Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives May 5 1953, Page 6

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 5, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeDimple y in 6impi.e j. This _ now Honey x Only the the baby just Sniezk one Little Swbeze--aren7 you c4rrvin this stuff too Par but we expect Fred and Ethel for dinner tonight wet will they think a. Ethel s Here now. So thinks a Good hurry the St mks won t wait font breathe in strange g 6ovetwingtdld me sprite would like overalls better dresses Sot supped am extra soft it Lucky i did sprite w1llbe overjoyed when she discovers t j 1 i l and Ito just plumb because they were so whole Dav a Success. As Longas of Don t Start trouble. But the pretty Laos is wait1ns to Waltz. Shall wifi discuss Pancho afterwards Moke Money you re joking Hakkert just joking. Now lets have forget a in his to squeeze the 70 his Boj Tonnie it Mytta Samean Why i., the men look dog tired. They both must be freaks of physical strength to withstand the terrible ordeal in this searing heat. I handlers Are working feverishly Over both lads they be both had buckets of water poured of s to Tell who s cheap. This last round will. Tell the work on them s Pone finish in now r Matey. I la sure try he s pore Merino that one Hoyle looks beat. He s Well on in years. And this must be a tou6h grind for him. P what an interesting it for me no it s Fop looking int it Down the _ _ 6 and now ladies and x i or inc Aiu tits Winner Gay Paree Oft me feb tube race will of presented with a Loving cup Olive so cea7ee. L1ice make my poor Beetle heart so leap in my Mouth Marc look. Mos on the lost the announced Etta and up lid if Vou be Penov got a note for Vou from Wiki the villfkse1. My be he set5 to reply heu feel snubbed amp leave he d 6e much in the at this time Why axe Iti bk6v is in does for another who knew too much of the we he operwe5 our Moat win soon . Kra so what bury1n1 em.1 Macbet rvs amb1t1on6. . In the heart of new York is the Little known Slob Biviam Colome. Where homesick Slos sovins have the. Charm or their native land. Vook.7-a ladder from my Bov front pop Ivan the Sailor he s bringing a Hain t grim Bov frent who i out Wip no wants to Mitt a Nice Vunk his battleship the wreck of the i siting new at last Bate for Winsow it Yovo is twit Fri 0? w i Methin screwy about where Wool a bum like you set the polish t 0uy a couple of seats where a Soin ? tw5 16 the Entrance. Akan Semend have Peen a likes what do Vidu Vidu via not to wait of in you want to Hord work Goins unless Boss hos a lot of Relo to vhf who red jobs. No today to esd at Clytle Aalto ram Bridge class in main auditorium. Beta Sigma in club girl scout Council in Corner room 1-30 . Frank l. Cloud recreation Center game room activities. Out Moor activities 4 game room activities wednesday civic auditorium wrestling in main auditorium. Shower party in club chess club in Corner room. Frank l. Racer Rattan Center free movies. De Natasi recreation Center softball practice baseball practice bin to. Free prizes tub sat cd rec Aadla Perlum boy scout Holston District committee in club rooms 3 2. Child quid act in Corner room . Frank l. Cloid recreation Center game room activities. Recreation Center out of door activities Fri oat cd rec Abdl Tolura Shower party in club rooms. Frank l. C loud recreation Center Square dancing. Darlass recreation Center out of door activities free movies satubda1 Cutie Aadla Tarlac adult dance class in game room Frank l. Clod Reera Attai Center Bingo party. Recreation Heater softball game Sourm Back of rest b4se-Leftv Kite is hits i Fout it it wojld4 killed i stick up Hwd and spe4r Stottm seen the Guys around me 6o the game Kite it sets Sci it even Mic Metchls he Spear a lam8 Ohop or i s4w Kim try to c4tcm a bag of peanuts Ball game got it ri6ht w the eve lemme had Wilton the Ball and a1td6f54rmed it mia1self-Kite Chajt write of th4t s4ll it hookm6 the office 1u4mxanoa tip of the mat to and Tsoh Kingsport inn tuesday kiwanis club directors dinner Limrel room-6 . Toastmasters club Commerce room 6 . Dale car adult school club room-6 30 a. Wednesday rotary club club room noon Lincoln Mercury dealers meeting com Merce room thursday cd Veltan club club room noon. Jaycees club room-6 . Kiwanis club club room noon. Real estate Board Commerce room noon. 6 tuesday May 5, 1953 Kingsport times movie actor ant War to Okay Don t hurry Hilda f Hilda this is june 1 saw into 1our. Mouse tour. Out of sight horizontal 1 screen actor John 7 he is California 13 inter twice 14 15 Bare 18 he has Many 5 aged 6 required 7 wanderers 8 exist 9 weary 10 egyptian goddess 11 ballot 12 abstract being 19 Early English a Nan Apas Ahji a 21 sows 23 looked fixedly 27 accumulated 32 diner 33 get up 34 ignore 35 pauses feel regret 3j pokes up As a fire 39 sea eagles 41 skiing and trumpet playing Are 44 eternity 45 three times 4 swerve 50 form a notion 53 appellation 54 Light Cavalryman 55 dishes 55 penetrates vertical 1 possessed 2 chemical Luff a flow und 4 tart 30 Royal italian chair family name 45 Canvas shelter. 22 begins 31 Heap of Hay 45 contest of 23 soothsayer Scot Speed 24 Story 37 tendencies 47 passage in 25 a tiptoe 38 infirm brain 28 interpret 40 negative reply48 head covering 28 Mountain 41 Road scraper 49 Compass Point comb form 42 feminine 51 biblical land 29 Hazard appellation 52 bitter vetch

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