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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 18, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeChamber of Commerce sets membership drive Are you a member today s skies Sunset . Moonset . First Quarter Murfit 23 prominent stars so plus. In Southwest . Arcturus. In the tast y1sible planets Jupiter South of the Moon. Venus sets of Saturn. Ulses All times Eastern Standard Kingsport times vol. Xxxix no. 55 Kingsport tenn., wednesday March 18, 1953 18 pages five cents the weaker Cloudy with showers and thunderstorms Likely to night. Thursday Cloudy and cooler. Yesterday s High 68, last night s Low 46. Noon Reading 51. Rain .55 Inch. Free textbooks Bill up for 3rd House Reading fee increase slated on title Law Road study group okayed search searching the North Fork of the Holston River for two Days the body of Robert m. Jones was recovered. The Bristol life saving Crew found the body at . Wednesday. Members of the Kingsport Crew Are shown Here As they returned Jones boat a Row to Shore tuesday. Inset shows Jones brother Sam who summoned help after the mishap monday night. Times news photo by Whisnant body of local Man recovered in North Holston Bristol Crew finds Kingsport worker missing since monday 6 soldiers die 38 injured in fort Campbell. six trainees with the Lith air i borne division were killed 38 others injured monday when a truck returning them to a bivouac area hit a Railroad abut ment and plunged into a Creek the victims were taking part in night Maneu vers near the masked bandits take Fortune in gems in Miami carefully disguised pair steal diamonds Worth Over Nashville state administration s controversial proposal to Issue in Bonds for free textbooks is scheduled for final Reading in the House today. A companion Bill in the sen ate was voted out of the finance ways and Means committee yesterday and has gone to the new Senate Calendar committee. A joint House Senate commit-1 tee recommended to the Legisla a Ture today that the present Mo-1 Tor vehicle title and registration Law be retained and the fees increased. Provisions of the present Law were suspended temporarily by the legislature several weeks ago to permit owners to buy 1953 tags. The House joined the Senate in approving 66 to 2 a Resolution setting up a commission to study Tennessee s Long Range Highway i night he ordered the chief gun needs. The commission would Berner to fire Back when his b-50 non political in nature with was attacked by a rus members being appointed by theosian Type Mig-15 High off the governor. Coast of Siberia sunday. was introduced in the it Coj Robert s. Rich 35, House to abolish capital punish a press conference at Kiel u. S. Air Force will Fly global missions despite red shooting challenges Alert colonel quickly returns fire from migs commander of b-50 tells of attack off Kamchatka on sunday Fairbanks Alaska Quick acting commander of a u. S. Air Force plane said last ment in the state. The Bill in son air Force base near Here he the body of Robert m. Jones. Kentucky Tennessee Border. 29, of West View was recovered from the North Fork of Holston River at . Wednesday after been a two Day search. He had missing since a boating the dead were listed As Miami Beach. Fla. Pvt. Jack d. A armontrout so.1 exclusive produced by rep. Elmore Clark tried to escape the attacker with would make 99 a 3go Mue per hour dive into a years the maximum Penally fort Doud Bank and ired Only after any crime committed in Tennes the Nad opened up. The attack occurred As the s. Plane on a routine weather red 1, Oakland my. Jewelry use. The Senate passed and sent to shop fired i the civil service commission. It pvt. Frank w. Formella Chicago. Accident monday night near the Henderson Bridge in the Wadlow Gap Section. Chief c. M. Kenner of the Kingsport life saving Crew said the body of the Kingsport pvt. Thomas b. A Holston ordnance works pm Vancouver Wash ploy. Was found by the Bristol pvt. Joseph r. Life saving Crew which took Over Bloomington ind. The search wednesday morning. Rain and dangerously swollen Waters earlier had delayed drag Ging operations by the Kings port Crew after a fruitless search on tuesday except for location of Jones boat on Shoals a mile warning pistol shots and tuesday night with three of diamonds possibly Worth Ber pvt. John w. Mason 20, Day police reported. Educational groups have sent Ville Ore. J detectives said the men were delegations from five counties to pvt. Lawrence e. O Connell. Disguised and left few the capital opposing the text i clues but were believed to have Book Bill. These include the mar escaped in an automobile with j shall county teachers Assoc a flight cruised North 25 Miles out to sea from the siberian coast. Thras Roberts Winters 20, and go up from Cumber i f tired or by red sir Amer been Fred ked Arld Giles Montgomery and i below where the Accident occurred. Kenner Savici the body was re moved to Mcconnell funeral Home in Gate City. A. Sam Jones brother of the missing Man told of going fish ing with Robert at Henderson. Bridge monday night. He said he was keeping. Up a fire on the Joseph r. Mccarthy launched an River Bank while his brotherilnvesti8ation today into ways to went across the River in a the use of surplus u. S. To run a Trot line ships in Trade with red China. At about ., Jones said.1 the Wisconsin Republican to heard a red China Trade inquiry launched Mccarthy seeks halt to use of . Ships Washington up sen. One or two confederates. Abe Taylor owner of a. Lor and sons told police the men i Dickson counties. Smashed through a rear door nov. Clement be while he his wife Lillian and the Bill with a statement attack their son Donald were Transfer j ing misrepresentation and false j ring the trays of costly brooches statement concerning the Meas i rings and watches he said but ure. He said deliberate con o the East and first incident re Force in which plane had a Eisenhower de from the his permanent investigating dropped one tray As they fled. He said they drove through a rear Alley. Capt. Charles w. Pierce us i per intendant of detectives said Taylor did not yet know the value of the jewelry taken but believed it would exceed 000. Taylor held most of it on consignment he said. Taylor told newsmen it will run 000 or Pierce said his men were look ing for three or four White men fitting Taylor s meager description and their method was to round up Al known Crim see Assembly Page 11 House of Likely for Fra plans party line fight looms on proposals congressional demands for an investigation. I the b-50, on temporary duty with the 15th weather recon Naissance Squadron at Eielson from Forbes Field Topeka kan., was approximately 100 Miles East and slightly North of the huge russian military base at Petro Pavlovsk on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Rich gave this account of the skirmish an editorial your chamber of Commerce attention is called to the drive of the chamber of Commerce to recruit 100 new members. It s a one Day sales Effort to con Vince the owners of at least 100 smaller businesses that the chamber of Commerce is working for them to persuade them that there is a connection Between the activities of the Cham Ber and the growth of business there is a connection Between the general growth of business and the Small business operator. Therefore there is a direct connection Between the Small Mer chant and the chamber. Of course a Man May say Okay so the chamber of Commerce helps me. But it will help me just As much if i Don t that is absolutely True but let s Hope nobody around Kingsport is going to take that viewpoint. Why is the chamber of Commerce membership drive a mat Ter for special editorial comment that takes a very simple answer too. Because the chamber of Commerce whose commit tees work for the development of roads the bringing of new business to Kingsport Public welfare programs civic improve ments and Many other aspects of Community life is working just As much for John Jones As for John Jones employer. Generally speaking general welfare is made up of the sum total of individual welfare. And welfare is contagious. Your welfare is tied up with others welfare. So As we see it it would be a very shortsighted policy to act As if the chamber of Commerce was something of interest Only to Industry management and store owners. The individual is not asked to join or pay dues but he should not lose the feel ing that it is working for him just the same. And by the same Token the Small businessmen should not feel let the big Fellows do As a matter of fact if anyone could get along without a chamber of Commerce it would be the very Large plants. They have something to gain but actually much less to gain than the Small businessmen and the individual. So As a tremendous Force in the economic growth of Kings port the chamber of Commerce deserves full cooperation. The bigger the chamber is the More it can accomplish for All of us and with pulling it can do a bigger and better Job. See news article on Page 16 today Pentagon gives attack details reveals policies state dept. Wanted to postpone Public report on shooting red Hunter asks few Confidence vote Velde wants ouster Resolution cleared Washington Vel the b-50 had flown from r-i1u today awaited word son Over the Aleutian islands to j from the House rules committee an of Lacer w that Tuo a Point off the Kamchatka open the Way for him to seek log that British airmen were Washington up the United states demanded today that Russia punish the Jet Pilot who fired on an Ameri can plane Over the North Pacific sunday and Curtly called for measures to prevent such attacks from happening again. The demands were made in a note which vigorously pro tested the latest attack on an american plane by a soviet Mig-15. The american embassy at Moscow lodged the protest with the russian government. Washington the u. S. Air Force will continue to Fly its worldwide missions despite rus Sia s shooting Challenge to the use of air space Over International Waters of the North Pacific. That was the word which top Pentagon spokesmen gave out after their study of reports on the first confirmed two Way fight Between u. S. And red military planes outside the korean War zone. Military officials who May not be named also let it be known that the Pentagon had talked Down a state department suggestion to postpone any Public announcement of the incident. The air Force pinpointed the sunday incident 25 Miles from the coast of russian Kamchatka Cambridge England and an air Force spokesman said two British Jet fighter planes the photo observation Craft collided today and their pilots brings death to Jet airmen their plunged to death while president was operating within standing instructions to stay 25 Miles Tito of Yugoslavia watched Hor a see Pentagon Pake rifled at an air show in his Honor. Which sounded like i Nan arranged to might have alien. There was no question Mutual Security direct splash or Ryoul he said but Tor Harold e. Stassen on the a flashlight waved then Flicker problem at a closed door session finals of that category. De out. This afternoon. Jones said he then ran toward he said Commerce Secretary the Bridge and up the opposite Side of the River to the spot where Robert s Light went out see no sign of his but could brother. Rescue operations did not be pin until morning and then Crew members were unsure whether the Man fell overboard at the spot where he disappeared or fell in the boat and Rode Down Stream. Has Small water logged boat Sinclair weeks also would be invited to attend or Send a representative. Mccarthy weeks has notified the United states i i food prices Rise As controls end found shortly before noon see Jones Page 11 59 suspects nabbed in narcotics raids Philadelphia up series of sweeping narcotics raids netted 59 suspects today and resulted in suspension of Philadelphia s narcotics squad chief. The mass raids were described As the biggest in the three state Federal District of Pennsylvania. New York and new Jersey in at least six years. The suspects including 11 women were fingerprinted in As Sembly line fashion. Joseph Bransky. Head of fed eral narcotics investigators in Washington of both parties predicted House a aside from a smashed rear Proval today of a Resolution to four pistol slugs in action on president Eisen floor. A scattering of jewelry Bower s plan to replace the fed see bandits Page 11 eral Security Agency with a new Cabinet level department of health education and welfare. But a party line floor loomed Over democratic that republicans Are trying Railroad the proposal through j new York Congress without giving Mem 01 insula and had been flying North a vote of Confidence As chairman Duttine their gives in danger for about 25 Miles off the siberian i of the House in american a twice before the crash coast for 30 to 40 minutes when j to titles committee. J that the show be ended but the two Piarie he Lold newsmen he has kept on. T the Royal air Force staged a of the rules group that it Lar including oct inv f super sonic aircraft m Honor of the anti Kremlin yugoslav communist Leader who is on a state see colonel balanced budget h a possible Taft r his personal request for Clear Ance of an ouster Resolution will be considered. Food prices Rose to the highest level in More than five following a cannot legally bar the ships from the Trade As Long As their owners meet their mortgage payments to the government. The subcommittee has been looking into the use of surplus u. S. Ships now under foreign flags in carrying supplies to the chinese communists. We want to find out the amount of material that is the previous week to Ting Over to communist sharpest gain since the in Korea and explore the Possi week immediately following War Bers time to consider it. I by Cha Irman government order Hoffman of the gov government order Ern ment operations committee1 wiping out Price controls on con Sumer products late last week Dun Bradstreet inc., announced today. Would put Eisenhower s first government reorganization plan 10 Days after the res solution is passed by Congress the food Index jumped 14 by Congress the or a Vire to 491and s1gned by the president. Abilities of How it could Mccarthy said. Be he said in Korea. The Senate has not acted on it. Reorganization plans automatically go into effect unless billion Cut May turn trick gop says Washington Taft a Ohio said today a four Bil lion Dollar Cut in former presi Dent Truman s spending Esti mates May be enough to bal Ance the Federal budget in the year beginning july 1. Taft the Senate Republican the Sharp Rise in the Price of disapproved by either the House Leader said in an interview he or serious proportions appears to be of Coffee contributed largely to thei or 60 after they Are believes that from to 2 Bil Overall Advance. Submitted. The effect of dollars can be whacked off All still there republicans find billion plus right where mrs. Gray said it was Washington in an in the rest of the reorganization _ to 1 Hoffman Resolution would be to the Cost of civilian activities but waive most of this waiting remainder will have to come nod. Eisenhower submitted the off the military program. Plan March 12. I his budget balancing Esti aside from attacking Are much lower than speedup democrats argued that those previously made by other republicans voted almost solidly congressional leaders. Against similar reorganization Truman estimated that during plans submitted by former pres j the fiscal year the government Velde joined rep. Donald l. Visit Here. Jackson a Calif in asking the ident Truman. Republicans have said they feared democrats would use the what arrested identified As Henry 29, Philadelphia did a wholesale business in narcotics prec dented Check of the nation s Gold and Silver and Coin has ended and a Treasury official said today everything is that was a Short report from Iceland Howard assistant director of the mint on a big subject nearly 23 billion dollars Worth of amounting to More than at and else where plus two billions Worth of Silver Bullion and about 301 million dollars Worth of Coin not a year. The raids came from a 10 months undercover investigation in the Philadelphia South Jersey area. Agents from almost every level of government As Well As army and Navy authorities Tooki part in the painstaking search to line up the sources of Supply for the increasing traffic in narcotics. They made More than 350 buys during the 10 months to get evidence. In circulation. One shortage plus two thirds of a cent is right tall socialized out they say they have no such where the former treasurer mrs. Georgia Neese Clark Gray said it would be. Fears under the Eisenhower administration. The Treasury is sending a successor Republican mrs. Ivy so mrs. Gray a receipt from her president intervenes Baker priest and everybody is Happy. All this checkup was inspired by the recent change in admin istra tons. A committee appointed jointly by former Secretary of the Treasury John w. Snyder and v. A i fit new gop Secretary Humphrey auditor the Bookson into accounting and former treasurer of the United. Do methods and found states a lady Democrat. They induced every feasible Don t look for a but it suggested investigation though. That a new committee make spot the missing sum was Only j checks of Gold and Silver and the government got it Back and i Coin. In fight Over Boghien by United press president Eisenhower sent one of his top personal aides to Cap Itol Hill to try to overcome the Republican opposition to Charles e. Bohlen s nomination As ambassador to Russia it was Learned today. Will pay out about 10 billion More than expected revenues. But Taft said he doubts expenditures will Rise much if any above the present annual rate of about 72 billion. Taft said if that 72 billion level can be taken As a starting Point and if spending can be Cut four billions below that it would balance the budget. He added i Don t believe however that we can Cut civilian activities Back More than Ivi or 2 billion and we will have to get the remainder out of military Taft said that when Secretary of defense Wilson estimates Mil itary retrenchments it should be possible for congressional Lead maj. Gen. Wilton b. To draft an Over All program the president s chief legislative Liaison officer spent 40 minutes late tuesday with sen. Styles Bridges a Leader in the anti Bohlen fight. On taxes and spending. The ohioan opposes a move by rep. Daniel a. Reed Rny to Advance to july 1 a 10 per cent Cut in income taxes. Rules committee to Send to the full House the Resolution Weaner was exp remedy bad. The ceiling was Only by rep. Roosevelt any of a 24-plane meteor Jet forma flashed Over the Field at Roosevelt called for Duxford base. Two of the ouster accusing him of touched wings in the a discredit on House and crashed in flames Roosevelt said among Miles away. Things this was a result of had been smiling at the de s assertion that it is he watched intently possible the red probes flames shot 500 feet in air go into the Church Field burning wreckage. He sat search of subversive in his chair his face grim. Jackson declared that if air Force informant said House removed Velde from turned to air marshal lord chairmanship it would and said the Utility of the do not have any More tests civilians soldiers learn lessons from blast on Yucca Las vegas Nev. Caught in the open lie Flat rations were underway the ground if no Good shelter at Yucca Flat in the available. High desert 65 Miles North Soldier Here for the second atomic in a series of 10 in a foxhole or lie Flat. Scheduled for this officers think now that yesterday on Friend v dug in soldiers could have Field of the atomic Energy above ground lying Mission american civilian at their two mile distance Soldier alike May have yesterday s blast Tower on new lessons to wrest Victory Flat. Of atomic the wind and stay be these Are the pointers it. The Breeze after the rated by the at 300 feet swept the nuclear column and Cloud for civilian across the Flat where in a car i would stay in Hung threateningly for hours. Open the windows and troops were Able to March Down As far As possible on through the Vicinity of seat or the said j. Zero. Ton Jenner of the Federal bomb can be a Friend if defense Are followed. Like in a House try a predecessors in atomic a Type bomb shelter but the foot soldiers sure you have solid 500 observers found Little to in Foxholes. Hit near Manchuria dutch South koreans smash chinese drive 4 Seoul american b-29 super forts virtually wiped our the communist Supply and troop Center of Pung a on Manchu Ria s Southern outskirts today in the fourth largest bomber strike of the korean War. On the ground dutch and South korean troops teamed up to smash chinese attacks on two advanced positions in the West Ern sector Northeast of Yon Ehon. Behind the line four unidentified aircraft strafed positions on the Eastern front. The eighth army reported there were no casualties but that one truck was damaged. Later today the air Force said it was conducting an investigation. Twenty seven Okinawa based super forts which bombed Pung a s 320 wooden buildings slowed through 40 Miles of flak and braved red night fighters to reach their target. Another 13 hit red lines. One airman said the communist Supply troop and factory Complex at Pung a went up at once As though someone had spilled Gunpowder Over the area and lit so lunar tables at Rota ii u part new below no mra urn John added uni than Solt lab tables plan Jour Damji m Zuibi too till Ulni n food Torr Torr or aunt Lac a Rood Carer Durant Ulm Hon. If to to do port owl men by m offer. Gator Portada tra mown to y Tutto at us Thorn and or u your a Ulf or two dour. Thereafter him Ilowit a Tutor to an of we Taat abour duration. Of Flortan Tomt wednesday thursday ortday saturday i m 45 10 ii a . Mhor saw 4 1s 10-is in of uts5 Lake stages lie Levels wednesday it Wattum. 1ms.1 Cherokee 1041.8 Holston 17011 Bodoni. 1349.1

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