Pickwick. Play Golf play Tennis play croquet or sit in a Hammock All the Day. Visit the mountains or the Shore see the sea and see much More. Of what fun right after june with Mother nature to commune but alas it comes to you insects love the outdoors too. Ants and spiders and crawl bugs snails and caterpillars slugs flies mosquitoes hornets bees gnats and chiggers wasps and bees. And a thousand other beauties of unknown and varied species. Of summer could be such u wonderful thing without these critters that bite and sting it they now make Lawn mowers Light enough for women to push without trouble and Garden Hose so Light that women can handle it easily. Mrs. Jones says she wishes that they would go Back to making things that it took a Man to handle. It in Chicago they put White Caps on cops so motorists can see them easier and farther away. Very accommodating this gives the Motorist time to slow Down before he gets to the cop. There was a Young fellow named Newt fell in love with a Gal who was cute. With no dough in his pants poor Newt had no Chance and miss cute soon saw to it that Newt Knewt it to hear some people make fun of All congressmen you would think they had never voted for a Man who had been elected. It of course the probability is that most of the Best kickers about Congress never voted for anybody. Doctor says i am frequently asked to Dis by Edwin p. Jordan . And Desi playing newlyweds. Maybe i m wrong but i be Lieve the Lucy and Desi on to is the fact that they be been married Long enough to know each other s failings. Done for it. It must be emphasized first that anaemia is not a single Dis ease. Many different things can result in some form of anaemia and the term really Means a de including the use of Iron Prepa rations Iron being an important part of haemoglobin. Another kind of anaemia comes most commonly in women be tween 30 and 50 years old. The cause of this anaemia is a Defi giving Iron. Anaemia May result from the failure of the organs which make the blood to meet the needs of the body. This difficulty lies principally in the Bone marrow and is much like the anaemia Side glances fic ency in the red blood cells Cliency of Iron resulting from Sev which comes from certain uni eral things probably including sons. There Are Many other defective diet and poor absorb forms of anaemia too. Or haemoglobin colouring matter of the blood or both. The blood contains Small round discs called red blood cells or erythrocytes. Normally there Are about or of anaemia Means something is seriously wrong with the body a person with severe anaemia feels poorly and is lacking in Enouf our Way i just never realized How ancient my parents Are until they started looking at old movies on to and ton due to disturbances of the stomach and intestines. Energy is lacking this causes a feeling of weak these cells in each cubic Milli Ness shortness of breath Nerv Ergy. The cause should be track meter of blood. There Are More Ous disturbances dry hair sore de Down and proper treatment than cubic Millimetres in Tongue and paleness. Fortunate employed. A cubic Inch these cells con Tain oxygen and haemoglobin both of which Are necessary for human life. Pernicious anaemia or primary anaemia is one kind. The cause of this condition is complicated and All that can be said Here is that the discovery of the value of More recently Vita min changed it from a disease which used to be fatal into one which can be Success fully treated in almost All cases. With the exception of Perni Cious anaemia the problem boils Down to finding out what has caused the Lack of red cells or haemoglobin or both. One of the most simple and yet a frequent cause is bleeding from somewhere in the body. If a person loses More blood than the system can replace anaemia develops. If the bleeding is Sud Den As from a wound the difficulty can be remedied promptly by stopping the Haemorrhage and giving a blood transfusion. If Haemorrhage is slow it is necessary to find where the bleeding comes from and to Stop it if possible. When this so called secondary anaemia is severe it first know Coull be Wellim her it s a Charley horse to keep from Beira pack. Horse

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