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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 14, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeToday s skies Sunset . Moonset . First Quarter May 20 Leht above the Moon is Elnatha and Well below the Moon is Mars. Mars and Al Nath Are about equal in brilliance but Mars is too dear the Sun to be easily seen. All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 96 Kingsport term., thursday May 14, 1953 20 pages five cents the weather showers and scattered thundershowers this evening and tonight. Friday partly Cloudy and warmer. Yester Day s High 83, last night s Low 59, noon Reading 77. How will get up production new funds will put three More lines in production by feb. The corps of engineers has set aside for reactivating three More production lines at Holston ordnance works it was announced today. The contractor for the Job will be selected in about two weeks and completion of the reactivation is not expected until feb. 1, 1954. He announcement said. At present there Are four full lines and a part of another in operation. The three new lines will brine the total to More than seven which will be in full operation. Firs word of the increase recognition the production lines at How came late wednesday afternoon when senator Albert Gore notified the Kingsport times news that the action had been taken by the army engineers. He said work would Start As soon As built during world War ii manufacture the High explosive Rex Holston ordnance works was kept on a stand by basis after the War until Early in 1951, when an order was issued for partial reactivation. Before that some of the facilities of the Plant had been used for other purposes including the manufacture of fertilizer for overseas shipment As part of american Aid to War ravaged see How Page 2 committee oks Honor student seven teen year old Thomas Joseph he Shariy. Here helping his Mother with the dinner dishes in their Boston mass., Home been named the nation s brightest High school student of 1953. Hegarty a scholar at Boston s latin school won highest Grade of teen agers in Competition sponsored by the National Honor society. With the award came a Check for Nea telephoto Dixie democrats Promise Battle overt acts Kefauver pessimistic Clement leads Tenn. Protest to capital 3 former City residents dead in Waco disaster John w. Coates or. And mrs. Joe Neely victims of Tornado by Fred a. Mccabe up staff correspondent Waco Texas up five year old Sandy Coates a Little girl with Blue eyes and red hair waited at a neighbor s House today for her daddy to come Home but he never will. Her father John w. Coates 26, was among More than 100 persons killed in the Tornado that slashed Waco monday. The deadly twister also killed the child s grandparents or. And mrs. Joseph c. Neely. All three victims Are former Kingsport residents. Sandy s Mother and two week old baby sister Kathy to Are in the Hospital. The 23 year old Mother is suffering from Shock. The storm did t hit the trim White Bungalow where the Coates live but it demolished the Neely paint store Down town which John and mrs. Coates parents operated. Sandy was helping her Mother warm Kathy to s bottle late monday afternoon. The Tele Mccarthy says apology due u. S. From Britain reds reject latest in for exchanging War prisoners tear Down tents used in recent phone father. Rang and it was her he was worried about his family. A Tornado had been forecast. We re Fine. It does t look More farm funds action temporarily halts Economy drive Washington Ern democrats today promised a Battle against president Eisenhower s plus Cut in requested funds for the ten Nessee Valley authority. But one sen. Estes Kefauver a Tenn predicted they would have a fight to get even the Washington up the president requested. House appropriations commit j gov Frank g Clement led an tee voted today to boost Tennessee delegation to lays of Federal funds for farm the nation s capital to urge con bad out the Mother said. I we re warming the baby s bottle. I la Call you Back with the i grocery list in about 10 min at . Mrs. Coates called her husband Back. He came on the line and she heard him say of my god. The building s falling the line went dead. Patsy mrs. Coates and Sandy have been at the front win Dow almost constantly see 3 dead Page 2 since programs in 18 months begin Ning july 1 More than above the Eisenhower recommendations. Gress to appropriate sufficient funds to assure orderly expansion of the Power system. The tennesseans go before a the action temporarily Stop House appropriations sub com Ped the congressional Economy to present facts and i drive. It came while some in support of a for publicans deputed restoration of More than 60 Mil Uon contentions that the dollars Cul from the Tva eral budget can i be balanced a sen. Lister Hill told the 1954 fiscal year to going to do my i5l dead level Best to restore every the committees recommend Dolla r possible. Of the 533 nations while above those rec which or Eisenhower trimmed of mended by president f president Truman s Hower. A Ere below those sub-1 St for Tva melted by former president Truman. The chief executive after con the outlays voted by the see Tva 2 committee do not entirely mean actual spending because so Pip of it is for Loans which eventually will be repaid. The committee approved and sent to the House floor a Bill which would 1. Appropriate for the agriculture department s regular activities in fiscal 1954. This was a Cut of or above 5 per cent from the budget submitted by former president Truman. But it was or 1.4 per cent above revised Eisenhower budget. 2. Authorize in government joans to bring electricity and telephones into Rural areas and to help individuals buy and improve farms and Purchase production equipment. This was a Cut of or 5 per cent in the proposed tru Man budget. But it was a boost of or 14 per cent above the revised Eisenhower budget. 3. Authorize Congress to appropriate next year for the 1954 program of Agri cultural conservation subsidies. Scott co. Bond vote is ordered referendum set soon on schools projects Tenn. Motorists can throw one Teg away Nashville new. Law effective after most motorists had already purchased 53 tags says Only one License plate is needed. The Law part of the new motor vehicle title and registration act passed by the 1953 legislature and effective May 1, was pointed out by state officials yesterday. The act which transferred operation of the motor vehicle title division from the safety department to the department of finance and taxation includes a feature requiring but one the rear of the car. The Davidson county court clerk s office said instructions were issued to remove one of the plates from the package when tags were sold but the order was withdrawn. Officials said the extra plate May be installed on the front or thrown away. Gate City a. J Ders for a school Bond Issue referendum in Scott county have been signed by circuit court j judge e. T. Cartersr. And Are in process of being filed in the court records Deputy circuit court clerk r. V. Wolfe or. Said wednesday night. The referendum will be held june 9 to ask county voters whether or not they will approve of a Issue of school Bonds for construction projects All Over the county. An organization of interested j civic leaders in the county has been formed and this group headed by the Rev. French Tay Lor and the Rev. L. L. Ferguson chairmen will meet Friday at . Here in the chamber of Commerce office. A Complete organization of precinct work ers is to be formed and instructed at the meeting. A total of had been raised wednesday by Hugh y. Shanks finance officer for the referendum Campaign. The goal for referendum Campaign expenses has been set at nov. 3 Date is named for Constitution vote Nashville the state constitutional convention today set next nov. 3 As the Date for a referendum on proposed Amend ments drafted by the convention. Approval of the special elec Tion by a vote of 70-23, came while the delegates were sitting As a committee of the whole. Final formal convention was expected shortly. The action in setting the Date supported the majority report of the convention s committee on elections. Prisoner trades Allied counteroffer fails envoys meet again thursday night Panmunjom the communists today said no to the latest Allied plan for exchanging War prisoners and neither Side gave any indication of yielding i on that last major Barrier to an armistice in Korea. Nearby the reds Tore Down tents used for exchanging sick and wounded War prisoners indicating they re through trading. The United nations Center still stands. The two sides agreed to meet again Friday at 11 . 9 . Thursday at today s truce meeting the. Reds called the Allied counter Long Way to go Dag Hammarskjold new United nations Secretary general puffs on a Cigar As he holds his first official press Confer ence since succeeding Trygve lie. Hammarskjold said that he believes there is a very armistice is reached. Nea telephoto proposal to their eight Point Long Way before May 7 offer absolutely Unac a Rean septable and said it intends overthrow the basis of Neotia i tons of both the chief Allied negotiator Ltd Gen. William k. Harrison jr., an-1 swered with charges that the reds illegally took Allied prison ers across the Yalu River into Manchuria and used others for labor troops. He charged the reds with reducing warfare to a new vicious Ness by impressing some captives into the communist armed forces rather than re leasing them at the front As the reds have maintained. After the meeting he told newsmen there still is a Complete Dif Ference of opinion on the major Tornado death toll passes 100 fear no More victims will be found alive j Waco Tex. Death 1 toll in monday s Tornado passed the 100 Mark today and officials abandoned Hope that any More victims of the twister will be found alive. The latest official count com 1 piled by the department of pub Lic safety showed 101 dead. James Webb a Waco City offi ers who refuse repatriation with British forces Egypt blockades British soldiers economic move taken in bitter Suez Row Cairo Egypt was reported today trying to throw an economic noose around the British soldiers she wants to push out of the bitterly disputed Suez canal zone. Interior ministry sources said the Allied counteroffer would Premier Mohamed Naguib s cab free North korean prison inet has prohibited commercial urge Ike speak out now for firm policy on reds Washington Ferguson a Mich today urged pres ident Eisenhower to speak out now in an Effort to win British support for a firm policy toward the communists in Korea and elsewhere in Asia. He made the suggestion at an interview at a time of increasingly bitter transatlantic gibes Between lawmakers of the two Long time allies. A sen. Knowland a Calif yesterday denounced As a Munich appeasement inviting world War ii proposals by prime min ister Churchill and Clement att Lee labor party Leader. Know land particularly objected to any truce which would leave Korea divided and Lead to admission of red China into the United nations. Cial who is acting As emergency Headquarters office manager said he had unofficial reports of 104 and 108 dead. Some 320 other persons were injured and the red Cross Esti mated 20 were missing. An hour before the Tornado hit Waco another Tornado hit san Angelo 190 Miles West of Waco killing nine persons and injuring 130. Bodies were being found Here at the rate of one an hour. More than 20 bulldozers were put to work Clearing the huge piles of rubble. For the second night in succession Rescue workers la bored through the night and great searchlights illuminated the area. Just before Midnight wednes Day the searchers thought they heard some one in the Wall be tween the piles of rubble that were once the Joy theater and the r. T. Dennis furniture store. So the bulldozers stopped and Rescue servicemen who worked in re into the Wall with their Bare hands. There was no one there and work resumed. It was the third time since the bulldozers were put to work that workers thought they heard someone in the wreckage. But every time there proved to be no one there. Under certain conditions would i in the Suez except by special put chinese in temporary custody of a five nation commis Sion made up of Sweden Switzer land India Poland and Czecho Slovakia. 9 . Is deadline in City registration today is the last Day to Regis Ter for the june 6 City election. Prospective voters have until 9 . To Register at City Hall up stairs in the courtroom. If already registered to vote in the City a citizen need not re Register unless he has moved away and later returned. But if a resident has never be fore registered for a City election he must Register today if he wishes to vote on june 6. Approval by the Supply minis the order these sources said applies to foodstuffs alcoholic beverages building materials and other raw materials. Ban Ning of egyptian sales of All these would Force the British to Supply their vast establish ment entirely from outside Egypt. Egyptian political circles viewed the Cabinet s new move As the Start of a growing economic Boycott of British forces in the canal zone. It followed a hot Exchange of charges Between Brit Ain and Egypt in which each accused the other of a series of shooting attacks in the canal zone since april 1. Cairo newspapers claimed to Day that an egyptian gun Salvo last night announcing the be ginning of the moslem holy month or Ramadan touched off those who once registered but five hours of British firing in moved outside the City into an area that since has been annexed to the City will need to re Register. Their names were dropped from the books when they left the City. Every person must Register for himself. A husband May not Reg ister for his wife or a wife for her husband. Which one egyptian was wounded. An associated press dispatch said All was quiet today at the canal s Northern end. The Dis Patch said that one British ves Sel arrived from Cyprus today and began unloading material and another was expected later in the Day. Indo China reds drive French bolster defense Hanoi indo China communist vie Minh Spear Heads today drove to within 16 outpost Only 16 Miles from Miles of Hanoi in a new Light Ning thrust into the Rich Rice bowl of the red River Delta. Reports reaching this Tonkin province capital said new fight ing has erupted elsewhere to the Delta Region. It was believed the red Campaign was designed to capture the Rich Rice crop of the Region. The French command rushed reinforcements today to various strategic Points along the North Ern defense perimeter after an Hanoi was overrun last night in a Savage Battle. Simultaneously French and vietnamese authorities decreed special Security measures to meet the new threat and pre vent the rebels from infiltrating the French defences in strength. More than 100 rebels were re ported killed in a series of encounters 30 Miles South of Hanoi. The casualties were inflicted when an air supported French patrol column engaged a Strong vie Minh Force during the night. In another engagement 35 Miles Southeast of Hanoi French heavy tanks went into action against rebel forces which am bushed a French unit which was engaged in Clearing communist roadblocks on colonial Highway no. 17. The French command said a passenger train was blown up by the rebels Between Here and the port of Haiphong yesterday. The announcement said no casual ties resulted. Washington Dent Eisenhower said today he has no objection to a Confer ence of top leaders of the major Powers but that he would first like to see some evidence of Good Faith from the soviet Union. And As yet he declared he has seen no evidence of Good Faith on the part of the rus sians in their talk of wanting world peace. Eisenhower also declared i have met no one in the United states who does not want backing this up Ferguson said the president should make a Public statement that shows our policies do not coincide with those of Churchill and Attlee the state department late yesterday threw a Little cold water on Churchill s suggestion monday for a meeting of West Ern and russian leaders. The suggestion was a further manifestation of his Church ill s own High the department said but it stressed that before any such talks there must be Concrete evidence of so Viet Good Faith. The statement said agreement see policy Page 2 big steel wage Parley watched outcome will affect wide Range of prices Pittsburgh Industrial America and the Eisenhower administration watched the steel capital today for an indication of what May be in the wind in the Way of steel wage increases which affect the Price of practically every commodity in the land. The watchful waiting began As the Cio United steelworkers opened its first negotiating ses Sion today with big United states steel corp. The steelworkers Union is ask ing the Industry to increase wages of its members. It traditionally begins its bargain ing with u. S. Steel which usually sets the Pace for the entire Industry. In past years wage increases in steel were followed by similar hikes in other industries. That is Why the other industries and the new Eisenhower administration Are watching. Since wage and the Price controls were lifted new gop administration said it would make every Effort to head off another inflationary spiral. A free scenes hone drawn Wagon causes shoppers to Stop and stare As Driver turns on Speed of team to a full Gallop going Down Market Street. Five year old child granted permission to make trip to Cor Ner store but worked Mother follows by half a Block in car to make sure child finds Cor rect route. A summertime collection of bikes wagons tricycles and skates made an obstacle course of some residential Ike to address nation tuesday to explain his stand on Security budget Washington up presi Dent Eisenhower will make a speech to the nation next tues Day night on National Security the budget and taxes. Or. Eisenhower told his news conference today that the speech will include a discussion of the whole tax problem and How the administration will approach it. Or. Eisenhower said the speech will cover National Security Economy the budget spending taxes and their relationships. He said he will try to explain exactly what the administration is trying to get at. The broadcast is scheduled tentatively for 9 . Or. Eisenhower said he will go Over the speech with Republican congressional leaders next tues Day morning at his weekly meet ing with them. He will work on the speech during his week enc aboard the presidential Yach Williamsburg. Or. Eisenhower in his Broad cast will try to end the confusion that has developed Over Thi new administration s budget Anc tax Outlook. The president himself has said he does not expect a balanced budget in fiscal 1954 which ends june 30, 1954, Anc has said repeatedly he opposes any tax cuts until the budget is balanced. But in the past week two members of his Cabinet have Given conflicting views on when they expect a balanced budget Secretary of Treasury George m Humphrey has said he expects government spending and in come to get into balance by july 1, 1954. Defense Secretary Charles e. Wilson told a House committee it probably will be two or three years before the budget is balanced. House speaker Joseph w Martin or. Said after a break fast meeting with or. Eisen Hower and Humphrey this morn see Ike Page 2 Sharp fights flare along korean fronts Seoul Korea up fight ing increased sharply along the 155-mile Battlefront today As South koreans smashed High chinese assaults on outpost Tex As in the heaviest action. American Sabre jets stepped up the Tempo of the air fighting too by shooting Down three communist Mig-15s, probably destroying one and damaging another in an air Battle Fough near he Sueiho Reservoir. United nations fighter bomb ers raided red Supply and troop Allee Satrack cheap insulting angry speech blasts labor Leader for Praise of communists Washington up sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy demanded an apology today for the cheap and fantastic attack which former British prime minister Clement r. Attlee made against the president and peo ple of the United Mccarthy angrily told the sen ate that if the British do not want to support american policy in Korea let them withdraw and be telling the Senate that the British Navy is protecting ship ments to communist China and that some merchant vessels Fly ing the British Flag actually Are under control of the red chinese he shouted let them withdraw and be damned. Then let us sink any accursed ship which is carrying arms to the communists killing Ameri can the Wisconsin Republican de parted from a prepared a Long denunciation of British policies in make those assertions. He roundly criticized British prime minister Winston Churchill and his predecessor Clement r. Attlee Leader of the opposition labor party. If there is an attempt to blackmail us into communist peace strikes throughout the targets before Dawn and continued Day. More than chinese mounted seven simultaneous attacks along a 10-mile front West of the Yukhan River last night and Early today. The South koreans hurled Back five attacks against out Post Texas but yielded two and Vance positions temporarily moving Back to them without opposition before Dawn. Mig-15 kills included one scored by 1st it. A. R. Cox Denmark s. C. The probable kill was claimed by capt. George love of Mem Phis Tenn., and the damage lit was credited to col. Robert p. Baldwin Panama City Fla. Accepting a on grounds that otherwise Britain will with draw from Korea Mccarthy said. Then we can go it alone " this nation is powerful Mccarthy declared. It has the guts. It has the strength to win its he charged that Attlee s address in the House of commons tuesday was one of the most insulting speeches Ever made in the legislature of a nation receiving Aid from an ally that has been pouring out her eco nomic life blood for practically every other nation on Attlee stirred up a hornets nest of resentment on Capitol Hill when he said some elements see Mccarthy Page z pastors oppose sunday funerals Greene ministers say it disrupts services Greeneville Tenn. The Greeneville ministerial association has appealed to the Good citizens of Greeneville and Greene county not to schedule funeral services for loved ones on the lord s in a Resolution adopted yesterday the association said Sun Day funerals make it impossible for Many persons to attend Wor ship services. When funeral services cause Many persons to absent them selves from regular Church serv the Resolution continued then it May be said with com plete Candor that they disrupt the use of sunday for according to the Resolution the reasons for scheduling More funerals on sunday than any other Day of the week Are two fold so that people May be free from their daily work to attend and so that larger Gro Fps May funerals Are designed Pri Marily to Comfort the bereaved and there is no Good reason for anyone to be in attendance save the family and close the Resolution added. So lunar tables i Kadula of so Cuaar Panda printed below Oak Man take from atom Aldra calf bin 8olon4b tables plan your Daji m that will m Flake no Rood Tarr Torr or font of i Coo cow i ulna Kaaa a lab apart that amok Day do m alar period Ara atom la bold. To. Tow Kaaa Batto at us Teaa atom and Lait for an boor Lotf a Batt or Tva hour fear after tha Haar to Rafalar Type. A Al pm. A m. Omm Bat 6 saturday 7 of Malar i cot to 10-m Lake stages jatauta Lake level i get Cherokee Hob Tod 1.7u.1 Boone

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