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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 22, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee2 Kingsport times monday March 22, 1954 i i ii ii ii i leads 7 Tennessee Farmers Corner Sullivan county Dhia in february by the associated press thoroughly with the soil. There Are and rueful jokes there s almost always a series about straight up and Down of middlemen Between producer in Tennessee s Hill and consumer. But some Farmers country. _ running livestock to Market have but there s Good land in them found a middleman Between the. W. J. Allen of Elizabethton led thar Hills. Only thing it s the Sullivan county Dairy Herd to work. Farm machines Are not. Pen hookers they re Rov ement association in adapted to angular terrain. Around Chattanooga. These men so Hill Farmers who Seldom Are speculators who meet average pro find mirth in the struggle with coming Farmers and try to buy auction of 901 pounds of milk slanted acres will cheer to hear animals before they Are in Jand 35.7 pounds of butterfat of a new machine especially developed for slopes. Loaded at the stockyards. I from 23 cows one dry l. F. A. Needless to say few jr., supervisor re it s a dual Hopper get top prices from a pen Hook ported last week broadcast Type machine Thaler. In a recent Case a Farmer j. J. Chadwell Kingsport had can spread Lime and fertilizer in sold an animal to a pen Hooker the High individual butterfat one fertilizer and for. Which brought when i producer at 73 pounds. Chad seed. It went through the sales ring this brainchild of Tva and an hour later. University of Tennessee Exten the Chattanooga Yard took Sion service engineers is under action against the speculators. Weirs Herd production pounds. And a Chadwell cow took second High individual milk was third in milk averaging 856 oing tests and shows Promise. Now Farmers can deliver Stock j honors with at present the spreader is. To the Yard draw a Cash and a. A Simpson Kingsport had mounted on the front of a crawl Vance go shopping and return the second High Herd in butter or tractor and can be used Safe to pick up any extra Money due fat with an average of 34.5 by on slopes of As much As 60 them from the Sale. Degrees. By Means of wheel and hitch a _ attachments the spreader can ii Hill tipi c plan be converted for general farm we r Iii planting and fertilizer opera tons. It can apply combinations. Lit Jurij Jiuji pounds from 47 cows six dry. B. R. Harr Blountville was third with 34.1 pounds irom 14 cows one dry. Harr s Herd was second in milk production averaging 882 pounds. The second High individual pro cow owned by j. W. Bluff City. A cow soil conservation chiefs report Sullivan Progress Sullivan county soil conserva Tion District supervisors will hold their regular monthly meeting at . Tuesday at Holston Institute High school. With the Sullivan District said every Effort will be made to work with All Farmers who wish to cooperate with the District. He added the District is Quali said anyone interested is invited Ance in All phases of soil and to attend. Water conservation. Paul o Dell chairman of the any Farmer or landowner in Board of supervisors reports the the county is eligible to receive newly organized District is Mak technical help in planning and ing rapid Progress in the soil conservation prac two months of operations o Dell said. This is a free Farmers have become coopera-1 service. Application May be tors with their District and have i through any member of requested assistance in Board of supervisors or any and applying conservation work agricultural Wor Ker in the on their farms. To Date 11 Farmers have been helped in planning and carrying county. Other members of the Board of supervisors in addition to out one or More Are Oscar Bailey vice practices on their land. Clarence h. Jent full conservationist assigned to . I chairman j. T. King Secretary time i treasurer Herbert Mills and Bill of Lime fertilizer and seed with reasonable accuracy through wide variations of Drill Billy. a. Martin there Are Over two million Washington acres of Hill land sloped at 30 Farmers will be operating close degrees or More in the Tennes to their War expanded capacity j see of it in year despite the Prospect of Nessee. More surpluses if they carry out. And even Steep Fields which1 planting plans reported to the cow in milk production at tend to Wash away despite every government. Pounds. C. Warren Fleenor precaution when put to Row the agriculture department Holston Valley was third with Virginia Farmers to Plant More feed less tobacco Richmond Virginia per cent Farmers Are expected to Plant a tobacco acres or greater amount of feed crops 100 per cent this year while declines Are pre-5 or 86 per cent dieted for fire cured and Hurley j Sweet or 100 pounds Smith had the High individual county farm area to Good Start with Early Rains editor predicts Rosy future for Southeastern livestock Timberville a. The lion s population accounted for South rapidly industrializing.59 per cent of the natural us of and shifting to an animal Agri a crease in population the Healthiest eco country from 1940 to 1947, Bristol a Chart in the nomic spol in Yle nation the this Means he said the cities editor of the Southern planter Omorrow will peopled by told a group of 700 Virginia and of the Rural South West Virginia Stock banners. I us Cluj Friday. Or. Paul b. Sanders of Rich shows that Sullivan rainfall got off to a Good Start this year at least in the Vicin Ity of Tri City Airport. Figures m the Chart Tolci he representatives of 7qo members of Shen from the weather Bureau Sta Tion at the Airport show 8.7 inches of rain there in the first Valley meat packers co opera Tive the Southern Stock Farmer two months of this year com unlimited oppo Unity to pared to 6 inches in the same t t of the Indus period last year and 6.2 inches inert Ritli in january february 1952. Normal Tri City rainfall for january february is indicated As 6.9 inches. Both 1953 and 1952 were in addition he said there is a huge Market for Home produced j milk and meat in the Southeast i which produces barely half of drought y ears in Sullivan coun meat needs Opportunity inn to. The Chart shows total precipitation at the weather Sta for expansion of beef pork and milk production in this Region seems almost unlimited he said. Trickling Tion last year was 34.4 inches and in 1952, 32.3 inches. Normal the co operative started in 1949, has become the i largest outfit of its kind East of the Mississippi. Members were gathered Here to inspect the addition to the Plant which has been recently built. Sanders noted that the with Only 27 per cent of the a get a my my tobacco Corn potatoes and pea nuts. Crops have profitable pasture said saturday that a Survey Tak potential. Engineers Don t claim a cow that produced in March 1 indicated the acreage pounds the planted to crops this year May the entire association of 652 spreader will help the fellow who be Down less than one per cent must Plant his near vertical from a year ago even though farm by climbing a facilities Are crowded Mountain and firing Shotgun with the largest farm surplus in loads of Cor Seeri at his Fields history. But on More gentle inclines it under crop control programs could come in mighty Handy set up by the department farm agronomists have a few tips ers had been urged to divert up cows with 82 dry averaged 666 pounds of milk and 27.2 pounds of butterfat per cow. Herds with cows producing More than two pounds of butterfat per Day were w. J. Smith 4 j. W. Massengill 3 j. J. Chadwell 2 a. K. Simpson 2 b. R. Harr 2 for Cotton Farmers who plan to wards of 25 million f. Rutherford 1 c. W. Flee Plant some of their diverted about seven per cent of last ror 1, and n. D. Pressley 1. Acres to soybeans. Year s crop non crop first the popular variety of uses such As grasses and soil Farmers had not yet been sted in Tennessee is o go e legumes. Fled of their individual Corn which is Well adapted and pro the Survey indicated allotments ducks a Good yield with rela wheat plantings will be within the Survey did indicate How timely High Oil Content. Ithe acres allowed for Ever teat much Sandbe Wagdi other recommended crop. It also assumed that be Teci from such surplus crops Are s-100, Dorman and vol state. The Cotton acreage would be in As Colton and wheat will be used Porman and s-100 mature ear line with the acres Al to grow other Cash and livestock her. Vol state and Ogden give noted for the crop. But the pros feel crop soybeans flaxseed bigger crops Corn acreage was about or Beans and was rather than planting at the right time same As last year although grasses Anc legumes important. May 1 to june 15 is the government had urged a 10-. The recommended seeding Span million acre reduction. I. Big increases in acreage were soybeans should be seeded at. The department also for aus Barley the rate of three fourths of a however that the acreage i flaxseed sorghum and sugar Bushel an acre if planted Ini Nally planted May turn out to be to rows. If sown broadcast use one larger or smaller than Only in the Case of potatoes the state agriculture depart ment released figures on prospective acreage plantings in Virginia simultaneously with a nationwide report from the u. S. Per cent. Acres or 105 cent. Acres or 114 Pel annual rainfall for the station is 41.2 inches. Eggs Grade higher packed big end up Blacksburg a. A eggs should be packed always i America s largest Selling toilet tank Ball noisy running Toile i con Over 500 of Wolper o Doy. Oozing to Lenard Woler Moultr Tony Boll in lonely a lop flow of Woler Oiler each Flushing. 75c at hardware Storost everywhere cent. Acres or 110 per cent. Agriculture department. The state report based on a Survey of growers intentions indicated a 5 per cent increase in Hay acreage Over 1953, a 10 Peritz cent increase in Oats and w per cent boost in Barley per cent larger acreage forecast for soybeans. Flue cured tobacco growers Are expected to have a 1 per cent Grange Hall club a 14 a 6 was poultry men say. Increase while Sun cured Plant Ings Are tabbed for a 20 per cent to get a Grade a Mark an egg must have a Well entered Yolk and when eggs Are packed Small end up the Yolks has a tendency to Rise. In tests conducted at the Pennsylvania agricultural Experiment station 90 per cent of eggs packed Large end up graded a or better and jus Over 75 Church Grange j per cent of eggs packed Small All Community club will meet end up graded bar lower. Hike. On the a half acre. Lime and of f where the soil is poor. A soil to two bushels an fertilizer both pay t will determine needed and How much. What s if Lime is needed get it out Ture fire cured and Burley to Bacco growers Are planning for reductions of 9 and 8 per cent respectively. Peanuts Are expected to be Down 4 per cent. The net acreage change for a a j crops included in the Survey i figures at one half per cent in crease Over last year. Weather conditions prior to March 1 were very favourable and Virginia Farmers were Able to accomplish a greater than usual amount of Winter blowing. The indicated acreages of important Virginia crops and their percentage to last year s Plant Ings acres or 99 per the Survey itself upon f armours scared that acres May cent. Acres or 96 per cent. Acres or 106 Hall at Grange Hall school at . Tuesday to discuss the pro posed farm to Market Road through that Section from Church Hill to Morrison City. County officials wiil be on of the Pic hand to Watn landowners by reason of weather Price of which is now Down Price changes labor Supply i was a significant Mancial conditions the crop con. About 11 per tool programs and the effect of the department said it a actions. Be planted to 59 principal crops it was pointed out that when this year or Only less is soon As possible and mix it the Survey was made Many. Than last year. About the rights of Way needed. The county has been notified that if All rights of Way can be obtained by thursday the slate will include the project in its april contract lettings. A psychological research Institute has been set up in Berlin where motorists and pedestrians car. Have their reactions tested to learn under what conditions it is Safe for them to be exposed to traffic hazards. Chlordane is the most effective insecticide to use against ants. Sanitary supplies disinfectants cleaners soaps deodorant blocks Chemi Dent products Circle 5-1771 the Hamilton Karry Kart the Ideal ail around Lawn or Garden until for carrying dirt fertilizer tools Flowers plants 24" Long 1g" wide 12" deep. Heavy wire reinforced rolled of Ken bossed sides for extra Riffi Dity. Handle i tubular a Eccl. A heels Are 7" solid disc Type with ribbed rubber tires. Heavy underwear with hard Elcel Axle. Standing height of handle 2v Frum floor. Speed nuts used throughout. Hardware dept. 4 Dobyns Taylor divining Rod. Southern style the highbrow name for this scientific water locating device is Earth Resistivity but to our Industrial geologist and his men in the Field it s just Plain divining Rod with a College education. Using the Megger and other modern equipment our water location team is charting areas along the Southern where heavy supplies of underground water for Industrial use May be found the anticipated yield and the Quality. An unusual Way to Railroad not at factual information of this kind is vitally important to Many industries considering a location in the South. And by making it readily available to them we Are helping the territory we serve to grow and Prosper. This is another of the Little known but important ways in which the Southern serves the Southern railway system Washington d. C. That s old fashioned you never wait for hot water when you have an electric water Heater because electric is automatic. Day or night you re always sure of having plenty of hot to turn on or off but the faucet. An electric water Heater is Modem. That Means there Are no doors no flames no fumes no soot no fuss and bother about lighting up and shutting off and besides. Only electric has no flues or , see your electric dealer now for the safest cleanest most worry free water Heater you can buy. Safest no flues no vents no flames no doors. Cleanest positively can t make soot or dirt. Installs anywhere Kitchen attic playroom even in an unused closet. Economical All the heat goes into the water. Operating Cost surprisingly Low. Kingsport utilities your Friendly of Elfric

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