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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 17, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport times March 17, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edo a Iii. Jr., publisher and general manag a b n Harden. Assistant to the publisher asst. Gen. Mur. W. J. Macau ill a editor Ellis Bunkley. Executive editor 2io-2 r Market Street. Ken Gasport. Tenn. Associated press International news service news service. Meny go round Hollywood m of the Assoc Mictl press Southern newspaper bulls hrs association the audit Bureau of Independent democratic newspaper published each after october 27. 1944, under the of March National adverts inc representatives. Shannon pc associate. Inc. Ullh Oll Lees in Nea Vork. Chiujo. Detroit at Lanta St. Louis. Kansas ally los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription vate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought and have no Root in themselves and so endure but for a time afterwards when affliction or persecution Arl Soth for the word s Sake immediately they Are the times daily tonic god made both tears and laughter and both for kind purposes for As laughter enables mirth and Surprise to breathe freely so tears enable sorrow to vent itself patiently. Tears hinder sorrow from becoming despair and Hunt. The Choice the republicans and the democrats each have a problem and a divided Opin Ion within their ranks. The democratic question is what do we do with president Eisenhower should they try to fight All the other republicans especially Mccar thy and pretend that the president is just a swell fellow who got into bad com Pany or shall they like or. Stevenson boldly say that or. Eisenhower is As bad As the rest or them because he is willing to use and be used by them the republicans themselves Are divided on the Issue of senator Mccarthy. Up to the present time Many have been doing a tight rope act neither for him nor against him. The idea seems to be to look like a pro Mccarthy Ite to the pro Mccarthy ites and look like an anti Mccain thy Ite to the anti Mccarthy ites. Unfortunately the senator keeps Jerk ing the rope. Whether they like it or not he is going to make them take a definite position and to those whose thinking is entirely political the Choice seems difficult. They Are afraid to guess whether Mccarthy is an asset or a liability in Short they do not know what will Hap pen if they take the Bull by the horns and boldly declare that Mccarthy is right or boldly denounce the Wisconsin Ner and repudiate his methods. Will the first or the second method help them win the congressional elections the politicians might look at it this Way. If they accept Mccarthy As a Leader and thereby make the president merely a front office Man they will anger a great Many Liberal republicans and most of those democrats who voted for Ike. This could Ryean a big vote switch Back to the democratic Side. This is what the baseball people Call a full game Lead a loss from republicans and a Cor responding gain for democrats. But if they turn thumbs Down on Mccarthy they will anger a very Strong personal following which Mccarthy undoubtedly has. Most of these people How Ever Are in the right Wing of the Republican party. If the party makes this group of voters angry where will they go they May. Of course stay Home but they arc certainly not going to vote democratic hence even at the worst this would be a half game loss for the re publicans since the democrats would not gain any votes. Of course the politicians can make things very easy for themselves by for getting political angles for a while and simply viewing the matter through the Glass of right and wrong of decency and fair play or democracy or demagoguery. We believe it was Winston Churchill who said that it was surprising How often simply picking what seemed to be the right thing even if it did not seem to be expedient turned out to be the Best poli tics in the Long run. There arc some republicans who have made no Bones about their distaste for Mccarthy. There is supposed to be some fear that these people will be punished. Right now senator Margaret Smith of Maine is supposed to be in danger Politi Cally because she took a courageous stand against Mccarthy. We believe the danger is overestimated and the people of Maine will not take Mccarthy s or Ders. We doubt if senator Smith will lose by her honesty. Much is said about the defeat of Tyc Lings in Maryland being due to Mccarthy. But Tydings himself had played the political game and As head of a congressional investigation committee he was Little improvement on Mccarthy. If the republicans know what s Good for them they will not follow the Man from Wisconsin. The democrats would like nothing better. By Drew Pearson Are some questions which investigating senators May want to ask messes. Mccarthy Cohn Adams it Al in the current attempt to get to the Bottom of the Schine incident. Also Here Are some of the possible answers. Question Why did senator Mccarthy seriously believe that the army should fear 27 year old Roy Cohn what was there that a 27-year-old lawyer could do to an Organiza Tion that has never been Defeated Why did Mccarthy suggest to the army that it faced a Long Range fight with Cohn if it did t Transfer. Pvt. Schine to new York it s pos sible Mccarthy thought Cohn could throw these influences against the army or else he thought the army could be frightened into thinking so. Answer Cohn was on intimate terms with Walter Winchell and was the pipeline by which Mccarthy got Winchell s support and fed Winchell items. Cohn also has contacts with right Wing columnist George Sokolsky and newspaper executive Dick Berlin who for Merly employed or. J. B. Matthews the Mccarthy committee counsel who was dropped after he alleged the protestant clergy was riddled with communists. Question did Roy Cohn flex his Muscles for Walter Winchell by calling James Wechsler editor of the new York Post before the Mccarthy committee after Wechsler printed a series of articles on Winch Sli. Answer Wechsler is the Only leading editor Ever called before the Mccarthy committee. In newspaper circles this crackdown was considered a Cohn move to Curry favor with win question is Mccarthy afraid of Roy Cohn Why did Mccarthy Tell the army to show no favouritism to Schine when Cohn was absent then reverse himself in Cohn s presence Why did Mccarthy make it Clear to the army he did t want Cohn to know he considered Schine a pest Cohn knew buried bodies answer Cohn knew All the secrets of the Mccarthy investigation. He knew All the bodies buried by the Mccarthy committee. He also knew the personal problems had sat in on at least one conference where Mccarthy debated what he should do about the Las vegas Sun and extraordinary allegations it published regarding his personal life which cannot be repeated Here. In Brief Cohn knew about All there was to know about Mccarthy. Question what parts of the Cohn conversations with the army were censored the army s original report on the Schine Case was about 72 pages Long but Only 34 pages wore published. What was left out answer some of the language used by Cohn was unprintable. Also in cases where John Adams the army attorney or Kis col leagues Felt they might have had hazy Mem ories the hazy portions of the record were omitted. The sliding scale of farm supports would definitely slide the Farmers of the nation into Harold Cooley . We should not permit ourselves to gel mouse trapped into another defensive Gen. Mark Clark urges removal of u. S. Troops from Korea. European junket question Why the persistent attachment of Cohn for Schine Why was he almost Savage in his demands that Schine be transferred Back to new York answer the two have been inseparable friends for some time. Schine is 26 years old had had no important experience As an investigator served with the Mccarthy committee without salary. Cohn liked to have him around took him. To Europe on a trip that would have been comic had it not so disrupted u. S. Relations. Re ported the Frankfurt Aben Posl during the Cohn Schine probe of communism in Bonn the event occurred which is still the main topic of conversations. At or. Schine announced he had put on the wrong trousers. A Driver was sent to the hotel to pick up the right ones. Or. Schine put them on then Dis covered his notebook was missing. He rushed Back to the hotel with or. Cohn to look for it. In the hotel lobby it was observed that or. Schine batted or. Cohn Over the head with a rolled up Magazine. Then both disappeared into or. s room for five minutes. Later the chambermaid found Ash trays and their contents strewn about the room. The Furni Ture was completely after lunch the two investigators missed the regular plane and took a special plane to Frankfurt. Cost Why drafted question since every american Diplomat reported on the activities of Cohn and Schine Why were they continued on the Mccarthy committee among other things they left an unpaid hotel Bill in Paris of though they were in Paris Only 16 hours. They ran up this Bill by registering at. The Crillon then going to a second hotel without registering out of the Crillon the american embassy paid the Bill answer for months both the Eisenhower administration and Republican senators have either been afraid or unwilling to tangle with Mccarthy even to make suggestions regard ing his staff. Question what Are the facts regarding Mccarthy s letter to the army on dec. 22 complaining that Schine never would have been drafted had not Pearson started screaming about answer on dec. 22, the same Day of Mccarthy s letter to the army this writer told How Schine was getting so Many special favors at fort Dix Gen. Cornelius Rya i complained about it. Earlier on july 17, this writer gave a de tailed account of Schine a various physical examinations and his draft deferments. This column which was distributed to newspapers in Advance came to the immediate attention of the Mccarthy office with the result that or. Roy Cohn demanded that the column be killed. It was not killed. But that same Clay july 17, is now revealed by the army record Mccarthy approached the army to get a direct commission for Schine since he might be drafted. If Mccarthy refers to the column As then i plead guilty. What i called attention to was that Schine graduated from Harvard at the close of the War got a draft exempt Job in the army transport service later became an executive of his father s ambassador hotel and when the korean draft Call got hot was classified 1-a. However he asked for another physical at governor s Island n. Y., where he was classified 4-f. The doctors ruled that he had a herniated disc with schizoid personality. When asked about his draft exemption Schine told this column he had become vice president and general manager of a hotel the age of 23. His father head fitted was chairman of the Board. He also became executive vice president of three the aters owned he acknowledged by his father. It was the reporting of these facts which Mccarthy called a modernized Security should be geared to developments in electronics air Power and atomic Power. That kind of Security is Well within our economic Arthur w. Radford. By Erskine Johnson Hollywood has its oscars for the year s Best and television has its . Real dignified stuff. But there Are a number of other and i believe they should be spotlighted with awards too. So i m handing out my real gone real silly awards this year. I have a Sand sculptor work ing on suitable statuettes on the Beach at Malibu. I decided on Sand statuettes because some of the winners May prefer to have their trophies washed away by the next High tide. But it s High time for real gone recognition. The winners Best will Power Marjorie main who did t once open her Mouth and stick out her Tongue in the Lan Orcus manner of mar Ilyn you know who. Every other female in Hollywood did. stunt flying of the year Arthur Godfrey. Best unfilled drama when Jackie Gleason s wife went to visit him in the Hospital and found another doll sitting on the foot of his bed. Best restraint mrs. G. For not breaking his other leg. They la remember him most unforgettable character of the year Mem Boss Dore senary who forgot to mention Louis b. Mayer and Irving thai Berg in a to history of Mem. In. Hollywood that s like forgetting to put film in the camera. Best expose Marlene Dietrich in her peek a boo dress that made the Dice leap by themselves at the Sahara hotel in Las vegas. Physical achievement award Darryl Zanuck for chinning himself on a trapeze at a Holly Wood night club. He started out to prove he could do it with one Arm but did t make it. To Dar year s Supply of Vitamin packed breakfast food just like wild Bill Hickok eats. Loudest Bubble gum blast of the year in a movie theater George Beckwith jr., 13, at los Angeles Leimert theater. Best family arguments red Skelton and his Georgia. Understatement award to c. J. Tevlin Rio executive about to we Are Only sorry Televik what better Washington calling by Peter Edson Washington Nea per Carthy Over taking away the As ambassador to Sweden under haps president Eisenhower ought personal management functions circumstances still not fully or to install the two platoon sys tem for the administration. Be cause at the moment it seems of Security administrator Scott satisfactorily explained. Mcleod. C. D. Jackson goes Back to by three lop Cabinet officers have been under criticism and pres sure to quit their jobs after the us four year Jevc. The cold War problems grand rows on policy decisions. Most unlikely that his first team ing a time life Fortuna exec will game without substitution. Deputy Secretary of defense would appear to be no nearer they Are Secretary of Agricula solution than they were when lure Benson attorney general Sion exists because it peo Roger m. Kyes is the latest o he came in though this is prob Herbert Brownell jr., and see. Ple away from Fil Heaters. Retire from the Field. His Resig ably More attributable to the rotary of the army Robert t. Nation will take effect May 1. Russians than to anything done Stevens. But so far All arc other than that we Nave no in Terest in 11." formerly an executive vice pres or not done by Jackson. Sticking it out. Best acting Marlon Brando of general motors Kyes department of agriculture has Washington is a City where disguised As a in Diplomat try was brought to Washington by had a veritable housecleaning in the Only thing constant is ing to elude a process server defense Secretary Charles e. Its top command with nine out change. But running the gov after Fox sued him for Wilson former g. M. President of 12 of Secretary Ezra Taft Ben emment is a full time Job and 000. The process server recon to be his principal Deputy. Kyes son s first team quitting for one a political lifetime career. H Lizec him anyway but Brando s Nas not announced whether he reason or another new to the disguise Art. He often wil1 return to his old company or Romeo Short Democrat and does t even Wear a shirt. Take another position. Humility award the judge the department of defense Tion vice president quit As As who did t kiss Marilyn Monroe has been reorganized consider Distant Secretary after a policy after he pronounced her mrs. Ably under the Wilson Kyes i Row. Assistant Secretary John h. Can t be taken up like a new Hobby and dropped. It takes a american farm Bureau federa Long time for replacements to Joe Dimaggio. Best Glanor Corinne Calvet Nas been the addition of ten As for being photographed in a Distant secretaries. Compart Mink coat at the breakfast table mental Zed responsibility has Section. The principal change Davis has resigned to teach at Harvard. Howard Gordon an other Democrat resigned As commodity stabilization admin learn their Way around and in this process government suffers. Doubling in brass the converted a s. Coast guard Culler courier is doing double duty from its base on the Island of Rhodes in the cast Best costume design the Deen delegated to these ten. Bui Istratov to return to Southern Ern Mediterranean. The ship is Mink shanties Terry Moore wore the problems of the department states co operative Richmond equipped with High powered in Korea. Best drama in Black Zsa Zsa Gabor s Eye. Best drama in color the Blue Pencil shavings on the floor after the movie censors looked at Jane Russell s dancing in French of defense seem to be just As numerous As before. Hypertension is occupational disease a. Marcus b. Braswell and Lionel c. Holm two of Gordon s assistants in the department left with him. John a Davis and radio transmitters to relay voice of. America broadcasts behind the Iron curtain. It has been doing effective work on this As or. Robert l. Johnson was one four other new information Spe sigment. But it has not for of the first of the Eisenhower team to go. He quit As director of the u. S. Information Agency Cia lists quit after Short runs. Wreck cleared but no new train gotten its original coast guard tradition which is to save life at sea. In the past Winter the technical award to All of the last july. Reason Given for his politics policy differences and courier has answered three Clis confused theater owners trapped resignation was his health and just Plain loss of interest Are Tress fails from greek ships and in the big screen wide screen hypertension. This is an Csupa accountable for these departures saved the lives of their Crews tilted screen 3d-screen trenches tonal disease for Washington seme like John h. Davis came they were so Busy enlarging executives. Or. Johnson was sub to Washington to get the train screens and hiding sound horns ejected to a severe attack of me Back on the track. They leave the u. S. Bureau of standards they hardly had time to Box and Carth ism and returned to the with the wreckage cleared away who nearly got his official head academic Cloisters of Temple but before a new train is run chopped off during the famous Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe according to the news Tho president s speech on taxes left the democrats unconvinced. Toul cd be surprising if i worn otherwise. Bui the president might say to those Fellows i want talking to you what the pols would like to know is. Can you really Appeal to the decency and intelligence of the people and ret a resp Osseif Ike s approach is right the pols have got to change their own approach. Lincoln May by right said the old about this business of fooling people. But 1 Rion i want to fool All the people nil the time. 1 just want to fool enough of them at election Limp. Or. Colin for a Man As

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