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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 23, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee8 Kingsport times tuesday March 23, 1954 Dot worry a30ut plug Snuffy might be old Cre Tkv but Well Jim this one if it s the a fast thing i do if be Don to it will be Google 0" course i was my dears All youse was Talkin about me of spec you a Tepel person you were eave5d50ppinjsj a walk up ladder balls 0 fire who did be a Ftp Wtiz old am i Dokaj t mind tellin a Dat i m getting fed up wid Benda x popular candidate per your f unpopularity contest.1 you kids la Eitleb loin to like me , you la regret i caught a Pabst in my t much of a Jos to it Quick there a a a Corraz poem alwav5 Stamps 5v 7ukim6 the there. Must have a saw Mim Lukch fcewakt7.kak7 to Tell have is est i m a conc to take her i these chocolates and rowers and apologize Iano toy i Osqui things Odd gee ctn t i m Here for think a fellow had Togo Thoj Al this pc sense after he was married the same reason my i wife is sore at me j i did to either 1 Keup a big curious. N3out Tow rak5-. Milb Akik i overheard ch6ckws up of a pm fico Mew Here cled Castic Piv House Lecyr Ming the her. Ill prison. Nea self vissel inc. T. M. U. S. What can i do to 1m? my r r sure Dorr think warm foot you was fair. Der3ot1n i out of the footy an not Down was he s a the Ikje to that y Nice an of miserable of r-t7 6emtleman grand Wizer you would ask for. Gracious so cookie t s a Osols my . I be never seem akvthin6 like that except isl a picture Book about Kimg Arthur Well i Rech Jom whats 6coo kim6 Arthurs Daw near Sood emou6h for sons a gusjm.1 of fax wooo nou soft Tor did you see a guess my face at the nerves Webe Sam Sarge does t allow dogs i is Mere Okay the Wise guv Wuo did that Iasi Tatrow of me i Kamee that i Dos 1a5 follows. Isab scribed if he Ain t Heije we win t know that til he s Trunp into a comp goodness this dash Board Suee has a lot of buttons on it the s is the new cab Blev o the leap Petunia hold Yore Pappy was pulled Oudath tree his horns staved stuck so h e. Hai m t a animal no somehow a feels i la try when paws g tooth Bones his head done a thereby becoming Horn Bones they squeezed his goodness it s a scientific fact that when goodness g Lanos Are become badness glands but when the were his Good Ness g ends popped Back to their or size and goodness the is now out of Pappy and the human being is he 70le me t meant Liffer he could t even j stay Lull i finished or. Thuot se2 he left i promised d fur the Mountin. J d Lver it. V.e8be Shore can t Liotier j4 Kin Ketch j pm to if. To Ivy abbj1us. Have a got a Bookou t i Lopal. Ppui.clla7 of yes Irv ten or. I la oc7 Vou s dial Circle 5-7131 open 24 hours daily City Hall Shell service Bald i l hello Bald i i Tittle if rip von Winkle were to woke up today he d never be Able to Poy up All his Back taxes. Kingsport today to spa v Clair. Caudll Norlum in Dennl guard Drill in. Main audion Stiim. Brit lip clips in game . Pm Orr party Ira club rooms. Point. Service Cen apr in car nor Roon Frank Clemul a pit Arl-Ivit-if1-1 in Gitlits i to Nurr Marblo Gamp rcom 7 of the Home Frost mis batting average is strictly to hits no rums to Motel pm l i Don t have to take an x who s pm us in Cli r wed Nesda v civil ail urn ruin in main Wiiri Mirrium. Of b in i a m c h in Pirty in club rooms 1. 2 Nyrl 1. Pain or Virn Chi iter in can if Ron 1 no san Frank Finui Itrat or halon o ill inn Acyl it Bill of i a n Annm 7 1 Ftp .10. Clith pm Clver Dikiy parly in Olvil in Wmk anal 2. Rich of in i of Nile snarl he in it. V no i n k Nyrl s u Prim pm birr in car nor a Fon it in. Lnu Nln univ Urphy Alij no Franx Cloud Onorr Niphol. Finc Lusk Rorr a birr activity Li-1 or. Annm activity 7 15-p to Friday civic Junior High Pat from Sci in main Aud in re u m Frank oud Rorr Ratlan Center Ion can apr Aviivii Afif. mar help Camus bask Tbell came old acts Clver on Spry sync inc in Mem . Shih diet if in Snorri Purly in Canh hons 1. 2 and Frank i Riniti l Onorr Rorr Rasion can or in Arlov onto sri nil. Fri Tinc. Wed Mispal Rel try club. In nah. 12 00 noon. On the air answer to club club. And v c m n dinner p nil dirt room. Thu sat Clovita club 12.00 noon club room Lay eps dinner i no r a. Club room. Kr1imv club lunch. 12 do pours. Club room you Ems Lish 3t Book a Vita my mama in it school Yosr Ami found depart me some mins else stud in Only half Way Back. Across i air wave personality Gordon 6 he performs on ii puff up 3 12 13 percolated Siom in 14 holding 16 British Money of no Mil 17 thu a Jird of Cut Koo family 19 Inith rots lax 211 now conic. Foi in 23 Vav Olinc Hist 26 of Lect m a Lodge 28 stray 30 roman Bronze 31 Southern general 32 in Fri parcel 33 he is a former fool Jull 37 Birds Honus 4 1 Mill a ill j of 12 social 4- slag Rej 4s naval a 46scotlish Slu Upfold 47 before 18 looked til for Onri Down m Oul is sir Chariot p6 Benefit s7 evade Down t 2 o o ele said 3 Shyrl sleep 4 summer for 5 Type of closed car 6 sensible 7 emm 8 haunt 27 Man s Nam 9 arc in tomed0 ing 18 rail Bird 18 a 2. Lars Plant Winsor 3-1 30 on Fasler fico Creek loiter 3g Compass Point imply Manl a Iii air re s3 s l cylindrical

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