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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 18, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeWeek s club events wednesday Cedar Grove and Lynn Garden ptas will sponsor a basketball game at p. In the Lynn View gymnasium. Thursday Liberty Hill Pat at 3 p. M., Beatrice Fairfax says seventeen is too Young to marry boy is just lonely dear miss Fairfax Friendly full of fun and a Good Dar contributes proc ends to conservation of american forests March meeting of daughters j of american revolution met to Aid athletic program at state Kingsport times wednesday mar. 18, 1953 5 Dobyns Bennett students compliment parents Survey reveals to Pat students at Dobyns Bennett High school compliment their parents miss Margaret Phlegar i am 17, and i m in love you can t help being a with . T. R. Bandy or. As-1 Johnson City instructor declared at a recent a Rirl of 16 who lives in another i person that other boys and girls insisting hostesses were . E. A. of the Parent teachers at Nuit a far awol from my will a int for a of Hiiri rut never -r----., m1351 l 3163 s support of Prrry did by executive Board at state quite far away from want for a Friend. But never a Reed of 1953 will deter i association. P. Or. Warner l. Clark Home. I have been visiting in forget that any boy is far More w r a. L to visiting in forget that any boy of Church Hill will be guest i her City and went out with her interested in a girl whom every Apps apr. Several times and she has told body likes than in one Bent on wms of Ford town that she loves me just him How much she likes Church at . At the much As i love her. Him. Church. Mother died last january. Island Pat at . Do you think it wrong of me to contemporary Book club want to get married to this girl . With . Howard Wilson in order to have a woman around by Mende drive. The House and How can i be Circle 1, it. Carmel that she loves me enough to Vii . W. L. Cavin p. Marry me sometimes since Rorden Community club ajl came Back Home i wonder if . In the clubhouse really does love me or not. Mrs. Hubert Thompson As Host a c. B. Ess. A group discussion on c. A Tal health wiil be held. J it s Only natural that you Arcadia Pat at 2 . Should feel you would like to Hobby club annual exhibit have a woman in your Home who Lionel Hutton . W. C. Hale. Jojne the proceeds to be applied i Phlegar conducted a sur after a Short business meeting to the athletic association Fivey among her English students women s work during which plans were Dis cussed for the state meeting of Dar in Chattanooga March 19 21, . J. R. Todd who is treasurer of the state Dar gave a state John a. Clack i concerning likes and dislikes of state College business manager their parents and presented the stated today. Results according to classes. Talk on the Dar and conserva Good. Especially from Kingsport the interest As indicated by children give their parents mail orders has been for being understanding a society now in its sixty Sec used. Ond year Dar is usually thought the Clack Contin state College sponsored by Gat Paulet up staff correspondent and Tea from 3-5 p. M., Kings loves you. But Don t you really new York a por think you re pretty Young Camp for Junior is Al Vircinia club at 1 with take on the responsibility As difficult As training him . R. L. Peters 123s Watauga marriage yet you Don t say to was behind his ears. .St., for regular luncheon meet anything about your father but but some help in the former i. I., t Hie Connor Ferrim q Ami nip in. Mrs. B. K. Bright and . He would probably feel too that comes this Spring from a couple Dobyns assisting Host-1 it would scarcely be Wise for you of experts in camping who also to marry at this time and he have children of their own. I might not care at All for solving Kenneth Beals Webb and his Friday it he problem of having a worn wife Susan both Camp direct an around the House in such tors and members of the new England camping association. ride Pat at p. Yuma Community club at a was 7.30 . At Cleveland High on top of every other consid oration you have hardly known to concern itself largely with a cast of 75. Will open matters of Amer i c Anis a in the Campus memorial build genealogy and american gymnasium saturday at 8 few outsiders realize the Broad . Scope of its program and its in the ice show coming to John Terest in such Fields As foreign son City for the first time pre Relief american Indian affairs sents six outstanding production museums and historical Sites numbers and stars 18-year-old and conservation. The Dar is doing a really worthwhile Job in these Fields. Gerry Mahoney and Manuel Del Torro. Refrigeration Crews have Al agreeable tolerant and patient with them she revealed. The croup first Swarow of or. Drake s Resen Taticea in the legislature asking them to support the fire works Bill. Mrs. Russell Hubbard explained the six Point program of i the constitutional convention Toj be held april 21. She asked Mem-1 Bers to ask local representatives to be Forward in their consideration of these Points. Mrs. Hub Bard also emphasized the importance of coverage by the Kingsport times news to insure citizens of first hand information regarding this meeting. Most frequent criticisms Are tool a social hour followed in the rigid rules with the family car cafeteria and worry Over the service on Rou film and photostat in by 4 .i color film shipped to factory. We give Servi eel Kingsport camera shop 208 Cherokee phone j5m in whereabouts. In conclusion miss Phlegar stated As a whole pupils like their parents very much As they Are and would t like them to the speaker was introduced by . W. C. Program chairman. Mrs. Robert Sims presided Over the business meeting. A nominating committee was elected exclusive at Jorden s although its efforts Are largely As citizens toward ketba11 floor the i so that everything will be ready for the saturday night the threat of deforestation. Performance. Soon after the end of world the ice spectacle will be in Horris. Mrs. J. W. Tamblyn president of City Pat Council presented the do association with have drawn on the year of War n Dar chapters were Johnson City six Days unti Ilone of which was the Gold Leaf Hilr Iron planting Trees final perf0rrnance award. Mrs. Tam Camps and have put tree and Cork March 26. All shows also asked the group to Gunnles Pat. At . In this girl Long enough 10 c Book piety s units also located at 8 . With the personal letters to the rep Honor of fathers no put. A Bas of marrying her. And it s Likely summer magic pub marked historic Trees when not f matinee sunday -._. A. It Laue oui Muci iviagn., juju Trpic Warp i kit supper will be served. That your Brief acquaintance in rest View Home Demontra has t made quite As big an in Tion rummage at pression on her As you both May . In the old chamber of com have thought at the time. The building. Big reason Why you fell for he b planting Trees they were 22 at m and bargain matinee monday March n6w discuss me Oenar derive from a sum erosion 23 at 3 p a Mer on their own and provide a i Chi Iirth for a rants in the greatest single cont by a _ Sullivan Home demonstration so fast is just because you Are i Thi Rio it came i Tion of the Dar to american club. 2 p. With . C. W. Lonely and looking for affection p i conservation however has been1 Creasy. Highway 81. But that s not a sound reason the webbs say there Are near a St. Dominic s Guild will have for getting married Many reasons for n rummage Sale at five at your age. Children to Camp As there Grove in Friday afternoon and saturday you Haven t told me enough of parents and As Many benefits if cent redwoods. Ruthless . Nelson Taylor Ana a from a season at As there ___., _ to. George Farris were hostesses to part played by them in la in. The act cos morning. It he circumstances under which from a season at Camp As there or Bank Pat. At 3 p. At the you live for me to be Able to and Are children to go. Near the school. Ise you very helpfully so All i the webbs advise parents to t cutting posed a threat to extinction to the redwoods and quickly moved to save James Fred Crum jr., son of or. And . James free Crum 909 Watauga St., at Holston Val Ley Community Hospital March 13, weighing 7 pounds ounces. Judy Carrol Carter daughter j of or. And . James Carter Irish Garden club p. A can really say is that for the. Take a look at the director and these irreplaceable treasures of miss Alvin Barger. Hill next few years you should try his staff even before consider j our nation. The National society . J. T. Harr assisting to have As Many girl friends As ing Camp buildings and Dar then took Over the pro you can and wait for marriage i ment. If possible Check into the Gram in sch the californians had1 Edgewood sewing club recently 1005 Lamont St at Hych March at the Taylor Home on Johnson 10 weighing 7 pounds City Highway. Mrs. Parnell As Forest View Home Demontra until you Are old enough to background and bought 500 acres Linn club at the Home of . T. A Good Choice of a wife. And his Winter time these redwoods at a Cost. Of session g. Crockett . Members never be obvious about nip reminded to bring articles your interest in boys for the rummage Sale. Dear miss Fairfax children and Counselor Happy. A pcs Circle 1 of Ivest Vieve the boy i m interested in Check Counselor methodist Church meeting Post seems to avoid me constantly in snort the authors say it s a were Earl Steven Linkous son of Taylor led the act Eal l c. Linkous during the business i 1808 b St., at Hych March 13, presided Over by . J weighing 7 pounds 13 ounces. And whether he has the Type of 352 it into National Lukea president there Karen Lavonn Gentry Daugh personality that keeps both tribute Grove Vised were presented by of or. And . Forrest Hal . C. H. Neuter. Mrs o. 105 e. Wanola St., at during the social Nour reported on the gratitude Jav cd March 13 weighing 7 hostesses served refreshments. Of Tennessee Virginia cerebral pounds 7 ounces carrying out the St. Patrick. Fr0m today unto next he 1s Friendly toward All my idea to Gjalt the Camp and then Bandy in by Lor soup Given also 8-piece set 4 10-Inch snack plates 6-oz. Cups in sparkling Crystal i. I n k Dora first methodist Church has Post the Middle a sentence he sex i the authors say that As for Pond their covered dish lunch Jacuses himself and walks away. I the Suff better Check the yearlv1 Eon from today to thursday what can i do to become bet March 26. Ter acquainted with him Cassidy a pcs at . T. D. With . W. J. Hudson for elec dear t. A Tion of officers. Turnover. If it s High it Indi 160 study Cates the Counselor themselves j Are not Happy at the l u w Check the average age expert i wonder if you May not be. Ence and of the open House March 25-26. Mrs. L. F. Triplett was awarded the door prize and Pollyanna gifts were exchanged. A St. Patrick s Day Motif was carried a i. U a. the Charles imagining things about this boy. Ors find t w Mitt kor to or w Post in the it s hard to believe that to Nave i pm whether time for March 11, weighing 7 pounds 11 Byz ounces. Willie Elser Rimer jr., son of or. And . Willie Elser Rimer o a a v Jiniv Abii. to tire itt out in the refreshments. Thir 101 Broadview St. At Hych members and five guests Tafth 7 weighing 7 pounds 14 and e were present. Guests were Mem j s King . Ellis . Louis Graham and legion auxiliary you . In the Middle of a sentence Cleveland High school Pat and go away when you Cornel . In the school and relaxed to take children in you Haven t made it too of Etri rip in melt apr How Mylinh voi1 Range ments of Spring Flowers. Mrs. Witt Langstaff was win Kin sport utilities club room at would be so eager to get away Rei Asalion and change each Henry Collins. . For annual election you that he would even Paph a study mud with a triage Ana f and each week. Canasta party recently at the birthday supper Tom Shelton will be assisting the american legion Auxin rooms were decorated with a Gate chapter 116, have you that them . For installation of of Fager to know him if you Veas for the stride no matter How much you Given him the impression that Forest View Home Demontra you re pursuing him of course Ideal for Bridge or luncheon Servings special at hostess. Ine. Broad Street. Cd Kenneth Cross. Saturday As for the physical Plant of prize in Bridge advise a look to see How far while . Charles Mcneil buildings Are from Good swim awarded High Canasta. Bingo Winner was . Mack Slaughter. Ten members and the follow ing 10 guests were present . Mcneil . J. Frazier . I i Stanley Trivette . James h. Thing he does As having some. Look at the safety pre Page . Robert Woodham. Tion club Sale in the he might then make an Effort to Ming buildings Are in use old chamber of Commerce Burlil i keep out of your Way. But i in Addison to actual living Quad think it More Likely that you Veters and whether the Oid swim Brit Well Heights presbyterian become so self conscious about Noje Aiso provides for oth lurch Circle . With him that you interpret every. Water snorts connection with you. Provided for All sports . Ted w. Hagan and . D f iary will celebrate the thirty fourth anniversary of the legion with a pot Luck supper thursday beginning at . At civic auditorium. Following the dinner Square miss Marilyn Jones. And card i avg wider at Emory and Henry enjoyed by guests. Spent last week in Miami at a tending the Southern collegiate Pep conference at the univer sity of Miami. Quantity 2 sets to a customer. Successors Jordan j 4 in any event the Best Way to find whether the waterfront Richard Preston hot Doe supper at a boy s interest is Foo i handling and sanitation Bend elementary school at 6 make an obvious play for facilities Are inspected by out is almost As important As to the i Kingsport p. Sponsored by Clouds to let him see that you re a Side agencies. Check menus to children the authors say. Par i George Jankey. Mrs. W. L. Lau Cin be. S re whom everyone likes that the diet is should find out about . E. C. Smith . Attending the grand chapter meeting of Oes in Nashville sunday through tuesday from were or. And . A pcs of Mountain View meth who has lots of friends. If you High in protein whether i policy on visits letters c. B. Armstrong and . W. R. Odist Church bake Sale begin Nave Many interests so that you enough milk for drinking is pro comics and such what its pro Pyle at in front of Are a Good companion with eve Pennev store featuring Jerrone. And if you Are always j. cakes cookies candies. Monday league of women voters unit wednesday optometrists Din my pings As follows town Ner meeting . With . H. Smith. 1429 Qeti . Dinner and Bridge. Brish Trider drive Chestnut Ruday regular ladies Day i Rig Wuh . Paul self and e. Henderson. H21 Watauga Orren Nelds. 8 . With . A boys club Din. Hakanson. 906 Mville Jack son Heights. 8 . With . C. Ner l. Peterson. Dahlia Avenue. Friday senior High dance. Of Reva chapter. Beta Siff a. High Square Phi. At the Kingsport utilities dance. . I i Beta Phi luncheon. Video daily. The webbs advise i visions Are for keeping parents a look also at. The infirmary in on Camp activities and Wilities to see that they re Ade finally its facilities nearby quate. Housing parents for week end a Camp s relations to parents. Visits. Fust warm Buiok pm cuts adms do you think you have no Talent for dancing that Good times and popularity can t be yours Here s Good news fur you. You re a timid begin Ner or just an old fashioned dancer Here s your Chance to find out that you fan be a sought after partner and have snore fun without risking a Tingle Penny. You see the Arthur Murray of learning to dance is different better than any other because you not Only learn All the latest Steps but develop your dormant personality while you re learning. This Vou do at our student Arthur Murray phone 3898 parties very important part of your course. At these parties you meet new people dance with All types of dancers get the feeling of being out in Public. Even timid people become confident and their True attractive personality comes out at these parties. So Don t wait. Come in now and have your Freh lesson. Get started on a new life of More Good times and popularity than you be Ever had before. Copy. Inc school 133 Broad St. Across from strand theater you can conquer fear you can speak effectively. You can sell More by taking the Dale Carnegie course in Dale Carnegie author of the current Best seller. How to Stop worrying and Start also How to win Orientis and influence peo a Book which has been bought by More than 4.000.000 people. Both boots were written As text boots for the Dale Carnegie course. Or. Carnegie s course in effective speaking business leadership and sales psychology has been for Over 40 years been taken by Over 200.000 is now offered in Over 300 cities towns in the United states and. Foreign countries. Spring class 1953 being organized thursday March 19 . Kingsport inn by reservation Only please Call 2300 for reservation. Effective speaking human relations sales psychology if business leadership top executives salesmen professional men and women take courses executives of the new Tork Telephone co., Westonjr House electric Goodyear tire rubber co., general motors and the life underwriters Assn. Are among the hundreds of outstanding a romps which have taken Carnegie training As Well As groups from the Cornell club of new York the Philadelphia chamber of Commerce the Queens county n. To medical society. Classes being conducted in East Tennessee include Kingsport Johnson City Knoxville Greeneville Morris town Harriman Bristol and Klitia Betton Tenn. Lead ing business men and women Are enthusiastic Carnegie students. The smart thing to do is to join them. When you enrol for the Dale Carnegie coarse you will meet one night a week for the 16 weeks with croup of business and professional men and women whose purpose is to Progress and become More effective in dealing with people. Your instructors will be men who Are graduates of the Dale Carnegie school of instructors which is supervised by Dale Carnegie and conducted by Percy h. Whiting author of the five Cir eat rules of 12 things Dale Carnegie training will help you do the Dole Carnegie course in effective speaking and sales psychology will help you to on your feet. Before business conferences organizations. Courage and self Confidence destroy fear of failure or Competition. Overcome inferiority Complex. Your poise polish and personal Force both in Busi Ness interviews and before people. 5-win friends and influence people. Increase your income through your ability to handle people. John d. Rockefeller said i will pay More for the ability to handle people than for any other ability under the a More effective Leader in your business or profession through your ability to speak convincingly to individuals and groups. New worthwhile friends. In these classes you will form friendships that last a lifetime. 10 a better executive. Officials of management and la Bor say executive of the future must be expert in human relations 11-Gft out o a rut. Improve your personality. Our goods services your ideas your personality. Finest ring writing skill Diamond Cluster ring of a Mode to sell for oar introductory Price Only have ii charged Here s massive masculine magnificence Here s the kind of a ring a nun wears with Pride for a lifetime and Here s sensational savings Opportunity you rarely find use your credit at Jordan a 1orden j

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