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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 26, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeEthel in Luck you Here to set is to Ojo that new sofa it s Tell Lucy a set to Stop it but she neep5 Youh help Youv Sot 70 come to Stop Dot Yosi 5hhh--it s Yogi convention we sprite is just a Bitof a 6kl who lives Back in Valley with t her dad How did Vou learn sprite ran from you we met is live Little girl sets Ashful Lunf lonesome with no i one to play wlm. Wats How i Cam Tosee her she likes to hide in the r Woods and watch us play Well foe ttys Sake Why dont xxx ask her to come Down Here and we could t Fieth her cad was 3-26 of actually relieve Vou couli7 Why not e6wove a prom a neck lace that thins push up the 9uttoni on the Sipe ami7 it raises the ka7cx luf. It cd Van steel slam the t Mccar lame s Camp. How come it the imsu7e peels is so in like Famce a. Felt. Terras to keep anyone i among Fau. Into out Hancs now now f great that s fighter he As wipe open for -4 is Barkis. That right to the never bees heart As a Bush one As sheep station h r cent you me lao he s on the own grape an Vou re of the up he pops stamp up that s , i can Crown Vou him Tep he apis in Wop we p Hawe to Ontl i Dunno where tubb6 15. I Wei Leon. Heir. Vou like Heeria Best this who Vou Grin Ninfi at Chow to tie his up with i Asp a fish was be in pm Fiek. Where tki5 Kwh up River. To Temple of White 60ddess i dont know How manage some of the magic you Sive out with an then after Mali l Cloud had run top All round 5pitt1n lightning at 1m, it opened up an -1 drenched him every once in a while t even Surprise my5elf. T let to Cessle her some interests if thet big Booti Ful is against Slob Evovian Law for t Golsto f know my own v strength is Tiv a that Ain t All a Tel dont know. Wizer. Vou dont know i v strength neither voice is Wal of Toffa the Lam. A re specks Colv an Coulp change could support Mah an1 Tass lesson on Privin in traffic so watch that Pip full Over to writing to Beetle tonight ism there am thing Vou d like to Tell him would five la laps be enough so dude sets his Mowey from mikes yer and its he s headed Back to replenish. Where Are these mimes of his i dont know. But i reckon 1cu could find busted Vasaiw at Foker of Well the Scop of half mask will soom Fillmo fdcket5. The Man who lives in this House has a Nasty temper j hate to ring his he s so hell stick his head out the door and scream no in my face All the Guys Ubea com Imp with dad cant Vou do some thing so hell Msj w hats the idea of All this Racket 1 Little Twe ukr Cheom loc4l gets the from the 6uest spe4ker, verbatim thamx.4no Oor hat c. Is off to d. . Warold some folks Start Ona shoestring Ond become just take a Good lacing no fun festival slated for Blountville Bix Dunville spa dra Matic Hij inks and a mixture of real Talent will be the order at a the fun festival to be held at the High school auditorium Here at . Friday. The event will be staged by Sullivan county 4-h club Mem Bers competing for selection of the Best number to participate in the regional 4-h share the Pun Competition at Camp aus tin Greeneville. Regional winners will compete. A a state wide fun festival and the ultimate Winner May Bei nominated to perform at the share the fun breakfast at the 1953 National 4-h club Congress in Chicago. The breakfast Hon ors National winners in 4-h recreation and Rural arts award projects designed to develop per Sonal and Community resources for the Wise use of Leisure time. Well in pres1dentt of we bottle collectors Cuje-v4ll- 4merican Rolls of the Helmts Aso b4st secret4rxof the rt4.-i by i like so Tlam r4st pre9dentof the in Otaru Public of doodled who when gives s4ip Intro word for a Wawor of Sookei secret roof Public goes give a out for exercise san Francisco ther of the contending High school teams in a track meet claimed Points for the runner who streaked across the finish line third in a 440-Yard race. Lowell and polytechnic High schools said later the runner was an impostor apparently just out for the exercise. Thursday March 26, 1953 Kingsport times world Rivers no Way to an old Friend miss sprig time has just seen a ghost our of trouble Noclla real How much oou6h have a Gott coming with ? t tour packed it 1 cant f horizontal 1 african River one of largest in world 6 italian River 11 interstices 13 instrumental composition 14 perched 15 irritate 16 civil wrong 17 mrs Cantor 19 essential being 20 italian Community 22 Symbol for. Erbium 23 High Hill 26 Click beetles River in Switzerland 32 rough lava 34 electrical unit 35 Knock 36 Blue Eagle a 37 preposition 38 near 39 Frozen water 40 aits Are in Rivers or lakes 43 relieved 45 exists 46 injure 48 dry 51 hawaiian Wreath 52 singing voice 56 cylindrical 58 shaving instruments 60 idolized 61 breathes heavily in sleep feel 3 feminine appellation answer to previous Purzle vertical 1 hurl 2 Mountain comb form 3 approach 4 obtained 5 chemical 6 pedal digit 7 inset 8 nocturnal mammals 9 Summers for 10 uncommon Moerls 25 russian River 27 Meadow 28 goddess of discord 29 contest o 15 mine Entrance Speed 13 Mineral spring30 hastened 18 scottish River 33 too 21 spots 41helpefj 22 Church 42 her festival 44 world s 23 the Peanut largest River 24 rowing tools 47 48 indonesians of Mindanao 49 explain 50 Metal 51 conducted 53 gets name 54 allowance Foi waste 55 Larissas Mountain 57 Golf device 59 collection of sayings m i

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