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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport time Friday March 19, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p. Edwards. Or. Publisher and general manager Ben Haden. Assistant to the publisher and asat. Gen. Mgr. W. J. Editor Ellis Bunkley executive editor 220-22 e. Market Street Kingsport Tenn. Associated press International news service news service of the associated press Southern newspaper publishers association Fantl the audit Bureau of circulation. An Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. The associated press is exclusively entitled to Trie use Lor publication of All news dispatches credited to it or otherwise credited in this paper ant also the local news published herein. Entered at office in . Tenn., As second class mall matter october 27, 1944. Under the act of March 8, 1879. Kalmal advertising representatives. Shannon Asa ocl inc., with offices in new York. Chicago. Detroit at St. Louis Kansas City los Angeles san . Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought Why do be not understand my speech even because be cannot hear my the times daily tonic we can sometimes love what we do Nob understand but it is impossible completely to understand what Cio not Jame son anti Mac in t pro red one of the disagreeable features of taking sides against senator Mccarthy is that the one who does so finds himself on the same Side As the communists themselves. The reels hate Mccarthy a deep hatred. And it is not pleasant for someone who is As much against communism As Mccarthy is to find himself not exactly in agreement with the reds but arguing to the same Pur pose. Senator Mccarthy is making the most of that Point. He prefers to emphasize that the reds Are against him if he can sell the unwary on the idea that those oppose him Are helping the reds voluntarily or involuntarily that would suit his purpose. So we have him telling us How the communist strategy is to create discord Between president Eisenhower and or. Mccarthy in order to destroy them both. It seems that the senator regards the picture As me and we have Little doubt it is the strategy of the reds to do just this. But that is not All. It is also the strategy of the demo cratic politicians for entirely different reasons to do just that. Foster discord Between two elements of the Republican party. But of course the democrats Are acting from a different motive. They Are not trying to soft pedal on the reds. They just want political advantage. But there Are Many other people who do not want to see the red Issue wreck the Republican party but who do strongly oppose the Mccarthy method and Mccarthy himself As the embodiment of that method. The senator is not going to fool anyone but himself to try to Lump everyone who opposes him As a tool or toddler of communists. The senator if he is really sincerely interested in the fall of communism and not just in the Rise of Mccarthy will not stay Blind to the fact that millions of americans who hate communists Are being forced by him into giving Aid and Comfort to communists by opposing him for the simple reason that they can not stomach his methods and his Lack of any sense of fair play. A new commission it is suggested that president Eisen Hower could upset the Mccarthy Apple cart by setting up a to partisan in fact non political commission empowered to investigate the infiltration of communists into government and the general subject of subversives. In fact in some quarters there is irritation because the president does not do something to put a crimp in the Mccarthy style. But under the present system of con Gressional committees such a presiden tial commission would Only serve to complicate things rather than clarify them. Even a joint Senate House committee specially set up to take Over such investigation would Only add another element to the picture. The present so called Mccarthy com Mittee is a subcommittee of the judiciary committee and is a creature of the regu Lar rules under which the Senate oper ates. These committees cannot be done away with except by reorganization of the Senate. Such reorganization is not in the realm of possibility. Given the committees there comes up the question of jurisdiction. Theoretically each committee has jurisdiction Over a particular Field. But in practice there is great jockeying for position and frequently Sharp disagreement Over which committee has jurisdiction. Senators Are very jealous of their Powers. Then there follows the interpretation of just what is included in the jurisdiction and Here there is a wide Field of Dis agreement and the chairmen of the committees have wide latitude As to the extent to which they can go. Thus the so called Mccarthy committee is technically limited to investigate government operations and expenditures. To the in Nocent Layman that seems to have Small connection with the investigation of merry go round Hollywood by Drew Pearson Man upon whom the White House is relying for advice on the prickly unpredictable senator from Wisconsin is a handsome mild mannered Young be Gal disciple of governor p. Rogers Deputy attorney general. Trogers first got to know Mccarthy when was a very Junior member of the Senate investigations committee Back in 1949 when Rogers was counsel for that commit tee. The democrats were in command then but they retained the Able or. Rogers even though he was a Dewey Republican and even though Truman had just Defeated or. Dewey. During the 1952 Campaign Rogers became a close Friend of senator Nixon travelled with him and gradually became Eisenhower s no. 1 executive in charge of Joe Mccarthy prob lems. To that end it was Rogers who went to Miami with Nixon last Christmas to persuade Joe to Lay off the Eisenhower administration and attack Only hangover Truman scandals. The agreement was honoured for Only a few weeks. Meanwhile Joe Mccarthy is not merely causing Ike trouble he is causing trouble for or. Rogers in his own Home. The Rogers children of whom he can justly be proud attend the friends school As do also the Brownell children. And after attorney general Brownell castigated Truman re Harry Dexter White in a political speech at the school the student body demanded that they hear the other Side. Among those who wanted to hear both sides was Alert Lovely Mary Rogers president of current events whose father is the no. 1 Deputy to attorney general Brownell. The Man picked to answer Brownell was none other than Michael straight editor and publisher of the anti Mccarthy Liberal new Republic. After straight spoke several students congratulated him among them Mary Rogers. She explained that she was a Republican and Loyal to her father but she was troubled by the Issue of mccarthyism. It was almost disrupting the Rogers Home. That she said referring to the sen Ator from Wisconsin comes to our House and spends hours with brain washing in Guatemala just How serious the communist infiltration of Guatemala has become is illustrated in a recent report by the inter american regional organization an Al affiliate which tells How the guatemalan government is condoning brain washings of anti communists in labor unions. The brain washings follow the pattern used on american prisoners in Korea. An Al inter american investigator Rob Ert j. Alexander who made an on the scene probe of conditions in the Little latin Ameri can Hotbox reported cases of anti communist labor leaders in Guatemala being arrested tortured and deported. Here Are some highlights of Alexander s findings government support for the communists in the labor movement was dramatically shown late in january when the leaders of the Union Nacional de Traba adores Libres were arrested. The to nil had been organized some months before As a Center for anti communist elements in the guatemalan Trade Union movement. Its leadership was made up of working men who played an Active part in the Revo Lution but had become disgusted with grow ing communist influence in a movement which the communists had had very Little part in starting. The until had had some Success in get Ting the support of elements in the labor movement who were opposed to the communists. Several unions had agreed to affiliate with the until and it had established con tact with other groups throughout the coun try. It threatened to become a real Challenge to communist control of the labor move ment. As a the Alexander report continues the leaders of the until were Sud Denly arrested on the morning of january 25. They were picked up by who refused to present any police credentials and took the Trade Union leaders at the Point of a gun. The until leaders were taken to a local police Headquarters. They were held for several Days during which they were frequently moved from one place to another in Guatemala City. During this period they were subjected to the most brutal tortures including the cold Bath treatment incessant interrogation threats of death severe beatings. Ruben Villatoro president of the until was deported to tap Chula across the Border in Mexico. At this writing he is awaiting per Mission of the mexican government to proceed to Mexico City. The other principal Lead ers were deported to Tegucigalpa Honduras. Thus while strengthening the communists control of the Trade unions the Guate Malan government is using All of its Power to destroy All of those within the labor move ment who Are attempting to Challenge the stalinist Power in the Trade big tax advisers one amazing thing about the current 875 Page proposed new tax Bill is that ways and Means committeemen outside chairman Dan Reed have not known who the big business experts were who worked on it. It has not been unusual to have big business experts work on tax Bills in the past. Their advice As Well As that of labor and consumer groups was always welcomed. But the advice was Al ways Given in Public sessions so that everyone knew about it. This time it was Given secretly and demo cratic members of the ways and Means com Mittee hitherto have not been Able to Ascer Tain who they were. However they have just now discovered that the Jones Laughlin steel company and Westinghouse were on the committee which wrote the corporate reorganization sections of the tax Bill. They have Aiso ascertained that Beth Lehem steel and general foods helped write the pensions Section which reinstate the pro visions of 12 years ago whereby Only top executives can have tax free funds set aside for pensions. Small scale employees cannot Benefit. Communists and subversives. Nevertheless the lawyers can find Rea sons for going into the Field and make something of a plausible Case. There is no Way of setting up Bounds to their jurisdiction because there is so much inter play Between activities. Consequently if a commission were appointed it would not affect the Sena Tor s activities in the least. He could still carry on he could still dramatize his work and still get the headlines. And As far As the Public is concerned a commis Sion carrying on investigation Side by Side with Mccarthy Jenner and anyone else who in on the act would Only pile confusion on confusion. By Erskine Johnson exclusively yours Little boy lost and going my Way were big dramatic leaps for big Cros by but producer William Perl Berg is saying you Ain t seen nothing yet about Der Bengle s current emoting in the country the role of a has been musical comedy Star who becomes an Al Coholic says Perlberg positively is Bing s greatest dramatic de parture and he s playing it with the greatness of a Fredric March or a Thomas As a Broadway hit country girl put the accent on career frustration. In the movie version the Star hits the bottle and the skids because of a guilt Complex after his son is killed in an Auto Accident. Says Perlberg now it s a great Story of Grace Kelly is the wife who suffers and Bill Holden the director who whip lashes the Star Back to stardom. It Hollywood s celluloid version of Charles Lindbergh s Solo flight across the Atlantic will have Competition from the British. The Story of John Alcock and Arthur Brown the first men to Fly the Atlantic nonstop in 1919, will be filmed by Alex Korda. The straight of it from Young Debbie Reynolds on her reported Romance with Texas millionaire Playboy Bob Neal he s older than most Fellows i go with and he s very Nice to me. But i Haven t met anybody i love enough yet to want to scanty excuse now it can be told that Jane Russell helped design that scooped out scanty costume in which she dances in French Jane s out on this will be that she whipped up the number to avoid wearing an even scant Ier one insisted on by Howard Hughes. Remember i told you so if Gale storm lands the role of Laurie in the big screen version of Aldous Huxley joined John Lund and a group in a word game at a Movle town party. When the famed writer insisted coven was a word everyone screamed of course it s a dead panned Huxley. It Means a con Clave of 13 Milton Berle s beaded for hol Lywood again and to Alley is buzzing that there s a Good Chance hell permanently move his show to Movle town. Ginger Rogers big to Deal with lbs has been postponed until she returns from Europe. Now it s Gloria Swanson and Bob Balzer a millionaire. Hollywood Glamor dept Arlene Dahl wades through a swamp in her Nightgown in the final sequence of Bengal life in Hollywood dept As printed in a movie Trade paper Jeanne Grain is adding three new rooms to her House to accommodate the kids one a combination wine Doris Day s song hit secret May set a precedent in the recording Trade. The record was taken directly from the sound track of the movie Ca Lamity bypassing the usual recording studio session. Of Romeo the big Flash from the Side lines on the set of where Shelley Winters and vat Torio Gassman Are in is that he s agreed to Fork Over 10 per cent of his earn Ings As support to tiny Vittorio until she s 21. Hell also Settle up Washington calling by Marquis Childs shortly Jean Monnet president of the High authority of the european Coal and steel Community with head quarters Here in Luxembourg will leave for Washington in the Hope of completing negotiations for a loan with which to begin expansion of Western Europe s steel Industry. This is in line with i with sums of Money he owes Shelley it s reported. Leslie Caron and Geordie her Mel have agreed on a pre divorce settlement. As reported Here Leslie did t try to hit the Jack pot with his family s Fortune. Promised and hoped for a movie co starring Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe. The idea is in the works and it could be a remake of an old Gable Jean Harlow hit. Look what happened when red dust became to with Ava Gardner in the Harlow role. Tar John Agar s career gets a big boost via his swashbuckling in the Golden first film Ever made in Haiti when Teresa Wright and Sam Goldwyn met in Washington d. C., is was the first time they d spoken since Teresa asked out of her Tang contract with him. One reason for Teresa s exit was her unwillingness to drum beat Sam s pictures. But she s tour ing for him now with the re Issue of the Best years of our Florence Halop Mother of to s meet has a Date with the Stork. She s sex kid Star Billy Hiop s sister. I Debbie Reynolds appearance in Gigi in St. Louis this sum Mer is her Way of proving to Mem that she s ready to be moved out of ingenue roles Cornel Wilde s affection for Jean Wallace s two sons their father is Franchot tone is amazing Hollywood. He s even become a scoutmaster for the boy scout troop to which the boys be Long. New wedding Date make up artist Frank West More and Paula Karr Indianapolis to Star Are setting a new Date for the marriage. They la tie the knot when Frank completes his powder puff duties in Frances joins the the Effort to create a greatly enlarged Market with the con Sumer benefiting from higher production and lower prices in the american pattern. The loan will be taken As a test of american intentions with regard to european unification. It poses the Basic problem of attitudes on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Most americans Are Likely to wonder Why Europe should be coming Back for Amer ican dollars when since the end of the War the United states has furnished 27 billions in eco nomic Aid alone. Roughly billions of this was in Marshall plan assistance which went for the most part for reconstruction and in some instances modernization of Europe s machinery of production. Surely the average american reflects they expect any Mere economic help from us. For the Able men planning and directing the Coal and steel Pool this important segment of the economies of the six West Tern european countries this is not considered As economic help. They see it As a practical in vestment by the United states in the future of a Europe so uni fied As to avoid the old nationalistic quarrels that have led in the past to rationalistic rivalry for a limited Market eventually to War and disaster. They believe that a Joan at a Low in Terest rate would help to open up the european capital invest ment Market establish Confidence and convince european investors that they must be will ing to make Long term invest ments at rates much lower than the nine or 10 per cent now expected. As to the 27 billions they see this As inevitable for the repair of the terrible damage of the War and to Stop the spread of communism in Western Europe. Certainly it is True that if this Aid had not been forthcoming most of Western Europe would today have either communist or popular front governments dominated in one degree or another by Moscow. Today in the perspective of the Coal and steel directors the Era of giving has ended but the necessity for a series of constructive Loans a urgent if Europe is to have a Chance to establish a genuine free Enterprise system. Twice president Eisenhower has affirmed his belief in the need for a loan to the Coal and steel authority in order to Forward the plan for integrating Europe. Chairman Wiley of the Senate foreign relations com Mittee and chairman Chiper Field of the House foreign affairs committee also have approved in principle such a loan. It is against this background widely advertised in Europe that Monnet is going to America. But since the president s first statement in june of last year reaffirmed in december there has been a considerable Cooling off on the concept of unification with a growing doubt As to whether Europe and particularly France Means to go through with the various stages Neces sary to bring the continent to Unity under a common political system. The Coal and s eel Pool is of course Only the first stage in such a system with a european army the second and far More important stage. Nevertheless american officials have told Monnet that they believe it is possible to obtain a loan of one Hundred million dollars without going to Congress for a new re quest at this time. Presumably this amount would come out of the foreign operations administration s funds. Monnet Origi Nally hoped to get five Hundred million dollars. That would obviously necessitate a special re quest to Congress and it been indicated to that this must be avoided. But what should be clearly understood at the present moment despite the Long and Dis Maying hesitancy of the French on the european army is that we either assist in mastering the economic forces that threaten the free world or we let them run their course with consequences which can be fatal. Mac s window by w. J. Mcavliffe of course it s nobody s Busi Ness but your own but if you Are thinking of passing up the kapers this year it would a smart to ask somebody who saw the show thursday night before you decide. There is really nothing so mis Erable As the feeling of knowing you had a Chance to have a Good time and did t take it. Nothing is More conducive to making one voluntarily assume the position and asking one s friends to give you a Good Swift one where it will do the most Good the Rumor is thai it really a Good show inducing a Succes Sion of smiles chuckles a has hoho a belly laughs and other expressions of extreme mirth there Are said to be several particular incidents in the show which Are themselves Worth at least fifty per cent of the Cost of admission. And while it in t diplomatic to mention particular names there Are particular names you will remember. Of those funny funny Fellows it not that the show is altogether a matter of comical Ness and buffoonery. There Are other moments in the show which Are enjoyable in a different Way Arous ing different feelings. There Are for instance limes when the stage is occupied by groups of girls whose dancing costumes and or personalities Are extraordinarily soothing to the Eye. Of course this part of the show will be Boring to those who find looking at pretty girls in action Boring. In connection chorus the question has been asked Why is it that the fellow who designs costumes for these Beau ties piles mountains of material and stuff on their Heads so that it s a Strain on the cervix and then give them about one twentieth part of the headdress to cover the rest of them do the designers really expect the Audi ence to stare in admiration at the Heads of these girls the third ingredient of a Good , according to reports Well taken care of in this show. In fact one of the Bright Young . S put it this Way while Comus will have devotees and terpsichore will be. Given her just due euterpe has her votaries 1 which Means that the show some song Birdi that warble Good. In fact the general satisfaction was so noticeable that one fellow actually went overboard and paid the show the compliment. Supreme. As follows to wit., Viz Why i did t even notice those auditorium chairs getting As to that if nature has not endowed you with the built in kind there is no Law against Tak ing a Cushion with you. A reviewer of a current Book says it has a couple of that some people May find offensively vulgar. When a reviewer says that about a modern Book two things Are True. One is that it must go pretty far and the other is it win probably be a Best seller. People seem to get a Peculiar pleasure in talking and joking about taxes. This is similar to the Delight they take in Grue some and sad movies and radio shows. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances do i have to go to Jane s birthday party. Mom i think i m Settine a nervous headache like for an each time that i discuss leu Kemia i Hope that there will be something encouraging to re port. That Day will almost surely come and is Likely to be hastened by the research made possible through the development of the new and otherwise frightening discoveries about the atom. Until this Happy occasion arrives this disease of the blood and blood forming organs which like cancer is of unknown cause will have to be discussed in general and less encouraging terms. There Are several kinds of leukaemia. For the patient what is important is whether the Dis ease is acute and rapidly progressive or chronic and slowly progressive. In both cases the White blood cells in the blood Are abnormal and usually increasing in numbers. The numbers of red cells Are generally decreased producing an anaemia. Frequently too the spleen which lies in the upper left portion of the Abdomen is enlarged and changes Are found in the Bone marrow. In the rapidly progressive types of leukaemia there is Noth ing much that can be done to slow Down the course of the Dis ease. In Many cases however the disease passes into the chronic stage without any treat ment at All or perhaps aided by the treatment attempted. The exact diagnosis of leu Kemia is made by examining the blood under the Microscope. This is done by taking a Small drop of blood and counting the White cells. The blood is Aiso smeared on a Glass slide stained with special dyes and examined under the Microscope. Disease on increase it is possible that leukaemia is becoming More frequent Al though it May still be considered As a comparatively rare disease. It should be realized too that there Are several kinds of leu Kemia depending on the partic ular variety of White cells involved and on whether the condition is acute or chronic. Victims of leukaemia particularly those with chronic Varie ties often can be helped temporarily by blood transfusions x Ray treatments Over the spleen or by certain kinds of arsenic preparations taken by Mouth. Other methods including act and cortisone and radio Active elements Are being studied though treatment of Sny kind is s jul far from satisfactory. Ouf our Way whew the shops get Slack some of the boys take labor jobs just to keep out of debt amp some Down last out the Fiest mob-jim1. Th1 race is cow to every body wants to live in the cities am ri6km there two sex farm boys who Mot low6 Coulp put a horse up born thirty vear5 too soom

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