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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 23, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee10 Kingsport times tuesday March 23, 1954 new York warned of water shortage again this season new York York City is again threatened with a serious water shortage. Arthur c. Ford City commas today s quotes by International news service Princeton n. J. _ Adlai Stevenson people get the kind. Of government they deserve. Our government demands it Cle Ponds upon the care and Devo Tion of the i i Washington rep. Chet Holifield California Democrat of the recent Hydrogen bomb sooner of water Supply Gas in the Pacific the electricity warned new York s present capacity to explode 100 per cent full or nearly population to conserve water in every Way possible to Avert a water crisis such As the City experienced five years ago. The situation not yet critic commissioner Ford said but it could become so unless precautions Are taken. He explained the City s reservoirs Are now Only 66 per cent full. Normally at this time of year they should be so.1 he said the present shortage was due to the extremely Light rain and Snow since last the water commissioner did not believe a predicted above average rainfall for the next 30 Days would necessarily solve the problem. We d have to have 40 per cent above Normal or 14 inches of rain Between now and june 1, to give us the 40 billion extra Gallons we Ford said. He warned that the City s combined reservoirs had reached their lowest ebb for this period of year since the 1949-50 thermonuclear devices has Point where Corn Bounds of safety reached the Petely new have to be Hollywood mar Ion Ross who has put a three headed photograph of herself on a Calendar to attract Atten Tion i refuse to remain s. Mouse in a town full of Zsa Zsa Legal Battle opens to decide Fate of insurance Cash Senate to launch probe on juvenile delinquency soon Kefauve to talk a Boones Creek alumni banquet mrs. T. M. Divine or. Gets dental degree mrs. Nannette Tipton divine 1 the officers of the Boones Creek alumni association met Washington Daw Fot their annual investigators of juvenile Delin banquet. Senator Estes Kefauver Quency said today they will accepted the invitation to launch hearings within three weeks on whether comic books radio television and movies in fluence teen age crime. Staff members said the Judi Ciary subcommittee will begin the probe with a hearing in Washington or new York by 1 Early april on the comic Book Industry As the opening phase of be the guest speaker of the eve Ning. An Advance of tickets is now going on. Dean Burleson president of the association states that he believes the and Vance Sale on tickets will be Good and he also advises each alumni to get his ticket Early visits Ike of Memphis Tenn., the wife of t. M. Divine or. Of Kingsport Tenn. Is one of 129 students who because of the limited number of tickets. The alumni officers Are now working on committees for the a banquet and these committees the study. They reported that investigators meanwhile Are making i i i Curtij duct Cullu l11uoc r will be released at a later Date closed cities in preparation for a tour of 17 localities by the subcommittee later this year. The Senate group was said to be planning to hold a hearing in the next two weeks on the serv graduated at commencement exercises of the University i Tennessee medical units Memphis monday night. Mrs. Divine received a certificate in dental Hygiene. She is a graduate of Elizabethton High Dunn. N. Berta Jernigan mrs. Al will give sworn Gallons daily. Ford feels he said that the consumption could be Cut Down by Gallons without anyone feeling the giant Catskill and Croton reservoirs which Supply the City now contain 167 billion Gallons of testimony on saturday about the mysterious disappearance of her husband a prominent Busi Nessman in Dunn who left an estimated of life insurance. The missing Man Houston was reported to have fallen off a fishing pier at Wrightsville Beach during a Hurricane last August. His body was not recovered. Mrs. Jernigan principal beneficiary will give sworn testimony for the first time. She faces an unusual Legal proceeding of Adverse examination by about ices performed by National youth organizations like the boy scouts. Shortly thereafter the sub committee plans to take Testi Mony on the operations of the 100 million Dollar a year comic school of Elizabethton. Tenn., and received her pre profession Al training at Milligan College at Johnson City. Tenn., and Carson Newman College at Jef Ferson City Bachelor of 1950. Tenn., receiving a science degree in water. Their capacity is 253 dozen lawyers representing lion Gallons. The insurance companies which the reservoirs will be Only 851 refuse to pay the a cent full by june 1 even if the examination w pc there then. And on that Date we be 100 per cent Ford support our Contention men who have followed the com we can t go on of a Well conceived plan for line. He added. You can t borrow or. J. B. Water and pay it Back like Bor the company said Jernigan director of research for rep. The examination was re is Normal rainfall until Quested by the Jefferson stand Ard life insurance company like to which claimed that Circum minister says Many clergymen follow red party lines los Angeles meth Odist minister who formerly was an investigator for the Dies and Mccarthy congressional commit tees says he has in his files the names of protestant clergy nationwide Alert for civil defense scheduled in june French chief of staff Gen. Paul Ely rights is Pic tured As he visited president Eisenhower at the White House in Washington. Gen. Ely was expected to the president for More american War planes for use in the fight against communist forces in Indochina. Inea telephoto Book Industry which some peo ple claim is responsible in parti for teen age crime. A subcommittee source said that the group has received some letters from All Over the country with 65 to 75 Pel cent of the writers complaining about comic books radio to or the movies. However this official said that j experts queried by the sub the situation split Washington nationwide the 10 Jap boats have witness watched radioactive hulls pharmacy robbery Tokyo japanese fishing boats were reported officially today to have returned civil with radioactive Hulk training exercise will be held i was Doser than 455 june 14-15 with Canada Alaska Hawaii and puerto Rico taking at Johnson City part. The Federal civil defense administration which announced this today said a simulated atomic attack will be made on 42 selected critical target areas in this country. Miles from the March u. S. Hydrogen test explosion. An official of the japanese cers one Marine Board said All the ves about 3 Sels were operating at distances. Johnson City a Surprise witness to the Wilson pharmacy robbery Early monday told offi heard a commotion . And saw several men lifting a heavy object in the Honolulu Hawaii and Juan puerto Rico also Matthews who was rowing Money from the Bank. That s Why we want the Public to conserve water now so there won t be restrictive measures there should be no curtail ment of Normal use. He said but water should not be wasted. A Small Leaky faucet he pointed out wastes 41 Gallons a Day. Negro 723, Dies at Alabama Home Bellamy Ala. Negro Man who was about 30 years old when the War Between the states began in 1861 has been burled at Bellamy. J Clem Noble known through out Sumter county As Uncle and believed to have been one of the oldest persons in the world at 123, was Laid to rest yesterday. Was bankrupt and had been Martin Dies committee for Sev i evenly on whether they thought. Mass Media outlets had any targets in the mock attack effect on youngsters. Selective service lists registrants registrants forwarded from Kingsport s local selective serv ice Board to Knoxville in recent Days have included James Wayne Davenport Travis Glenn san 11 be of 455 to As much As Milts of car Al the Comdr from the a bomb blast at the Market and Malauga time it was set off in the mar a .00n Pound Safe containing shall islands proving area. S500 in Cash and Solo in but he said the amounts of a. Boris radioactivity found in the hulls i second theft of kiting about of Worth less checks Between Banks be fore he disappeared. It claimed Jernigan suddenly paid premiums in Advance just before he vanished. Friend of Jernigan s who on the pier said the Busi a was Nessman fell into High seas and disappeared. A Man who was on Shore said he did not think Waii and puerto Rico supposedly will be made by guided missiles with atomic warheads launched from submarines. _ purpose of operation Alert director of sen. Joseph Mccar Joe Raines. David Spencer Roy i which has been in the plan Clyde Jeter Moore George Jimmy William Wilborn jr., Bill Wayne Harkle eral years and later executive Road Jimmie Ray Kiser Biry the exercise dubbed operation Alert will Start in tar get cities with the simulated at tack followed by assessment of hypothetical casualties and dam age and determination of assist Ance required. This information said it will be assumed that an attack on the u. S. And on Alaska will be carried out by air Craft carrying atomic of the 10 boats were slight and that the fish cargoes they brought Back to Japan were of Money in recent Days. Last week the Home of found to be free contamination. Of radioactive Greear was burglarized Here and testimony reveals window washing methods at capital Washington on con Gressional testimony released to Day disclosed that six govern ment employees spent two Days cleaning six Folk o windows. Rep. John Phillips in Calif a member of the House appropriations subcommittee which released the testimony said Iho Federal officials in charge of cleaning office windows had no comment on the matter. They did say. Added Phillips that about 50 or 00 windows could be cleaned daily by a six Man Crew. The congressman s Only reply was there was room competent and loss Wasle 1 Ful Hope dims for safety of missing youngster Richmond a. Nile officers Are checking All persons in Richmond known to have records of molesting Chil Dren with Hope dimming hint seven year old s h e 11 o n Len , a polio victim will be found alive. Police chief o. D. Carton said he feared the boy had drowned in James River. We Are not going to Alvo up will continue our work until find Ganon said. The Check of male sleds was ordered yesterday As part of Ftp exhaustive search Lor the slight lad who had been weak Large amount by an was last seen about p. M. Last thursday by a playmate. J. A. Miami approximately from his life savings was stolen. Three boys Are being held for investigation. Police capt. Buford Tunnel c said the thieves forced open the pharmacy s front door rolled i out Safe and fled in a wait ing truck. He said at least Ivee j 38-year-old and possibly four men took part. Thief is caught waiting for taxi eath notice weapons. The Surprise attack on a Miami truck Driver has found in the robbery. No arrests have Ren made. Thy s committee told newsmen Herman yesterday that he never had there Are secret agents among the clergymen. I did say that the largest single group supporting the communist apparatus in the United states is composed of protestant he said. Dykes Charles Sayne Nins stage for months is to Bobby Earl Donihe increase the operational efficient out just How agonizing in can be1 to wait for a taxi. The company said three wit Nesses saw Jernigan swim to Shore. Mead official to attend safety meet at capital Dayton v. Hill safety director of the Mead corporation has the aged negro Man had been j been invited to attend sessions Active until the Day of his the president s conference on anyone could survive the or. Matthews told reporters there have been a few Catholic priests involved in communist front activities and that the i largest percentage of clerical i supporters of communist activities was found in the unitarian Church. Or. Matthews is Here to give a lecture tonight. An american unitarian Assn. Spokesman in Boston commented at a time when the communists tried to infiltrate All last week. Skinny James Warner Holley and John Milburn Waller. Ray Lawson Clarence Edward samples Carl Durham Jack Lloyd Duncan Delmer Houston Jones Bobby Charles Depew Derral Clinton Godsey Aner Victor Cole jr., g. W. Hamilton Thomas Edward Raymond Collingsworth James Lester Bristol jr., Eugene Randolph still Arch Junior Ennis James Henderson Copas. Donald Edwin Watson Doyle. Baker Hensley Jimmy Ray Noe Charles Delaney Goforth. Eugene Buford Toilette Thomas Henry Ayers Harrison Junior Conkin John Henry Greene Donald Paul Koth John Gar by of All civil defense organza Guy Buckalew by police and counts of robbery while waiting on a Street Corner for a cab. He is accused of robbing a truck Driver of s100. According to the victim. John j Guy Wilson operator of the was picked up pharmacy said the Safe jailed on two joined m Cash and s2.000 in government savings Bonds. Torfs at the local state regional. Garrett. Buckalew hid in the and National Levels and to pro i Back of a truck and demanded vide realistic training for civil defense personnel. Acda pointed out that any Public participation in the exer Cise would be at the discretion of state civil defense directors. Climber needs firemen s Aid denominations Catholic and land Hammonds Andy Joseph i Chattanooga nine protestant the unitarians re i Gamble and Jimmie Ray Wil year old Sidney Mcneese had Del used the he Fri a Liam a 100 child Bride s Hubby cleared of charges Holly Springs miss. Unsil husband of a child Rice of 12 been cleared of All criminal charges occupational safety which will be held in Washington d. C., May 4-6, according to announce ment by Mead officials. Hill has been Active in local regional and National safety Cir cles for the past eight years. He is a member of the executive committee and chairman of the i pulp manufacturing committee of the pulp and paper Section j of the National safety Council. He is a past president and Mem Ber of the current Board of i pulsed the before the Mccarthy phony badge puts Man in jail Miami i a 44-year old escaped prisoner wanted on a burglary charge in Asheville k. C., is in Dade county jail to Day minus one phony sheriff s rectors Council. Of Kingsport safety it summer school 14 will be opening Date this year for sum Mer school on the University of Tennessee Knoxville Campus according to it s 1954 summer Quarter Catalon just released. Classes for the first term be Gin june 15, following registration on the 14lh, and end july 17. Second term registration is july 15-19. Commencement is August 21. The new Catalon lists approximately courses to be offered this summer. Bascom Jones was arrested Liams. Transfers were Dale Roy Collins from the Greeneville local Board Luther Columbus Graves jr., to Kentucky Earl Franklin Prillhart and Woody Douglas Hutton to Florida Tate Clanard Ford to Ohio and Orgie Duncan Jones to Illinois. Tuesday City court minor up the traffic docket and booked for impersonating a tuesday morning Deputy sheriff attempted Rob judge Lacy w Bery breaking and entering and charges of ule offences of City made court As an escaped prisoner. Jones escaped from Raiford prison where he still had 40 months to go on a forgery term. West illegal dismissed parking against a local businessman who Little trouble climbing a 100 foot Bluff at the foot of look out Mountain s incline railway but he needed some help get Ting Down. It took the combined efforts of two companies of firemen to get Sidney off a dirt ledge about half Way Down the Bluff where the boy had Frozen yesterday. Assistant fire Engineer Fred t. Cope or. Went up a 45-foot Extension ladder to Rescue the neophyte Mountain climber. Sidney did t shed a tear until police told him they would have to Mother. Struggling boy apparently with thoughts of a possible spanking Money from Garrett. After get Ting the Money he hopped out of the truck and hailed a pass ing cab. Garrett followed the and notified police. The cops found Buckalew As he was wailing for j except perjury another cab. He told police he i magistrate j. W. Riser said thai was trying to throw off Pursuit j George was accused by switching cabs. About his wife s age Buckalew is also accused of when Lyle couple obtained a mar robbing a truck Driver of . Hunsucker was jailed last week on charges filed by the girl s father. However the father James Smith was in jail Loday himself for what officers called a men Tal Smith had filed Many charges against , including rape perjury attempting to commit a crime and contributor a i in Kendall last Friday night. U. S. Is confident of Indochina win Washington re ports on indo China brought to Washington by the French. Army s chief of staff cast to ule delinquency turn him Over to his then the bawling and told the court he parked his car blubbered in a no parking zone in front j my grandma told me not to of his store after observing that leave the impersonation count was j other cars parked there habit amazing new discovery puts pounds inches firm flesh on thin underweight folks men women and children in Normal health but thin Skinny and underweight who Don t Hoo overeating or cramming with fishy oils Lugary tonic or expensive Vilnins test wonderful new Wate on it i 11-in-Onc, the concentrated mini of weight building in lories you be Long heard Wai coming what i More it i easily digested Init cad of being wasted Rocs to put firm flesh. On checks neck arms bust hip legs Ink los yes the entire body round out with a More attractive More Active healthy figure. Wate on is not n Riedi Cir it in t intended to cure anything. It makes for better a ignition of Frits fights in Tibuc Low resistance and poor endurance gives Quick Energy provides Rich source of Bone Bull Ding Vitamin d and new red Vitamin b-i2, so in Hospital Testi building up children. Ple Nannt. Fait. Rate rive. Wate on is homogenized folks re port Rains of 2, 4, even s pounds fint Bott 10, 15, 20 pounds in a few Short amazing try amazing new Wate on homogenized liquid emulsion Alii Concan Uiti Gwi in fortify weight maintaining Menli _ rented with Wate on either liquid emulsion or concentrated powder. Only s3.00 for full 16 or. Or for 32 of. Family sire on guarantee you must be Tati Ifield with weight gain in tint 10 Days or return empty bottle for Money Hack Don t be Skinny when Wate on putting on firm flesh fint Day. Drug stores lodged after John Ireland accused Jones of flashing a Sher Iff s badge last week and trying to put him under arrest. According to Ireland. Jones showed him the badge demanded Money and then threat ened to hit him on the head. The badge with the words Deputy sheriff on it Cost Jones rally the judge warned the defend ant against further use of the parking space. Forfeitures completed the docket. They included six Bonds of each for illegal parking one Bond of s5 for making an illegal turn one Bond for an illegal turn and 30 Bonds of each for overtime parking. Foremost chocolate drink is a favorite with All with too because it gives the youngsters extra Energy they need for Home delivery phone cd 6-8106 ton goof re most police search for men wanted in Camp shooting Nashville Tenn. Ins in diplomatic circles today but failed to shake u. S. Military i. A Vouge attorney. That fre Ich 1" in lal1 Unnur Bond. Seln Coopwo Ori said two l Ommon doctors will examine Smith. Graveside service for he a fam son of or. And mis. Isaac h. . 1474 k. Sevier fit., who died at. . Monrina at. Valley Community Hospital will in held at 2 p.m., tuesday at the a Neslon View cemetery. The Rev. Hershel Davis will surviving the Parry is Are the maternal or. And mrs. Wesley ceilings of route i. Funeral will be in charge. Flowers dial cd i i 105 e. Main is. Dalton Floral Lynn Garden Flowers for All occasions am guaranteed dial Circle 6-8822 Circle 5-3212 leaders Victory conviction Over the rebels possible. Gen. Paul Ely has Given a very Frank outline of what fran car. Do militarily and wha France will do politically. He has talked with president Jhc weather picture by the associated press Eisenhower and conferred Clear length with defense Secretary j Cincinnati Cloudy Charles e. Wilson chairman i Cleveland Cloudy Arthur w. Radford of the joint Detroit Cloudy chiefs of staff army chief ,, Clear staff Matthew b. Ridgway and grand rapids Cloudy of Hei 5 Indianapolis Cloudy a French official said Ely is Marquette Clear in Washington to outline the Memphis Cloudy military situation and pos Sibili Milwaukee Clear ties in Sault. Ste. Marie Clear he said that Ely did not come traverse City Cloudy to Washington primarily to re Des mores Cloudy quest More or different kinds of i Kansas City Cloudy u. S. Military Aid. But added Paul Clear there is a possibility that on Oklahoma City rain result of the visit might be Clouris a Trio change in the Aid just. Louis Cloudy sea chm today Foi in was report of Tom , rain police were two negro men wanted in the shooting of a fort Campbell paratrooper lieutenant. Police said it. Charles Rund Grum 26, suffered critical in juries from a pistol Bullet in the lower Abdomen. Officers said run Grum and a negro officer were attacked by the negroes when they reportedly approached a negro club in the company of two negro worn sanitary supplies disinfectants cleaners soaps deodorant blocks Chemi Dent products Circle 5-1771 requested immediate delivery of Boston Cloudy Miami Cloudy new York Cloudy Pittsburgh rain Washington Cloudy fort Worth Cloudy new Orleans Cloudy Denver Cloudy Helena Clear Phoenix rain los Angeles Cloudy san Francisco Clear Seattle Clear 47 43 42 36 41 45 39 58 38 39 40 48 59 38 g9 47 48 g2 44 80 48 48 5-5 69 75 43 44 american Light bombers and transport planes for use against the rebels. Radford said at the White House that the u. S. Would certainly consider giving the French additional b-26 bombers. Ely reportedly wants about 25 of the twin engined bombers plus some helicopters As Well As transport aircraft to help re pulse the current communist offensive. An american military official. Pointed out that Ely comes to no Pat Effting Washington fresh from discus due to a am Lute change Sions with the French cabinets the Junior High Pat will meet about his findings during his tonight at Dobyns Bennett High recent tour of indo China. Choc a French source gave an in Stead dictation of part of the purpose i of the Ely visit by saying that 57 35 37 37 35 25 33 35 26 50 31 21 31 29 39 26 30 39 48 34 68 42 38 45 66 62 34 j 33 56 46 41 27 White Floral go Flowers All arrangements we Sankar As your Klei honk dial go 5-5174 lems and sundays dial Circle 5-6557 Groseclose Flowers for All dial Circle 6-6108 and arrangement guaranteed school auditorium Al. In of Junior High school. Classified display the great name in Dairy products excellent ornamental evergreens shrubs and roses trained experienced landscape designers Waynesfield nurseries u. S. Highway 421 Bristol Tenn. Phone South 4237 vietnamese army and How to Deal with the vie Minh comm i nist rebels. I satisfied with your present income Tion. This is a repeat spare time business with weekly Cash to treasure always a distinctive photograph by returns. Your own business is just a few weeks away. Be built to full time if desired with financial help company. This is a can help from dial cd 5-5551 113 Cherokee is. Famous product a necessity item tops in Field nationally advertised no Selling just refilling depleted Stock. To qualify you must for investment car 3 character and credit references write fully for local interview. Box 4, Kingsport times news

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