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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 31, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeThe easter Bird by Walt Scott As mud know la every easter Basket ome Ess is always More Beautiful than now i. Would t want this to set a Rood but these es6s Are coloured Only by the easter by ref As i started to say this easter Bird lived in the far Cal try. A wonder what this easter. Biddy has that we Haven t got other Bird Caw Waice Mead corporation annual report shows increased sales earnings Dulles avoids being specific in Many of his important talks by Jam us Illey did. Washington get Eisenhower a pumped to Knock Tim so that when Secretary of Clown the idea of any re s Al a Dulles makes an important filiation _. A _ i a College Campaign donations listed for Johnson City widow to wed Man after saving life Nashville if wedding of common Stock amounted Dayton Ohio the Mead corporation annual report to shareholders distributed today reported that sales in 1953 amounted to gain of 11% Over sales of in 1952. Net earnings from operations in 1053 amounted to net earnings or 1952 were which included a non recurring profit of on the Sale of he Manistique Plant Cember 28, 1952. Wednesday March 31, 1954 Kingsport times 13 Kentucky news victim in slight error Louisville con troller b. F. Veith feeling that a Baltimore about 300 of of parking violations run filed through Northwest current assets at the year end on tickets because of traffic Joni p0jjce station yesterday in amounted to and cur conditions around City Hall Sug. Rent liabilities a ratio tested yesterday that a plan be attempt a Cache a of 4.1 to 1. This compares with worked out current assets of and be paid at current liabilities of the City ratio of 2.8 to 1 at the end of 1952. Cash at the end of 1953 amounted to equal to 90 per cent of current liabilities Sydney Ferguson. Whore fines could of Stolon goods put on display by Banks throughout police. One visitor had barely readied the doorway of the squad room to raised his Arm pointed Lexington a murder charge against Viola Fie Morr. To. Accused of killing her that s my radio. Id know it Scymora. With a Finger net earnings from operations in h. E. Whitaker Nail file sept. 30, 1952, was filed were the pain stated in the report in de in earnings from operations Cember the regular quarterly 1953 represents an increase of dividend of 40 cents per share six per cent. On the common shares was in 1953 net earnings per share raised to 45 cents making a he is Calu cd on in an woul by o to the methodist colleges Emory s belts will ring Friday for a 28 year old widow and an air Force sergeant who met when she applied newly acquired first Aid knowledge which May have saved saying Henry Hiwassee and ten Are War before j Nesses Wesleyan in their Finan Jacial Campaign to raise to repeat it but to this i got into one. Explain it. Dulles and Eisenhower later report satisfactory Progress in it happened after i is new were ailed on to explain this the Johnson City District. York speech Jan 12. Questions Loo. Liry said the president to Dale Beer sub wit a skid about that for works did t in every Case he scribed toward their it is Happy Nim again Row after would not act before it was announced from the in new York Murch 29. Declared War. In some crises such development program Haci an attack on this country the quarters in Knoxville this morn might have to order ing. Immediate counterattack. A great mrs. Donna Davis was the first to reach an Auto Accident March 17 in which to sgt. Leonard Schmidt 33, suffered a severe had Cut. Having finished a first Aid course the night before mrs. Davis applied pressure Schmidt s Temple cutting to off to based on the number of shares outstanding at Che end of the year. This compares with reported in 1952, on the number of shares then out standing of which 75 certs rep resented the non operating profit and the earnings from operations. Income and excess profits taxes for 1953 As Are estimated at compared with United states arc still in Progress and a few on Jan. 1" said this As a or Milt to fint apr communist . Harl a Trixis de meanwhile in or ppm primarily upon act Ninfi deeper b real i ipad i v to retaliate in War where it Siren la b v me i ii. And a places Nail Tlle French of o in own i dollars in equipment. Air Force Rev. Glenn Lippse superintend word instantly got Wei e sent rial attention in the not Fly to which arose at Home and abroad i French. Was Dulles saying this country some Senate democrats won a Ouirl answer any kind of com dered whether this country How of blood. Doctors said this probably saved his life. A whirlwind courtship Fol Many of the charges d a couple announced non Rpss nor a Fnu yesterday into the have not yet been canvassed. We a very much encouraged by billions of tiie results so stated the they plan to Franklin by. Marry in 1952. Working Cap ital increased to compared with at the end of 1952. In determining net earnings for each of the two years depreciation has been taken at rates applicable under the Cor Here to service Jent of the Johnson City District. U. S. Planes for the the results by charges Are As follows Austin Springs Bluff City Cherokee circuit in aggression no matter where or How. Without consulting i a Nilu s. No though Hie action might Toik h off world War ill. them in if. For instance Uip chinese More directly in the communist icel War against the French in Indochina this country at once a loin China whether american allies liked it or not Dulles and . Elser. Was t getting too deep. Eisenhower told a news Eon Chuckey circuit Clear Springs circuit s750 it is his policy to Keetje 1 i z a b e t h t o n first the United Stales from Slagles Watauga involved in a hot War every .s313.60 Erwin Centenary s831 to help to keen. It from getting in too deep and i Johnson City East Park s3.u24 there could not be a City first tragedy than american involve Johnson City Munsey memorial in All out fighting in Indochina. He conceded there i portion s established do Pruccia j lion policy rather than at the accelerated rates used in deter mining Federal income tax liability under certificates of necessity on certain of the facile. Stites. If depreciation had been taken at the accelerated Washington Cliff j net earnings from operations rep. Davis takes physical checkup to ill and Tal of for the year edition a year end Stock Send of 2vi per cent was paid. Away in Fayette circuit yesterday. Two previous resulted in jury deadlocks. But police did t put radio court on the list of items identified trials it belonged to the police. Frankfort Campaign to raise s60.000 to help extend Mammoth Cave National Park s this is a modest reflection to u. S. 31-w gained the increased earning Power de headway yesterday when mrs. Velu Ped from heavy capital sex Karl Lang of Louisville state in recent years and chairman named 38 county the improved financial strength chairmen to conduct the drive. Of your company. In 1953 capital expenditures. Louisville were amounted to the sum ipod Over which Way to pro funds were supplied in part from in he of a la. Earnings and depreciation charges. Additional capital was provided by refinancing part of off the main line Shoshone Idaho Ginger b. L. Patterson who thought he was on the main line ran his train Olf the end of a Railroad Spur yesterday and hit an automobile which bounced against another Auto Mobile which struck a pickup i Ruck which was pushed against a Marior. Wagon. The pileup of vehicles pre the Long term indebtedness. While improvements were carried out in nil of the divisions in 1953, the largest expenditures were made in Chillicothe and Kingsport to bring Power and pulp manufacturing facilities into balance with the advances woman who came to them Tei Day and asked help in finding out her identity. The amnesia victim abut i 25 years old sat Down at a typewriter at Harl quarters and Learned she was expert typist but could give no other Clews. The Shoshone depot. Davis a Tenn underwent a for the year ended december 27, special was delayed 15 minutes physical Hospital checkup today. Bethesda which Are being made in paper ant delays train Denison Tex. . Railroad s Prestonsburg re sults of an autopsy were awaited today to determine the cause of death of Claude o Dei music 28. A Coal mine repairman whose body was found monday night the under a mine car at nearby crack if you want to save on your insurance the place to save is 101 lir Kourre Tunur Nore a Nicy Broad Street aides said the Memphis con Gressman had been feeling bad for two Days that his hospitalization was not connected with the leg wound he received in the House shooting March 1. Davis entered the Hospital yes it Ter Day and is expected to be re a in a few Days his staff 1953, would have been yesterday when a Large red or per share As compared with or share for the year got into a semaphore median per ism and blocked the electrical ended de Contact showing a danger signal j Bury is. 556 Limestone Cove said. Or mar were both repeatedly risk in everything Dene in inter .s225 Marvin booties Creek at Irir ii pcs Confer National affairs. The .s973 Piney Flats circuit risks had an important place Sulphur Springs Unicoi in the speech Dulles made March circuit s1.549. _ Ein is. The Senate s foreign re lations committee gave the Sec friary a three hour Mitch 19. Dulles replies including explanations Given in a Magazine article1, came to this he avoided being too specific to Koop the communists guessing what this country would do. But. If there was aggression it did t under conditions of today the i might involve serious risks. But imposition on Southeast of these risks Are far less than the political system of com those that will face us a few Monist Russia and its chinese years from now if we dare communist ally by Resolute Means would be a grave threat. Now to the whole free Community. I will be Eisenhower and asked about that Dulles state the United states feels that ment. What risks was the Sec mean China or Otis that possibility should not be rotary talking about was he would be bombed. What this i passively accepted but should be saying this country would jump country did depended on what met with United action. 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