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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 12, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee_ King port wednesday May Nashville dentist honoured at meeting Chattanooga Nash Ville dentist who has been prac timing for 46 years has been honoured by the state dental As Boyle s column by Hal Bovle lights up the vitamins new York Call food and shows if they Are get bananas to stay Ripe longer present in the right amount. By making them breathe less How Tough should a Jelly bean Kentucky news Winchester of the East Kentucky Rural electric cooperative corp. Re elected All offi the consist Ometer measures the cers and directors yesterday in density of such products As eluding president Alex b. Beech creamed Corn Apple sauce and Shelby Ville. The annual meet cake Batter. The Crumb pressure highlighted by an in Sola ton and referred to As Pioneer in the Field of Restora what is the Correct Wall i checks Asp action of the new William c. Live j thickness of a piece of and resistance Power station at nearby rum staling. Or. C irl w. Hoffer was a testimonial banquet Here last How can you Tell whether night by delegates to the 87th canned peas Are Young Middle Simual convention. Lie has or elderly been a Leader in dental Educa Kord. There is also a cookie Tor Turer called a Short Ometer. The Gilbertsville the cookie or soda Cracker is placed i Kentucky federation of business these problems would two parallel bars. A third and professional women s clubs Tion and dental Busl housewives but Arm then swings Down or Hoffer Flamily and members Man one Man any Way finds land measures How much Force Vlf Elff fret of his staff were present for dinner. Will open its 32nd annual three Day meeting at Kentucky dam Village Friday. Them quite simple. He is George j is required to crumble it. Garnatz. A Pioneer in the rapidly or. Fred h. Hall. Yield of food Emu to i i 5 Cracker told the group that or. To break under Louisville _ attorney is truly an artist. He has Benj or said Ollic James Cohen and one of Able to interpret through fingers the things he a an Atlanta dentist. Or. I. Wenj Poi Mas 01 said Jolue James Cohen and one of his1 been struck with learn edly if it has his clients. Mrs. Ethel Skinner a problems for 32 years said Gar too much moisture Content or is must answer a Charee that Thev Itnatz Ever since i wrote a made with too Little Short Nimr. Fro Ori of made with too Little shortening it May take More than 3 pounds snicker when i was studying to to snap it. Shows it s too Tau Jih. Art f. Schopper of Kansas and or. Walter k. Cuburu nay. Director of i to keep its shape one that can pastor of Nashville s first food foundation my by Terian Church. Arnalz and a staff j the i take More than 11 pounds too Tough for the juvenile Trade. Once while forged the name of mrs. Skin Ner s late husband on his will. They were indicted yesterday. Both denied the charge. The will named mrs. Skinner sole beneficiary in a estate. Richmond voting machines will be used in 11 Madi county precincts in Rich mond Berea and Black lick experimenting in the november election. Their yesterday Kingsport today wednesday Lilc avd Purlum a Retutal in main auditorium. Shower party in club rooms 4 and 5. Art exhibit id Lou Oje. L. recreation Center act Leluea. Thu sual Lufte aids Orlim Guo club la game room. South Ward democrats id club rooms 1. 3. Hooked Ruff milk Lar la club Roma 4 Art exhibit in Lounise. Lit let committee meeting la Corner room. T. Culotti refit Itlen Center re Nekton Center . Secre blod Center recreation Center activities. Cd Veltan lunch noon club room. Bulness prof. . Room. .-club room work simplification p m u. C. Kali Jar f Eric Aidi Trinni local Union 12843 Box supper in main auditorium. Cedar drove banquet in club rooms 1. 2. 3. And Art Kex Tobii in lounge. Frank l. Cloud recce Allta Center recreation Center activities. Recreation Center recreation Center activities. Kurt report inn room. Saturday a tale auditorium armed Force Ken lilt 11 00.7-Ofl in main auditorium. Frank l. Cloud Center recreation Center activities Donilu recreation Conler recreation Cenich activities. Tion to outlaw the practice our devices test cod a banana with it. Confusing the Public by sub nets mechanically and Objcc-1 try it and said Sti Tutler non-sfifiitifii1 opinion said they tnkeicl.u.n.u., the waxed for proven scientific the element of human stay Chi Ripe twice As or. Harry m. Underwood of let it we As untreated bananas. Run Wilip a Irir to id of i to the real facts about food. To Imi oxime in i naturally we could t sell foundation for dental education last year we Marie More with Toor Wax on research and student Loans set scientific inspections of Llata gut Liay 10w with the 11. An aging population probably qty there will be seven million some other persons with serious hearing impairment in the United states 50 years from now says the Ameri hearing Aid Assn. Virginia scout troop registers in Council Appalachia a. Club troop 34 of Pound a. Has registered with the Lone some Pine Council and the boy scouts of America for 1954 and 55. The troop has been making Progress under the leadership of to new scoutmaster b. H. Mead. Mead replaced a. J. Collier As scoutmaster. E. L. Barr is the institutional representative for the lion s club. Troop committeemen Are c. L. Dahlin chairman h. C. Jackson a. J. Collier and c. W. Bowling. Scouts registering with the Roop Are Roscoe Baker Cecil soiling Roger Fleming Radford Tompkins and Larry Wright. Explorers in the troop Are Ronnie boiling Lowell Branham Charles Countiss Jerry Fleming John Hopkins Harry Mathias Maxwell Sonny Smith Rudy Sparks Samuel Tompkins and Charles Witt. Most people respond quickly to sounds than to some thing they see the average be ing about 15 one hundredths of i second for sound and 20 for sight. A 50-fial up by the convention. Other directors included 11.000 food items. Only a i Rac of one per cent had to be Frankfort Ion Moonshine still and Ingram was arrested at equipment was destroyed in the scene according to the Al Menifee county yesterday and Coholic beverage control Board. Moving dial Circle 5-7441 Tom still Transfer co. Granville Sherman. Because the Man fac vice president or. Wayne l. Me hirers had misrepresented them Culley Cleveland Secretary or they weren t up to govern treasurer and or. Oren a. signs proclamation vice mayor Milton Devault Center puts his name to an armed forces week proclamation. Looking on Are Lieut. Col. Leo c. Williamson infantry u. S. Army area armed forces week project officer and William Nashville. Or. Andrew a simple micrometer i minus breathe. So do potatoes f. Freehoff or. Kingsport chairman for armed forces week. W. W. Berry Nash measure a piece of course potatoes developed a harmless odourless Wax. And you la see waxed Ripe bananas on the Market before the end of the year. The Wax slows Down their respiration rate. Sure Ripe a it a photo by l. T. Keste Soiu Bubble gum school fever Are now fads Oklahoma City some child May be having Ville. H. L. Moore. Memphis. Or. Ewin Council and Lupton put ton of Chattanooga. Macaroni to be sure that it has i respire More slowly than lettuce the proper Wall thickness. A Quick cooking or celery. This respiration pop the dentists also adopted be about new Constitution providing for Inch he said. Slow replacement of Council with tees. The executive in Macaroni ulary speaking is really a form 26-l.oooth of of giving off of car cooking Macaroni can be up to and Bon dioxide and oxygen by fruits a Board of tru3-j4_iiooth of an Inch. We can allow up to of an Inch variation and still guarantee uniform cooking How do you Tell Young peas talk is rationed Van Guys. Calif. Busl dad Don t Rush for the doctor trouble getting along with his Nessman keeps phone from ocl Simpie. By the every time Junior s or or. Tay 1 zips above the Standard 98.6. J Lor explained. This emotional he May have nothing More upset May cause his temperature than a Case of Bubble cum be worse yet. It May be a Case of school once a stand Ard joke among Small Fry and now a scientific fact. The truth is explains or. Fred m. Taylor. Houston. Tex., paediatrician lots of things May Taring Junior s temperature to a just Stone Pesky Bug. Taylor addressed some 500 Oklahoma doctors yesterday at the state medical convention. Association to Rise. The psychiatrists refer to this As school even chewing can make Junior s temperature Rise above the 98.6 Mark. He said a perfectly Normal child May have a temperature of 100 or 101 degrees just from exercise this includes Bubble gum chewing. The thing to do or. Taylor by relying on the thermometer to Tell when danger is at hand. Too often they feel the tem Calls Short so he can tend to his i difference Between sinkers and business. To end a phone con a floaters versa Lon he triggers a Gadget i As Pas get older they gel which sets off a phone Bell. More dense because they Are the other party hears it 1 converting sugar to sex through the receiver and the j . In a can of businessman apologizes sorry top Grade fancy peas not More than 2 per cent of them should sink More than 2 inches in a 13 but my other phone is Pesature should be stuck at that Bobby pin notch among teen agers Santa be n. M. Study per cent Salt solution in 10 Sec a Teeth. Of Teeth among Santa be school children showed a Large number of cases of Bobby pin this is a wearing Down of irreplaceable tooth enamel by opening Bobby pins with the Little red Arrow. It is Normal to or. David Striffler Public vary. A child May go for weeks he has an ingenious device health dental director said an or months with an afternoon which automatically can put number of cases of Elevation of temperature. Sure it is up. But that s the Way advised is not to rear a child you keep exercise. Let the child rest 30 to 45 min utes and then take his tempera can of peas to this test and separate the tender Young float ers from the tired old sinkers. Other gadgets in his Laboratory look As if they had been invented by Rube Goldberg. The flu notches in the Teeth were found in the Survay especially among Junior High school girls. He urged girls to find some other Means of opening Bobby pins. All merchandise from our regular Stock c with the Purchase of any pair ladies at regular prices from a special group of 500 pairs thursday Friday saturday red Cross Carmel letes foot flairs shoes from 10.95 to 14.95 bags from 4.95 to 12.95 if we Are unable to match the shoes you select or you do not want a handbag we will reduce the shoe Price All sales final. No exchanges. No refunds. 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