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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 18, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 wednesday. Mar. 18, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Eduards. Jr., publisher j. W. West. Kuenert Man sri w. Haul life. Editor Pink Lay. Eie cutlet editor e. Market Street. Kins Spon. Renn member of the Assoc Ted Southern publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent be Mcatic newspaper published each after noon except Ana sunday. The associated presi is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of All news despatches credited to h or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the Loral news published herein. Entered at Post office in Kin sport. Tenn. As re Rand class mall mutter october 27. 1944 under the act of March 8. National adverts Liz . Shannon As inc. With offices to new York. Chicago de Rolt. Atlanta. St Kansas City. Los Angeles and san t rancid co. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week today s Bible thought saying. The lord is risen indeed and hath appeared to the times daily tonic the greatest Triumph of Jesus Over death was his coming to life Rouse. Spending Money in connection with the current dispute Over the free school books question an interesting piece of literature has just come to hand which emphasizes the Lack of an answer to the question who asked the governor for a l-to-12 free textbook program what evidence is there of a demand for such a handout so that it must be taken care of even at the Cost of the teachers salaries a letter from the commissioner of education addressed to county City and special school District superintendents starts out like this based on invoices taken from our files we find that Over in funds allotted for Purchase of textbooks in your local units has not been spent. These funds must be spent during the 1952-53 school year. It is our opinion that the spending should be done at there Are two noticeable things about the above statement. One is that there was neither interest nor enthusiasm among educators for spending this Money and secondly there was very great interest in spending it on the part of the state authority. It is noted the accent is on spending the commissioner does not seem to be interested in asking Why it was t spent. He does t ask them if the needs for books had been met Leav ing unspent. No he simply says the Money was t spent and it should have been and it ought to be. Particularly interesting is the state ment that the funds must be spent Dur ing the 1952-53 school year. The spend ing should be done at once. One can t help noticing again How the wording Sterns to be spend the rather than Purchase the this is March. The year will and in june. The Money for books however should be spent now. It must go into the record As having been spent for books for this school year even if the school year is already drawing to a close. Or. Cope s letter closes with the state ment it is our belief that additional funds will be provided by the 1953 Gen Assembly for the Purchase of com plete textbooks for grades 1-12. We ask that you give serious thought to plans which you will use if you Are allocated funds to Complete free textbooks for grades 1-12." the idea seems to be Don t let s come to the end of another year with a lot of unspent those investigations something will have to be done about the trend toward More and bigger investigations by congressional committees. What started As a sensible and logical idea has swollen up to such a degree that like the Little boy s magic seed pumpkin it is fast running away with us. What Ever goes wrong in the country what Ever charge is made somebody in con Gress jumps up and demands an investigation. Usually he gets a sympathetic ear and the committee is appointed and we Are off on another round. Now nobody is going to suggest that any congressman is eager to demand an investigation of something because he knows that if he can sell the idea he will just naturally get the chairmanship be Given a Nice appropriation to operate on. Have some jobs to hand out and be right in the spotlight. No doubt they All have Only the highest motives but these eager beavers Are reaching the Point of the ridiculous where a congressman can be carried away by enthusiasm to the Point where he toys with the idea of investigating the pulpits and even such an old hand As senator Taft can hear a Gen eral charge of Lack of ammunition and demand an investigation of the entire War. Somebody should make a list of the number of investigations which go on during one session of Congress. Some body should show How much Money is appropriated for such investigations How Many jobs Are created How much time congressmen give to investigations which have nothing to do with Legisla Tion. It s time Congress took Stock of the situation before Public opinion raises a merry go round letters to editor by Drew Pearson joint chiefs of staff Are sitting most of this week in a difficult hassle Over the budget Cut handed them out of the Blue try Secretary of defense Wilson. The most important and immediate saving they can accomplish will also be the most controversial super air plane carriers. The question of carriers has created storms in Congress and helped bring the resignation of one defense Johnson. Nevertheless it remains a fact that the de sense budget cannot be Cut by trimming Down every item a Little bit it must be Cut by drastically trimming the least needed weapons of defense a lot. All the secret studies show that the super Carrier is in this category. Not Only is it least needed but Many military experts consider it a liability. It takes too Many other vessels to protect it. This was the report of the British joint chiefs of staff following nato naval Maneu vers in the Baltic. Though the report was held up in Europe by the office of vice adm. Arthur d. Davis it can be revealed that the British claimed it would be suicidal to throw naval aircraft against Russia s Superior land based planes and that carriers Are needed mainly to protect ship on top of this the u. S. Navy has suppressed vitally important facts about the poor show ing of Carrier planes in Korea. By stamping All embarrassing statistics top the Navy has been Able to conceal the facts not Only from the Public but from Congress and perhaps even from Secretary Wilson s budget primers. The air score in Korea however this column after deleting details which might Aid the enemy now Able to report the score on Navy planes is. Air Force planes from the korean outbreak until Jan. 1, 1953 1. Slightly under 75 per cent of our combat aircraft were land based. Yet these land based planes flew 83 per cent of the total offensive missions. The remaining 25 per cent of the planes based on carriers flew Only 17 per cent of the missions. 2. The Navy s few land based planes did not measure up to the air Force. Of All the combat planes based on land the Navy oper ated 4 per cent. Yet it flew Only one tenth of 1 per cent of the missions. The air Force with less than 60 per cent of the land based planes flew 67 per cent of the missions. The marines with 12 per cent flew 15 per cent of the mis Sions. The remaining 18 per cent were flown by our in allies. 3. The Navy has assigned seven carriers to the korean War yet the average number of carriers actually on duty has been less than four. The others have been ferrying Back and Forth or tied up at Pacific bases for repairs. Even the four carriers in the Battle zone must interrupt flight operations about half the time in order to take on supplies and make ship Board repairs. 4. One fourth of the Navy s combat have been restricted to circling Over the carriers As protective cover. In other words the Navy s seven carriers assigned to the korean War have been in the Battle zone Only half the time have kept their planes on deck half of this time then have sent Only three fourths of their planes against the enemy. The balance have used to protect the carriers. 5. Of the 615 Mig fighters shot Down Over Korea the Navy has bagged Only seven. This is no reflection on Navy pilots who Are actually better trained than air Force pilots. The real reason is that the Navy has inferior planes and has ordered pilots to avoid tangling with the migs. 6. When the build up of russian planes be Hind the Yalu became a genuine menace about a year ago. The three services were asked what they would do in Case of a communist air at on South Korea. The Navy replied that this could Well result in redeployment South nonmilitary Navy withdrawal. This did t mean the Navy s Carrier task forces would run for cover out of fear but the Blunt truth is that they Are vulnerable to an air Blitz. Cost 7 times greater what makes these facts even More Shock ing that a Carrier Force costs seven times More Money takes nine times More manpower and uses up 13 times More fuel than an equivalent group of air Force bombers. This com Parison incidentally takes into account the air Force base with All facilities and de lenses. Not even the most Economy minded experts however Are arguing that carriers should be abolished. Small carriers Are vitally needed to Hunt Down and destroy enemy submarines. The Navy has acknowledged that Pri Mary Mission to keep the sea lanes open and guard our coast against submarines. De spite this the Navy gave up eight other ves Sels including three anti submarine and three anti mine vessels in order to build the Sec Ond Supe Carrier. Not Only Are the super car riders too big to fight submarines economically but they can t even squeeze through the pan Ama or Suez canals. This Means they must take the Long Way around South America and Africa to get from Ocean to Ocean. The Navy has frankly advertised super carriers As floating air bases to launch Offen Sive strikes against an enemy. Inside fact. However it that All Russia s strategic targets have been moved deep of Range of the Navy s longest Range bombers. The Navy could t get close enough to hit the nearest important target Moscow except by sending bombers on one Way suicide missions with no thought of returning. Carrier planes of course could blast the minor coastal targets but Secretary of de sense Wilson s experts question whether this is Worth the tremendous Cost of the super car riders. In order to sell Congress and the Public on the super carriers. The Navy has spread the propaganda that carriers Are not tied Down to land bases. At the same. Time the Navy has taken care to classify As top secret a list of 26 Carrier bases in the Mediterranean area alone. Clamor. Congress must use some self imposed restrictions on itself there must be evidence that the Congress so Alert to discipline everybody else is Able to discipline itself. One remembers that a few years ago a certain member of the Congress accused the president of the United states of trying to destroy the Confidence of the people in their Congress. But let con Gress turn Eye inward and see whether some of own actions do not tend to weaken Public Confidence. Let Congress take a hard look at use and abuse of the investigatory Power and prove to the people it is master of itself by formulating better rules of con duct for members. Editor Kingsport times the general education Bill . 375 was Given a Complete airing before a joint open hear ing on tuesday March 10th. The controversial Issue contained in Section 13 of the Bill providing for an . Distribution of High school funds Between cities and counties stirred up a hot debate. This Issue concerned Only the three counties of Davidson Knox and Hamilton where the funds in question have not been divided in the of which have gone to the counties. The House committee on Edu cation considered the Bill on wednesday March Lith and after adopting two amendments voted the Bill out of committee with recommendations for pass age. One amendment merely corrected an error in the original Bill and the other amendment briefly accomplished the follow ing 1. Reduced the number of total Days taught from 180 to 175. 2. Eliminated a 10-Day in service training clause which was mandatory. 3. Guaranteed a two weeks vacation for teachers with pay. I supported this amendment in committee and propose to work for adoption on the floor. I do not feel that the 10 months salary provision of the Bill would mean very much with out this amendment. I feel that the teachers deserve the in crease and it should not be abridged by increasing the num Ber of Days taught and making mandatory a 10-Day in service training period which they Are already undergoing in the most of our school systems. It has been reported that cer Tain pressure is being applied by administration forces to bludgeon the teachers and general Public into supporting the free textbook Bill by threatening that in the event the textbook Bill is Defeated that the teach ers will suffer the loss of the Sal Ary gain provided in the general education Bill. I am absolutely opposed to this Type of intimidation and it is my feeling that the teachers de served everything they received which fell Short of the Aims contained in the four Point pro if they deserved the in crease it is cheap to say the least to threaten them with reprisal for the failure of the free textbook Bill to pass which is in principle socialistic and also a luxury that should never take precedence Over the welfare of our teachers and the capital out Lay needs of our school system. I have always believed that provisions should be made for free textbooks for the indigent and All those unable to afford them. This would in my opinion satisfy the requirement that there should be equal Opportunity for All without adopting a socialistic program to dissipate the Public wealth. The present program necessitates a five Mil lion Dollar Bond which is just another exploration into the Field of deficit financing and made even More distasteful by the fact that it is for a luxury not required or demanded by the peo ple. Harry Lee Senter chairman committee on education. Direct representative Bristol Tennessee. So they say it really was no feat. Any sur Geon could have done it. The delivery probably was More Dif Jacs Geller after separating siamese twins. An unheard of army of in formers provocateurs and police agents swarm Over America. Secret police possess the Finger prints of every Nkosi Premier communist Hungary. While it is known that my own views have not been sought in Way yet i am confident that there is a Clear and definite so Lution to the korean Gen. Douglas Macarthur. You cannot make Freedom secure in the world As Long As Mil Lions of people Are denied the and growing worse Washington calling earliest use the word ambassador meant the personal representative of one Sovereign sent to the court of another Sovereign. That meaning has been considerably enlarged so that the ambassador today represents the nation. Yet still the personal Choice of the chief executive. That is Why the threat of the republicans in the Senate to reject pres ident Eisenhower s Choice of Charles e. Bohlen to be ambassador to soviet Russia takes on such significance. The Senate must confirm ambassadorial appointments. Rarely if Ever Are such Nomi nees rejected and then Only for some glaring defect of character or capacity. By exper Ierace and background Bohlen is obviously Best qualified for the Moscow Post. When he served there As career Diplomat at the time of the purge trials he saw the real meaning of the communist conspiracy while Many prominent americans were still deluded. His qualifications take in far More than the fact that he Speaks russian fluently. As ambassador to Moscow. Bohlen would be what he has been throughout his career a skilled and experienced technician. He would not be making policy in the embassy in Moscow but carrying out directives framed in the state department in Washington. There is Good reason to believe necessities of life As Long As Mil Lions and millions Are committed to belong to the have not Reuther Cio president. My View is that Uncle Sam cannot be a Santa clans Ami cannot be tight isted. He must be an intelligent brother to his fellow e. Stas sen. When a human being cannot work in Freedom he no longer is the master of his labor but the slave of evangelical Bishop Otto Dibelius. The welfare of our and their welfare is All that is at in a very Large measure on the condition of our business and Industrial Struc that Bohlen was Eisenhower s personal Choice for this position seconded of course by the conviction of Secretary of state John Foster Dulles that he was the right Man for the right Job. This reporter has in the past heard Eisenhower speak in glowing terms of Bohlen s expert knowl Edge of the Enigma of Russia the subject on which so Many self appointed so called experts Are willing to sound off in pub Lic and in private. Why then should there be any question of the confirmation of the president s personal Choice for this difficult and in Many respects thankless position the ostensible answer is that Republican senators do not like the views of Yalta and Teheran held by Bohlen who was president Roosevelt s interpreter at both those conferences. When he testified before the Senate foreign relations committee of More than six hours he gave his ver Sion of the facts As he had known them at first hand. It might have been convenient to revamp the facts to fit the prejudice of the moment. But Bohlen is not that kind of an expert. The politics behind this is obvious enough. As both republicans and democrats in the com Mittee room were fully aware a new member of the group sen Ator Homer Ferguson rep of Michigan is up for re election next year. In the Industrial Cen ters of Ferguson s state Are a great Many polish americans. It would be convenient to be Able to run again next year against Yalta and the betrayal of Poland. Another Republican senator up in 54, senator styles Bridges of new Hampshire also is opposing Bohlen. Bridges is close to the China firster who helped to finance the Effort to defeat Bridges new Hampshire col league senator Charles Tobey. These vindictive extremists want not merely to switch the course of american foreign policy they want also to rewrite the history of recent years. Bridges is Likely to find a pow Erful faction aligned against him next year and he May therefore need the help of his old friends. Some observers believe that Sherman Adams former Gover nor of new Hampshire who is now Eisenhower s chief assistant might be persuaded to return to the state and make the race against the senator. So fast do events move that it is hard to realize that just a year ago Eisenhower swamped Sena Tor Robert a. Taft in that famous new Hampshire primary even though Taft had stumped the state with All his tireless Zeal. What one wonders As time passes swiftly by is whether the Republican majority in the con Gress can overcome the habit of opposition and cooperate with the Eisenhower administration in getting on with the constructive things that the voters who put him in office look to him to do. Anyone missing the election returns would be justified in As suming on the basis of the con duct on Capitol Hill that a democratic administration still held the White House. As for the career civil servant his lot is indeed a thankless one. Not so Many years ago Bohlen was smeared presumably be cause of his realistic stand on communism the charge being made that he was related to the Krupp von Bohlen family in Germany and therefore must be pro German. Now another smear gang at the other end of the political spectrum is at work. Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe when a teacher Marks a Stu Dent s paper Zero she is doing something very naughty. Of. B. I. About to break Brink you might say they Are right on the Brink if you did t care what you said. The trouble with debt is that As Long As you have Hopes of paying Back you fight the debt but As soon As you feel you can t pay it then you Don t care How much you owe. The easy Borrower is not thinking of repayment. It seems that governor Clem ent is being taught a lesson by the teachers. The longer a funny Story is the better the punch line better be. The fellow who got lost in the Pentagon and worked for two years at a Job he was t sup posed to have is a very Good example of a Man losing himself in his work. It this Chap was the opposite of the bureaucrat who fired him self. It seems he made his Secretary so she typed a Nasty letter of resignation for him put it on. His desk with others and he signed it. The Treasury warns that it is going to carefully Check Small income returns As strictly As big ones. It would be More satisfactory to have Assurance that they were going to Check the big ones As carefully As they do the Little simple Susie thinks that be cause women Are not Good at business they ought to be Al Lowed to show their income in round figures. But they Are Susie m of another Man we say. What does he do with his Money of ourselves we say wherever does my Money go -j., borrowed Money is spent Money. The fellow who pays our. Of his surplus is just As Well off As the fellow who pays by Bor rowing. There Are a lot of differences Between a Man woman and sometimes they Lead to divorce. On the other hand it in t differences that Lead to so Many divorces but indifference. It the difference Between real love and the synthetic kind is the same difference As Between real diamonds and the synthetic kind. With the real the spar Kle never Dies. A. Don t blame a Man for going around in circles. What else can a person go around in it and the fellow who is on the absolute Square must oddly enough know All the angles. It Bac biters should never be Given a License to drive a car. They Are too fond of running Down people. It circus seals can do a lot of wonderful things. But easter seals can do a lot of More wonderful things. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances my sister s boy Friend is coming Home from Korea and mom thinks he might notice a speck of dust on these with increasing frequency this column is receiving inquiries concerning a disease known As Lupus Erythe Matous which is commonly classified As a skin disorder though it affects other parts of the body. Lupus has been considered a rather rare disorder but like others which May be uncommon for years there is always a possibility that it will crop up More frequently As time goes by. Let us Hope not. Lupus Erythe Matous is a strange and Peculiar disease which has been known for More than 80 years. As yet however the cause has not been discovered nor is there a thoroughly satisfactory treatment though the possibilities for treatment have looked up with the appear Ance of cortisone and act. The disease seems to act on a certain tissue of the body which is the binding substance for the blood vessels. This tissue is called Collagen us tissue. It has been studied a Good Deal in re cent years but our knowledge of functions and diseases is in Complete. Weakness fatigue and fever Are common Early signs of Lupus. Unlike Many diseases accompanied by fever there is a Low White blood is a smaller than average number of White blood. Cells in the blood. Joint pains Are fairly common. Although the skin symptoms have Long been considered characteristic they May not appear at first and sometimes the skin signs Are completely absent. Lupus Erythe Matous is much More common in women than in men. It May Start in children As Young As six or eight years old. Its diagnosis has been simplified by a rather new and in genious Laboratory test. The fever and joint pains Are generally improved by using drugs like aspirin which con Tain Saly pilates. The sulfa preparations or at least one of them May have some value also. Male hormones have been tried but have not been shown to have any define effect on the course of the disease. The skin of patients with Lupus Erythe Matous frequently sensitive to Light and May have to be protected against the Sun act and cortisone have brought some Good results. Treatments Are tried other kinds of treatments which have been tried include Well balanced diet but not too much food. Adequate amounts of vitamins particularly a and have been recommended but these do not appear to in fluence the underlying condition. It is encouraging that Lupus Erythe Matous is now receiving some concentrated study. This has been made possible in Large part by the development of the rather new and quite accurate diagnostic test. Also cortisone i and act have brought Forth the possibility of new kinds of study of the disease As Well As treatment. Out our Way nowt kid me these hints look too a Martel onto be accidents it was my Golf out like a Sibley text the last time i Down for. A of those things. Why i put them there to up amp foe them.1 my. Heroes Are make not born

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