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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - May 5, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee10 tuesday May 5, 1953 Kingsport times miss universe of Finland weds filipino millionaire Shaw attended red meetings never was an Active red new York Leader Artie Shaw told the House in american activities com Mittee monday that he attended four communist party recruiting meetings in los Angeles in 1946, but said he was not an Tokyo Bride s eyes were soft and moist the Bride Groom had a Shiner. She is Armi claimed the most Beautiful Wom an in the world when crowned miss universe last year. She hails from Finland. He is Virgilio Hilario from the torrid Philippines possessor of plenty of pesos and a Black Eye he got in a fight the other night. They were married in a Little Tokyo Church. Last night and sex red teacher supreme court names 66 persons agrees to Rule she knew As reds on lobby lows Washington up _ the new York Brooklyn supreme court agreed to schoolteacher yesterday gave a to Rule on the constitutionality of Alp a House committee the names of the Federal lobbyist registrar he is doing this the White Ike makes history flying in a commercial Airliner Washington Eisenhower will make a wee bit of history thursday night when he flies to new York in a com 66 persons she said she once knew As communists. The teacher mrs. Dorothy k. Funn 50, a negro testified that Many of the persons she listed Tion Law. Arguments will be scheduled some time next fall. The court will hand Down a written Opin Ion after that. The Federal Dis were spectators at the. Televised strict court Here has held the Public hearing of the invalid. Committee on in american the Case at Issue was brought Tok to Church last night sri by the Justice department Al Only three people went of Thor however she was restrained most four years ago against the Wedd incr Thev a Point Tob them out by com National farm committee and. counsel Robert l. Kun three of shy about that Shiner. She s the 25 Active member of the party. Vear old millionaire filipino the famed clarinet St told the beamed at his Swank Imperial committee headed by rep suite today during a Brief old h. Velder in that he honeymoon in this land of Cher wished to Tell the whole Story by of his connection with California communists because suspicion of me is quite after a resume of his career As musician and author Shaw described How the communist party attempted to recruit him As an undercover worker in the Hollywood Independent com Mittee for arts sciences and professions. Shaw was a member the Happy Bride beamed too she had a message from her Mother in Finland wishing her happiness. Tomorrow they part. She is flying to Honolulu. He is going to Manila on business. Then he will Rush to the hawaiian islands to rejoin her. From there they will four the United states and Europe before going to the Philippines to live. Edito Wechsler of the committee s executive Council in 1946. He said a Man who gave his j name As Herb Wright herbs White asked him. To become a 7 t ,.r a party member saying that o est Ltd friends on the Council had said Shaw might be Heig Pfnur be said he refused but accepted an oenurof5 invitation to attend a meeting to see How the communist party worked in groups like the i signed something that enabled me to go to meetings As an observer making up some name because White said it was Only to Clear me to get Shaw said. The whole thing was done in a cloak and Dagger Atmos committee counsel Frank Tav Enner read testimony previously Given the committee by Leo Townsend an admitted communist functionary in the los Angeles area which indicated Washington a. Wechsler editor of the new York Post was scheduled to testify today at a closed session of the Senate permanent investigating subcommittee. He was expected to Supply the names of communists he knew when he was a member of the Young communist league. He admits having been a league member from 1934 to 1937 but says he has been vigorously anti communist since then. Wechsler promised earlier he would make the names available if chairman Joseph. Mccartney a wis would make pub sons were under subpoena to appear at today s session. Mrs. Funn s testimony yester Day evoked some murmurs and snorting from spectators in the packed room in the Federal building. The House committee is hold ing a week Long series of Public hearings into the extent and Success of communist infiltration into education and entertainment. Three Linder of Atlanta state agriculture com missioner of Georgia Ralph w. Moore Washington commodity trader and Robert m. Harriss new York Cotton broker. Another defendant former Texas Agri House announced late yester Day because his trip is purely address two plate Republican dinners the same the president does t think it would be fair to travel in the taxpayers1 Washington Clement pledges Adfor Tabut will oppose move plane the Columbine. Frank Clement of Tennessee no other president so far As says he plans to do everything the White House knows has possible while in Washington to help the Tennessee Valley a flown on a commercial airline while in office. Military air Craft were used exclusively by Franklin d. Roosevelt the first chief executive to travel by air and by Harry Truman. Each like Eisenhower had a plane As signed for his own use. Culture commissioner James ivs not new however for a president s travel expenses to be paid by his political support ers. For instance the demo was started. This is the second time a test of the lobbying Law has reached the High Bench. The first Case involving the National association of manufacturers was thrown i Unjin i Cio Wilb Bill Luwill band Leader Artie Shaw pre out on a technicality last oct. Ceded mrs. Funn on the witness 13. Stand and testified that com i the lobbying Law enacted in munits had made him a dupe 1946, was designed to help con by using his name. He said he Gress evaluate the arguments of attended communist meetings but never joined the party. Mrs. Funn testified that she so pressure groups. It requires registration of lobbyists and the filing of reports by per had been a communist party j sons spending receiving Mon member from 1939 to 1946. She by to influence directly in ttjiii.i4 Vav Tia wuu1u it Lake pud that Shaw was a member of the i lie the testimony he gave the party in 1945-46. Townsend recently said that Shaw attended about Mccarthy said the testimony ten meetings and discussion will be published later this week groups. That testimony was false partly Shaw said. Suspicion of me is quite justified and for that reason i wish to give you a Complete picture of my connections with this group of connection that lasted at the most a month six pravda says Russia has newspapers Moscow pravda said to Day that the soviet Union has newspapers with a total circulation of copies. Among these Are Many which publish Only weekly two three times a week. The soviet Union s population was estimated in 1947 at 193 Mil lion people. In the u. S., with people there Are 665 daily and weekly newspapers a total circulation of 71 copies. After Wechsler and the subcommittee have checked it for mis takes. Wechsler pressed for publication on the grounds it would show Mccarthy was trying to intimidate editors who have criticized him. Be prepared Haverhill mass. Up the Yankee flyers ski club is looking into the future. Although local skiing May be finished for said she was the legislative representative in Washington from 1943 to 1946 for the National negro Congress which she de scribed As a communist front. Lobbyists for several groups were allegedly communist Dur ing this period she testified sometimes with arid sometimes without their red ties known to the groups officers. The teacher who taught Here from 1923 to 1943 and then re turned to the City school system n 1947, listed 24 past present new York school employees Here and 42 persons in Washington and Baltimore As having been Cnown to her As communists. 61 medical care praised by Ravdin Philadelphia medical care extended wounded u. Troops in Korea has won High Praise from one of America s top surgeons. . I. Ravdin professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania told reporters yesterday that everywhere he went in the War zone he found High directly the passage defeat of legislation. Violators Are subject to a penalty of one year in prison a Fine of both. In addition no one May act As a lobbyist for three years after conviction. Moore Mcdonald and Linder were charged with failure to Register. Moore and Harriss were charged with failing to report Money spent to influence legis lation on farm prices. Cratic National committee picked up the Tab for Truman s whistle Stop special in the 1952 Campaign. The Bill for Eisenhower s plane trip will go to the new York gop state committee. American airlines Happy to be chosen for this flight in t say ing How big the Bill will be. But the plane will be a dc6 and the usual charter rate for one of these is a mile. That adds up to around for the round trip to new York. Tax specialist Given sentence on tax failures Dallas an accountant last second Rescue saves two in truck Redding Calif. Huge trailer truck crashed through the railing of the pit River Bridge at Shasta Lake and two men dangled perilously in the burning cab until puled out by a rope moments before it crashed to the ground 45 feet below. Paul m. Overbay 45, the drive and tax specialist from Gaines Iville tex., was fined yesterday and Given a probated i prison sentence in Federal District court Here. The charge was failure to file income tax returns from 1946 to 1950. Inc trucks reduced Chicago Al Harvester co. Monday an n o u n c e d substantial reductions in the retail prices of it motor trucks. Hority Clement flew to the nation s capital to attend president Eisenhower s conference of Gover nors yesterday. He said he has talked with numerous governors on the subject and is opposing the authority s proposed move from Knoxville to muscle Shoals Ala. Accompanying the governor Are his state agriculture com missioner Buford Ellington and adjutant general Joe w. Henry. Both conferred with members of Congress and others yester Day on to a. Clement said he expected to return to Nashville today after a luncheon with the Tennessee delegation at the Capitol and a visit to the Senate with sen. Albert Gore the Young governor said he had made no commitments about running either for re election for the u. Senate seat now held by Estes Kesau ver he called the Eisenhower con Ference a wonderful gesture in the interest of governmental Harmony and he said he was much impressed by the number of top flight representatives of the executive department meeting with the governors. Family economies Toledo o. Up when . And mrs. Samuel Cio and Al will draft peace pact Washington up officials of the Al and Cio today began drafting a peace pact to end costly membership Bat Les Between their rival unions. It was the first step towards proposed merger of the two la Bor groups into one powerful federation with Mem Bers. Plants a Jodi of Tomato a lower u4 Locard Mills motor. Who Luciale and null. 15 Seiri experience Alison Plant farm. Phone Banff City moving Call 948 Tom still Transfer co. It s like getting a Crystal Ball with every bottle of no Ecol let s look into the future and see what no Ecol May do for you . Dewey Bolinger can look into the future be sure right there in your nearest drug store that there will be the double duty highly potent liquid Vitamin Mineral tonic you be been hoping for. Good honest people in various walks of life Are coming Forward every Day to Praise the new wonder Vitamin preparation after putting this double duty tonic to a test. No Miner of Rock Creek tenn., who writes for Over four years i suffered from spells of gastric stomach distress and loss of appetite with resultant nervous weak tired rundown feeling with restless Days and sleepless nights. I tried medicines too numerous to mention. I must have lacked the vitamins and minerals which no Ecol contains for i Felt better on the first bottle of no Ecol and now after taking four bottles my nerves seem steadier i sleep Fine eat heartily without after meal discomforts and i am praising no Ecol to All suffering like i the symptoms described by . Bolinger can have various causes however it does seem reasonable to believe since . Bolinger fell better right away on no Ecol. That his trouble was due to Tho Lack of some All of the vitamins and minerals contained in no. Ecol. If you suffer from symptoms similar to . Bolinger a chances Are no Ecol May help you too. Get a bottle today. You can t lose because you get your Rytir Pri a Monfri it a vacation is a Complete Vitamin Money Back on the first bottle if Florida last Winter they figured formula also a Complete Mineral not entirely satisfied. and Henry h. Baum the Price cuts Range from 3 both of Portland ore., were crossing the Bridge sunday when the steering mechanism failed. The cab crashed through the railing and Hung nose Down but the trailer stayed on the per cent on the larger trucks to 10.6 per cent on the pickup mod Els. They Range from a mini mum of to a maximum o on former list prices. U. O. Vyuu11ucu 111 ci1c aug chill the season the 18 club is lower than that of Are taking a first Aid course at any previous War in the nation s red Cross Headquarters. I history. Morale and Superior perform Bridge Ance at medical installations. Two passing motorists Wai he said the death rate among Ter Schau and Charles White Iti i a n via Fri no Ivio via a u. Wounded in the korean heard one of the men cry for god s Sake get us out of they hauled them up just be fore the cab fell. Copies that pne Loui pm stun Poplen today it bad to Rient la Chi work. 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