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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 23, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee2 monday March 23, 1953 Kingsport times shorthorn cattle show Sale slated saturday in pc Ison of Champion j Angus Ifo Hilltop farm Prince of Shadow Isle 16th, one of the top Angus bulls in East i Tennessee has been sold by Igo Bushel Corn club hikes Scott county s yields by Bill Perry special correspondent hits a can soon do the fourth annual l. Ford owner of Valley Gate City a Alley shorthorn breeders As Cove farm Blountville route 2 county agent j. E. Delp credits Socia Tion show and Sale will be held in Johnson City saturday. The show will be at and the Sale at . To Carroll Freeman Hilltop acres Ford town. Prince of Shadow Isle 16th is i a son of. Prince barbarian of a u i of the offering in this Sale will Sunbeam the 1948 International grand Champion Bull. His dam was a daughter of consist of both scotch and polled shorthorn with a representation of some of the finest Breed Eileen Mere 500, an International we. A Piccir Piceu an ing in America. Most of the cat grand Champion Bull who sired tie Selling Are being consigned three other International grand by purebred shorthorn breeders champions. Ford bought Prince of Shad be of Isle 16th from Shadow Isle judged by e. R. Lidvall jr., pro farms red Bank n. J., the Home Fessor animal husbandry and of the three highest priced an in the East Tennessee area. The morning show will veterinary science department University of Tennessee. A banquet will be held Friday at ., at the John Sevier hotel. Each year this annual Sale furnishes foundation Stock to both the purebred and commercial cattle producers. Shorthorn have proved their right to be termed the Universal Breed by having pioneers the beef cattle cause everywhere beef cattle Are raised. They were the world s first improved Bovine Breed. The shorthorn Matron is called Gus bulls in history. These bulls include the Prince Sun beam 249th, the International grand Champion Bull in 1948 the Prince Eric of Sun beam sire of Many International champions and the Prince Sunbeam 328th, an International Reserve grand Champion Bull. Prince of Shadow Isle 16th has been Ford s main Herd Bull for two years and was sold by him because he has since acquired sons and daughters of All three of the record priced Angus bulls inc Oij Simuni Matron is the Farmer s cow be mentioned above. Cause of her ability to produce bringing so Many Good sons of off Spring which due to Here these Champion bulls into abundant milk yield develop i Sullivan county undoubtedly will quickly which Means most prof helpful in improving the it to owners. General Quality of Angus cattle shorthorn sires have become i area county agent j. Wor Iri Mcclam said. Famous the world Over because of their Power to transmit thei marked improvement in off Spring of whatever cows with which they Are mated. Big Stone discusses plans for Hospital big Stone Gap a. Plans for the building of a Community Hospital were discussed at a meeting of the president s club held Here Friday. A committee report expressed the advisability of setting up a subscription fund to which interested citizens could contrib Ute and stated they believed the it Bristol meet Bristol a. State convention of the Woodmen of the world life insurance society will be held Here april 13-14. Nearly visitors Are expected to join the 175 official delegates. President Farrar Newberry of Omaha neb., will present his report on the society s activities during the past two years. L. T. Oliver of Richmond and John b. Cobb of Nashville tenn., National directors will also be speakers at the two Day session. Olan t. Powell of Bristol an alternate National representative the 100 Bushel Corn club which will operate again this year with helping encourage a steady growth of Corn yields in the county. In 1945 Scott county had 300 acres of Corn he said which yielded bushels or an average of 31 per acre. In 1946, acres yielded Bush Els or 34 per acre. The 1947 average was 36 bushels on acres for a total crop of bushels. And in 1948, acres yielded bushels averaging 44.5 per acre. The 1950-51-52 figures Haven t been released yet but Delp expects them to show a Continua Tion of the growth. It Scott county s chief Forest Warden Otis Lawson of Wood has delivered Forest tree seedlings to 26 landowners of the county. He delivered them do c. A. Coates or. Holston High lad is candidate for Fra Star Farmer c. A. Coates jr., Secretary of the Holston chapter of Fra and a Junior at Holston High school is applying for the state degree in future Farmers of America and competing for the Honor of Star Farmer in his chapter As Well As the District. Restly to the Plant site and to 5eing Secretary Che several cases gave the chapter Coates is re ers advice on proper for the Watauga sub Dis and care strict chapter Leader in the meth seedlings have been furnished Odist youth Fellowship program local landowners free for Sirim has Church an officer of his years by the Virginia Forest class member of the basketball and in the upper third class in scholarship. During his first year 1951 of farming he had five tenths service in cooperation with ten Nessee Valley authority. They Are planted on abandoned farm land under stocked and burned Over Forest land. Acre of tobacco five acres o. Corn five acres of wheat and c. Howard Craft coordinator three tenths acre of Strawberg Tennessee Farmers news Corner of the Scott county Telephone cooperative reports Sites for the six Central Exchange Ries. His second year he had five tenths acre of tobacco five acres Dungannon Clinchport Corn five acres of wheat Blackmore Nickelsville Duffield three tenths acre of tomatoes and Cooper have selected and bids for _ ,.-_j wet ii j. Pc necessary funds might thus be if or Virginia will Welcome the raised in a Short time. Visiting Woodmen delegates. Been two tenths acre of strawberries their and two tenths acre of potatoes equipment will be taken april 24. I and 100 chickens. Rufus Rollins Coop president has received official notice of re lease of Rea funds for construction. Securing of rights of Way for the lines is still going on in the various communities and Coop officials expressed Hope All easements soon May be secured so there will be no delay in construction. Hereford Sale set Bristol the annual Tri state purebred Hereford Sale will be held Here saturday. Start your Garden planning at once by Henry Pree m Ritton for Nea service March is generally conceded to Mark the end of Winter and thus stir the Gardener to plan for a More successful year. The old Gardener observing the splendid condition of the soil while planting a gift Rose immediately thought of Garden peas. Ever mindful of his new England boyhood training he purchased seed and made plans to prepare the required space. Peas Are a Cool weather crop and seed must be sown As Early in the Spring As possible to in sure development before hot weather arrives. Light soil is Ideal since it warms up earlier in the Spring but a Well drained heavy soil Rich in organic matter and Well limed will also produce a satisfactory crop. 1 Inch Dolp 154 inches that careful planting of peas will pay you dividends. Or wire to keep them off the ground while the Dwarf and Semi Dwarf varieties such As seeds Are sown in furrows Early. Motts Excelsior Inch and a half apart and a Inch Laxton Lan and Little Marvel deep in rows two to three be Crown without support apart. Treat All pea seed with an one of seed is sufficient inoculant such As legume Aid or for 100 feet of Row and from this Fulfur. There is no control for Root rot a soil infesting Organ ism just do not grow peas in that spot for at least five crop years. The pea aphid is the one insect to worry the Gardener. Control is by frequent Contact total labor income for these two years was his program for this year includes eight tenths acre of to Bacco five acres of Corn five acres of wheat of tomatoes acre strawberries three tenths three tenths three tenths acre of potatoes two acres of Oats and one beef calf. The fourth will be the same As the third except that one hog will be added to the program. C. A., jr., lives on a 40-acre farm. In addition to his own pro Gram he has done certain improvements on his Home farm. In order to receive the state degree c. A., jr., must Excell in scholarship and leadership activities in his chapter the Community and school. He must have carried on an outstanding farm ing program for the past two years and have plans for two More years of supervised farm ing. Nitrogen. Inoculation enables pea the Gardener should Harvest . Plant to obtain nitrogen of peas. The recommend j it advisable to grow the air and fix it in method is to sow All at in the House cellar form for both the pea Plant and time varieties that require Dif if treated As a for tha crops which will be grown Ferent for maturing be Novelty and one can maintain a applications of Black Leaf 40 in to win the Star Farmer award Spray form. Be must Excell All other members quizzing the Gardener of Nis chapter and to go higher desire to Start a Small Nave a record Superior to vegetable Garden in the others in the District and Yard which is now in heavy what procedure should we Fol Low Lime at the rate of five pounds per 100 Square feet and a 10-6-4 or similar fertilizer at the rate of three pounds per 100 Square feet Over the area and Spade or plow to a depth of 10 or 12 inches. These materials will hasten decomposition of the Sod help to hold moisture and act As a source of food for soil bacteria. Break up the lumps and allow to stand until seed sowing time when the soil should i be thoroughly pulverized by Rak copies that precious picture copied we have bad 20 Yean experience in Tho work. We also photo Tatlo copies of important Cine Foto studios i new St Quick rub on mus Terou Fri on the same piece of land. To secure thorough Inocula i than Tion. Each seed must be Well cause Early swings get a better coated with the powder or Jelly. Seed is placed in any clean con made later in the Spring after the soil has dried out. Powdery mildew a disease at in hot seeds or mixed until All the seeds Are Well coated. Inoculation insures a More vigorous Root and top h or dusting with tall varieties such As Tele phone perfection and Alderman growth quire a support of either Brush be sown immediately after treat ment. Humid atmosphere and a temperature strictly Between 50 and 60 degrees. Become Well in formed with their requirements before investing. Well composted manure is a necessity. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions piles so bad i could sit run of Smrdu Fri tit a. W., inf info amazing relieves torture of simple piles acts to relieve itching pain f r raw inflamed Jihuo. And dry hardened Paru. Helps reduce swell cracking. So Don t suffer neediest misery of simple piles. Get Paio. Real com fort Nettl Way. Your doctor about it sop to Titorov form or tube with perforated pipe Point my int life is easier with the in my fat the it Morfe eco t venetian Iliad that Beautiful became it Dean. Flattie tapes and Gorda wipe ipod Lesa won t fade shrink stretch. Mar proof map Back aluminium Slatt noiseless tassels fool proof mechanism new decorating possibilities. Stoat or r phone 3969 Usco window go. Kojl Johnsob City Highway the sensational new Brick that revolutionizes Home building they said it could t be done you could t make a single Wall Brick Home but Here s the Brick that does it already recognized by Cha fire underwriters and every major building code scr gives you a Beautiful Brick Home of permanence and Frame House costs get the full Story now on scr today s Brick for tomorrow s living listen to your general Shak Story Teller . Thru Frt. Wept am rheumatism aches Rains Paster easier i decorating with 100% Latex base pa1mt for Walls and no Law no Brash mria no will Tascott odor dries in 20 mutts so of easy to use Speed Satin goes on in half the time with either Brush or roller. Mild soapy water cleans spatters and ment quickly. Wide it Glass electric 154 St. Phokim 1346 by the associated fress reports indicate the Tennessee Farmer broke about even be tween mid january and mid february on Price advances and declines. Advancing in Price were pats Cotton soybeans peanuts Sweet potatoes apples hogs sheep re Tail milk and chickens. Remaining about steady were Corn Barley cottonseed Pota toes turkeys and Wool. Declining wheat Rye Hay tobacco beef cattle calves lambs butterfat wholesale milk eggs and milk cows. For the nation As a whole lower prices for cattle eggs milk potatoes wheat and Corn during the month ending last february 15 were offset Only in part by higher prices for hogs Cotton and some other commodities. Figured at 25 cents a package the 1951-52 farm value of the Leaf tobacco in a package of Standard size popular Brand cigarettes was about four cents. This figure is based on a re cent Bureau of agricultural economics report. The combined manufacturers and distributors margin was about nine cents. Taxes got the remainder. The Farmers share of the an Nual average Market Basket of farm foods amounted to in 1952, reports indicate. This is a two per cent decline from the of 1951. On a monthly basis the farm value decreased sharply from january to february and then Rose to an annual rate of in july the High for the year. By december the farm value had dropped to the lowest since november 1950. A by Tennessee horticulturists say. One reason Why some of these later varieties have a poor reputation for Quality is that growers neglect spraying for Leaf hop pers the horticulturists say. The insects have More time to work on the late varieties and therefore do More damage. The Kahn exec blight free smooth and of Good shape is very promising for a second Early crop and even for a fall crop to be planted in july if spraying is not neglected specialists say. A thorough clean up before Spring work starts is Good insurance against loss of property and Man hours on the farm. A recent study of hospitalized Home Accident cases showed that the largest single cause of in juries other than poor judge ment was disorder. In fact disorder was responsible for putting one out of every five Accident victims in the hos Pital. Accidents can be prevented by removing trash accumulations from Home and farm buildings checking through the farm shop to see that tools Are in their right places and tool handles secure and in Good condition and keeping barn work areas and alleyways Clear of equipment and other obstacles. Junior Heifer Sale slated in Greeneville can Start plants or seeds of ten Der crops at least three weeks earlier than can be done on unprotected soil. These Hill covers which Are made of Para fined paper and admit a Good Deal of Light serve As tiny greenhouses. They Are most useful for the Vine crop such As melons cucumbers and Squash and for tomatoes peppers eggplants when there is marked advantage in producing these As Early As possible. To get the greatest gains from the use of hot Caps use them Only on Early soil usually Sandy or at least Well drained and in places protected from Strong wind. Late varieties of Irish potatoes such As the Kennebec tend to be More productive than some of the earlier varieties when they Are grown properly University of Greeneville spa. A Jun dior Guernsey Heifer Sale will be gardeners held saturday at the Experiment Bristol officer Dies in Germany Frankfurt Germany maj. Edwin c. Duncan 37, of Bristol tenn., was found dead in his car last thursday a bul i let wound in his right Temple and a Small Caliper pistol in his right hand the army announced saturday. His widow mrs. Gaynelle o. Duncan and a nine year old daughter survive. Major Duncan was a graduate of the University of Tennessee. His body will be returned to Bristol for burial. Poultry meeting Wise a. And poultry men of the Glade Ville District of Wise county have scheduled a meeting at the Wise technical school building for thursday at . To hear j. Freeman of Grays Point mo., discuss the poultry and egg Outlook for the immedi ate future. Other speakers will be j. M. Mccormick Wise county farm agent and Charles Absher jr., of the Wise county schools. Station near Here. Among animals offered will Bej four two year Olds three senior yearling heifers 13 Junior year Lings and 18 calves. Most of the heifers Are from the same farms As the Greene Ville heifers were last year Extension Dairyman l. O. Colebank said including 15 head from Bayville farms. The dams of most of the heifers have Good records or Are on test and most of them Are sired by Good bulls he said. The Sale is open to boys and girls of Greene Hawkins Sulli Van and neighbouring counties. Headache remember this liquid Cap Udine relieves headache fast. Its ingredients Are already Dis solved nil ready to act. So pleas ant to Taft. Get Cap Udine. Follow the Label avoid sex Ceanie use. Adj big 200 f abut Bott tonight for the int time the Dinah show on radio. Station wept to . And monday Ond Friday at in Ottili Park inf iwo show and Star your fax Critt Singer sing your for Ortt songs drought to you by your Chevrolet dealer amazing hew scientific discovery hueve5 sinus cold special formula containing wonder working chlorophyll it lion of stuffed inflame of nasal painful clears breathing in seconds i the blinding head Tod pitas of sinusitis breathe again sp-49 Zine it the fastest. The misery of head colds ruffed clogged passages finally yield to to Tea bios new formula yes at last medical science has found Safe easy Way to Stop the tortures Chat accompany sinusitis and head colds. 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