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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 23, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeCongressman says com has Plush list of salaries Washington con Trowman has accused officials of the office of defense Mobili a ration of maintaining the Lii shies Agency in the govern with the most High pay j ins jobs. The upshot was that Odd d1- Rector Arthur s. Flemming at the request of House want through his organization Chart with a red Pencil and re ported that he could eliminate a or so positions. I this was disclosed today when it House appropriations Subj committee made Public Testl-1 Many Given by Flemming and 01 her Odd officials on feb. 5, along with the critical com ments of committee members. Rep. Albert Thomas a Tex told Flemming you have really j your Agency up As the Plush a lest Agency in the government. If you know of one that is one-1 half As Plush As this one is a would like to know what it Thomas said the Odd had More jobs in the salary Range of to a year thar. Any government Agency plus a Liberal sprinkling of other Well paying positions. He noted that the Agency had Price and rent control Section jury hears threats of bloodshed at ump picket line Lexington by. Fed eral court jury was told yester Public hearing for Bristol Gas set for april 22 Richmond the state corporation commission monday called a Public hearing for april 22 on an application of the Bristol Gas corp. To acquire All a United mine workers picket corp line two years ago in Leslie under county. I the proposal Bristol Pizir Nice t t. I Gas corp would pay for Clay Bishop of Manchester an the suck of Industrial Gas attorney and Coal mine operator said about 300 pickets stopped All traffic for three hours on which is going out of business. Law court juror is excused Tor cause i the judge excused a juror j Vight in the midst of a trial in Law court Here monday morn ing for an Al House was on fire. Someone came in to Tell the Man about it he de parted in haste after being excused and a thirteenth juror already qualified took his seat. The trial went in. Tuesday. March 23, 1954 Kingsport times 9 both have Gas distribution a 01. I tit i. I i systems in the Bristol area with Busy state Highway 80 Between Bristol Gas corp. Serving both Manchester and Hyden. Bristol v and Bristol Tenn. He was the first witness at Industrial Gas holds a limited 10 trial to t Ai lir the trial of 32 ump organizers and members accused of con franchise for distributing natural Gas to Public buildings Spring to deny miners their i schools colleges and industries right to refuse membership in a but not to commercial and Humphrey suggests Black crepe for lowering of parity heiress runs info divorce troubles Washington oct sweetheart Coeburn a. Miss we Letts Lambert daughter of or mid mrs. Charlie Lambert and former miss Coeburn of 1952" has brer. Selected "swpcl.lip.irl. Of 20lh officer s candidate company fort Banning miss lumber a a photograph was entered by Fiancee Clifford Suttle officer candidate and she ins sen. Won Over contestants from every Piggy Back Home you la never have to say let s go Home thl which was hib led Tarta n Uvino n s sleeping room and a Down stairs living room. Demonstrating the outfit which weighs and Nome holds into a 10-Inch pack on top of the car and can b. Assembled in 15 minutes. Party in Indochina began revolt 25 years ago labor Union. The trial was resumed today. Bishop said his car was i stopped at a Bridge on by. 80 and l he saw his mine Foreman Estill Deaton beaten by some of the ump men. He got out of his truck to see what it was All Bishop testified. When he stepped out How did to Chi Minh gain control and begin the com rationing set up and a wage i Monist revolt against the and salary division each with French r. Indochina the Fol jobs although. Lowin article second in a he stated the control and rationing programs were out of the window for All practical purposes. Flemming said that the budget Bureau had 433 positions with average annual salary of compared to an average of and 100 fewer lobs in series supplies the answer by using Well tested communist tactics of first organizing those with nationalist feelings then converting them to communist thinking by Howard Handleman vie Minh applied to his insurrection movement therefore Means the Light of the country Viet or the guide of the the objectives were Broad in dependence democracy and an. Alliance with the democracies unless household Consumers. In the application designate the Day Black thursday to Mark the lowering of Dairy Price supports to 75 per i cent of parity. Humphrey who plans to make i the suggestion on the Senate floor today said in a statement that an estimated 600 million Tver i dollars in Dairy farm income will Mexico City wiped out the lower heiress Barbara Hutton to pm ordered into effect april 1 have trouble getting a mex-1 by agriculture Secretary Ezra Bristol ican divorce from Porfirio Rubi Anft Benson. Hubert Humphrey d minn., state in the United slates. She has suggested that Dairy Farmers graduates from Coeburn High use Black crepe on april 1 and school in june. A y l o Gate City a. Today Golden idol Rosa because a prominent attorney says she s not married to the Minnesota Democrat Sug. Tested that Dairy Farmers might demonstrate their protest by hanging Black crepe paper on us itly completed a said yesterday that under mexi their doors their Gate pos s their Bristol. Can Law the wealthy miss hut mailboxes or by draping their Dver Industrial s Short lived marriage to the cans going to the Gas said it could dominican Playboy Diplomat Mack streamers of his truck about 50 men came provide More adequate really existed running toward him. Avold duplication of Gas the reason he said is Baker and Charlie Vermillion grabbed Deaton and one of them struck him. They struck him and knocked him Down and began backing he said blood was running from Deaton s ears nose and Mouth. A the while he added the pickets were Yelling cursing and swearing and telling the Washington Chi Minh paved the Way for his fighter fascism. There were no purely communist objectives. The plan was to win control of All nationalist a Long Specci attacking mine movements. The ump they would never work another Day in Leslie county. Ump Leader Tom Raney made Mas official says tax overhaul needed in state times seem to be getting More favourable for a state overhaul of the property tax Structure at rather High salary Monist party members or con Cecil Morgan of the municipal scions sympathizers. Technical advisory service told subcommittee chairman John i the party became bold. It tried the annual conference of the Phillips a Calif told to exploit famine Condi Tennessee municipal finance Odd. Communist revolt in Indochina when Thomas retorted first organizing Vietnam naj the budget Bureau handled the i tonal lists in nearby Siam. Business of dozens of agencies using Well tested communist Flemming said he was not trying tactics he withheld marxist to compare the Odd with the teachings until he was Well is budget Bureau in terms of re-1 to abolished As the Leader of the a possibilities. Nationalist group. Then he but he said he would like to gradually converted the Mem Point out that Odd was a staff Bers x communist thinking Agency for the president and of 192p the movement had an operators As gun thugs who had run the show Long Bishop related. He said Raney an International Board member declared he was going to run necessity we Are going to have a comparatively Small number of people Levels estimated one million support ers whom were com Gas said it has completed arrangements for an adequate Supply of natural Gas from East Tennessee natural Gas Legal expert Victor Velazquez which recently pipeline into by taking Over corp., Bristol Gas said it Playboy Diplomat h a j _ _______________11_. La 1 Humphrey estimated Ihen come loss to Minnesota Farmers pipelines in some sections of its Mexico could not accept the at two and one half Mil service area. Quickie divorce which miss hut Ion dollars a month and said1 ton received from Rubirosa s that s too drastic a blow to toss predecessor Prince Igor Trou at any Industry. It is More than Betzko. Our important Dairy Industry can miss Hutton reportedly is seek stand ing a mexican divorce. But she me senator declared approx another pria Lely enough Secretary bin favorite Keno sport theatres methodist canvass for 3 colleges brings 00, the methodist colleges of the Holston conference Emory and Henry Hiwassee and Tennessee Wesleyan in their joint financial Campaign passed to cranes nest is arms score Well. Court sources in Ciudad tru son has chosen april fool s Day to invoke this he is not1 n f the Mark saturday 1l Franty threaded a men organize Clay and is to be used main Knoxville. Counties Jillo said yesterday that miss fooling Many Farmers about Hutton had taken dominican what a Means the forerunner citizenship to marry Ower prices for f therefore they claimed she products unless his action is checked by Humphrey is co sponsor of a Bill any Cut in Dairy Price supports to five per cent per year and provides that sup ports be no lower than those for Basic commodities such As feed Grain. Must get her divorce in the dominican Republic. Counties Are the last big hold outs against unionization Eastern Kentucky. In he was not doing too Well of nations in North Annam but Only this and noted that the record of being the Lii shies Agency previously was held by the Small business administration with an brought Down the Wrath of the French who cracked Down hard. Hundreds of communist party members were jailed executed annual average salary of or sent into self exile. 817. J in june of 1931 the British in finally Phillips suggested that. Hong Kong jailed to Chi Minh. Rimming go through the or the seemingly frail Little Man Gani Patlon Chart for the Odd wasted by tuberculosis was re and strike out the positions he thought the Agency could get Jlong without. Flemming said leased two years later because of ill health. Despite his illness to Chi officers association Here Mon Day. Property tax As a source of Revenue has been declining percentage Wise for a number of he said to the some dozen or More City officials at the meeting in the City Hall. He said the four year term for governor with the provision against one succeeding himself now makes it possible for an administration to take up the he would began his most Active unpopular business of very Happy to do that. Re Jod of preparation for revolt. As revising the property tax setup. Porting Back to the sub commit head of the directing external1 earlier tee on feb. 23, he proposed that committee of the Indochina manager speakers were d. W. Moulton City who dozen or so jobs including. Communist party he travelled spoke on How our City plans and posts might be eliminated. New color a Ray pictures to Aid medical science extensively to Hong Kong can and finances major ton Macao and into Yunnan and Albert s. Hill representative of a Nashville bonding company who explained what the City phase of communist world development to Chi Minh and his communists worked diligently forming alliances with non new York you can communist groups in Indochina Jet your a Ray pictures in color j but also in organizing com. A system for making them de Junist led peasants and work bribed As a significant new tool Jers associations which were to for medical science was reported j become the nucleus of red Power to the Institute of radio Engi Lin the country neers today by prof. R. Stuart i world War ii opened new of Mackay of the University of for to to win nation province of China a Nashville bonding company Indochina. During the popular front Alist support for communist of Ifor la. Experiments show the a Ray pictures give More detail from Headquarters in South should expect from a bonding judge dismisses assault charge a charge of assault with in tent to rape against a 26-year old Man from the Kingsport area was dismissed at a preliminary hearing monday after noon in sessions 3ourt Here. The Man was alleged to have assaulted a married woman from the Kingsport area with the in than the Ordinary Black and China he charted a Del Cate tent to rape her judge s g movie Tough Man proves a Softie at friars banquet for buildings repairs and improvements and Twenty four per cent is to go into permanent endowment. The districts where the can Vass has been made Are Morris town Clinton Cleveland and Knoxville. Knoxville and Clin ton districts Are incomplete. The Johnson City District where the canvass is now in Progress has a goal of and Over has been subscribed. The Morristown and Clinton districts Hollywood up _ George. Both have exceeded their goals nil. No of Lytfi Xvi Iii _ raft one of the movies toughest Tough Guys is an old Softie after strand dial Clit ii Marilyn Monroe Betty Grable Lauren Bacall in How to marry a millionaire in cinemascope color cartoon big Laurel since 77-ounce baby Center old Squire Jesse Davis roused n neighbors and took in his is Dom Veteran movie gangster Gray variety he said in a paper prepared for presentation or. The second Day of the four Day of the big International hot also had favor of electronics Sci with nationalist China Britain and America by opposing the japanese to cover his communist ties to Chi Minh called a Congress course. He had to try to hide his jr., granted a motion communist ties because of pos to do Selss the charge after the sible suppression by Chiang Kal s husband who swore _ _ t Tui 4 r 1 i j ,-3 1 a animation enlists. The use of color is based on the fact that different materials absorb a rays different out had continue the warrant testified he allowed the defendant to to his House and with the color technique three of indochinese nationalists in Ordinary a Ray pictures Are Kwangsik province China in taken of a part of the body but 1941. Ostensibly this was a meet r different Wavelength of ening of Vietnam guerrilla groups Ergy is used each time. The actually it was a cover for a three pictures then Are project meeting of the Centra. Commit dec through three different of the Vietnam communist filters and superimposed to pro party. Duce a single color image or at that Congress was formed photographic print. The league for the Independence in examining the color Pic-1 of Viet today As Ture the doctor is not inter the vie Minh. Rated in the aesthetic effects but Viet Means a country or place in what the color tells him on and Nam Means to the South the absorption of a rays by the therefore Vietnam designates various tissues that Are shown the general area South of China prof. Mackay said principles proper or the country formed by also have been worked out for Tonking Annam and Cochin direct viewing color fluoroscopy China. And that showing of color a Ray pictures on color to sets is be ing considered. To Chi Minh the alias of the rebel Leader Means one who has the Light or one who guides. Last times today the phantom of the Rue morgue in 3-d and Karl Maulden Patricia Medina features at Lucille Ball James Craig in to tort Iki Star fax inning poll Uvari by Impi Feii Btl Larf Valley of the Sun with sir Cedric Jagger then followed him Back to spy on him. Drive in to a i go to the neighbor s wife Cleo Moore and Hugo Haas All. The wept openly last night As the friars club tossed him a Stag testimonial banquet marking his 25th year on the screen. Perhaps the Saddest note of All came in raft s speech of gratitude. The greying actor a Little Paunchy now looked around at studio Heads Jack l. Warner Darryl Zanuck and Dore schary on the speaker s dais and then said this is a great Honor for a fellow who has t done a thing in a year. The other Day some one asked me to sing two Cho ruses of Sweet Georgia Brown in a picture about the life of Ben . That s the kind of offers i get but the evening was mostly filled with laughs 90 per cent of them Bawdy. Neighbors and took up his Rifle in defense of his Home and hold Ings against the Virginia land Gran tors Back in the 1880 a has the cranes nest Section of Wise county been As disturbed Over a controversial Issue. Today it is Over the order passed by the March meeting of the Wise county Board of supervisors prohibiting cattle from running at Large on unfenced and wild lands. There Are twelve districts and cranes nest is being sub the conference. Over substantially supported in its stand Ascriptions have been secured the Rocky Ford and Flatwoods thus far in the canvass. Or. Raymond paty will be speaker Johnson City Raymond r. Paty director of Tva will speaker at be the the featured third annual convention of the keep ten Nessee Green association to be held at the John Sevier hotel Here thursday april 8. Other speakers on the pro Gram include Johnson City mayor George Oldham Ramon Greenwood representative american Forest products industries of Memphis Theodore h. Davis forester american Forest products industries Washington d. C. And Carl i. Although such Tennessee state for comics As Martin and Lewis i Ester George Burns and Parky Karkus convention members will View were on the program it was a former Light heavyweight Cham Pion of the world who got most of the laughs. Swapsie Maxie Rosenbloom introduced As Marlon Brando s diction said it was raft who first taught him How to fight. Dis bum raft picked me up when i did t have a Quarter to my recalled Maxie. Now i owe thanks Fox today up from Ocean Depths. A Seething Island of Gold fire and evil 1 St Iiri James Warren Lynne Roberts Paul Cavanagh news Short kin6sport Dit Grcen Ville Hwy. Of. Area at on i go to toy Holliday a dding her Academy award in the store of marriage coujm8m pictures the marry manii Mil my 111 hum Lull Wini it Hilt Zimiri ii clout Emu z shows nightly first show at dusk cartoon color movies of the fifth annual in Morristown Morristown a ounce smallest to sur Vive birth Here and one of the smallest in medical born at Morristown memorial Hospital saturday night. J the premature baby a girl not in color Louis Hayward Royal african rifles a Check of medical sources showed that a baby weighing believed of be yet named was born to mrs. James Newton of Madison and i was to be fed her first meal monday through a tube. I a Hospital spokesman said communities. Chances of the baby surviving Are attending the meeting of the five per cent. Mrs. Newton was Board which adopted the order reported doing Fine were delegates from All sections of the county which did not Al ready have Stock Laws. Only 12 ounces on a request calling for a dem the born and sur on stration of sentiment 201 lived in Chicago in 1936 hands were lifted against and 7 for the restriction. Despite this one sided Demon stration Board members fron Lipps Roberson and Richmond districts voted for the Resolution and the member representing the Gladeville District failed to vote on the Issue. Mass meetings Are being help in the several communities to protest putting the restriction in rial. To client Sadie Murphy chill wills in Tumbleweed also Force at the next meeting of the Board which will be held tues Day april 13th. Leading the fight to have the order rescinded Are Frank Yeary of the Flatwoods Section South of Coeburn a p. Davis of the cranes nest Section North Tennessee Forest festival Coeburn Rufus boiling of the tentative plans will be made for Beaver dam Section West of the 1954 festival. New officers will also be elected at the meet ing. Wise and Irvin Sturgill of the Rocky Ford Community North of Wise. Tonight thru thursday Elroy a Irsik Lloyd Noland to crazy legs All american showing four faces West Fri. Sat. Terror on a train double feature . The headline Dot Story of re Venge killings How men he Tell Are marked Bethel Barrymore Kim Hunter Siegol and a Richard. Brooks comedy kit no. 2 Cornel Wilde in four Days leave lowest prices in town adults.3ftc children 9c . Circle 5-1 67 i radio programs wept wept pm 1400 pc. 98.5 me. Tuesday o clock Shadow it 30 lore Jones is Sci fays to i married news 6 15 look it he weather music sports news Joe night stand news at Hie world one Man s family hour in class i Telephone hour Eddie Fisher show Mcgee und Molly can you top tins youth Wivinis to know tomorrow s headlines frolic off wednesday . On cd scr we in 1320 pc. 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