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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 7, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee8 thursday May 7, 1953 Kingsport times time on its hands is Only thing lacking at Library of Congress by Jane Day Washington up across the Park from the Capitol the Library of Congress goes Calm by about the business of the larg est Library in the world. From an original c.400 volumes purchased 150 years ago the Library has grown to a collection of books manuscripts magazines recordings and films. The floor space of the Library and Annex occupies 36 acres. Its shelves placed end to end would stretch 250 Miles. The present Structure was completed in 1897. Before that the Library had been housed in the Capitol where it was shifted about As its needs developed. The Library was established in 1800 by act of Congress which provided for a suitable apart ment in the when the British burned the Capitol in 1813, the Library and All its vol Umes were destroyed. In 1815 Congress acquired the personal Library of Thomas Jefferson at his request. This widely Diversi fied collection formed the nucleus for the present Library of Congress. Research problems is stupendous and never ending. The staff is currently preparing a subject Catalon of publications in the cyrillic alphabet bul Garian russian Serl Tan Ukrain Ian and White russian languages. The schedule of cultural pro crams far exceeds the Bounds of pure Litera tary Endeavor. Con certs Are presented weekly from fall through Spring in the Coolidge auditorium under the auspices of endowed foundations. When the Budapest string quartet appears Stradivari instruments Are removed from their specially air conditioned chamber in the Library for its use. These priceless instruments Are the gift of foe Gertrude Clarke Whittall foundation. Talking books the Library sponsors a series of literary readings by actors and poets. Well known stage and screen personalities appeared on its program last year. Since 1934, the Library of con Gress has provided books for the Blind. Named talking books by the staff these volumes have been recorded on Long playing records which Are loaned with a to the rear of the main build record player to qualified Indi ing is the White Marble Annex a visuals. Last year Blind built in 1939. The two Are con j people throughout the country nested by a Tunnel through patronized this service. Which a pneumatic tube conveys books. The complexity and scope of the Library s work increases each year. Most of the work entails highly specialized research. Members of Congress last year flooded the staff with a record number of inquiries. These required anywhere from several minutes to several months to answer. The thousands of publications that pour into the Library each year Job of cataloguing the Green Stamps for week end the Little store in agreement with the Sperry and Hutchinson co., will offer s and h Green Stamps to grocery shoppers when they pay the Cashiers. The Stamps in -10-cent denomination Are redeemable for Many brands of Mer Chandise handled by the s h company. Books of Stamps can be sent to the company from purchases of merchandise at the Little store and grocery shoppers will receive their prizes by mail. Employees of the store were guests of the s h Green stamp co. Wednesday night at Mack Ray s where r. Virgil Nash above manager of the Southern territory of the s h company discussed the Green stamp plan. At the head table with him Are left to right o. B. Slate Little store manager mrs. Lena Ballow manager of the s h store in Roanoke and supervisor of the Southern territory of the firm Charles Moody manager of the Little store bakery and j. J. Moneyhun representative of the s h company s Bristol area. Mrs. Mae Long Bristol store manager with the s h company was also to Kingsport in connection with the introduction of the plan Here. On permanent display is the Gutenberg Bible the first Book printed in the Western world. This the Only perfect copy on vellum in the United states was printed 500 years ago. Also on exhibit is the manuscript of the giant Bible of Maniz. The Library has one of the original copies of the Bill of rights and Thomas Jefferson s rough draft of the declaration of Independence. Personal papers of most of the presidents Are Dis played. London to receive moral scrubbing for Coronation Greece hot taken in by Russia s peace moves by Leon Dennen Nea staff correspondent Athens mar Shal Alexander Papago Premier of Greece looks at the russians through a Northern Border bristling with guns and barbed wire. He does t intend to remove one gun or take Down one strand of wire just because Moscow is suddenly talking peace. Papago is perhaps the Only Western statesman with first hand combat experience against soviet military strategy. As supreme commander of the greek forces he Defeated the Moscow supported bulgarian and Al Banian guerrillas who paralysed his country from 1946 to 194b. The 70-year-old Premier who is Broad shouldered and vigor Ous told me in an exclusive interview to his office j Greece eagerly awaits Evi Dence of peaceful intention on Well trained armies and seasoned reserves and above All will defend their Independence and integrity to the said a Pagos. The treaty of Ankara is the expression of these realities. Cooperation among us on nato s Southern flank adds a Strong and much needed link to the Chain of Western Papago Speaks with certainty that his country is behind him for his greek rally party recently swept the elections. Virginia Bankers say Home prices slated to drop the part of Russia and is ready Richmon to examine carefully any Chance wants that you should buy of East Lufler a new Home by Tom a. Cullen Aba special correspondent London Nea the word has gone around that Scotland Yard is out to clean up the merry wives of Mayfair before Coronation. They Are the Call girls who operate out of lady x s luxurious apartment. They Are for the most part Beautiful elegantly dressed of them Well educated and with an unerring knowledge pages. Of Vintage Cham Lor the improvement West relations. Being the persistent people they but until we have tangible Are re proof of a change in soviet intentions we Are bound to continue our policy of Alert Vigi Lance and carry on with our military efforts which will enable us to deter asserting that Russia is continuing to rearm Romania Bui Way prices Are going to the next year a Survey of Bankers and real tors to six major Urban centers of Virginia shows the following 1. That if prices of Urban Homes for Sale or resale change within the next 12 months it Garia and Albania Papago be downward depending on missed Premier v. M. Molotov so the age of the House the neigh proposal for a five Power con Ference. Is achieved by four or five Power negotiations is he said. What matters is How sincere the rus sians they Are ready words. For deeds not merely the russians can prove their sincerity he said by agreeing to a korean truce liquidation of the War in indo China conclusion of an aus Trian peace treaty and free elections for a unified so Long As there is no sign of a slowdown in the arming of Greece s red dominated North Ern neighbors Papago asserted Greece must remain armed despite the heavy Burden upon its shattered Economy. We must do our Best to keep up with our responsibilities for the common defense in the be boyhood it s to and local Market conditions. With Only one exception the Bankers and realtors who normally hesitate to predict declines to the amount of Money you la need for a House will stay the same or drop slightly. 2. That the Cost of building new Homes will remain on the same level with no decrease to labor costs but perhaps a slight decline to the costs of materials. 3. That old Homes or Homes in neighbourhoods which have seen their heyday already Are dropping in Price. In Lynchburg the drop was a reported 10 to 15 per cent. 4. That the Cost of renting Money interest to buy new Homes is rising. Some Bankers say the higher interest rates will mean smaller Down payments. The government already has boosted rates on i and Cha Lief that this is the Only Way j insured Loans. The effect this will to Avert the Premier con j have on housing prices still is a tinted. Question. In that the trend is toward a our government s new eco buyer s Market. And that Home nomic policy Aims at the same j lending agencies Are becoming time at laying Down the found selective in the Type Loans Tion of a sane Economy and in they make. Some Bankers re Abling us to find Means for i ported the average appraisal dancing projects indispensable value on Homes is lower than a for developing our he Vear said. Thomas c. Boushall president Greece now has the largest of the Bank of Virginia said the per capita army of any country in the North Atlantic treaty organization. Papago believes wholeheartedly in the recently completed Balkan Alliance of Greece tur key and Yugoslavia. The three countries have wednesday thursday double feature no. 1 kind lady Ethyl Barrymore no. 2 Carrilean Arlene Dahl John Payne state uncounted thrills Teresa Macdonald Wright Carey features at cartoon helping Paw men of science world Newi they Are All available for dates with tired businessmen or tourists at prices ranging from to a time. Some of them Are married to businessmen accept dates merely for pin As the wife of a retired British colonel recently confided to one of her clients i Only do this to pay my husband s lady a herself is the wife of a 10-Karat British peer. She is also the Madame of one of Lon Don s thirty seven Call girl syndicates. This week lady x and her Sisters in business Are not talk ing on telephones to strangers and regular customers Are required to give elaborate pass words and counter signs. In View of the impending Coronation it is doubtful that there will be any sensational arrests but insiders say that should Scotland Yard decide to tear the lid off London s sex for Sale Racket it would make the new York Jelke vice trial look mild in comparison. Some of the facts each Syndicate has head quarters in a luxury Flat. The Madame answers the phone interviews new and clients books takes the fees which vary from to each Madame controls about 100 Call girls. The thirty seven syndicates work closely together swapping each other s girls and helping each other. Regular patrons include stage and screen stars sports personalities politicians and men who figure in and who s meanwhile As Scotland Yard moves in a demand that Lon Don s Side Street shop windows be swept clean of their Call girl advertisements was voiced in parliament. Interest rate on conventional five per cent real estate Loans was doing up to 5v2 per cent. This is because there is a big demand for Money the bendable Supply of which is becoming tight. Last saturday the interest rate on private Home Loans insured by the Cha Rose from per cent to 4vi per cent and the rate on i Loans from 4 per cent of 4v2 per cent. The higher the interest rate the More the Home will Cost you. Fox today Rosalind Russell Paul Douglas never wave at a wac it. Col. Marcus Lipton my of Brixton has asked the Horn Secretary to ban dubiously worded display cards appearing in the windows. Some of Thos to which the colonel objects if you want relaxation am remedial treatment phom such and such Young woman willing to acas escort. Communicate Model with own studio. If you want exclusive services the colonel pointed to the hypocrisy in the holier than thou attitude prevalent Durini the Jelke trial. It is no Good pretending to be High and mighty about Call girls and sex for Sale in America when the same sort of thing is beginning to Manifest itself he said. At a time when we want to clean up London for the Corona Tion these wretched things ought to Rotterdam to get abstract statue As War memorial Paris world War h agony of the dutch City of Rotterdam which had its heart bombed out by German Stukas soon will be symbolically memorialized with one of the few abstract statues to european capital. Decorate a a 19-foot for a destroyed be unveiled in Rotterdam May 15. It is the work of russian born Ossip Zad Tine whose father once admonished him quit fooling with Clay and be a Adelne s work now being readied for shipment in a Paris foundry represents an angular abstract female figure. Her Tor tured arms implore heavenward and there is pleading in her turned eyes. Her belly is one vast irregularly torn Hole. That is those two Square Miles of Rotterdam s heart ripped out by the dive bombers May 14, a Adelne said. Her face shows the juror she the huge figure weighing 3% tons was welded from 21 pieces of Bronze. It will special truck to haul it to Rotterdam and the arms will be sawed off so it can scrape under Bridges. I Hope it will help overcome he Public s conservative Atti Ude toward modernistic Sculp Darmstadt Germany next dec. 5 to show off his Light and Shade technique to Young Ger Man artists. He also has been commissioned by a group in Caracas Venezuela to do a three figure abstraction. A Wom an will typify the nation while two partially human figures rep resent its natural riches. Zadine 62, White haired and Beetle bowed told of his plans in his studio near the sunny Luxembourg gardens on Paris left Bank. He obviously ignored his father s advice of half a Cen Tury ago. In 1937 he won the Gold medal of the Paris inter National exposition in 1950 he carried Oft the International grand prize at Venice i his Well known orpheus Sta be is to the Paris museum of modern Art overlooking the Seine River. Seven other works of his Are there also including a womanly figure carved from a tree trunk with to branches for arms and a Knothole serving As a made to order wound in the Side. I belong to no school but the school of Zadine said. He plans to go to Rotterdam or the unveiling of his statue which was commissioned directly by the City. A v l o Gate City a. Today no. Baxter the Blue Gardenia no. And Hardy Way out West drive in theatre Greeneville Highway opposite ares a double feature to a i go Tiunan Renaldo k Cisco la Carrillo aim Cho also latest news 2 stows Ltd Tfir at Duk thursday City court one Man was fined on a Public drunkenness charge in City court thursday As a Short morning docket was cleared. Forfeitures included a Bond for illegal parking and nine Bonds for meter violations. Indian sweepstakes new Haven Conn. Up police arrested a Man on a Book making charge after they found him to Possession of betting slips they said were written to Hindustani. A Yale language professor was called to to translate the writing. A Adelne said. A Adelne s other work he plans an exhibition to Dali wants surrealist Barcelona Spain Salvador Dali who is Seldom devoid of attention attraction ideas has come up with a proposition to stage a surrealist Bull fight in which a dead Bull would be delivered to vultures by helicopter. In keeping with the surreal 1st theme the artist woul decorate the Plaza with tapes tries commemorating Fame Spanish composers poets scientists and inventors. Among those to be honoured would be Monturiol and Juan de la Cier a. Dali said he considers these inventors two of the greater geniuses of Spain. Monturio Drew up theoretical blueprint for the world s first submarine and de la Nierva was inventor of the helicopter. Monturiol and de la Nierva crated the two exemplary arms of our Dali explained. Helicopter offered Monturiol s Genius penetrated the abysmal Depths of the world whereas de la Nierva s reached for the Clouds and stars the counterpoints of the Moth Erland Are therefore sky and matadors would Wear Dali designed uniforms. The final a of the drama will take place when the bravest dead Bull Wil be lifted from the Arena by a Tiel copter. The Dali said will be hitched by the Tail and horns to a helicopter and will be lifted High Over the Plaza. It will then be deposited on the Highes Peak of Montserrat Mountain to be devoured by vultures. The idea is to give this Bull fight a Superior and mythological Dali received an offer of a helicopter from a French Pilot Pierre Garrigues. The latter went a step farther and said he would unload a grand piano in the Center of the Arena from his helicopter before hoisting he dead Bull. Shunk Holiday Quarryville a. Up pupils trooped Back to a Sweet smelling Little red schoolhouse at Eden township today after an unscheduled two Day vacation. The de school officials opened school windows wide and cleared a Holiday tuesday when a Skunk hiding under the first floor drove mrs. Elva Herr and her 48 students out of doors. The Skunk was routed without mis Hap. Oldest convict Moundsville w. A. Henry Kincaid 94-year-old negro sentenced to life imprison ment in 1930 for a tavern killing in Charleston w. Va., is believed to be the oldest convict in the United states. Gate City Highway thursday mud Friday sugar foot Randolph Scott in technicolor racing across 1500 Miles of danger holed wilderness eeond4 hem1ng starts sat. Defense aide refer my general motor Nice president will be Deputy Secretary of defense in the administration of president elect Dwight d. Eisenhower. Miss Irene Franklin Stu Dent nurse at Orange memorial Hospital Orlando fla., received her nurse s Cap at a recent ceremony at the hos Pital. A Dobyns Bennett High school graduate in 1952, she made her Home with her aunt mrs. Claude Yates 1701 Madi son ave. Bill poster Hartford Conn. Up state sen. Leonard Levy posted a new record before the Busy legislative judiciary committee. He submitted 46 of so Bills on the Day the most Bills heard in one Day from single lawmaker in committee s Calendar for one Day from a single lawmaker in the state s history. 2m the Sun shines Bright musical swedish Star Jacobson whose acting the Eta summer dance won to run Deli script at Goteborg Sweden in Prepa ration for next Rale. Scott theatre Gate City a. 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