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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 7, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee6 thursday May .7, 1953 Kingsport times military court cuts Down bread water sentence Washington up the Navy s traditional court martial sentence of "30 Days on bread and water has been struck Down by the u. S. Court of military appeals. The highest military tribunal ruled that keeping a Man on the limited rations for that Long a time is cruel and unusual Pun henceforth the Navy can keep a court Martiale Sailor on bread and water rations for Only three Days and then Only if the Sailor is aboard a ship. The Issue of the bread water eight years ago american gis commies celebrated by Don Whitehead Washington they seem almost incredible now those Happy and exciting Days eight years ago when americans and russians found it easy to be friends on the Banks of the Mulde River in Germany. That was on the eve of the nazi sur Render May 7, 1945. For a few Days there was no Cloud of suspicion or distrust. Ivan and Joe found pleasure in each other s company. They had no trouble getting along. They had met at the town of Tougau in the role of victors nearing the end of the Long and bitter March into Germany. As and far As these soldiers in the ranks Home of or. And mrs. W. L. Ridge. Local mental health group outline Community needs Kingsport s newly organized the report of this committee mental health association is j will enable the Mha to help now observing mental health Kingsport develop and and water where it also week May 4-9, Irving v. Tra its much needed mental health orders a punitive discharge Navy since the Days of John Paul up in the Case of Marine pvt. Warren l. Wappler who had pleaded guilty before a court martial at Camp Pendle ton calif., of being absent with out leave and missing a Transfer of his unit. Wappler was sentenced to 60 Days of hard labor forfeiture of a bad conduct discharge and solitary confinement on bread and water for 30 Days with a full ration every third Day. The court of military appeals held that a court marital May not extend the bread and. Water sentence beyond three cons ecu in the were concerned there was no reason Why they should t be friends. They accepted each other on even terms. There on the Mulde we Cor respondents watched them throw and whoop with Delight. They toasted with Champagne in Beer mugs and talked in sign Lan Guage when they could t fathom each other s spoken words. They exchanged invitations to parties and swapped gifts. They insisted they wanted to live at peace. And they meant it. But then came a Subtle change. The russians who had been so Friendly withdrew into a Shell. Roofers put roof v on wrong House Chicago were putting the finishing touches on a new roof at 1415 n. Paulina Street when or. And mrs. Carl Kniebusch returned Home and asked How the Foreman pulled out his work order and looked. He Dis covered the new roofing Job was for a House at 1514 n. Paulina. The Kniebusch s told him they had t ordered the new Green liked their old dark Blue they did t in Caudle denies he used his influence in fraud cose Washington la mar Caudle told House investigators wednesday he is con Vinced competitive financial interests mane Vered the government into bringing an 000 mail fraud Case against Kan Sas City Bond dealer Roy e. Crummer. But Caudle said that did not influence the Justice depart ment in dropping the 1947 suit. He said it was the unanimous opinion of department attorneys that Cummer and his associates were indicted on misleading information prepared by Over zealous investigators. Caudle was head of the Crim Inal division at the time. He appeared today before a House judiciary subcommittee trying to live Days and then Only if the ithe russian officers a doubt convicted Man is attached to or embarked in a the court also held that a court martial edly acting on orders from above to Cut themselves and their men from association with Wick president said Clay. Trawick explained that the wednes Trawick said. Other officers of the organi Asso Clajon was organized to work for the conservation and advancement of mental health or e. B. Town treasurer. And for the prevention of men Tal maladjustment. Nation Are mrs. Martha Jane Carmichael vice president mrs. Louis Mrachek Secretary and mrs. M. L. Gernert has been the future plans of the association he declared Are Cen tired around the policy of education. The group plans to in form the people of and to set up a preventative i program in the City. Appointed As chairman of the speakers Bureau which will have speakers on mental health available for any local formally organized on Janu i Ary 19, 1953, the mental health we plan to have outstanding associate on had its beginning people in the Field of mental under the auspices of the Kings health speak in Kingsport and Junior service league tra we will have films available for Wick said at a meeting of the general group he said. We league in May 1952, members plan to help develop a better voted to assist in organizing the understanding of mental health mental health group. Following Here in Kingsport and to Lead june adoption of a Constitution the Way toward developing the new association the Community wide preventative Junior service league ended its or. Trawick participation in the program As May not impose confinement on the americans. They gradually id water where it also strangled the thriving spirit of punitive discharge. Controls removed from 61 Home Loans Nashville administration today spelled out what the recent removal of cred it controls on i Loans Means to the Home buying world War ii or korean Veteran. The action effective april 25, 1953, and authorized housing and Home tend to pay. Their attorney told find out whether improper in them yesterday the new roof influences were exerted to have cannot be removed by the com Pany. College boy spirit dampened by Rains new York male Stu dents at Columbia University went on a rampage last night screaming outside women s dormitories throw Down your about All they got was rain in the face. A sudden heavy downpour plus a corps of Una mused cops finally dampened the Spring madness and sent some 800 explained organization. By the finance Agency removes the last vestige of credit controls which were applied to i Loans under the defense production act. In addition said Kenneth s. Craft manager of the Tennes see a regional office it has removed restrictions on How the four per cent gratuity payment 1 made to veterans who obtain i a committee has been organized the need for a mental health Loans May be applied. To study the needs of the has been expressed by Unity in regard to mental Parent teacher associations health. The committee with Public health departments and Wiliam Freehoff As chairman by several eminent physicians includes Edward Kane Kingsport Trawick said. Lady Boyd Southerland or. mental health groups have Jim Brown and mrs. J. W. Tarn also been organized in Chatta Blyn. In ooga Memphis and Knoxville. Henry Ford collection reveals Dillinger letter Detroit months before the notorious gangster John Dillinger was killed by police buckets he wrote a letter to car garage water softening and ice making facilities and Central vacuum cleaning system. Ford who Cut his own lumber the late Henry Ford praising his for the first Home he built for the gratuity payment made by a equals four per cent of the guaranteed portion of the i loan up to a maximum of previously under credit controls cheered the defeat of Hitler s hordes As the Way to peace. The show of Friendship at first had extended even to the generals. Russia s Gen. Ivan s. To Niev invited America s Gen. Omar Bradley to his Headquarters for a feast. Tables were Laden with caviar Sturgeon Mounds of other food and carafes filled with Vodka and wine. A Soldier s chorus Sang magnificently they even Sang the Star spangled ban Ner and brought the american guests to their feet cheering. Bradley returned the Courtesy laying on an american style feast for Koniaev and members a and before the affair broke up. Duncan invites meeting on Leaf marketing Row Knoxville Mana Ger of the Tennessee Burley to Bacco growers association says we have nothing to hide and has invited a meeting in Jeffer son county Over proposed of has staff the americans were changes in tobacco marketing not going to be outdone in hos b vitality. The Case dropped. Caudle has testified before Many issues. Groups since president Truman fired him i late 1951. Caudle said drummer s actor p. Whitehall of Florida who later became under Secretary of the Navy and James l. Fly a former Federal communications commissioner submitted arguments that completely and overwhelmingly refuted the government s Caudle said he was then Anc still is completely convinced that this thing was a conspiracy. The Dupont and Ball interests competitors of Crummer were behind this thing and mane Vered the government in to bringing these Caudle also said the indict ments were based almost completely on an interpretation of one paragraph in Crummer s contract with some Florida municipalities for refinancing their Moskin s teen age scientists compete in annual fair at atomic capital Oak Ridge annual National science fair with 71 of the nation s top teen aged scientists on hand opened at this atomic capital of the world today and will run through saturday. The 71 High school scientists All Are winners of regional science fairs in 18 states and Washington nip the District of Columbia and the serial to Senate hastens to repeal army buy out Law few panties Garter belts were sent nere to compete for brassieres fluttered Down National honors. Several tons of scientific Gad gets which Range from a Cyclotron to a midget sulphuric acid repeal an 1890 Law under which two gis recently tried to buy their Way out of the army. The provision permits the set up in the Halls of the Ameri practices. H. S. Duncan of Greeneville said last night after a third group came out against any the gratuity had to be his War to reduce the principal amount and so it was in Many ways of the loan. Some Small and some now the Lender and the vet that the russians began to Roll eran May also apply the gratuity Down their Iron curtain. But in other ways for example to j not before the russian soldiers Bradley has recounted How he took Koniaev into his War room and showed him the Allied might reflected on his maps. The rus Sian was treated As an ally. Later Bradley told me the War was Over so far As we were concerned. I did t see any Rea son Why he should t see my War then Bradley added committee of the Jefferson i state prison Here yesterday aft wryly but Koniaev did t show such Radical that if there s any misunderstanding about this let s have a meeting of the tobacco growers who Are members of the Duncan commented on the lists to Tell the visiting Public in simple terms exactly what their complicated devices Are for and what they do. Upon arrival each finalist received a Gold and Silver medal engraved with his or her name and that of the sponsor. Each also stands a Chance of whining part of in prizes which will be Given to the top exhibitors at an awards banquet Fri Day night. 4 escapees caught in Nashville area Nashville up All four unanimously by the Senate now goes to the House for final con Gressional action. Two soldiers from it. Sill okla., tried to use the bail out provision Early last month. They i discovered that the provision is suspended and has been since 1940. At that time a member of the armed services after a year in uniform was eligible to buy out for the rate decreased in proportion to length of service. Although the Sun is about 93 million Miles from the Earth the distance varies during each year because the orbit of the Earth is not exactly circular. Gifts galore for mothers stand of the tobacco advisory prisoners who escaped from the pay the first two or three instalments on the loan or to pay All or part of the first year s taxes and insurance. The removal of credit controls Means that under a regulations it is now permissible for Veter ans to obtain i Home Loans with no Down payment and with a repayment term up to 30 years. Cars for their Speed. I can make any other fireplaces and bathrooms take a Ford s the Public i one of the eight fireplaces at a five foot Hearth. His Bride in 1888, had a fetish that lace made 1934 should be drive a Ford and watch the other cars fall behind you was Cut Down by police in Chicago two months later while afoot. He apparently never knew the slogan for Ford since 1908 had been Fords go s letter 15 Baths. There Are i House with the four Story Power House where Ford had his lab oratory. It now is used for a company merchandising school. The nouse is surrounded by the Ione of the world s Roost famous j Rose gardens. It is estimated it would take to replace. Is one of pieces of personal a i q Roo us company rec it from her electric boat or private Lake. Henry apparently saved Grything. The records even he the the housed in palatial fair Lane Ford s million Dollar Home in suburban Dearborn. The mansion has been converted into an Archive to pre serve and catalogue for Diana. It will not be opened to the Gen in clude his love letters to Clara. There Are detailed financial records going Back to 1903 when Ford motor co. Had in the till. In a few years the com eral Public but will be available j Pany was paying 100 per cent to scholars and the press for re dividends. Search. Built in 1915 at a Cost of 032.000, the House sits in the Middle of a estate. It Greenland to Scotland keeps the has had its own Power House cold water of the deeper part private Telephone Exchange the Arctic Ocean from enter 65 extensions water system 12-Ling most of the Atlantic Ocean. Had shown they were Leit be friends with the americans. Reuther says Oil Bill puts Jesse James to shame Chicago giving tidelands Oil to the coast Al states is the biggest steal in the history of Cio president Walter Reuther said last night. The Cio will support the i prior to the action removing Benhower administration when controls veterans were required Jit is right and fight it when it to least 5 per cent Down is Reuther said in an address at a Catholic labor Al Liance forum. As to the terms of the the amount of Down payment the repayment period Are matters to be agreed upon Between the veterans and the lending institution making the loan. In most cases and the maximum loan was usually restricted to 20 to 25 years. Credit controls were first applied to i Loans in 1950 shortly after the beginning of the korean conflict As an anti inflationary measure. It is estimated that the mat Ter in the Sun is sufficient to make about earths. County farm Bureau executive Vernoon were caught last night profits from Pool used to establish committee in a Resolution yesterday. Tobacco warehousemen in Tennessee and Kentucky recently accused Duncan of at tempting to socialize the to Bacco Industry by proposing to Sercer tary of agriculture Ben son that among other things tobacco be co operative tobacco auction warehouses. The Jefferson county group s Resolution called for 1. Opposition to any such Radical 2. An impartial audit o association records. 3. Distribution to Tobacc growers of it said is Hel by the association. 4. A Public explanation Why a required annual Meetin has not been Duncan said any audit Shoul be taken up with the Board o directors of the association. Before any of them could get1 out of Nashville. The four men who overpowered a prison guard and took his pistol were quickly spotted by police Only a few Miles from the Penitentiary and gave up. The men Are Jesse l. James Howard l. Ander son 31, hear Gin Nashville James b. 26, Nashville and Charles Cooper 18, Chattanooga. Free Spring Check up for tour camera bring it in 6-hour service on film in by 10 . Ready 4 . Camera shop so Cherokee St. From 35s6 lingerie 2.49 blouses .2.49 handbags. 1.49 Moskin s credit clothing 137 Broad St. Times news classified ads get results although virtually All coun tries of the world show mor boys than girls in the Popula Tion earlier deaths of boys am we think it is Wong on tide Imen often make women mor he said. If Jesse James were around he would look like a reformer in comparison to the tidelands Reuther said. He de scribed the measure As a give away to three states of to in numerous in the total Popula Tion. For athletes foot use t-4-l for 3 to 5 Days. I actually peels off the outer skin exposes buried fungi and kill on Contact. If not pleased with your 40c wealth that belongs to All the Back at any me store. Today a v states. Clinchfield drug a submarine Ridge from Mother s Day specials Lovely Cool Cottons and sheer dresses up sizes unlined suits by Joan Miller and Marrie Phillips summer and Navy sizes for use Roberts budget account pay weekly Semi monthly or monthly pay As you get paid no extra charge you la like Roberts for clothes 133 Broad men wanted Buick motor division Leith Street Flint Michigan hiring 6 Days a week . To . Including saturdays Sterchi s May special famous dormeyer mixer grinder Juicer plus 16-pc. Ruby Glass luncheon set 95 Down delivers your hand electric servant that mixes grinds juices dial opera Tell mixes fatter from mashing Poto tees to High Speed beating. Broad Street on quickly. Ready to grind in seconds raw or cooked meats or vegetables. Ins Toniy ready. Gets All me Rich a a Fol wins from the heart of it costs less at included no extra charge foil new sparkling Ruby red 16-pc. Glass luncheon set 4 4 Ham 4 phone 2210 tie Istl s Iai Iest time Iii Isiais

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