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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 18, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeIffy not affected by school funds sharing proposals a legislative Bill permitting municipalities to waive their share of county school fund would not affect Kingsport City manager d. W. Moulton says. Moulton told the Board of mayor and aldermen tuesday night he had been informed that any such action on the part of cities would be entirely voluntary. He said the Bill presumably was intended for the convenience of a number of towns and cities which have turned Over their school systems to the respective counties to operate Anci would have no use for funds ear marked exclusively for school use. Existing Law gives cities a share in county school funds including Bond issues for school construction and Kingsport shares in such funds of Sullivan county. The Law based on the fact that City taxpayers pay their share of such county funds and otherwise would not Bene fit from them where schools within the corporate limits Are financed and operated by the City. The Board had asked Moulion to inquire about the new Law when it was rumoured it might i he Rity to lose such funds now obtained from the county which help to finance the City school system. Atomic Mountain lion Livingston. Mont. Just the radio brought word of the atomic tests in Nevada Early yesterday a double front win Dow of the h. O. Rice Home her caved in with a crash. It seemed possible it could have been broken by repercussion of the atomic explosion mrs. Rice said later. Instead the rices discovered an inquisitive Mountain lion had smashed the Glass then left h Trail of blood through Snow revered Yards in their neighbor Hood. Hounds treed the animal after it swam the Yellowstone River and a Hunter shot it. The 120 Pound lion measured feet. Actress declares Charles Wickard resigns electrification position name of Hollywood drag on residents Kingsport times wednesday mar. 18, 1953 3 by Bob Thomas Washington Theof the Rural electrification and Wickard took Over during his seven years As were approved for farm co opera nation s world War ii Secretary ministration. He declined to say which approved in chief More than 000 000 0001 Tives and Worth of i of agriculture and one of the whether he was fired As some Rural electric and last of the late president Roose-1 congressmen charged. Loans last 1945 when Jelfs appointees is leaving but he told a reporter i think Truman named sen Washington with mixed Emo you understand the new admin Clinton p. Anderson to the top1 tons i stration s wish to have own j department Post. Charles r. Wickard has in and he thought Worth of1 electrification Loans Loans were approved under the newer Rural Telephone program which Congress set up in 1949. Hollywood Lauren. Melted his resignation As chief i Bacall had her Way this would name. Hollywood already has two strikes against it because of remarked the willowy1 blonde. By years of the wrong City seeks of judge it would be Good to get Back to kind of publicity the name has Torney Mckinley Green said gotten a bad connotation with j tuesday that he would draw an the general Public. Hollywood amendment to the City charter Ihas become a term of of Johnson City for Quick sub a synonym for cheapness to the general Assem immorality in the minds of too Bly in Nashville making the the Wickard s term in the s15.000 a year Post still had three years to run. His successor has not yet been named. The 60-year-old Wickard. Who was the Only Secretary to step Johnson City at Down to a lesser department Post said he resigned because. He did t see any use in wait. it was Brief and to the Dine in exclusive splendor with Point i herewith submit my Resig nation As administrator of the Many citizens. I City s juvenile judge subject to a resident of Hollywood has the election of the people. I eve at the two reactions when he is asked the juvenile judge for the business March 16 1953" where he s from. Either he tries past 10 years has been appoint sen Kefauver m to hide the fact and Dodge the Eti by the City commission the detest do query or he replies defiantly Green said that a supreme is that then Wir. Be Tel i that he s from Hollywood and court decision in Nashville jul was on Ted Waits for the Adverse reaction. Venile court Case made it Cliar. Kefauver said while to rec Tenni enchanting symbols of eternal Beauty delicate Bell shaped Flowers in Dusty Pink heaven Blue and Sunshine yellow on a Cloud White background. A stronger and More translucent China in the new Berkeley shape. The r6ason is the Tennessee Democrat said Wickard had made a goo i Ord As Rea administrator administrator is a non political the appointment was for a Defi Nite period of years which has not actors spend a few of the morn by the people ing hours making faces before mrs. Ben Taylor recently re the cameras. The afternoon is signed from the juvenile judge Given up to a mad whirl of ship after 10 years of service re drinking and carousing. Then we through appointment. Wickard had made a Good rec dash Home Pat our children on a successor was being consid the head change clothes and pred by the City commissioners i to hurry out to a wild evening of ast week when the supreme drinking dancing and Debauch. Court decision was Learned. Unfortunately too Many peo pie have identified that kind of life with Hollywood it is too actress injured much of a stigma to overcome. I think the Only Way to get a Hollywood a fresh Start is to get a new name Tress Faltyn Domergue will be for the movie capital. Invalided in Days because of a the name Hollywood does t spine injury she suffered in a really pertain to the entire film a capital anyway. Most of the Stu Dios Are in other places Culver she hoots at the no i n. Y. City. Burbank. Universal . Tion in is a comeback. Studio City etc., and most of if you re off the screen for the movie workers live in other six months you re supposed to los an be making a she Geles Santa Monica san Fer complained. I m 28, and i be Nando Valley been in the movies for eight miss Bacall had no ready years. This not a Section for a new name for this Burg. How about movie City Fil Mville or maybe chlorophyll i calif.? that might accomplish what she is after. After a three year absence Bacall is again before the Cam eras in How to marry a Mil Gas thank he avens most attack acid indigestion. When it makes take they contain the medicines known to for the Relief of heartburn and s0 refunded if not Wal spied. Send empty Carton to bal ans. Ell ans today. 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He hears the plaintive whistle of a train somewhere in the distance and the murmur of the wind in the Trees. They seem to Echo his thoughts. The thoughts that in w not let him sleep. What will happen to Janie and the children if anything happens to me How can i be sure they la be his mind flashes Back to the terrifying moment a week ago when a truck shot out of a Side Road without warning. If he had t been Able to swerve his car just in the Nick of time what then he recalls friends he d known and newspaper stories he d All the things that had happened to other people. Things that could have happened to him. Am i getting he wonders am i being realistic at any rate it s High time 1 stopped just thinking about my family s future and started doing something about what can he do that s entirely up to him his personal decision. But there Are millions of family men among the members of the equitable life Assurance society who have faced this same who have done something about it they realize that regardless of inflation or deflation War or peace fire or flood life insurance is every Man s Best they also realize that the dollars they pay in premiums for their life insurance do More than just provide Protection for their families be cause these same Premium dollars contribute in Large measure to the Overall Security of their country. While earning interest for the members of the society these Premium dollars build railroads and factories finance Homes participate in a score of industries help maintain millions of people on payrolls contribute materially to the highest living standards known to Man. Whether you Are interested in figures or not the equitable s 1952 financial statement testifies to America s Faith in life insurance As the Basic Means of providing for one s family and for one s that lets a Man sleep soundly at 4 .-or any hour-365 nights a year. the Man in the picture above we say to be sure your family will be secure Call your equitable representative today. He is As close As your Condon resources and stocks u. S. Government obligations Dominion of Canada obligations Public Utility Bonds Railroad obligations Industrial obligations Mot met o i cent i 2.1 12.9 30.1 1.7 0.2 17.5 1.4 0.2 2.1 0.1 ii 1.3 1.7 2.4 december 31, 1951 obligations Fine to cover future payments under insurance and annuity contracts in Force. S held on Deposit for policyholders and beneficiaries dividends and annuities left on Deposit with the society at interest policy claims in process of payment. Premiums paid in Advance by policy holders Cint 11.1 5.3 2.9 0.9 1.3 0.1 1.3 0.4 preferred and guaranteed Stock mortgages and real estate residential and business mortgages. Farm mortgages Home and Branch office buildings. Housing developments and other re 1 estate purchased for investment. Residential and business properties. Other dub and unpaid to policy holders allotted As dividends for distribution during j953 Lia Klitin taxes Federal state and other. Expenses accrued unearned interest other obligations transportation equipment Loans to policyholders premiums in process of collection. Interest and rentals due and accrued and other assets valuation Reserve to cover All contingencies. F total h. On a Mir in a fld Tim m my trawl. H Gratt the equitable life Assurance society of the United states Home office 393 seventh Avenue Nett Yolk Nashville Headquarters 905-10 sudekum building e. A. Vossmeyer Agency manager we. P. Harrell. William p. Harrell 231 Broad Street Kingsport Headquarters Moore Walker inc. Phone 2440

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