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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 26, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport times Friday March 26, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. Edwards. Jr., publisher and Genf ral manager Harfen. A.vslsun1. To the publisher Antl Assi. Gen. Mer w j. Edl or Ellis Bunkley. Executive editor 220-22 e. Market Street. Ken sport. Tenn. Merry go Rounce Hollywood associated press news service inf news service of tiber of the press Southern publishers association anti the audit Bureau of circular Lon an Independent democratic newspaper published earn of try noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press is exclusively int Llerik to use for publication of All do Patch a r Urdl cd to it or not otherwise Credif Al in this and or in news published herein Ente Pri n in Ken Sporl. Tran. As second mall matter october 27. In. Under the aft of March 8. 1818 n a Ion a advertising representatives. Shannon i inc. With in new York. Chicago. Do Droit. Unto. I. Louis. Kansas City los an pkg and subscription rate by mull first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Tva and politics that the Tva is wholly divorced from politics is something that Only the very innocent would believe. But that it is reasonably free from politics and less subject to political i nagging than most agencies of government is evident enough. Certainly everyone whether he believes that Tva was a mistake in the first place or thinks it is the Best thing that Ever happened believes the author Ity should be operated As much As pos sible like a business apart from politics and not used As a Fine place to put de serving friends of the party. It seems to us therefore that the pres ent administration would do Well to leave Gordon Clapp As executive director of the to remove him and replace him with another strictly on the grounds of political recommendation would simply be to serve notice that this administration is ready to accept the Tva on a political basis. It is True that any administration has a right to have men in policy making positions who have the administration s viewpoint but the Tva director is an administrative officer not a policymaker. The new administration is not changing the generally accepted policies of Tva. It opposed expansion but there is no idea of curtailing or Ham stringing the opera Tion. It is not in accordance with facts to hold the administration responsible for the ideas of those who advocate sell ing or liquidating Tva. Aside from the creeping socialism crack the president made Many references to Tva during his Campaign to the effect that lie had no idea of disrupting it. accepted it As a fact recognized value. Now if there is a change of management on what is bound to look like political grounds that is go ing to make it look like the president is not living up to his promises in the eyes of Many people. There has been no question of mis management of Tva under or. Clapp. No charges have been made against him. There seems to be no reason for a change unless politics is a reason. The creep speaking of the charge of creeping socialism so much uproar was made Over those words that the president probably wishes he never said them and attempts Are made to explain them. Is it a Good descriptive phrase the nationalization of natural re sources and the major industries is a part of the program of socialism. No one would deny that. It was proven in England and any socialist will Tell you that is accepted socialist doctrine. So if the government took Over the transportation Industry that would be a step toward socialism. If it took Over the steel and Coal industries that would be a step toward socialism. If it took Over the entire Power Industry that would be a step toward socialism. That the people who put through the idea of the Tva were largely advocates of Public ownership of Power is generally understood. We know that George nor Ris was a believer in the principle that the people owned the natural resources very definitely he believed that the development of Power should be a govern ment business which should not be left to private Industry. Today it is a moral certainty that a great Many new Deal democrats Are openly or secretly in favor of the government gradually taking Over the entire Power Industry in this coun try. They favor this step toward social ism. That the development of Tva is a first in the direction of that objective is As Plain As the nose on Jimmy Durante s face. It is held up As a fore runner of other such developments. There is the push for the Missouri Val Ley authority. Tva was the beginning. Maybe socialism is Good for the coun try. Maybe nationalization of natural resources is Good. Maybe Complete governmental ownership of Power is Good. Good or bad it is socialistic and the Tva development is a creep or a crawl in that direction. However we have the Tva and As great Britain found out it is harder to unsocial ize than to socialize. We have to be practical and the practical thing is socialistic or not we need to make Tva work As efficiently and As non politically As possible. By Drew Pearson you Trace the attacks of senator Mccarthy against most of the major targets he has aimed at you will invariably detect an underlying motive of motive reminiscent of totalitarian tactics in Europe before the War. Mccarthy attacked senators Tydings of Maryland and Benton of Connecticut because one questioned his charge of 205 communists in the state department the other introduced a Resolution asking for a probe of Mccarthy. Mccarthy now seeks to defeat sen. Mar Garet Chase Smith in Maine because she initiated the declaration of conscience which reflected on him. And of course the running feud with Secretary of the army Stevens came after Stevens refused to admit that fort Monmouth was riddled with communists. Bui the most Brazen recent Case of Mccarthy vindictiveness was against the former assistant Secretary of War John j. Mccloy now head of the Bank which is not exactly a communist institution. Mccloy has been out of government Lor some years after a distinguished career not Only in the War department but As head of the world Bank and As High commissioner to Germany. Nevertheless out of the Clear Blue the senator from Wisconsin suddenly accused Mccloy of destroying records of communists in the u. S army. The charge was so untrue that Mccarthy had to retract it publicly. But he still accused Mccloy of writing a wartime army order which. Mccarthy claimed permitted communists to be commissioned in the u. S. Army. Reasons for revenge but while the Public has read of Mccarthy s attack on Mccloy they Don t know the motives behind that attack. Back to a famous speech made by president Eisenhower at Dartmouth last Spring in which the presi Dent condemned Book burning. Mccarthy bit Terly resented that aimed at him. And since the speech was extemporaneous Mccarthy was determined to find out who had inspired it even sent an investigator All the Way to Hanover n. H., to see who and what the inspiration was. The inspiration he found was or. Mccloy actually the inspiration was accidental. Here is what happened. Mccloy too was receiving an honorary degree from Dartmouth and before the ceremonies was talking to y. Attorney Joseph Proskauer about the books that had been burned at u. S. Information libraries abroad at the demand of Sena Tor Mccarthy. Catching Only a fragment of the Conversa Tion president Eisenhower leaned Forward and asked what s this what s i was telling about the burning of state Denny Lent books Mccloy replied. Of they re not burning Ike inter posed. I m afraid they Are. Or. My cloy replied. I have the he then went on to Tell the president How he As an american official in Germany knew firsthand the tremendous achievement of Stulp department libraries. Eighteen million germans read those books in 1952 Mccloy explained. Probably As Many germans studied the principles of our founding fathers As did americans thanks to those books. And the value of those books was that they were uncensored. They criticized you and me and Dean Acheson and anyone else in govern ment. The germans knew they were uncensored and that was Why they streamed into our libraries leaving the houses of Kultur empty. These Worp books sent to american boys right after the War. Books which their parents and friends wanted them to read. There was nothing subversive about these Eisenhower is moved president Eisenhower listened intently. Then obviously moved he delivered Impromptu the stirring Dartmouth speech on Book Burn ing. It electrified the nation and was hailed by the american press As Ike s first crack Down on Mccarthy. Mccarthy was so furious that next Day he pulled wires at the White House to keep the speech from being broadcast Over the voice of America and persuaded the president to Issue a statement that the speech was meant As no reflection on him. Nevertheless he deeply resented it. And when word came Back from his investigator in Dartmouth regarding the happenstance by which Mccloy had inspired the speech. Mccarthy actually went to the unusual length d investigating everything Mccloy did. sent two investigators to Germany to dig into my cloy s records As High commissioner. There they even probed the records of the car Pool to see How Many times mrs. Mccloy her official limousine to buy groceries. But nothing damaging turned up. Stymied Mccarthy then launched accusation against Mccloy for allegedly destroy ing records on communists inside the War department. And when this Boom ranged As untrue the persistent and revengeful senator from Wisconsin claimed that Mccloy had arranged for commissions to be Given to Ameri can communists during the War. Actually Mccloy had argued inside the Wai department that japanese americans Ger Man americans members of the fascist Silver shirts and american communists All should be allowed to fight for their country if they were found to be Loyal and that the test should be not membership in one of these groups or organizations but individual loyalty to u. S. A. argued first that it was unfair to other americans to let these men off from combat duty second that if they showed unquestioned loyalty to their country they should have the same Chance in the army As anyone else. As a result it was finally decided to Send japanese american troops to the european theatre where they would not be called upon to fight against a japanese enemy and to Send German americans and communist vet Erans of the Spanish civil War to the Pacific where they would not fight against europeans. The decision resulted in some of the finest citations for heroism going to some of these men including the american japanese 442nd go for broke regiment. The decision incidentally was not Mccloy s alone but was concurred in by the general staff and Secretary of War Henry l. Stimson a distinguished Patriot who also served As Secretary of War in the Cabinet of Herbert Hoover. Definition of a filibuster newsmen called Mississippi sen. Jim East land s office the other Day for an Advance copy of a Senate speech attacking hawaiian statehood. There won t be any cooed a Secretary then explained sweetly this in t going to be a speech. It s to be a by Erskine Johnson exclusively yours Ava Gard Ner producer Joe Mankiewicz and everybody concerned with the Barefoot Contessa denies that the movie now shooting in Rome is a parallel of the Rita Hayworth Aly Khan Story. But Here s a digest of the plot Ava plays a dancer with a Spanish accent discovered by a famous director whose career is on the downgrade. The dancer becomes a famous Star then marries a Prince. A a teaming of Joe Kirkwood and Johnny Johnston is a feature film about Golf cupid under is an Eyebrow Raiser. They quarrelled Over Shirley Temple a few years Back. In the film they la Battle Over Cathy Downs now married to Joe. Fax the big reason Why Lex bar Ker popped up at a i just Long enough to Ink a Long term con tract then dropped out of sight the presence of sex wife Arlene Dahl All Over the lot in Bengal it s far from cordial Between them. A Lina Basquette the silent film Beauty is about to marry again in the East. She was the Bride of the late Sam Warner of War Ner Bros. To Don t Guip Down the yarn about a rift Between Jack Webb and Dorothy Towner. Whenever Julie London s attorneys threaten to make it hot for the blonde Dorothy slips away to the Monte Casino hotel in Mexico City. The 24-year-old Beauty will be Back in sergeant Friday s arms when the coast is cleared by peace among Webb Julie and their lawyers. A Janette Scott a 15-year-old English actress who looks like Audrey Hepburn landed the role of Cassandra in Warners Helen of her Mother noted London stage actress Thora Hird. A Maureen o Hara clams up at the Mere mention of the name of her South of the Border ador or taut she just returned from Mexico City and wealthy unable to get his Freedom Parra Anna Sosenko is paging Merle Oberon to play George Sand in her Broadway dramatization of Merle played trousers wearing Cigar smoking George in a song to re Mem Anna remembered. Fri t6ny Curtis gets Bert Lahr As his father in Spring the musical that follows three gobs in Paris on a i schedule. Or a Basil Rathbone was offered a chunk of Money to return to the screen As Maximillian in the Burt Cooper co starter Vera but decided that the Brief role was t worthy of his Star status. Hollyw Odese for an Indian Starlet posing for leg Art co Chise cake. -.6 is untold Side Angle on the death of former movie Czar will Hays that he had hoped to live until publication of dragon on March 25. It s a first novel by his son will or. A hit of the Argentine film festival attended by some top hol Lywood stars was an american singing Star named Wanda cur tis appearing at the Flamingo night club in Buenos Aires. Two years ago Wanda was a wait Ress at Google s on the Sunset strip serving flapjacks and hamburgers to some of the same stars. A. A. It has to be the real Gra Hame Cracker for by Howard this time. The creator of my Friend Irma gave up a Chance to produce around the world in 80 Days for j. Arthur rank in order to be near Gloria Gra Hame s Side in Hollywood 365 Days a year. A. A Dorothy Dandridge tried and tried but she could t cancel out of a Niter Date so she could accept an invitation to sing my flaming heart at the Academy awards. Dream girl Washington calling that Ripon wis., ceremony finding Down Here by some de on March 20 to commemorate the founding of the Republican party 100 years ago touched off a bib of political horseplay in. The u. S. Senate. Republican sen. Alexander Wiley from Wisconsin was giving the Celebration a Little apartment of the government that these railroads should go Back to Coal for perhaps the strangest air res Cue on record has been reported from Bergstrom air Force base near Austin Tex. An f-84 Vance publicity with a speech. Thunder Jet was practising re by Peter Edson asked what they thought about the Way their affairs were being handled. After a week of hear Ings and visits to congressmen which accomplished nothing one of the braves remarked Heap big fertilizer. No overpowering speech Pentagon sources Are quietly trying to debunk the recent Mac s window by. W. J. Mcauliffe Ever since football became popular going Back to school in the fall has become easier on kids nobody knows what. Elsen Hower and Macarthur talked Abo in but. It s Safe to say subject not. Mentioned was Harry Truman. Sevinc who the two men hrs it Niichi be Safe 10 say they talked of general subjects. The Jingle is an and verse any of addressing prospective customers. Senator Mccarthy refers to army charges As blackmail. Probably thinks some of the let ters he gets is red mail. A group of radio commentators reviewing the news of the Day spent most of the time saying that too much time was Given to discussing Mccarthy. The Pun is the lowest form of humor have you heard hat highbrow Rumor but often it s said by the very Bloke. Who la Tell you a filthy smoke House joke senator Johnson of South Carolina says one objection he. Has to statehood for Hawaii is the no contiguity of the islands. But. Dumb Dora says if they have much of that Down there they should pass a Law to make it illegal. The o her Day a senator made a speech with Only three other senators on he floor. That was non contiguity on the part of the other 92 senators. A feature of the ceremony will fueling in flight from a Boeing speech of rep. W. Sterling Cole be the lighting of the symbolic Kc-97 Tanker. Of new York chairman of the Freedom which the enthusiastic citizens of Ripon have pledged to keep alive As Long As Freedom lives he declared. After senator Wiley had finished his announcement sen. Paul Douglas id ill replied i have been interested in hear ing my Friend speak of the can dle lighting ceremony. Let me inquire whether it will be to celebrate a birthday or a i am very Happy to have that very challenging sen Ator Wiley answered. The Cele bration is of course to be a birth Day. However As the Young cub is Only 100 years old. is full of Pep vim and vigor As will be demonstrated next novem Ber. So i reply to the question of my Friend the senator from Illinois that the Celebration will not be a Wake but it May Cele brate the Wake of the demo cratic or the association of american railroads has now become a reluctant Cobelli Geren t in the big fight Between Robert r. Young and William White Over control of the new York Central. Young pulled the Chesapeake Ohio out of some of the cooperative activities of . At the end of the War. then set up his own rival federation for Railroad Progress. Theoretically the . Is a Neutral group representing the interest of All u. S. Railroads. But a couple of charges made by Young recently goaded . President William t. Farley into a reply. Young adds a new misstate mint in saying that he did not urge lha the government pre vent railroads from says Farley s announcement. I cite him to his own sworn testimony before an examiner of the interstate Commerce com Mission in finance docket 146292 on sept. 17, 1947, when he said i do not think it is in the Public interest to operate diesels at and that there ought to be a the automatic Gas Cap on the joint congressional committee f-84 failed to close after one Contact. The thunk Ferjet was in danger of losing All fuel. Using refuelling Boom As a Tow rape however the Tanker hauled the Thunder Jet to the end of the Bergstrom runway then let it land on own Power. Nelson Rockefeller is the Only american thus far mentioned As a Likely successor to or. Alberto Lleras of Colombia resigned Secretary general of the organization of american states for Merly known As the pan Ameri can Union. During the War Rockefeller served As coordinator of inter american affairs and As assistant Secretary of state in charge of latin american affairs. is now undersecretary of health education and Wel fare in the Eisenhower Cabinet. Four latin americans Are be ing considered for the lop . Job. One is Galo Plaza president of Ecuador from 1948 to 1952 and former ambassador to Washington. Another sex presi Dent being considered is Ricardo Alfaro of Panama. Luis Quintanilla is Mexico s candidate. is now mexican ambassador to the . Or. Rene Lep Revanche Vene Zuela s ambassador to the . And chairman of Council last year is a fifth possibility. On atomic Energy in which he described the fantastic Power of the Hydrogen bomb. They made the same kind of statements about the Power of atomic says one pen Wagoner but when we got to really testing it carefully we found it was t nearly the tremendous thing they claimed it was. We think the a bomb will turn out the same new reel props air Force intelligence officers rushed to the offices of aviation week Magazine the other Day when that publication printed two photographs of Brand new Turbo prop russian bombers. The Turbo prop is a Combina Tion of Jet and propeller Power which both the u. S. Air Force and Navy Are trying hard to perfect. The pictures showed a six is especially bad because a a the senator might have pointed out this non contiguity exists in perpetuity for a general counsel senator Mundl is making quite a desperate Hundt finding a Man to Bear the Brunott. d like to do. But so far Durtt senator Chavez keeps his sen ate seat. To the Surprise of no body. Anytime the Senate throws out a member Mark it up As a near unique event. Something like a 13-Spade hand in Bridge. It can happen and it did Hap pen who remembers when a Man and a four engine bomber called the Il-38. They Are supposed to be the latest in soviet b , but air Force intelligence apparently had no comparable in formation on them. The Maga Zine gladly gave out copies of the photos but would not reveal How it got the originals. The most disturbing thing the pictures to the air Force was that they showed a big Blister under the nose of he planes. What that indicated was some Indian chiefs recently that the russians might have came to Washington to protest something similar to the u. S. New policies which would re air Force s very efficient and move government Protection sup Secrel radar bombing sys from their people. They were Tern. Engine plane called the Tu-200 meant something had obliterated when he said it knocked into atoms had been a fellow named Mccarthy no relation to Joe or was arrested for stealing an Automo bile. That s i Mccarl Hief for you a Man May prefer n Willowy girl but he May get a Woolery girl. To something is to put your lips against i. The exception is putting your lips against somebody s fist. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances today s Bible thought and we desire that every one of you do Shew the same Diligence to the full Assurance of Hope the the times daily tonic what we Hope Ever to do with ease we May team first to do with cof r. 1m4 by inca to in t Spring wonderful this is the first Chance i be had to get outdoors and drink in the Beauty of the new one of the most complicated questions about which i receive inquiries comes from parents who Are concerned about the size or rate of growth of their children. One such question came from a worried Mother who writes that she has an eight year old daughter who is about the same size As a 10 or 11-year-old. Both and Mother she writes Are of medium build and the families Are Noi notably Large. The girl is neither overweight nor underweight and seems Normal in every Way except her size. Sometimes questions come in concerning underside particularly in boys and this causes an equal amount of distress. Growth and development in children has had a Good Deal of study but there is still consid Erable difference of opinion. What should be said at the Start however is that As yet there is no special injection or exercise or food which can be definitely recommended either to Speed or slow the growth of children. Furthermore it should be understood that the rate of growth varies from one youngster to an other and it does not proceed at the same rate of Speed All the time in any growing child. It is quite Likely therefore that the eight year old girl mentioned at the beginning of this column will grow less rapidly in the next few years and her contemporaries will catch up to her though this cannot be guaranteed. It appears that there is a More or less Normal pattern of growth for each child. Several methods have been proposed for measuring this but there is no com plete agreement As to what method is the Best though in the United slats a device known is the wet Grid has been used extensively and is favored by Many. There Are Many things which influence growth. To some extent size runs in families if the parents Are unusually tall the children Are Likely to be above average in this respect . Diet undoubtedly plays a part prob ably in height As Well As weight. Climate May have something to do with the picture also. Sex is a Factor boys on the average when fully grown Are taller and heavier than girls though around 11 or 12 years old girls Are often bigger than boys of the same age. An important Factor which influences growth has been traced to a tiny gland called the pituitary which lies at the base of he brain. The front or Anterior part of this gland manufactures hormone which greatly influences growth in some cases it produces too much of this Hor Mone with the result that the individual develops into a human giant one of whom has been reported to stand just Over nine feet High and weighs nearly 400 pounds. If too Little of the hormone s produced the growth May be correspondingly slump of out our Way kwc5w what they Cej Theyson of if thru i p Omav got out of this pump they e up with Atie am rubber heels the tire Reg ular the re s Al ways some one Pom be r thaw you passim that guv wow. Hekate it is five. Vacs ago he Stu Nimit ol1 lathe he s wow the chief em6imeer for All the co. Be Ike live years

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