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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 13, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport times thursday May miss Dottie keel recent Bride elect Center was honoured with a Shower recently by mrs. C. H. Stamper left and mrs. Chester Stamper. Photo by Kesterson times news Beatrice Fairfax says jealousy and dictatorship Are dangerous in marriage dear miss Fairfax i am a Young Man of 23 and have been going with a girl 20 for Over a year. We have been seeing each other every night All that time. The Only thing that bothers me is that if i speak to or even look at another girl she gets angry or else she will mention some fellow she used to go with to try and make me jealous. I never flirt with other girls but she won t believe me when i Tell her that although i believe her when she says she never pays any attention to other Fel lows. She wants me to forget about any girl i Ever knew even those who have been Good friends of mine and i Don t think it is fair for her to ask this. What do you think Lenny p. Dear Lenny Are you engaged to this girl or Aren t you you Don t say so and behave like one with other dates and other interests. If you do plan to marry her you re jew Pat officers took this pledge monday during installation ceremonies held at a luncheon Given by the City Pat Council. Left to right Are mrs. Harold Austin Andrew Johnson Irvin Rankin Abraham Lincoln mrs. J. M. Straley Dobyns Bennett High mrs. Joseph o Dell Andrew Jackson mrs. W. C. Eversole Junior High and mrs. Peter Crumley Washington Lee. Times news photo by Creasy women voters have luncheon Martin Karant guest speaker the May luncheon meeting of the league of womb a voters was held monday in the Laurel room of the Kingsport inn. Mrs. E. B. Towne president going to find agreement pc Natl the meeting by Reading rules of commonsense and not prayer for every Day. Walt. The jealous posses weness of Len by Carl Sandburg when he either of you shall be your guide was seventeen years old. In your friendships. Dear miss Fairfax i m 22. And have had a few which Case it is extremely fool ish for you to be seeing each other every single night. Even engaged people in my opinion act much More wisely when they dates he did not keep up with other friends and get in touch with me and he after introducing the guest Martin Karant of radio station wept mrs. Thomas e. Burdell interests to a reasonable extent i instead of wrapping themselves up in each other s personality so completely that they lose All perspective about their relation ship. Because you two have apparently done just this your girl has come to think that she owns you and resents your appearing to have the slightest interest in anyone else. Undoubtedly she is a Type that is predisposed to be jealous but just toe same you Are a Good Deal to blame for the present situation for having concentrated so exclusively on her. If you Don t intend to marry this girl then you d better make it Crystal Clear right you should have done it Long take it that you Are not in i you re a free agent. A real treat for everyone my friends that although he thought i was the nicest girl he had Ever taken out he could not see me because he was t working. However i know he is working now but he still has t tried to get in touch with me. How can i get him interested dates with a fellow i like very program chairman presented a recording called Points of View mrs. John g. Lee Moderator of the discus Sions is president of the league of women voters of the United states. The Oiler members of the panel were Richard Bow ditch president of the United states chamber of Commerce Charles Taft president com Mittee for a National Trade policy Samuel Anderson assistant Secretary of Commerce and Alfred Friendly assistant managing editor the Washington Post. The recording helps american citizens realize the vital connection Between our Trade policies and world peace and Prosperity. Or. Bowditch and or. Taft paid particular attention to the Impact of imports on our econ omy As a whole and pointed out in a realistic manner the effect of lower tariffs on individual industries. Or. Anderson and or. Friendly take the matter of world Trade out of the realm of the abstract and give Concrete the free world Strong. Or. Karant used the example of a Well known american made cigarette lighter which Sells for about against a foreign made one exactly like it but which Sells for what is the difference Between the two Quality. Or. Karant feels that our ambassadors should inform other Peoples of what we need and what we will buy based on Quality. The question was asked if Nat ural Competition in the world markets would take care of the problem. It was answered that ideally it would although it will always be necessary to protect some industries upon which we depend in War time when it might be impossible to import those items. The United states film highlights he club meeting a film on vegetables and Home appliances was shown by l. P. Gregory to the ten members and two visitors of the Hillcrest Home demonstration club which was held in the Home of i mrs. C. T. Hilton. The visitors were mrs. Robert a. Rogers of fort Worth Texas and mrs. Leah Hilton Kin Sporl. Members answered Roll Call by giving their favorite recipe. Mrs. Claude Moody reporting on Home management held a Dis Cussion on How to simplify a household Job. Mrs. Alvin Burger gave a re port on poultry suggesting that poultry houses be Well Venti lated around the top. So As not to have direct draft on the chickens. An enjoyable tour was recently made of mrs. Homer Degroot s Flower Garden in Sullivan Gar Dens. The june meeting will be held in the Home of mrs. J. W. Dick son. Tuesday was View Pat ., All members urged to attend. Emer son roller county supervisor to speak. Sunnyside Pat In me again s. L. Dear s. Perhaps if this Young Man was out of work for some time it will take him a Little while to get on an even keel again financially speaking so he May not feel Able to Start spending Money yet on girls. In the meantime however you might invite a few people both men and women to your Home some evening and include him among the guests. This would t make it quite As obvious that you were trying to attract his attention As if you i invited him All by himself. If he accepts your invitation then it will be up to him to re turn your hospitality by inviting you on a Date relatively soon and if he does t do this then you d better drop the whole thing right at that Point and make no further moves in his direction. Auxiliary holds memorial service the highlight of the monthly meeting of the american legion auxiliary held recently at the legion Home was a memorial service honouring mrs. Sarah Ann Carroll and mrs. Lacy Stone. In tribute Charles Neal Sang Moth accompanied at the piano by mrs. Mack Shipley. Mrs. W. K. Rutledge poppy chairman announced that the Sale of poppies will be May 28 and 29. Mew arrivals system of classification and codification is so complicated that it puts up a Barrier against foreign shippers. In a nutshell the league of women voters of the United states is for two Way Trade be cause we need markets for our goods. We need raw materials or our industries and defense. We need to increase imports to maintain our Standard of living. Other nations need to sell their goods. They want to buy our they would rather Trade with us than be Given examples of what would happen if u. S. Trade should decline. They discuss too recommend rat for a new More Liberal asked is the icy or. Karant league of women voters a non partisan he an swered affirmatively. Then he asked Why the league is inter ested in the problem of tariffs we Mph has Long been a political question. He was answered that the league is interested in the principles but not the politics involved in the question. The former Rule of democrats for Low tariffs and republicans for High tariffs no longer exists. The picture has changed in the past 20 years we sell about five Bil lion dollars Worth More of goods abroad than we buy the differ ence being made up by Grants in Aid. Many Large industries Many labor unions Many Small businesses realize that we need i two Way Trade to keep us and comes with Economy size of Johnson s hard gloss Glo coat ends scuffed up floors Richard Arnold Norris son of or. And mrs. Sidney a. Norris 1689 Jefferson ave., at Holston Valley Community Hospital May 9, weighing 7 pounds 19 ounces. Linda Lee Lauderback Daugh Ter of or. And mrs. Klyne Lau Derback 122 e. Ravine st., at Hych May 7, weighing 6 pounds 3% ounces. Jerry Lynn Mullenix son of or. And mrs. Millard Mullenix. Kingsport route 4, at Hych May 10, weighing 7 pounds 33.i ounces. Mary Ruth Salyers daughter of or. And mrs. Charlie Salyers Nickels Volle route 1, at Hych May 7, weighing 7 pounds. Vickie Lynn love daughter of or. And mrs. L. B. Love Kings port route 5, at Hych May 5, weighing 8 ounce. Teresa Joan Taylor daughter of or. And mrs. Arthur Taylor. Nickelsville route 2, at Hych May 8, weighing 7 pounds ounces. Jeanne Shea Fleenor Daugh Ter of or. And mrs. Kelly flee nor Kingsport route 3, at Hych May 7, weighing 6 pounds 8% ounces. How to Moth damage effectively economically easily it s odourless it s stainless easy to use onto 98 your Fine woolens carpets drapes and furniture represent a valuable investment so protect them for one full year with and application of real kill Moth up Noferi both Pronier Odo Mil to protect it jams Civa ii res i Ctm pore. Aid yes la demand Ike real kill of retd laundering with Clorox Means a cleaner safer Wash Clorox makes linens Mie Tiwi White if makes them you la take Pride in the extra whiteness of your Clorox clean Cottons and linens for Clorox removes Dingness stains even scorch and mildew. Clorox provides extra health Protection too. No other Home laundering product equals Clorox in germ killing efficiency laundering with Clorox has other advantages Clorox Deodorizes. Leaves linens fresh smelling even when dried indoors. Clorox also conserves linens. It s extra gentle free from caustic thanks to an exclusive patented formula. And Clorox a liquid contains no Gritty particles to damage Wash and Washer. And Shine hard Cross Applier lets your Knees take it easy a Handy Applier is attached right to the ran ready to take Home and spread hard gloss Glo coat Over All your floors. The head is durable plastic hat won t Warp or split. The soft Fluffy Chenille fld slips off for easy Wash ing fan be re ii spa month after month. Any Standard Broom handle Vou have around the House Cus snugly into the Applier. Remember the hard gloss Applier is Fra when you buy either a half gallon or gallon can of Johnson s wonderful hard gloss Glo coat. R hurry your dealer s Supply is limited l these benefits in Clorox is the key to real Kitchen cleanliness keep an extra bottle of Clorox Handy in the Kitchen for Rou Tine cleaning of tile porcelain enamel and linoleum surfaces. Clorox remove Taini Deodor izes disinfects. A Type of non poisonous Liin Fec lion that 11 recommended by hundreds of Public health departments see the Label for Many More housecleaning Hinti. For family health

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