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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 22, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeKingsport times monday March 22, 1054 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper p p fed wards. Or. general Man seer in Halen. To the publisher asst. Gen. Mkt v j Mcaulife. Editor Ellis Bunkley. Executive editor 220-22 k. Marcel Street. Kmic sport. Tenn associated press news service news service member of the associated Ron Hern newspaper f uhllshrr1? association and Chr audit Bureau of circular Lon. An Independent democratic new spat published Al or Mon except Saturn May and sunday. The associated press is entitled to it use or publication of Roll credited to it or not credited in the Naper Art also the i Cal news published herein. Entered no t off re in . Tenn. mall Mailer. October 27. 1944. Under the act of March 8. National Fipp re St. A lives Shannon a Assort with a de Roit. At Una. Is Louis Kansas City. Lor an Kelts and sin rant Sisro. Subscription Juc by mail first and second postal zones daily and , one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40c. Today s Bible thought when your fathers tempted me. Proved me my saw my works forty the times daily tonic every temptation an Opportunity of our netting nearer to q. Adams. Merry go round by Drew Pearson crisis inside the armed services not unlike that when adm. Louis Denfeld walked out As chief of Nava operations is now taking place in connection with the so called new look. Gen. Matthew b. Ridgway army chief of staff and one of the men in the Pentagon has walked at going along fur ther with drastic military cuts. Be has argued that the army is already reduced too drastically and that As an officer entrusted with the safety of the United states he cannot conscientiously go along with any further reduction. The arguments so far have been conducted with dignity and deference. There have been no heated exchanges. But the Point has been reached where Ridgway. Hero of Korea and former chief of nato will either have to yield or resign. It was to give diplomatic support to general Ridgway that adm. Arthur Radford chairman of the joint chiefs of staff gave his Senate testimony last week that the new look and push Button warfare might not be the Only military answer. I believe this nation could be a prisoner of its own military Radford Testi fied if it had no capability other than one to deliver a massive Radford who has argued against too dras tic curtailment of the big Carrier program and does t favor putting too Many ships in Mothballs personally sympathizes with ring Way. However he had a Long talk Wilh him the latest Mccarthy Speerli made it ast week after which Ridgway declared i clearer still that this Man is rapidly be will answer Only to my own coming intoxicated with the Power which for St bldg was opposed army cuts when he excused he thinks he has. The wild extravagance from attending the National Security the big i a of language the dramatic effects the a peal to audience emotions Here were All the elements of an egomaniac drunk with his own words. This was no states Man. This was a Ham actor. To Analyse the speech would be in kind. Set Down in Black and White the statements made in the red heat of Pas Council meeting at which the cuts were finally to be decided. Previous was Ridgway s excuse. In. The end Secretary of defense Wilson ordered him to attend. At this meeting Ridgway reluctantly agreed to the cuts and his colleagues on the joint chiefs of staff now plead that since he once agreed he must go through with the agree ment. However he is sticking to his guns. Meanwhile the Economizer in the Eisen Hower Cabinet Point out that the Pacific Sion ate oratory Are an insult not to Adlai Hydrogen explosion has proved More Conlu Stevenson not to the democratic party but to the intelligence of his audience. It was As if he knew that his followers had their minds closed to intelligent sively than Ever that ground forces Are out Moded. A Hydrogen bomb that can affect fishermen 75 Miles away they Point out could contaminate the City of new York plus new Ark and Elizabethn. J., Bridgeport con words and open Only to rhetoric and bom and up Bast and wild charges. The state of mind of a political audience is a marvelous thing. It is indicated by the one cry it the charges son by the senator were too absurd to Merit rebuttal. No one could possibly when Sec insisted on cutting naval strength. However Denfeld was publicly Active in opposing the defense department. Ridgway opposed Only in Pri vate has let no word of his position leak out the charges made against or. Steven Side. Push Button Puzzle foreign diplomats flooded european Chan cedes last week with conflicting cables As to whether the United states did or did not plan take them at Mccarthy s valuation unless he is completely under the Domina warfare ton of the Mccarthy personality. To con found the errors or even the stupidities of men in the previous administration with treason is irresponsible talk which no thoughtful person would entertain. Perhaps the significant thing about the speech was the ego Centric approach actually the juror started Back on january 12 when John Foster Dulles in careful Diplo Matic language said the United states would not be dragged into heterogeneous minor wars but would strike at the heart of the enemy if aggression threatened. Behind the Dulles speech of course was need for justifying the Eisenhower Economy pro Hollywood Hollywood on to Bill Bendix s reason for walking out on a five picture Deal at Rio and forfeit ing a huge bankroll now can be told. The torn up film contract paved the Way for future Reis sues of his to hit life of i and Abc s plan to splice three of them together from time to time for theater show Ings. His contract with the studio limited reissues of Riley on to and prohibited theater show Ings but he figures the to prof its will exceed his salary for five movies. Bill s already seen film at work on to and he says it s like finding As a 25-per-cent owner of abroad with two a wartime comedy making the Home screen rounds he collected last year for the latest figures on telefilm production in Hollywood Are astounding. Home screen celluloid now tops theatrical pictures by a ratio of 12 to one. This year hours of telefilm will be turned out in Hollywood. During their Peak years movie studios produced Only 500 hours of celluloid entertainment. A headline in to s flight to coast worries new it s history repeating itself. Radio did the same thing in the Middle 30 a and i be been predicting the same thing for Tele vision. The trek Westward is gaining momentum and can t be stopped. A a a. M Rudy Vallee has to ideas comedy series starring himself and comedienne Irene Ryan. And treasured too Lionel Barrymore s to debut with Mem s Blessing is just around the Corner. Title of his series be olde curiosity Lionel himself is one of Holly Wood s olde curiosities. A prediction by Dave Alexander who directed Ethel Merman s anything on comedy the variety form of to show is on the Way to joining Vaude Ville. It must move into Book i be been preaching the same thing for two years a Hal Roach who Mescle them famous is talking to Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy again about a Home screen series. They were not interested a year ago to s now trying to scan what not much Choice Washington calling the issues which the u. S. Senate has to resolve in the Case of Mccarthy Carr Conn Schine is. Stevens Adams u. S. Army it Al. Are a lot easier to state than to judge. Somebody As Bert Williams the old time minstrel used to sing. And what s More if All parties concerned Slick to their present stories when placed under oath somebody is going to perjure himself. Here Are the main Points of controversy excerpt from an unsigned memo in the Mccarthy commit tee files dated nov. 6, 1953, on meeting Between army Secre tary Robert t. Stevens sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy and their aides in the Stevens asked that we hold up Gram and its curtailment of the armed forces. Ulovie producers Haven t been our Public hearings on the army. The Assumption that the democrats were primarily the speech was aimed at Domestic Able to focus on a Greta Garbo he suggested that we go after i u. S. Consumption. But overseas it threw our maw afr Tom up and no Fonse de regarding Mccarthy As the opposition Alues into a sule of near panic Jor several and mccarthyism As the great Issue. This Assumption of importance is some first we had organized a United nations thing that the democrats will have to to Deckie when and where take some of the blame for or should we say credit political Wise it May be smart to let the Issue be Between the democrats and Mccarthy. But it is not according to fact. Perhaps the enlightened element of the Republican party can do something to scrapped. It also meant that the United states Loving nations would oppose aggression. Sec Ond we had also organized a nato organization to take joint measures against aggression by the soviet Union. So the Dulles pronouncement indicating that the United states would decide without virtually comeback. But i m betting she Wor t show her face on the Home screens either. An agent trying to sell tug boat Annie As a to package was told Roland Reed s Al ready doing it with Preston Fos Ter. Only he Calls it water front braver than Errol Flynn has been a Long time movie gag. But should t it be Richard Crane set the record straight. But it will take reserved the right to throw the free world into in 26 Rocky Jones space ran Day that following up of Vocio Thorp in Wal. _ Ger films he had subdued 137 idea about investigating to some drastic surgery. There is necessity a Lowell the Dulles january 12 speech his of removing an evil growth before it be own advisers have been Busy quietly trying to cuts comes malignant. The republicans need Calm the fears of our allies. And Dulles him e3 j 4.-. Ten Mitja t n Trevno hum h a Good surgeon. The big explosion the word is that the device which was self had joined in the move to tone Down his talk about push Button War. However while Dulles was flying Home from Caracas. Vice president Nixon in refuting Adlai Stevenson expounded on push Button warfare All Over again. Only he made it even stronger than John Foster Dulles. Then three Days later almost As if to refute vice president Nixon and Calm our allies adm. Recently exploded in the Pacific was far Radford chairman of the joint chiefs More powerful than the scientists sex of staff indicated just the believe Pec Tecl it to be. Instead of exaggerated this nation be had reports of the possibilities we have been to deliver a Mas told less than the truth because the Sci save atomic dentists themselves did not know the full of the truth. There is a note of one hour after Admiral Radford s state ment on Capitol Hill Secretary Dulles held a this has gotta go dept television shows that Are radio shows televised. Yes they re still with us. It s a camera boys not a microphone is Edmond o Brien and lbs Are discussing a series revolving around a drama professor in a Small College. June Allyson ready for to i m completely Happy doing she says. Dick Powell is the to Star of our Mark Down passport profiles As a new filmed in Europe series due later this year. Kitty Buhler who press conference in which he repeated yet at wrote the first dragnet shows alarm in this news. There is Here a warn the same time straddled his previous Posi president Eisenhower has the authority to without consulting ing sound of a terrible possibility that Tion. So far Only fiction writers have fooled with. Congress Dulles said but should not use the that is that Man May lose control of created the plots from state department files. They sparkled inside Jim Backus about claims that live to shows with audiences sparkle with spontaneity _. I did a live show in new York the terrible forces he sets m motion. Ine re emphasized his Power to Start during a blizzard and we had an Hydrogen bomb with which Man is work push Button War though assuring that he ing is a fearfully alive thing. Like Frank would consult Congress he did not however a give and assurances about consulting nato Benstem the scientists have brought this Thryn monstrous poorer into being. But sup his was Why Canadian external pose like Frankenstein s monster it gets minister Mike Pearson one of the Best a friends the United states has went out of his out of control that is the Prospect Way in a speech ast week to warn that which this news of unexpected results brings to us. Navy afr Force and defense departments reply by Secretary Stevens on March 12, lately on learning of this i is sued a statement that the charge was absolutely untrue. Anyone who knows me would realize that such a charge was a. A memorandum from Roy Cohn chief counsel to senator Mccarthy dec. 9, Adams army counsel said to the the air Force he had gotten information for us about an air Force base where there were a Large number of homosexuals. He said he would Trade us that information if we would Tell him what the next army project was that we would reply by John g. Adams on March 12, charges made against me Are untrue. The chronological statement released by the army on thursday March 11 Speaks for it a. A. A senator Mccarthy in March 12 press conference statement declaring that or. Adams had used the army report in an at tempt to blackmail him into Call ing off his investigations of the army no investigation by me will Ever be ended by threats of reply by or. Adams in March 12 charge of blackmail contained in the memoranda released this after noon is fantastic and false. If there Ever had been any basis for such a charge to is inconceivable that no complaints were Ever made to the Secretary of the army. And none a. A. Excerpt from army report on the Schine july Gen. Miles Reber chief of army legislative Liaison received a Telephone Call stating that senator Mccarthy desired to see him. He went to the senator s office and senator Mccarthy there informed him that he was very interested in securing a direct commission for or. G. David Schine a consultant to the Mccarthy com excerpt from the army s re port on Schine october Mccarthy at time told or. Adams hat or. Schine was of no help to the committee but was interested in photographers and getting his picture into the paper and that things had reached the Point where or. Schine was a v it y excerpt from memo of Frank Carr an investigator to Sena Tor Mccarthy 9. 953.i again today John Adams came Down Here after the hearing and. Using Clever phrases tried to find out what s there in it for if he and Stevens did some thing for Schine. Be refers to Schine As our hostage or the hostage whenever his name comes up. I made it Clear thai As far i was concerned. I did t care what treatment they gave Schine. And that As far As i was concerned he wa.5 in the excerpt from army report Jan. 13-14, 1954. Knowing that 90 per cent of All inductees get overseas duty and that there by Peter Edson were nine chances in ten lint private Schine would be facing overseas duty when he concluded his tour of duty at Camp Gor Don or. Adams informed or. Cohn of this situation. Or. Cohn upon hearing this said he would wreck the army and cause or. Stevens to be through As Secre tary of the or. Cohn denied this charge when questioned about it on the March 14 meet the press pro Gram. He declared it would be ridiculous of him to say that he could wreck the army when Hitler and Tojo had t been Able to do it. Or. Cohn also said that it would be presumptuous for him say that he could make or. Stevens leave the army. The Republican Story now is that Wisconsin sen. Joseph r. Mccarthy had nothing to do with the appointment of former Fri Man Robert e. Lee to the Federal communications. Lee has been frequently referred to As Mccarthy s who would get him anything he wanted for his friends or himself. The official version is that Lee had the endorsement of 85 senators and congressmen for appointment first assistant to comptroller general Lindsay Warren congressional watch dog of the Republican National commit tee chairman Leonard w. Hall decided not to give that Job to Lee. But Lee Wols called Over to gop he. One Day. Hall asked him How he d like to be in acc. Lee nearly fell out of chair in Surprise. Hall then called sen. Styles Bridges and rep. John Tabor Heads of the con Gressional appropriations committees and both endorsed the appointment. Blaming senator Mccarthy for putting arc on acc is now referred to by the gop As guilt by Lee is admittedly a Friend of Mccarthy the senator approved the appointment but he did t know anything about it until after it was announced. Mac s window w. Mcauliffe one often hears it said of i could never stand up and make a talk. I d die of fright. But unfortunately there Are not enough of these people. Most people Are Only too Happy to talk. A. No one should Ever urge and encourage bashful people to talk. That is almost like telling them they should catch the measles. Talking is practically a disease. Too Many people have it. It would be a far greater serv ice to humanity if a movement could be started to discourage people who talk too much. Of course to discourage people from talking is far More difficult than encouraging them to talk. V speaking of evils of talking a suggestion has been made that seems to have some Merit. That is that All members of Congress be allowed a certain number of speeches per year and no More. That Way he would save them up till he had something important to say if Ever. I fan even belter idea would by for he government to require everyone to Wear a Little Wincler that would record every word and when anybody had reached the limit of words allowed for the Day it would go off like it big Ben alarm clock every time the wearer opened his Mouth. Siren is a funny word one of the funniest we Ever heard sirens Are dangerous women hear but sirens sound warning when danger is near so that it would seem that we All need is a Siren that warns against sirens with Speed. When Johnny was asked what was the difference Between North and South poles he said at the South polls they never elect anything but the big question for the publicans is whether senator Mccarthy is an asset or a liability. Some people think he is wholly a liability while others think he is partly an asset. And you can gues what part of asset they mean. The question in the radio world is How much would Jack Benny have paid for his Daugh Ter s wedding if he had not been such a stingy miser a wedding Cost that marriage ought to last. It is pointed out and one won Ders if the texans have noticed it. That if and when Alaska conies in As a state Texas will be the second largest state in the Union. To Arm texans. In fact imagine an alaskan meeting a texan and saying Texas of that s the stale that is almost half As Large As the state of Alaska in t it the Treasury Deal. Have peo ple who Candle envelopes received from taxpayers to be sure nothing is thrown away and the government gets every last pen is a Rumor that he government plans to Candle the of to be sure they Aren t keeping something Back. Says Mccarthy. My actions will be determined by what i myself Pride Golch before a and people with a lot of Gall before too Long will come it Cropper. And when they Flop it is it whopper. A. A boy swallowed a Marble while watching a to show ant was rushed to the Hospital. Surprising is anybody noticed. Audience of five Tipsy refugees from the it s a tug of War Between Abc and Abc Over Alan Young s name on the dotted line now that he s left the lbs fold. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances the u. S. Would lose its allies All too rapidly if stuck to the idea of push Button warfare with the United states making the sole Deci we have been telling ourselves that Sion As 0 when the Button is to be pushed. The atomic and Hydrogen bombs will de stroy civilisation if Man is foolish enough to use them. We have called it a suicide weapon. Even or. Malenkos told the russian people that atomic warfare would destroy civilization including russian and we have heard that from Russia with some Relief be cause it sounded As if Russia was not Likely to move in a Way to bring about atomic warfare. But we Are assuming that it is up to German overtures Alfred von Krupp whose huge munitions works supplied Arras to Hitler even before he took Over Germany and who was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment As a nazi War criminal has left Essen Germany for Nassau and Mexico City. In the latter country he is slated to Confer with president Ruiz Cortines and mexican officials about the financing of the new fac tories dams mines or Power plants under a. These conditions Are in a Price paid of 20 per cent Down and the balance to be paid four years after the ii s it Ine Oriance 10 of Pam Lour years Aii or u Man to decide whether the forces of of the factory dam or project atomic explosion Are set in motion. We 2. Krupp will do this without seeking part have assumed that it is going to be the German ownership in the Enterprise. I o to Irvin of 1 a Nir decision of a few men sitting in Washington or in Moscow to decide whether payment in kind the does of atomic Force Are unleashed. Krupp s proposals and his tour of latin America have caused a lot of Eyebrow raising but the unexpected Power of the latest among latin american diplomats Friendly to 3. He will accept payment in any currency hard or soft or is even prepared to accept the United states and even the state department. Remarked one Diplomat happens to be the product of the Dulles policy of building up Western Germany. Now that or. F con Iii Dulles has helped Wash the blood off or. While Man impotent to Stop his Krupp a hands he lets him go Down to latin explosion Means that science is not sure. It does not reassure us that they miscalculated. It opens the door to the fear that the Power Tae Over own destruction. America to take our Trade where s your sense of humor you had a big laugh when i told you that Stair tread was when Uncle will fell on it last one of those questions which i have been dreading has arrived. Is it True what is being said about smoking writes w. M. Are they More harmful than a pipe or this puts me right in the dle of a controversy where i would rather not be. First it is presumed that the question on Cigar ets refers to the recent re ports that cig Aret smoking pre disposes to cancer of the lungs. The Finger of suspicion has not been pointed at pipes or cigars least not yet. It seems certain that there has been anon crease in the amount of cancer of the lungs and that this increase has gone hand in hand with the increase in Cigar it smoking. Also some investigators Are convinced that Long continued and heavy cig Aret smoking definitely increases the chances of developing lung can cer. At present most students of the subject appear to feel that cig Aret smoking is not the Only cause of cancer of the Jung but that it is an important influence few non cig Aret smokers acquire this disease. So far As the second question on the relative harmfulness of pipe or Cigar smoking As compared with Cigar ets i think no one actually knows. At the moment however there Are some definitely accepted facts about smoking on which nearly All Are agreed. Tobacco smoke irritates the delicate mucous lining of the breathing Pas sages and certainly tends to cause a coated Tongue. Heavy smoking will also affect the Throat and Larynx and frequently leads to slight cough and to hoarseness. Someone who slops heavy smoking suddenly usually gains weight merely because he or she eats More. Smoking increases he acid secretions of the stomach and therefore is usually banned for with ulcers of the stomach. It is quite known that smoking interferes with athletic prowess and shortness of breath on exertion in heavy smokers is characteristic. Ii is known too that in cer Tain diseases of the blood vessels such As Raynaud s disease or Buerrer s disease tobacco is definitely harmful and must be discontinued. These Are a few of the speculations and facts about smoking. I suspect though i cannot prove a that the effects differ a Good Deal from person to person and that it May be relatively harm less for some and extremely undesirable for others. Out our Way 1 was just a speck a cow there but you Piew t see me come up them rope

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