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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thurs., May 14, 1953 Kingsport times and Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edw Irei jr., pull Ibex j. W. Wen. Manner w. J. Maul Ltd editor c11h plan intr i Eduthe editor 11043 e. It ret Street. Al Nippon. Lenn Uemon of the Assoc listed Pren Southern publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent Veroo Carlo newspaper published each noon except saturday and sunday. The Assoc Ute Preu is entitled to the us to Public Otloe of All Cwi dispatcher credited to it or oot otherwise credited in tyls paper and Alio the local Nevi published herein. Entered at Post office in Kolni sport Tenn. As second data mall matter. October 37. 1944. Under the act of March a. 1879. National advertising representatives. Shannon a As inc. With offices in new Vork. Chicago. Detroit Atlanta St. Lou i. Kinsaki City. Lot Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday week today s Bible thought for Smuch Asye know that be were not redeemed with corruptible things As Silver and Gold from your vain conversation received by tradition from your Peter the times daily tonic redemption is the science and the song of All eternity. Archangels Day and night into its glories look. The saints and elders around the throne old in the years of heaven examine it Pollock. Merry go round Hollywood conference sir Winston Churchill has definitely put president Eisenhower on the spot with his Public Appeal for a meeting of the big three. It might seem that the British prime minister might have approached the subject privately with the president rather than make a Public speech but one must remember that Churchill was talking not just to the president but stating his position to the parliament and through the ment to the British people. Politically the prime minister was forced to take a position. And in All likelihood he had already held private conversations with the president. The pressure on the president is in creased by the statement of Pope Pius who has a Strong Public Appeal Over the world. On the other hand or. Attlee s words did not help. His was a snide re Mark which Only causes resentment on this Side of the Atlantic and is More Likely to make americans get their backs up. Should the president propose a big three conference would anything be gained by it As a matter of fact it should be noted that Russia might not accept any such idea. The Kremlin wants a big five conference and it is easy to see Why. The live includes China and that would Force the question of which chinese govern ment to accept. Russia would say Mao s group the United states would say Chiang s. But great Britain has recognized the Mao government and in a showdown we might be put in a very awkward position. The feeling is that president Eisen Hower and Secretary of state Dulles Are opposed to a meeting with the russians until they have More Concrete evidence that the russians want peace and Are really willing to cooperate. It might seem that the Way to find out is to hold the conference and Force the russians to show that they were unwilling to do those things on which peace must be built. If they have changed the sooner we find it out the better. It is More Likely that the administration does not want a conference with the russians for the simple reason that the russians would use it to separate the United states More and More from our allies. Such a conference would find the rus sians ready to tie the Hope of peace to the recognition of Mao s government and surrender of Formosa. Those two Points make a great Many americans boil but they would find wide acceptance abroad. The foreign policy of the United states is no longer simply a question of democracy versus communism. It in t the United states versus Russia. There is unfortunately a difference of opinion among democratic Peoples on the proper attitude toward communism and this is straining our relations with other pow ers. There is no escaping the fact that in great Britain and elsewhere notably in Dia there is a very Strong feeling that we must Compromise with communism and accept it. Governments like sir Winston s cannot directly oppose that sentiment because their political life May be forfeit. In this country there is a very Strong feeling that there must be a showdown with communism. This in t necessarily mccarthyism but it is a More general feeling that communism is an evil thing and must be eradicated. Recognition of red China is a thing no political Leader can espouse. Given a Choice Between compromising with communism and be ing forced into isolation through loss of our allies a very great Many americans prefer the latter. But whether we like it or not the United states cannot hold out against a conference if everybody else wants it. Even though it is at present a question who is Russia s third Man to match Eisenhower and Churchill. By Drew Pearson almost one year of diplomatic bickering the United states is concluding an agreement with dictator Franco for air and naval bases on Spanish soil. But in order to pin Franco Down u. S. Negotiators had to Promise secretly an additional future this is on top of the already by Congress and will make a total of one Factor which nudged Franco s Elbow was knowledge that part of his voted by Congress last about to expire. If the contract was t signed by june 30, Franco knew that this went right Back into the Treasury to help bal Ance the Eisenhower budget. And Franco in t much interested in balancing Ike s budget or anyone s except his own. This is another chapter in government by Washington attorneys and illustrates How certain lawyers representing foreign embassies sometimes exert More influence than the state department. One year ago both the state department and the White House which under the Constitution Are entrusted with the conduct of u. S. Foreign affairs informed Congress they did not want or need bases in Spain. They pointed out that we had All we could Cio to equip bases in France England and West Ern Europe under the nato pact and that we were already Short on artillery and munitions. If supplies went to non nato Spain they said it would create ill will both in Korea and among our nato allies to whom do liveries already were behind schedule. Pays to have lawyers they also pointed out that Franco was not willing to take the Spanish army outside Spain that the arming of Spain would make it appear to France and England that we were going to abandon them in Case of attack and move to Spain. From behind the safety of the pyrenees the French and British argued the United states would serenely watch the conflict while the rest of Europe was swept Over by red invaders. Despite this Franco got it was voted him by Congress right Over the Heads of the president and Secretary of state. Chief reason for this was the persuasive in fluence of the Spanish lobby and Franco s two attorneys Charles Patrick Clark and Max Truitt son in Law of sex vice president bark Ley. Clark who carefully complies with the foreign agents registration act was paid by Franco in 1951 and in 1952, according to the Justice department s listing of foreign agents. Max Truitt who also registers under the act was More modest. He got Only in 1951 and in 1952. However Clark helped to influence congressional speeches played Gin Rummy with key congressmen threw fancy parties ran the Gamut of the social lobby to get Congress to vote Money for Spain. He succeeded. That was Why Franco previously grandiloquent in his promises of naval and air bases suddenly got cagey refused to Grant those bases. He figured he could go Over the Heads of the White House and the state department once to the new Washington system of foreign affairs by influential attorneys. It now looks As if he was right. Another is due to come his Way. Sandwiched speaker senator Taft was speaking at a Yale club dinner along with new gop sen. Prescott Bush of Connecticut and new York Herald Tribune pundit August Heckscher. The Large crowd of Yale alumni at the Din Ner were expecting to hear a few Brief re Marks from Bush and from Heckscher then Settle Down for a real speech from Yale s most famous alumnus Robert Alphonso Taft who in addition to graduating from old Eli also served on its Board of trustees. However they had t reckoned on Heck Scher. Following a speech from senator Bush he held Forth eloquently on academic Freedom. Minutes ticked by then Quarter hours almost an hour. Senator Taft sat listened politely. The hands of the clock reached i am said Heckscher to be sandwiched in Between two such distinguished speakers As senators Bush and finally he sat Down. Sex sen. John Danaher of Connecticut Toast master of the evening Rose. Or. Heckscher refers to being that part of a Sandwich Between two pieces of he said. Let s agree that he certainly must be regarded As the baloney Between two slices of Good Oil and National debt it was lost in the last minute voting on the tidelands Oil Bill but sen. Matt Neely of West Virginia who has been in Public office almost longer than anyone else in Washington introduced his constructive amendment for the use of tidelands Oil funds. He proposed that royalties from tidelands Oil go not to three states As finally voted by the gop leadership but As follows ten per cent to reduce the National debt ten per cent for education ten per cent for finding a cure for heart disease ten per cent to find a cure for muscular dystrophy ten per cent for multiple sclerosis ten per cent for polio ten per cent for the Blind ten per cent for disabled War veterans ten per cent for the american red Cross. Neely s amendment got a larger vote than most of the other tidelands amendments. However even if it had been introduced ear Lier it would not have passed. No amendment would have swayed the coalition of republicans and Southern coastal democrats deter mined to give tidelands Oil Back to three states. Had Secretary of the Treasury Humphrey made his statement about hiking the limit of the National debt a Little earlier some votes might have been changed because giving away the vast wealth of the tidelands was of course reducing the wealth of the Federal government. However it was significant that Humphrey did not testify until the tidelands vote was already taken. Washington pipeline the Bureau of internal Revenue has already mailed out 99 per cent of All tax refunds due this year s taxpayers. Checks averaging each have gone out to almost tax payers. By speeding up the refunds the Bureau has saved More than in interest nor Mally paid in the past. Congratulations. Grace Tully for s former private Secretary is now working at democratic Headquarters her full salary being paid from a contribution by Averell Harriman. He insisted that the Money be used Only for miss Tully s salary. Congressman Doc Miller of Nebraska went to speaker Joe Martin the other Day to Stop congressman Saylor of Pennsylvania from throwing a cocktail party in the House of representatives. However Jovial Congress Man Shafer of Michigan either forgetting or ignoring speaker threw himself a Wing Ding cocktail party in the House office building on his birthday. By Erskine Johnson beginning a new Era the Hollywood famous for its movie situations today has one of its own an economic and artistic revolution in which financiers and stars theater owners and artisans business managers and cameramen All Are playing real life roles. It s a revolution As significant As the great train the first movie to Tell a Story and As Earth shaking from a world entertainment standpoint As the first the Hollywood of yesterday is gone. The major film studios recon venting for a new Era drastically have Cut film production and their Star director writer and technical personnel. Famous stars Are discovering new forms of artistic expression and individual Enterprise. The Hollywood of tomorrow is being i m going to be on the sidelines reporting its first Steps and its Lusty growth. Exciting screen entertainment of a variety and design and Cost never before possible is on hol Lywood s planning boards. Three dimensional motion Pic Tures and wide screen films Al ready Are out dating conventional 3-d movies. The giant screen cinerama first seen in new York last fall now is opening the eyes of movie fans in other cities. Ail future 20th Century Fox films will be in wide screen Cinema scope and Warner bras Are add ing Warner scope to their films. Other studios Are in a technical race to give movies a new and exciting look. Telefilm take Lead but there Are other changes in changes. Television put a miniature movie screen into the american Home. The to audience has passed the set Mark with an estimated new sets to be sold this year and Hollywood is perfecting a new form of at Home entertainment. It s the telefilm. Already Hollywood s telefilm companies att turning out More film every year than All of hol Lywood s major studios combined. Who s. Catching whom Washington calling Washington of state John Foster Dulles is vis iting a part of the world where no other Secretary has Ever gone while in office. It is an extra Ordinary strenuous trip cover ing 12 countries in two and a half weeks. Such rapid hops from capital to capital might at first glance movie town stars and director seem ardly worthwhile. But a prop men and writers Are now working in this new form of celluloid bringing Hollywood film technique to television. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were among the first important stars to put a to show on film. They reconverted a Hollywood movie sound stage for the de mands of i love hired movie trained technicians and to the top in to ratings. Now the series Type of to show and the dramatic half hour format plus live television is glittering with the names of such stars As Joan Crawford Ray Milland made sense. But he appears at times to be delivering a Sermon in the manner of a sunday school superintendent taking the teen age class to task. During the nato sessions for example discussion entered at one Point on the shift of nato troops. The danish foreign minister expressed concern that a brigade was being moved from great Deal of Good can come the North of Europe. Thereupon from this first hand encounter with the tensions of the Middle East and the harried govern ments trying to bring about Secretary Dulles gave a talk on the need for All countries to accept risks in the present period and live willingly with those by Marquis Childs kind of trip Dulles is making is that his exacting schedule leaves time for him to see Only officials and politicians. With a Little More time in India he would do Well to visit an exciting Model Community called Faridabad. Here refugee Indian villages Are demonstrating that the level of agriculture and therefore the level of living can be raised with a comparatively Small expenditure of technical help. It is a demonstration of How a minimum of american Aid can Mac s window by w. J. Mcavliffe lots of people look Fine in their pictures but they look silly when they Are being taken. The first thing to understand about women is that there is no understanding them. In their old age some men re Gret the temptations they succumbed to in their youth. Other old men regret the temptations they did not succumb to. A fellow says the yarn about girls going Riding with boys and having to walk Home is no longer True. No one wonders Why every boy reaches an age when he will voluntarily Wash his face and neck. Especially neck. Maybe gentlemen prefer blondes because dark girls Are unfair. Comes a fellow who says boys reason better than girls. But say the girls who needs to reason we re doing All right thanks. Of course if the fellow who made that crack did a Little reasoning himself he might have reasoned he d be a lot better off by not making it. The professor does a Little hedging when he says in some ways you can t beat a girl. Which is something you May have suspected All along. Girls can do some things a boy just would t think of doing. And also the prof says girls Are too conscientious. That Means More conscientious than they ought to be in his opinion. Sounds like the professor must have some inside information about that. How does a Man find out that a girl is too Constien Why professor shame on you the world is living through most exciting times. In fact the condition of the world right now would make a Good movie plot for Cecil b. Demille. Said one Martian to another Martian i can t figure out those Earth people. I looked through the Telescope and saw a Man in a plane drop a bomb that blew hundreds of men women and children to bits. And i turned some measure of stability. There risks. To Little Denmark sitting go a Long Way in teaching peo the Telescope and saw a crowd 1c ill i it i i i. I _ i is first of All the fact that an american Secretary of state is taking the time and Effort to visit Distant countries and sit virtually in the Mouth of the russian Bear this seemed some what gratuitous As it did to other nato members who have Down with officials who must at lived for so Long at the Center times seem Way out on the end of the line of american respond 3, is the gain to Dulles himself in firsthand understanding of the explosive Middle East to be had from even of danger. The problem Dulles found in Egypt is hardly susceptible of solution in a Day and half. It is once again the clash Between Arab nationalism and the determination of the British to hold pie to help themselves. Farida bad grew out of the Zeal and the idealism of Sudhir Ghosh a Young Indian Rural development expert who was a disciple of the late Mahatma Gandhi. Now in Washington Ghosh has persuaded Many Republican senators of the value of the concept of the self liquidating Community development idea. Out of it May come similar experiments Init Bud Abbott and Lou costello such a Quick trip. Official re a us tee of the now ated with american Helln Rno Oro norts Are a a nor for d a of the Power Roy Rogers Gene Autry Dan Duryea Merle Oberon Jack Carson eve Arden Joan Davis Joel Mccrea Loretta Young George raft Charles Boyer Robert Young Gale stormed die Bracken Ronald Colman Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Ethel Barrymore Robert cum mings Celeste Holm Mickey Rooney Paulette Goddard Andy Devine Guy Madison Ann Soth Ern Groucho Marx and others to come. Pay As you see plans ports Are a poor substitute for that kind of knowledge. While the Secretary has shared the benefits of the Eisenhower honeymoon with the press for the most part dedicated to Charity and mercy he has received some criticism particularly on the score of the lec Tures re has read to America s allies. Dulles critics feel that he put these allies on the spot by saying publicly that they must take such and such a ratifying the european defense they once exercised. This is of course an Over simplification since the British would say that liquidation of their forces in the Suez canal zone. But the fact remains that the present government of Mohammed Naguib is just about the Only Hope to Avert chaos and communism and Naguib is under terrific pressure to produce results. In America the Middle East and South Asia. Moving from Airport to Capi Tal and then with a great Whirt of ceremony Back to the Airport again Dulles will not have time for such details in the land scape. He is a trouble shooter on the run. In my opinion no one can of doctors around a bedside try ing to save one child s life. Funny people those Earthern. The modern Man who tells his girl she has pretty legs had a Grandfather who was called a cad for commenting on a Ankles. Since ladies took to carrying their Money in their handbags instead of in their stockings a thief can Rob them and still re main a gentleman. A thoughtful Reader wants to know if mrs. Taylor is elected will she he called an Alderman or an alderwoman a husband who made a Point of mowing the Yard the same Day the girl next door did her measure the purposes or extent sunbathing thought he was put of the change which has become there Are also big plans be Community plan for example Hind the scenes in Hollywood for pay As you see movies on television and the possible Leas ing of Hollywood s tremendous or find themselves facing a dras tic shift in american foreign policy. That was one reason for the Library of. Great motion pictures Adverse reports on the recent to the Home screens after the aters Are converted for the new Type of big screen and 3-d films. As i report the revolutionary developments in theater movies North Atlantic treaty Council meeting in Paris. Actually the other foreign ministers at that meeting got on the whole a favourable impression of Dulles in when the Secretary moves on the soviet mood to India he will be confronted by a problem of personality. Prime minister Nehru is himself inclined to give lectures and he does not take to lecturing by others. Moreover Nehru s deep suspicion of the West has been accentuated by certain of his advisers who encourage him to believe that the chinese Corn so shall i report on the his first try at leadership of the Breed c. Biggers vice ties the news the inside stories the laughs and the heartbreaks and the techniques of Holly Wood s new and All the activities of Holly Wood stars no longer confined to theater screens Only. Names make hol Lywood s stars Are the names on a movie columnist s beat. Like Hollywood s new look motion pictures new dimensions have been added to the Hollywood beat. New stars and old Are be ing seen in new and exciting mediums 3-d and big screen Western Community. If there were misgivings they were on the score of the Secre tary s manner. What he said munits Are Are not tied to Moscow. One of the penalties of the association. Ting one Over on the wife until he discovered his wife paid the girl to stay out there. If it is vanity makes women Wear a lot of pretty clothes this generation must be a lot less vain than its predecessor. Travelling in the subway would have seemed a preposterous idea a Hundred years ago and a Hun dred years from now they May be building houses Down in the president newspaper publishers Earth so that people won t have to come to the surface at All. Even perhaps in their policy. No single Hope however slender should be cast Churchill. I am not one of those who views with alarm the future of newspapers because of television. Newspapers years ago took radio in their stride and i think they will do the same with Tele movies in telefilm on the stage and in night clubs and on live television in movie town s recently completed network studios. So this column will have new look too. By Edwin p Jordan . Tetanus or lockjaw is a Duce its own Antitoxin. Benefits of tetanus toxoid All frightening disease which car world War ii was the first those who Are especially liable to a Ries with it an extremely High Large scale conflict in which it infection should receive these in death rate. Fortunately it can was possible to produce this Type sections. In fact toxoid is often to to Vlf it of Oft it _4._____j. _ 1__1_ Side glances beginning tomorrow i la keep be prevented however and to of resistance to lockjaw by give Given routinely to infants fre for ing All military personnel the in Quentlyn combined with dish sections of toxoid. The results theria and whooping cough vac were Little Short of miraculous Cines. And tetanus for the first time in if someone who has received history became a mat the toxoid is later injured in such a Way As to cause fear of the Dos you informed on All the activities of your favorite Hollywood stars in All dimensions. T. I. On. Tel h Day there is Little excuse these deaths to continue. An Antitoxin to combat Teta Nus has been known for quite a Long time. This has undoubtedly been responsible for saving Ter of Little medical concern. An Many lives and is quite effective astonishingly Small number of All that is necessary to if Given soon enough after a cases of tetanus occurred in our give another injection of the Tox soldiers and sailors As a result of old called a Booster dose the this measure. Infants get toxoid i d like some books on space travel guided missiles and atomic grandson is going to spend a week tetanus producing injury. But today a still better method is available. The germ which causes lock jaw is present almost every where on the soil and on objects which have come in con tact with the Earth. For this reason people in certain occupations Are much More Likely to acquire the disease than others. Farmers people who Are much around animals and those who go Barefoot Are among those who fall in this group. Soldiers and sailors in combat of course Are also heavily exposed to infection. The germs Are carried into the tissues by the penetration of a Rusty Nail or other object. Here deep in the tissues the germs grow and produce a toxin or Poison which is carried by the blood Stream through the body. After the nerves become affected this toxin cannot be so successfully combated As at the beginning when the toxin is in the blood Stream. The Best weapon to combat tetanus is an artificially produced Active immunity or resistance to the poisonous toxin in Advance of infection. This is created by giving two or three injections of a tetanus toxoid toxoid is the toxin which has been specially treated and which causes the human body to pro toxoid practically never produces unpleasant reactions and this is there is no reason Why civil another advantage Over anti lans should not also receive the toxin. Out our Way is Senor Lima Enchi Llaca dds tacos Una pos tortillas and us Chili Rellanos. No tortas comp Estas. To Well Well. I m Lettiw her. Order mine to Hamaki under stands id dwt know she could like a native a Herp she set it when my lip love to live forever

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