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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 17, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeJ Kingsport time wednesday March 17, 1954 kiwanis Kutus hat Boyle s column by Hal Boyle aboard the Mauretania sea cruise is the Best Way in the world today to cure your self of land sickness the gee i d like to get away from it All i on a ship you can get away from practically everything that bothers you but you can t sail away from time. Ever since my 42nd birthday i be had a sinking feeling that sooner or later i d be 43. And sure enough it happened just a few Days ago somewhere in the Caribbean. I dreamed that old father time grabbed me by the Forelock or what is left of my Forelock and his Gray voice wheezed in my ear tag again kid. You re it. You re 43. Did you think you d a Small crying Towel. He cheered sell him one last policy. At is just a prisoner in the haunted House of his own i Sank Back on the Pillow worn out with self pity. I Don t want to interrupt your said Frances but if you will just try to Buck up and act More like a Man about it you can celebrate your birth Day any Way you want Johnson City Man today gels Federal term on Check charge statesv1lle, n. C. civic auditorium in pcs Dron Ruhp Tran in mull auditorium j Shower Purly in club rooms 1. 3. Und 1 club in Corner room or Tanh i. C loud Lluc Pallon on scr 1 Conler artist Iii Doutlick Lorr Gllnn ii err Post Bill on mrs iv7-Po Urner room activity Over. Auditor Hub in main auditorium in club rooms it former East Tennessee Man loud birr Pitlon Comer activities been sentenced to three in Federal prison upon his plea to cashing Check drawn a on a Char i said ill have lunch Lotze Bank. A j John w. Bailey 32. Was sen people have breakfast in bed tended in Federal District Cour not in my family people always have lunch in bed on their 43rd i told her. It s been Way for Well Jack Barnas our room Steward brought me lunch and get away this year me by saying that while women then i awoke and heard my could understand the horror of wife saying turning 40, Only a Man Why Are you trying to hide appreciate being 43. Under the Pillow Rover Wake later i washed my Teeth care room is. Dinner. Pm. Chub room work pro prom. Dinner. P m club room 1 Friday Here yesterday. He was arrested main at the Miami fla., Post office i Kus in january and was held under Bond a wailing Pran Irp on h cd nip room aridity 7 lt-9 3i officers said Bailey on anally inn from Johnson City. Tenn. Old he wrote other worthless chocks in Johnson City. Savan nah ga., and . N. C. I a Ennis club. Luncheon room sat Lillav Civ up auditorium a main Rin Iid Kerr pull to Titer arm1.1 Annii Klym Hurt Patton ont Artl Velv 4 is urn 12 00 noon. Culk up. Happy lose a at i groaned and pulled the Sheet tended a birthday party at the Back Over my head. This Captain s table. After some birthday cowardice on my part always annoys Frances. I listen my Little Siree with the fringe on she said. I m getting tired of nursing you through your birthdays. Why do you always take a birthday As a personal disaster or As if it were a plot against she had a Point. I always feel fragile on my birthdays fearful the minstrel chorus including of the end men tuned up for the annual kiwanis kapers. The show what s your will got underway at the civic auditorium thursday and run through saturday. The show features local Amateur and professional Talent under the direction of Larry Knowles of the John b. Rogers company. The. Total net proceeds of the show will go to the Palmer memorial palsy Center. Riots brought disgust sex red commissar tried to resign after East German revolt in 1953 l Tull ii if one of the be ram in the West. Until soviet Chon for month1 a no or was a lieu of nun t in the Hectl air Force where Job wan to rive political indoctrination Ler lures. I Fieri he . After Turco Monk disillusioned with the communism he was to Tench. Yesterday the a. Year old Tulin related that he would Fin rat in free Russia the item Yoke. My e Confidence that sometime the Day of Freedom will Rome to my the effect of last y Pur s knit German on and others in the by Micijah Tun former soviet air Force political commissar russian soldiers would go Over to the germans and fight to Gether for both German and russian Freedom. I Hope that this experience will enable the russian soldiers to make up their minds to help the German workers liberate themselves from communism Man seeks shelter in Federal office lands in lockup Chattanooga it was cold outside and the Post office building was warm Jasper Carl Rose was in jail last night on a charge of breaking and entering Federal property. Here is the Story As told by postal inspector r. W. Cook invited to weapons jest Washington ins the army said tuesday it has invited 115 members of Congress to Texas and new Mexico this month for demonstrations of newly developed weapons presumably Nike corpor Al guided missiles and the honest John rocket. The demonstrations will take place at the White Sands prov ing grounds in new Mexico and at it. Bliss and it. Hood tex., the combined state and fed on March 25, 26 and 27. Home demonstration offices. The army declined to disclose of Russia itself were ransacked Early last night i what weapons will be shown. In of Terico Plains said he i recent months it has announced Champagne i Felt Strong enough to blow out the single Candle on my birthday cake. Understand ing my suffering those present recalled cases of men they knew who not Only had survived their 43rd birthday taut even had gone on to finer and belter things. Probably nothing but lies but i did feel better. Then i went up alone and that something unexpected by a deck rail just a mid dreadful will happen. I am dle aged Man on a Middle aged afraid that if i comb my hair it ship under a Middle aged Moon will All come out at once or that if i Brush my Teeth they will All fall out on the bathroom floor. From head to toe i feel decrepit. It s a. Matter of i told Frances. The fear of grow ing old runs in our family just As bankruptcy does in in other families. It s been that Way for but 43 in t realy maybe not. But it s such a dumb age. A Man s age makes some sense at 20, or 50, or 70. But 43 is a Brier Patch. At 43, the Only thing a Man really has definitely finished is his youth. But he has t completed his work in life. He has t raised his staring at the infinite night the patient stars that flowered and endless Waves. The foam died on the after my experiences on was and hungry and 17, i requested to be relieved of into the off be by Immy irony Job a. Political instructor. A Winc Jow and Rule. Berlin fins Felt that As a fighting officer Afier the East germans Rose up i Collid remain but not As to against the communist commissar mint on june 17. 1953, i tried to instead of releasing me i was quit my Job As a political com appointed chairman of an of Missner. Peers political group. This the june 17 plainly meant i had to lecture on poli a the Fin-1tics every to Junior and Ishing touch to my disgust with Middle ranking officers. Red communism. Finally i decided to we were told that american agents provoked the riots. But Gorni Firis with whom we talked told us flatly that equipment near the Brit escape. Detailed to give a lecture about Beria s i asked Secor of West Berlin. I wore and then rum Maged through the suite found some Money. Rose went out tanked up on Beer and then returned through the same window probably be cause it was a cold night and the offices were Cook said. It was on the second trip that guard h. R. Gossett caught Rose. He waived formal indictment today and said he intended to plead guilty. He was held in lieu of Bond. Ent in those riot were As bitter their own people Powers. Nonsense it we appear my full Drem plus i in Case anyone sus Ibe taken to the British Corn production of the Nike an anti aircraft missile to guard key american cities the honest John rocket and the Corporal guided missiles both Are Able to carry atomic warheads us. Ground Force weapons. Possibly scheduled also demonstration is the new 280 my Cannon which fires either atomic or conventional shells and which is already in Europe the congressmen invited Are members of Senate and House armed services and approx Ria committees and of the joint congressional atomic com Mittee. Landlord objects to parakeet Roost Detroit Paul. Dingley and tenant William Luz Man disagreed Over How Many parakeets Kuzman kept in apartment. Dingley said there were More than 50." Kuzman said Only two pairs. I kids or paid off the mortgage anyway d i n g 1 e a complain a on his Home or saved enough ing Over Corn husks on the to retire on. Floor and a Pine tree hanging his wife takes him the raised the. Granted and other women from a month to Gard him As a vague puppet that Kuzman objected. Automatically opens doors for circuit court commissioner them or lights their cigarettes at parties. The Only people that find him socially fascinating Are insurance salesmen seeking Tolate. William Krueger yesterday or i dered Kuzman to pay the rent or vacate. Guzman said he d a special special Price regular Price Turquoise yellow chartreuse Rose Kingsport hardware co. 5 Points cd 5-2731 near the barbed wire Fence Man communist police etc., f k c z they were against the thet Evje zone Long before the june riots i Ber n Vad it for. Aith Mander. But the taxi ran out of Royal License . So i had an innkeeper Call had started to doubt the whole communist system. When the men in my units came to me with their personal stopped got and under Tokyo fl5 Japan s Crown Prince Akihito got his Driver s License he probably won t be seen behind the whee of a car on Tokyo streets. Imperial household spokesmen said the Crown Prince will drive car Only As a Hobby probably Soi for politic no officer for and i Are Lime cutely arrested West Germany and carry on the in resort areas during vacation . Iai a mistreated by the Western fight against bolshevism. Trips. Cover of darkness slipped through the wire into the Brit ish sector. I was nervous be old problems i was helpless to Aid cause we were constantly t them. I asked my chief the flee to the government. I intend to stay in the military police for me. Six hours after i had told my to British officials i was on my Way to London by plane. I now am Back in Germany with a passport for a stateless person issued by the British he just shrugged his shoulders and told me everyone has personal Trou Bles in this world. Concentrate or. Your proper in but my conscience kept both e ring me. I asked myself How could i continue giving political instruction saying everything i wonderful in the soviet Union when before my very eyes were men with troubles caused by that system if our Way of life was so Good Why was t i allowed to help them Moscow radio and our news papers kept drumming into us that there is real Friendship be Wren Russia and yet on june 17, our friends warm r revolting us. During the first hours of june 17, we were isolated from news Anc events. We saw germans tearing Down communist propaganda slogans from buildings. Our superiors told us that an. Or lean provocateurs were causing riots in Berlin. Then with a group of soldiers i was sent to Potsdam to restore order. There from germans in the streets i Learned it was a peo Ples uprising. We saw germans throw communist German policemen from Street cars. My men saw All this they also talked with the rioting germans. When we finally returned to our air base i had to give Spe Cial lectures to the men telling them the riots were caused by the americans. Again and again i had to re peat this line to Hammer it into their Heads. But i was battling against the truth. The men knew what had actually happened. They would not look at my face. Ann i could not look into their eyes. They knew i was lying. And they knew that i knew i was they realized i was forced to Tell them these lies. I believe the june 17 uprising in East Germany showed rus Sian soldiers the truth. Soviet soldiers want Freedom for them selves. 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