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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 6, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 Kingsport Timss thursday May 1954 Porterfield Lopat spin Sterling games wednesday s Box scores indians 7, a s 2 by gives yanks 2 kits i but loses 4-2 boxing tonight is not part of standings Mill xta1s i i Sullivan bucs Meef Vikings i in tournament 2 0 2 4 or re of ii Hia in. R y. Kill Vaula. K a or Villi. I us r a Nerro show billed of a Golden gloves tournament j scheduled for the civic autuori Lum May 6. Is incorrect the Iii report times news has been informed. Due and Wal ii f to promoter Aci s this is the season he thai he Lau informed by .1 by Ben j i a sports writer Bob Lemon looked at his 4-0 2 13 word today double checked the Tomc Max Sullivan and Bristol will set the Grouix six High school baseball tournament i Kirvay this afternoon at Blountville. Tit if time has been set Lor 4 o clock. Sooga edges Memphis 1-0 Nash vols win Basilio will go incomes in . Okla. Start k Field of 135 professionals and the Dor Syracuse i n. Y. Insl Cap if Birmingham can extend its 51llls country club course men Basilio no l Comener or Victory string to seven to night. Today in the first round of the kid Cavil an s welterweight Anil Barons will take Over the 79 Ardmore open Crown. ready to to to court by the associated Tress May Jinx. The w Vear old Cleveland Lilloll i. 11. He v. I a. City will meet in the association Lead from is. Tournament monday aft new Orleans. Right hander busiest Pitcher in that advertising the bouts As a Golf Lound unsent. Total Price Money will be if necessary to prevent the summer title fight in Philadel to a fir the american league in a t t 19s3. Has won a East "0 a e hat he did in of the last six Vears but loth Vernoon in Johnson City on the Art pitched a live Money win do Phin Between Gavilan and John pm veterans Home Diamond. N shutout and Chr Otish Aro Imu including such by Saxton. A i vows May has been his hard Hick month. 11p last night in his first Mav arc t is. Appearance this season he Redlegs 7, giants 1 title and declared the Boms will billed As simply Amateur i rovers from Kingsport. John son City and. Knoxville Are Vilf pit Liri a Louville Drew a Bye and Wilh i a crucial spot to bonuses ?15 birdies up to John de John manager of jul will make its tournament debut Park the Barons to a 20 vie or a Hole in one. Syracuse Boxer chimed Vester again me Sullivan Bristol win tory Over the Pels wednesday Byron can Middlecoff. Lavt a Siho is the logical 1.loyd Mangnan and Julius Boros contender and has been Striet National open Chain tracked by what he called a pious Are in the Field Gross miscarriage of Justice Victor. No Date or place Lins Hren front running Pels and Vic lord hit and Holslin Valley which night. Also Drew a Bye. Will clash with the Triumph pulled Kirmins in j mar the Dobyns Bennett Bluff City Ham within half a Frame of the Victor. No Date or place has been front running Pels and Victory set for second round action. L f1 4 r 1 0 it 1 hot. His fifth Start his fourth com plete Bailie. Two years ago he won 22 and j lost 11 but he was beaten in two j of his first Lour starts and 0 really hit the skids when May 1 came. He dropped five out of six in a bad spell that ran into of june. Last season he baffled Chi Cirii to. Cago with an opening Day one hitter and ran up a 3-0 Mark came May 1 and he lost his ins bearing the Golden gloves title will be cancelled since the in bouts Are in no Way connected with the National boxing event. Nuh the official Golden gloves a finals were held in Rago on March 12. I i Hal Tim r. Tok 3 so Cdr Pio if a in f. Rvin o i first win since 1951 Tomal Samk or Shihli 1 Lar her it improved indians 1 meet Blue .471 in Loop tilt today takes 10-9 verdict it Brooklyn 7, cubs 0 drop Kern h h c i cd Draco is 4 r .1 Talbot c. c a n a i a 10 h Imti u 3 a 2120 surr if to n o n 3b v 5 1 n l bins o i i Bak rrb Meyer p 3001 c i or next free appearances in May. Once june arrived he i h o his form again and fun re shed with a 21-15 record. Has pitched considerably a better than he did night.1 Erwin the Irwin Blue but with a 4-0 Lead after three devils won their first hasp Hall i innings he never was in serious game since 1951 Here wednes in Iri i h trouble. Day. Trin Minir s in he walked five and the a s vaders 9 to 4. In mini j a s reached him for nine Hiu. In-1 Ken Hardin Wen All the i j j eluding a Home run by Vic pow on the Mound for Erwin. And n 3 or. Dave Philley s three run Paul Beaton did likewise for the 1 j Homer in the sixth clinched. Losers. I 3 o matters for the indians. J Hardin helped along the Ruhp o n p 1 the weather put Lew of a Dent by rounding All four bags after o o sign schedule than at hitting a Ball to Loftfield in Ihen town 33 b any other time this week. Only fourth. An error afield and a tippe1 in Jih one at Boston throw to Home let Sci runs out for wikis in via was postponed. Round the bases. To m jew j Washington s Bob Porterfield. Ken Lingerfelt got three hits Atin 5 be league s biggest in three thries scored two runs am . Winner last season shaded to b and knocked in three to Lead Cesan of a Chicago White the Blue devils at the plate. Of Mam sox 1-0 for his first shutout. Heaton doubled in the fourth Baltimore s Bob Tirley lost a. To Knock in two Cloudland runs Ho-p.ti5ti s in i 2-3. We is b in s to. Two hitter for the second time and scored a run himself. I of year 4-2 to the new York. Score by innings Cloudland 400 r i in the National league. Phil Erwin 100 521 Iari Elphia Marie it. Two in a Row p. Heaton and buries on. Har Over St. Loin 10-3 Milwaukee Din and Hensley. Heat Pittsburgh 4-1 Brooklyn s whipped Chicago 7-0 and Sal Hinh Fol Fly j Maglie of the new York giants Ali Willim Ili Yil Uyeji beaten for the first time j after winning four 7-1 by old it h Inion 1. 0. York 4. 2 Resl j a nov 9. 6. Pul Tekl wi-lr.1 o. Yih Rvilla s to Mollt s Al Bristol at tonight would put the Barons on Stewar. Or of Dallas won he Tup. He top prize last year of "1 am going to protest to the Atlanta continued its nose Llos score of 232. Tsvor courts if necessary and will of dive last losing Sev Nair Par. Tenth viral rat. Mobile ended its four rame losing by Fil ii we lupins the crackers a i half twp Chattanooga jumped irom fifth Huv Jui Iurii cd place 10 third with a 1-0 Victory Over Memphis and Nashville Jerreri Little Rock 3-2. I a Brilliant pitching due be tween the lookouts Bill t v coach Guy b Crawford s fasl am Chicks Kelly Jack Swift i Lupe h Idam improving in Hans Bennett in Hihl muted the Memphis-Chat-1w i Viii yarn division s Southeastern conference r " or a 4" of Ove Ore tap pc starred in Nash 8-3 with Ralph Hamilton toss m Athens ga., yes i f Vine s third Strain he Victory Over a three hitter for the win. By Georgia i Iuit an i _ j tech 7-1 Tho Ronfor Rerp tour nov the indians have chalked train Lars. He based a George Gosselin led uie a tone ence Luiney seven wins in their last eight Homer with the bases empty in nine attack with 2 singles in out Ings and Are now riven an f 1b in pulled two Field Fostir trips. Ted fix got the Hig in excellent Chance to win the big five Crown. Coach Crawford is expected to Start lefty Don Adams in the 4 .364 . Game. Tain an injunction against the match in . Who next fights Italo Scorti Ethni of Italy a week from tomorrow lost a close decision to Gavilan in a Syracuse title fight last september. Leu net men Limber up Atlanta Louisiana state s Tennis team warmed tip at first. Big league pacesetters j Amk Kincan f on ii Al Fly apr and Luhr r ii i it 1 of troll m 52 a 21 to Drill saturday rest hit. Of the evening with a triple. Blake was Cha Sec with the loss for s m. Koth. Hanun Ancl Robinette pot the Only hits off i Hamilton All singles. 1 urn i Iii rain Home huns 4n4 Grays won a 10-9 came a practice session of the Cepi i midget baseball team has been called for saturday from n until i Hensley was winning 12a.m., manager George Shipley leading hitters for the has announced 365 4. Williss hatted in Fai churn Tuoi. 17 in or. Iric runs if Rigandi in Fox to Hora Nash Llor 3. mini a 1 were Claude Wright will hold the with anal for Funk i Tell 1 workout Al j. Fred j Park. Manager Shipley requests Frank Aher Nathy was losing Viia a 1 layers to attend the three Pitcher. Ross Kingdon paced the inn hour session. Losers with 2-3 one a Home run. Am Kif a association 7l05toni. Mcl Idun try a Himori nor Hinr i plur her and Conr. Senators 1, Chison 0 1.0111 Oil Molnr i two i 3. I i to Vost 3h .1 n i 3 0 1 0 Ujj 3135 1 4 o ufos id c 20-0 00 c Tel c t to 5 1 0 s. 21 12 "4 5 is 0 Tennessee High 5-2 Savannah Mann 4. Natio Vai. in in Leach of and Rinh Rab k ii Pel tip. A Al -1 ?2 tin 1 i Irv. J 7n 2 5 j mural. A Mil 19 7n a 27 Home loins and can we redeem coupons mrs. Filbert s Mayonnaise the Pishin due at Wash was plan the Bristol High s youngsters Drill and Banri is Sale with your newspaper Coupon see Page 25 for details Compton Faulk grocery rib eighth inning when Keegan. Who bearcats squared their City base won three i a Row walked Ball series with Southside ten the baseball clinic at Dobyns Nurt Vernon Carra Aupi. Fox Roy Sievers with the bases by defeating the d it u i i i c a "1ni Fain. Nepean. Is a Squal and a c it j in i Iii Bennett High school saturday. Ihram of Porterfield scattered four Vikings 5-2 wednesday on the will be limited to players in mid my College Diamond. And nhe Roll la leagues Southpaw Ken Draper limited groups no arc loll on a Tram. By Ings 5-2 wednes Keegan up King College Diamond. Tirley s u Ludl less proved to Hurley. Grieve. Braves 4, pirates 1 in h o n Abarr u 1 ,1 n Bru or cil ,1 n n 5q conti2b i 1 2 .1 Skinner in 1 10 0 m the a of 3b i 1 n 1 to him As of .1 3 n Pafko of in nah of inn Al Adcock in i 2 Ward 3n 3 1 l Aims 1 1 0 2b 4 n 2 Loncin .1 Hal c f1 n Crandall c 3 n puke p 1 0 n calf a r 30 ii downfall As Baltimore paid its the Vikings to four hits and i first visit to Yankee stadium. Struck out seven men. The Bear coach guv b Crawford who the fast Balling right hander riots right hander Gene u v j walk Pri Ftp full in hip t. R i is holding the clinic said All Waitea me oases Tun to me Barr f0r p1kht, including Home Nian Accra of teams in the bovs1 .1. Part. L non l my 1 pm be from 9 Toi p Thies p Crice 1 n n l Linn is Loci bpm Terri fanned Pittsburgh 33 fact in for pairs it he Tel to als in Ith. I Lopat anal then after an no Riario has been set for he i other walk served up a fat pitch third and do Dine game be. U 1c that Joe Collins blasted to deep to Wren the Bristol City rivals o left Center for a three run triple. Virginia 020 002 1-583 i the hit was the yanks first of Tennessee 000 100 1-2 4 4 the game. The Victory was to Draper and Jessee Barr and a Ipp 5s Aprl _ Pat s fourth straight. Honeycutt. 8 Robin came Back 24 i last favorite Kin sport theatres radio programs wept wept pm 1400 98.5 me. Illuk sual . 4 in to june i drier or own -4.s-Wnman in my o clock Shadow Lorenzo Jone to marry re 8 in news lit Trie we Attipa menial health proc air. A Tiller in 9u Fred Blassie retains Fri so c Milu nil Yff 7 by Purk 3 i. Lin ii in 1 in 3. A for Runft a .1-3. I 1-1. Can la 1-1 we Purk 1-1. Up Jerk a 1-31 phils 10, cards 3 Phi Phat a h n j St. 3b i p 2 3 r Tor so n la s 4 11 i Murvia of h .1 3 i n to Nisi 1 3h 3 0 1 Alston a Wyr Tek of 4 1 2 o War. C it Lindil n n n n Char Briix 0 1 0 0 ii 0 iy.n1 Irth " Kin a. The 3 re s c Iran p 4 1 Era c 4-.h 2 i t rib 2. An 2. F Rizir Russ Lin rip i. Fraxier 2. 2b Labion Morzan. Hamner and tar Crew . And grammar Lull a 8. St. 4. Kab Rob 1. Jay 1. i. Brasley 3. I 3 so 5, Poholsky 3. 1. I in 3. 4 in 5. Or firt n 2-3. Of or erts 3-3 4-1. 1-1. Brazil 4-4. Wicht 1. Ufa 0-0 i lint. V. 3-j. I i Nutini Tkv 0-h t. Re , inc run. Art. A e u -. Yanks 4, orioles 2 f atm r i1 t 1 in h ii of n Colin in 1 3 Al i .1 1 1 n re 4 0 f n i i10c r .1140 a no r 1b 4 1 1 1 Spiler of 2 0 3 n l no d in 1 0 .1 2 Vii re i 2b 4 i h in tar 4 i 4 i 2 0 n Al Rural by r 200 p 2001 Llu Leold p n n o o the fit Birds on seven hits. His wrestling championship a males solved five St. Louis pitch ers for 13 safeties including four Fred Blassie. Southern of singles by Karl Torreson. Weight Champion retained his the cubs had hit. At least one Crown in a rough and Tumble Home run in every same this bout with Karl Kowalski at spine until they met up with civic auditorium wednesday their Lori teammate Meyer night. Chuck Mohler Defeated x-2 a Brooklyn left hander shut Lee Fields in the preliminary. Them nut on seven hits for his in the championship affair i Lith straight Over the Chicago Kowalski took first fall in so h i c to five minutes. Blassie came Back Tonii Eddie Mathews hit his first to take the second one in in 5 j Home run in 10 Days and drove minutes and 33 second.-. The j 3 in another run with a sacrifice referee stopped the bout and n i 5 Fly in the first inning. Pittsburgh awarded the win to Blassie after. J j bunched three of its six Champ caught Kowalski in 5 3 3 for its Only run off Rookie Gene a neck breaker hold. J 3 j Conley in the fifth inning. The Mohler pinned Fields in the. O o o Victory was the first in the a opener in two out of three Falls. O Jors for the 6-foot-8 bout was one of the cleanest or Ever seen at the auditorium. I Maglie could t fool the heavy hitting Reri legs. Who hinged his i offerings for six extra base i s. Including consecutive homers by Gus Bell and Ted Kluszewski in the fourth. Fred Raczewski be came the second Cincinnati Pitcher to pitch a Complete game this season. Fox today Joel Mccrae strand drive in theatre Grcic Nevius Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to 2 shows nightly starts at dusk also color cartoon Cornel Wilde in ii technicolor comedy riot news events Mann. Today s skies v1sibi.k planets or t o n i g h t Gregory Peck Audrey Hepburn in u Holiday 1 1 f 11 totals 34 624 7 into tvs 21 2 Noldi Iberri or Turley in 7lh. Pro Ppd up for m with. oin-2j new York Oslo it pro Riley Melf Man Guitald. Curcy f. Carey. Rh1 Fri Tillry. Kip Lions Collm .1. . 2h Ken nov. 3n Collins till or Ulerv. K . Or. Him Itald. pall Morr no York s. By Turley 7, 1 2. So s i t 1. Or Pat 4 to tur lev s in h i mumps. n to nor a v 4-4 i huf Dolfl . Al w p to in put i4-m. I. v i purr i Annn Click. An. T-2. 18. A-fi.2s3. I Jaylor City in. I Tod a v 2 Michael we Rhino Trent s last Case Gate cily hich the world in his arms in with Gregory Teck Ann son of Geronimo in technicolor Gene Taney Cornel Wilde Jeanne Grain leather to heaven too Mola chemo i Lei news of a of in v cd in Audie Murphy ride Clear of Diablo also Krat liars at wami world news Mitzi Keefe Gaynor Brasselle Hunter St show 10 . Plat i e 71. Gift Poilu in feature lung la thrills wild Jungle captive Fra Turr no. 2 the Washington Story r 00 Roy Kocsis show shoo if Jason Anri on Pirn b came run own Van Iwuh App full Iii. In Fibber my Nna i Flats Mccarthy is. Or army 11-15-1400 frolic Olf Friday a m on gloom Chaser High Lichti 5-3k-Gjoom on news fins moral no f Arm Roundup i in gloom Chafer s in Newt h 7.3 i Glennm Chi Jer fl-00-Wnrfd n-w.-, Calendar gloom Chaser come Timp Smrdl Tatiana Floo or tvs a in carte comes Calline Mari mar mtr Milf Arnii trn Volm in in Mai sir. For you the Bant 11-00 strike it Rich that Payi Chance news Mountain Mclode turn 12-30-Cmitiiry tune time Vij 4a-Nrws 1250-Mumc in myrrh Tim 1 Fin hich Karl Mil piffle str nor a 3 no stir Cen Beau ill of life family Young Brm non my o Clork shr in a Btu schedule Thi Troat carnival 5 is Story pain or is Uriol rancor shop by to sturlion Krom Hii in Psi san Rico san Dlois Smyj Dlois 7 00 or. Pm trial attorney 7 in Ait line film Ali is Miot of pints r of Vino tic att a till Hie Lown b Fin i i lir or Chr p a 10 no spin to win in is no Mirny it Whin if Obsi 1 i whet s the 11 31 Fri idiot phew 12 30-Sirn off Frt Riat i no Sorn on trs Chilsi Ophir show lbs play hopi of your car met Inci Paar Obsi Man around the studio it Rich in bal Ilsoo in Linn lady Obsi of Cursi ii to search for tomorrow a bal Carolina cookery i Studli Moore Obsi or nothing Obsi Ibri his Rny Olf Lotaki Hoh Crosha if Usi .1 on. Worn it n with n Inis .1 1-i sir scr storm Host .1 .10 Nii Idin Irner i 4 of met Alp if Dillni Skik 1320 pc. Monua wrap Keshav Friday n on in red Hronn program be up tinier i Tim my time. Of Mpr Raturi thu a nov or Rev go a fill 8-4-i-Musfrai merry go round column Mirrl shop boo morning special 1.00 Loral a krc1 new a vips snpprrtim.1 f a a fms. Of the in Raj Dar 1 in Sjon Oune a l 1 15 Western the fit blk payoff in 3.10-Boh Crosha Stow ck3 2 4s-news-sport ,1-Ofl-to re announced Sotir Arrn int arc Cooke Man Ahon Iwon miss y Moore cars . Sitar choir Alliv a 5-ls-o films fijo Ahr or Rhirie a i 7-0" Yogi but in 7.30-t 3 8 to else in lab Sci Dumont fl-30_ford Man Conr it Abc .1.00 to by annoy rid Arr nit Abc annl in 4 30 Man town Midi Minn 5.10-Don t myths networks thursday May 6 evening or. Sporup or Nhuc news est by Kewa and comment chs too news and commentary Abc Fth Anil Abc a fits Anil Comien tiry nibs Hench Dally Aho dinner Date nibs a fits no Thyl i Tut Starr of space Aho news inlets one Man s i imply no Hru Adra Stin Idimo Max Rha 3-Clly ii tic Clr Alivn Sammy Kayn Nylic six Lii Tfir sir any m. Mall no Tho and Wool tropical in Cool new solid colors lightweight comfortable and extremely Long wearing amazing resistance to wrinkles spots can be washed out at Home gel More Wear Between and Yon get the new lighter weight tailoring padding and lining arc lighter for weightless Comfort neat look styling for greater Comfort bet Ter appearance. Dupont polyester fiber tit Fonton use our

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