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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 6, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeTimpf thursday May 8. 1954 biggest business in Japan is Black Market Industry rocket expert says reds Are working on a super rocket Morse charges farm Price support harmful to land Washington uns Agri culture under Secretary True d. Son s Golden wedding Portland Ore. Fl1 mrs. Emma Heath flew to Colorado j recently for her son and daughter in Law s Golden wed i Ding anniversary. The 95-year which is 19 cents per Bushel Loki woman dropped her House the flight her she Hopes to higher than modernized culture under Secretary Irue u. I .v.vik. I Morse charged today that rigid. The Eisenhower admin Stra second. Mice supports Are inducing Tion has proposed that All into the air More in the fun Armeis to keep land in crops modifies be put under modern but a ,._._ i. J ii. A. In Tittl Tler in _ .1 compare our prices and terms Coal furnaces heavy Secl faces lot s la stalled. Priced from j240 to 60 009 . Of Funkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Cire Lizur fun forced draft i m 3. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls installed Complete Only per month . Oil floor Furnace special with no Down months to Pax Southern Sheet Metal works 334 e. Sullivan St. Dial Circle 5-4241 to hang a Reti Star the a Tiomai association Market of american products. At a Dollar each. Station in the sky endlessly Cir i Wool manufacturers in new you can but any Brand mine. On the Black Market today cling the Earth. York Morse said land that now i Amori in duct Vou want Yivone rets from 700 to 900 yen these possibilities were Pian Leri to wheat in drought Yfim j Are Puli 94 10 s2.50-. Plated on by George p. Should be returned to pay the Price. And Many Jap or authorized military i he asserted that the dust storms in parts of five South Western states Are grim remind ers that such practices must not the under Secretary pointed new test to make quicker Check on Salk polio vaccine a r supervisor of the ipe Are sonnet the whiskey ration is 1 department of the North Amer a the 01 who to earn Side bottles a month at an average of Atimion co., in a. Report to mor eve by Selling his sex a fifth. Scientists yesterday at a Sympso a Rance ratio i the the going Black Market Price Simu to Levi at new japanese Girt Frieri. Ana Plain for the same fifth is Hayden planetarium. Thieves All Are sources of Supply s2.7i i. Sutton a recognized rocket for this teeming Industry. Levst Market Cal jct report was based t Hal a Pirvey of the Dusti m make possible a Tilicke. It in t Legal but anywhere a d on e Uriu a n is own Ong. H m Eros Oll the effectiveness of the you can Purchase a pack resulted m a formation on rocket develop seven or Elgal million acres have Saik polio vaccine. Of Black Market u. S. Cig rets 5.02d bottles Mients behind the Iron curtain. Found the stills stocked Sutton said he fitted the police Loigina me is Pittsburgh a new test 71% Moi for 28 cents and authorities say from russian goods eve had con journals witness reports j from russian refugee engineers cure is the departure from a the next pan of All american troops. The same the Black Market Industry u c and other sources together to so big today that a Complex sys american severe Forni this picture i Tern of wholesale retail merchant vials Are becoming relationships has been set up to i with american soldiers Wiki sen. Black rocket engine develop Hlll or Sandy soils or lie in such or James e. Salk who deed frag Low rainfall areas that they the vaccine and or. J. S. Scientific for cultivation. Younger both of the University do darn u diversity lands of Pittsburgh explained the new umm . Been test at a session yesterday of the Morse said that land not suited society of american Bact nolo 1 for Croo production i fists. I 1. The reported new by put Back into grass they said the est employs super rocket engine develops that the War emergency changes to show whether Jet Well Over two million m0re and More blood of an inoculated child slice throw up their the difficulty facial enough to drive 10 Battle for Grain developed sufficient and is that goods Are of the Maksoud class re. To the largest the Black Market arse fluted who amps. It capable o ,3 d Ertist Learin Houle in the japanese girl funds. I carrying an atomic warhead ii Diin Rix Irmine what Hist mip of in Mies difficult to determine what dist juice of 500 to Miles in or Candy items a girl receives As gifts and in Candy Alley hundreds of what is pushed to her Foi in the adding Flimsy stalls display mountains j Candy of foreign radios. Firearms Cigar us. _ cans of condensed milk razors. J 1-101 soap All with familiar big la american Brand names on the1 that this is a major a new farm program has been 2. Three to six of these recommended to Congress by the or. Ami the new testing technique has Ulric Ady been made j engines could Power a one ton space ship up into an orbit a few Hundred Miles above Earth Cir cling the glob available to laboratories cooperating in the current nationwide Field trials of his vaccine. Briefly the test consists of the Tion. Which . Smokes in the nation estimates Memphis it loses More than s27 million Ier a annually in business an Sutton added that if someone to help build a stronger America Garden As the most can Brand names on thei a Strong Light on it agriculture lers. L-qs6 could see this soviet Star pass Morse is regarded Japan monopoly Corpora ii l or ii York outspoken Opp Onei which manufactures All the g a Bank Cash this knowledge of soviet of High Price supports in the nation Estu nates Meni Pheb it declared of agr ancestor in a Texas russians Are in Possession Taft test tube is then placed in an incubator for seven Days. If the mixture turns from red to yellow it Means the child theoretically at least has devel oped sufficient antibodies in his blood to kill the polio virus. Tidied yesterday s Sar y technical heatedly has contended that a two mid West pro knowledge to put a Long Range continuation of such supports or an aj.0mic warhead can leal1 Only economic chaos Ion any Point of this Earth that International Trade situation. Dollar Short she tried to limit drastically the import of con Sumer goods and promote the use of native products instead. Ton. Okla. And or. V. J. Deme Kansas City Are specifically charred with conspiracy five counts of mail fraud and two involving violations o he fed us the korean War make thei the first japanese people hungry for at american products hungry goes to Russia Tokyo Baker and peanuts. St. Louis born negro Singer is Morse favors sued a statement today saying parity system which uses prices trip t0 the past 10 years to work for the United states. The under Secretary also said the current system of Basing parity on a 1910-h base period provides too much disparity be tween producers of various crops. He charged that preferred treatment has been Given four Basic Cotton wheat a modernized or. Salk will the number incubators needed and the Best spacing of the shots for plans enough to support the Multi million Dollar illegal Market How do the goods get into the Little japanese Island bold Sjay Sanese seeking sources of the promoters were in stifled i Tii is h i in la nub Iii i Over Lii in w nun Dyersburg Many races live in bar-1out of parity ratio which Indi Hank a Ca Shimony _ Cales an inadequate income for c Brownwood tex., Bank a Brown Wool sex miss Baker s statement was Farmers. Letter asking trial i released through the Elizabeth the under Secretary pointed taken from the Maccou Saunders orphans Home where lout that while most commodities old wealthy any japanese have been shifted to the mod implement dealer a in v concert tour of or sized parity the four basics there. The government. N seeking j n maximum effect. Robin Hood s men trek North St. John s. Fld. W Bow and Arrow Hunters from the United states Are expected Here for the next Moose Hunting sea son says chief game warder Harry Walters. This Type o Moose Hunting was legalized Las year. But it was too late for tin big Hunting clubs of the unite states. They had made prior arrangements. The main sources of these show the for parts yesterday goods Are american soldiers in the transaction for the Keller testified about his rth babies left goods Are american s civilians working for the Keller testified about m and organized vestment m the Gapsohn Latracy p re Eft cd ill italia Nui j and organized smugglers. A secondary source according j Tion Deal near to the Board Are wholesale Foreman of my v p re american negro Singer and to the Board Are wholesale thefts Plant Foreman was a miss Baker de irom american military Ware Rhodes of May. Tex who told a great Man who has e National f Ereea pupae and Erec irom Aill Cir -a11 houses by japanese nationals of sometimes working in collusion j Tion of the gasoline j 1c a11u l want finally which he singled out Are still on old parity. Morse said that As a matter of simple Justice All crops Are entitled to equal he argued feed Grain price1 supports discriminate against livestock poultry and Dairy Farmers in the judgment of the Justice and world peace. I Many. They say this is especially with soldiers. Completed after months she has renounced her Ameri True of Corn the principal feed a tax Board official said. The government has Callert to citizen shop and is a citizen Grain. Corn supporters at 90 per All the whiskey and witnesses during the nine Aai v f. D on old party Are believed to and has another dozen un-.o1 6 r a m e r i c a n i military Der subpoena As does the defense. The admin 1st rat Ives a horse is mounted or har agreement which governs Thein Essed from the left or near american garrisons in heavy watch crystals any color desired. Fit while you wait diamonds re set All work guaranteed 25 years experience. Sterling jewelry 131 Broad Street 3 billion mile Accident study again proves coh critic is safer an analysis of Highway Accident records of the a Washington state patrol for 1952 again proves thai Concrete is the safest pavement. Washington s Rural primary and second Ary system has Miles of Concrete and Miles of the other pavement most commonly built. In 1952 the Concrete on the system handled More than 50% of the 3.2 billion vehicle Miles of travel. Average daily traffic per mile was four times greater on Concrete. Concrete pave ments really attract traffic. Despite greater traffic density hence greater Chance of Accident on Concrete it was far safer. For equal traffic there were about 77% More accidents 71% More in juries and 103% More deaths on the other Type of pavement than on Concrete. In Daylight there were 509i More dents on the other pavement. At night Ebert were 63% More Light coloured Concrete reflects Light dark coloured pavement absorb it. If you can t see you can t be Zajf when dry there were 43% More Acci dents on the other pavement. When the pavement was wet there were 68% More con Crete s Gritty surface has uniformly High skid or dry. Yes Concrete highways Are safer. They re economical too Concrete is moderate in first Cost costs less to maintain and longer. Result Fow Onn of Leif service Concrete. Tennessee s beef Road buy.1 Concrete cooperates with your eyes and your brakes from Moskin s for mothers credit 8 easy credit terms bags .2.95 skirts .5.98 blouses 3.98 plus others pay As you get paid Ever see around a Corner the stunning new Windshield you find in every 1954 Buick does a lot More thar merely keynote the most modern Beauty of the times. Just take the Driver s seat in any one of these tomorrow styled cars and you la feel positively Eagle eyed. That spectacular sweep of Glass Broadens your Point of View to the right and to the left. It puts More safety in your seeing. It lets you see More of what s coming from the sides and quicker and easier too because the Corner posts arc pulled Way Back. This you realize is True panoramic visibility and makes anything else seem As outdated As Long skirts. You ought to look into what else goes with the dream car styling of these great new bricks. You ought to look into the whip like performance of True High compression v8 can you see Stop Safiy Check Accident engines that reach new horsepower highs. You ought to look into the Silky new ride the new handling ease the utter smooth Ness and instant response of twin Turbine most of All you ought to look into the sensational new Buick Century that s taking the country by storm the great new Buick performer that gives you More horsepower per Dollar than any other car in America. We cordially invite you to come in today or the first tiling tomorrow to see and drive one of these great new bricks and judge for yourself that Here is the Beauty and die buy of the year by far. , i Nora my on of str Serin Milton Berle stars for Quick. Bid a 1 show Hie look of tomorrow lets you see belter today Buick the Beautiful buy Buick saus Are latest sales figures for the first Quarter of 1954 show Buick now outselling every other car in America except iwo of the Low Price and one big reason for this tremendous Success is the new Buick Century with More horsepower per Dollar than any other car in the country. Illustrated Here is the new Century in the much wanted Buick Riviera Hardtop Model. When better automobiles am built Buick will build them Cherokee motors Bristol Highway at Sullivan phone Circle 5-5126

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