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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 17, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 tuesday March 17, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards jr., publisher j. W. West. Oene Rai Minisei w. J. Maul the editor Ell i pm Klej. Edl Loi 320-23 8. Market Street. Kin sport. Member of Thi associated press Southern new Ippei publishers ass Litton and tie audit Bureau of circulation an Independent Democrat la newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday. Associated Preiti is entitled to Trie use or publication of All Loewi dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited id this paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post office in Kingston. Tenn As second class mat Milter october 27. 1944. Under the act of March 8. National advertising representatives. Shannon a associates. Inc. With offices in new York. Chicago. Detroit. At Ima. St. Louis. Kansas City. Los Angeles and san Francisco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one or by Carrier daily and sunday one week. 40c. Today s Bible thought in that Day shall this song be Sung in the land of Judah we have a Strong City Salva Tion will god appoint Tor Walls and bulwarks. Isaiah the times daily tonic the nature of Christ s existence is mysterious i admit but this mystery meets the wants of Man. Reject it and the world is an inexplicable Riddle believe it and the history of our race is satisfactorily Bonaparte. Merry go round letters to editor soft words a Corgi Malenkos spoke True words or said that there Are no problems brew pin the United states and the user w Nich cannot be settled by peaceable Means. But anyone who tried to draw sustenance of Hope from that statement would be sucking air. Because in spite of the Fine and hopeful sound of such words they mean nothing at All. Every Issue Between the United states and russian can be settled peaceably in three possible . The first is for the United states to give in to the russians and accept a peace settlement on rus Sian terms. The second is for the user to give in to the United states and the other United nations and permit a peace settlement on our terms. The third method is the Way of Compromise both sides making concessions and agreeing to disagree without ill will. The rub is that each of those methods Are but they might As Well be impossible As far As any Chance of them being used is concerned. We Are not go ing to give in the russians Are not going to give in and Why talk of Compromise when we could t Trust the russians to keep any bargain the accent on peace in the Malenkos speech is not new. In fact in taking that tone Georgi might still be the voice of his erstwhile master. Josef Stalin i sed to wave the Olive Branch while he made soft speeches to give his people the impression of what a dear Sweet peace Loving old Man he was. Naturally Malenkos Fol lows that line. The Odd thing is that every time Stalin uttered words that sounded conciliatory however contrary to his actions those words were he always succeeded in stir ring up a lot of Good hearted people who got into a dither exclaiming of Goody the russians Are to use a popular expression relenting my foot. Stalin never relented. While Malenkos Mouths words of peace the russian air Force is acting tougher than Ever. Malenkos is trying to show one face to the East and another to the West. It is Only common sense for us to watch his actions and never mind his words. The russian planes Tell us better what is in the Malenkos mind than the Malenkos words. As a matter of fact it is doubtful if Georgi can even pull the Wool Over the eyes of the russian people As Well As Stalin could. Joe could be the picture of Benevolence and friendliness. The Man of steel could look like a Good old Man when he tried hard. He could even fool westerners into believing that he was t such a bad Guy and he could cause a certain celebrated personage to utter those historic words. I like old but can Malenkos disguise Malenkos can anything get an expression of human kindliness into those Gross features can any method of artificial heat put any warmth into those cold porcine eyes can that sullen Mouth be twisted into any convincing semblance of a Friendly smile nobody is Ever going to say i like old Georgi. He s not such a bad if the new dictator has any virtue it is sincerity. And that in spite of himself. His character seeps out at too Many places to make it possible for him to be a successful hypocrite. It s hard to believe the russians can be convinced he is any thing but what he is. As for the West there is even less excuse for us to pay attention to peace talk from Malenkos than to the same from Stalin. I think they uhe people have seen the Folly of much of this excessive support pro Gram in recent of agriculture Ezra t. Benson. In Brief the United states policy is not for peace but for foreign minister Andrei y. Vishinsky. The most important most pressing year 1953 of our work of destroying the chinese reds and resisting the Simo Chiang Kai Shek calling for full formosan mobilization. By Drew Pearson Washington though the most publicized part of Anthony Eden s visit was eco nomic the most significant part was an at tempt to tone Down what the British regard As our dangerous policy in the far East. The British foreign minister was not too Happy with the result. He feels that Eisenhower s advisers Are in tent on doing something in the far East just for the Sake of doing that they Are placing last fall s Campaign pledges ahead of International safety and that if the russians Are pushed too hard especially since Stalin s death Well incident ourselves into War. A few More incidents such As the Down of u. planes Over Germany the British feel will either make us lose com plete face with our allies or eventually arouse popular demand for retaliatory action. Either is dangerous. Eden s View is shared by Many career advisers in the state department. They feel that recent russian air bullying has been a de liberate warning that two can play at the game of get and that if we get Tough in the far East Russia can get even tougher in Europe. And if there s too much playing at this game they advise the eventual result is tax laughs Here is a Cross Section of mail from unhappy taxpayers flooding the internal reve nue Bureau around March 15. As usual there were indignant Tongue in Cheek letters from Irish americans that the annual in come tax gouge a British plot to spoil the Celebration of St. Patrick s Day. Also the usual query regarding sur taxes. A lady in new York wrote do women have to pay that sir a Kansan filling out a joint re turn told his lax collector he did t have a spouse but was happily married to a a sardonic texan wrote the difference Between death and taxes is that death does t get worse every time Congress an Arkansas taxpayer who recently started a business with his son received some withhold ing tax forms from the Bureau and replied my son and i have studied the prospectus you sent us and the application form for member ship in your organization. We have decided however after due consideration that we do not care to join your organization at. This a Baltim Orear. With 14 children de scribed himself in his tax return As a production California agents were nonplussed by an elderly woman who reported in filling out a joint return that her husband was Blind. It will still be necessary for him to sign the joint she told. Would it be pos sible for you to bring him in Here with of. The Larry replied cheerfully. Hell be in shortly. He s parking the Ike s fun and business covering the president when he goes to Augusta ga., is a Tough problem for the White House news contingent. Lists of callers Are not posted As at the White House in Washington. Newsmen Aren t encouraged around the Golf club. Some of what the president does is unimportant important. In the unimportant category Ike Calls his negro Caddy Willie Perteet be cause a girl Friend once carved him up in a tavern Ike still uses military terms. When about to take a picture of his Bobby portrait Ike said i be sent Nell to get Mamie to turn out for this formation but she s tired of Nell is mrs. Robert Woodruff whose husband is head of coca cola. In the important category Ike golfer with John Hay Whitney husband of the first mrs. Jimmie Roosevelt and dominant figure in Freeport Sulphur. His company is trying to lease or buy from Ike s subordinate the huge u. S. Government Nickel in Cuba. Also visiting Ike were Ellis Slater Frankfort distillers John Budinger Bankers Trust Cliff Roberts the investment banker Bob Wood Ruff of coca cola and William Robinson executive vice president of the n. Y. Herald Tribune. Battle for Oil after sex Secretary of the Interior Oscar Chapman finished testifying at the tidelands Oil hearings recently Texas new senator Price Daniel came Over to him and remarked Oscar i be never agreed with your position but you be made a Tough Case for us. You re the most effective witness Ever to testify against Chapman had reminded republicans that Federal control of Public lands was started by Republican president Teddy Roosevelt not by the democrats. He gently chided Nebraska s senator Butler for proposing to turn All Public lands Back to the states. He warned that if East Oil is Cut off the u. S. Navy would desperately need submerged Oil. Most telling of All. He reminded the Oil companies that if the Holland or Daniel Bills Are passed the Oil companies won t be Able to Drill for about ten years because tidelands Oil will be tied up in litigation. Chapman also indicated that the Eisenhower administration had now shifted its position three times on tidelands Oil As follows 1. Secretary of the Interior Mckay said in effect give the three states 2. The state department said the states cannot have anything beyond historical Boun Miles for most states Miles for 3. Attorney general Brownell said give the three states the Oil under the sea but give them no senator Daniel went to the White House following which Eisenhower in effect reversed his attorney general came out congressman Velde for giving states both the Oil and the title. A congressman s background at the time he is elected usually crops out in Congress after he s elected. The background of Harold Velde who now wants to probe churches As Well As schools is a Case in Point. Velde was elected with the financial Back ing of the gambling liquor fraternity around Peoria. 111., one of the toughest areas South of Chicago near which he was a Tazewell county judge. During his first election race in 1948, one of Velde s Campaign managers had this significant conversation with Harry Neumiller president of the Hun tube manufacturing co. Of Peoria. Mistaking Harry for his brother l. B. Neu Miller president of Caterpillar tractor co., Velde s representative asked for a Campaign contribution. Harry Neumiller declined. You better think that replied Velde s representative. Don t forget that judge Velde sits on the Tazewell county court and has a lot to say about setting taxes for the county. Don t forget that the Caterpillar tractor com Pany s property is All in Tazewell you happen to have the wrong re plied Harry Neumiller. But if you think blackmail will get a Campaign contribution out of either me or my brother you re mis editor please print this open letter to senator Everhart. Senator Charles Everhart Nashville Tennessee senator in reply to your statement which appeared in sunday March j5th Issue of times news in which you say you do not be Lieve the Kingsport school teach ers who have protested the pro posed legislation for a state Bond Issue of five million dollars for free textbooks understand the Issue we would like to state that contrary to your opinion the teachers of Kings port Are fully aware of the issues involved and understand quite Well that in opposing the Legisla Tion they Are endangering their own salary increase. In spite of this they feel that it is their duty to speak out when the Wel fare of education in the state of Tennessee is at stake and they Are opposing the Bond Issue along with other patriotic Citi Zens in the firm conviction that such legislation represents a most unwise expenditure of pub Lic funds. As for threats that the so called free textbooks will be paid for with Money earmarked for teachers salaries if the Bond Issue is not passed the teachers of Kingsport have not allowed themselves to be intimidated and we feel sure that the Citi Zens of Tennessee will support their courageous position by see ing to it. That the threats do not materialize. Very truly. Citizens committee Hollywood by Erskine Johnson exclusively yours Freddie Bartholomew once the screen s no. 1 kid Star and Little lord will try marriage again next month. Wife no. 2 new York to actress Betty Baker. Pat Wymore s keep ing an Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe so Many millions think that new York is a wonderful place to visit. And what would Hap pen to new York if they did to with All the troubles of the police department the water front Cale society and the economic mess the situation in new York is so you can put an n in that word if you the Job of being mayor of the City of new York is not asap pealing to a politician As it used to be. Simple Simon could t find a House to suit him because every House had All kinds of room but no Elbow room. It a certain deodorant company uses a certain program on the radio and some people think the program should use the Deodor ant. You can make any actor or actress Happy by giving them a a car but the ear any one of them likes Best is the Oscar. We Are told we should All be glad to pay income tax because it is for All our goods. But if the government could Only be satisfied with not quite All our goods the rank and file of taxpayers have very Little interest in excess profits taxes but a lot of interest in excessive taxes on profits. Simple Simon thought the government was a taxidermist because it taxes the tilde off people. Dumb Dora thought an extinct animal was a dead Skunk. Record players that even child can play Are the kind that parents will beware of. Rus i now come to a person who partners Are always Good for a with or be tvs or t3l.ntv.ia. T it of Olin p Van Hal n t7 4 j Elln Lutc Ftp Solans in Cut cur l partners Washington. Calling by Marquis Childr while he makes love to Gina Lollobrigida for scenes in the for himself in according to teacher of Don Flynn needs a teacher Sian Premier j. V. Stalin s health really needs no introduction to laugh but the Eisenhower administration now has a firm name in charge of psychological old Gray Mare of vet did t follow a Rule he had made Erans affairs. I not t ant and the wont 1s wont. Former Secretary of state now ror ran through the room. Not he paused and a gasp of Hor airfare which tops them All. It is gov. James f. Byrnes of South Carolina. _ t on Christmas eve in 1945." Jerry Lewis finally has beat governor Byrnes recalls pre he won. Noticing that there was anything Dulles Dulles. Jackson. Jack wrong Mccurdy then completed son. Johnson Cutler Smith and Gold framed the his sentence with de Dudley the legion s National Mccardle. The members Are of course Secretary of state John Foster Over whether it for a comedian to switch to tragedy or for a Trage Dian to switch to comedy. But the real important question which is harder on the Audi ence Bine Crosby a annual Star shirt British for Elan minister Ernest what toastmaster Mccurdy Dulles his brother Allan Dulles an englishman went Home Dert Golf tourney Ini Carmel by Bevin and m6 my had done was purposely skip director of Central intelligence from America wondering Why the was univ have Moscow conference. Members of mrs. Rogers in his introduction William h. Jackson chairman of we compliment a Man by Call the Southern Calico Mia pea because she was to make psychological strategy Board c. Ing him level headed and insult and the comics Are discussing a s10.0co Martin and Lewis open in la for next fall. A speech later. And i sat next to the Simo. When mrs. Rogers was Intro House coordinator of psychology there had been several reduced later she said with a Cal warfare Robert l. Johnson mors on the state of Stalin s smile new head of the International health. He had been to the Cri for a minute i thought i was information program Robert Ricardo Montalban who s sen Mea for a rest. He was aware being called an old Gray Mare Cutler White House adm Nistra rational in follows that the condition of his health and maybe some of you think so. Tive assistant undersecretary of Van Johnson Walter Pidgeon had been misrepresented but he but believe me i be still got a state Walter b. Smith and As Power of speech became Able to and other top stars out of the was Happy he had returned to lot of kick Distant Secretary of state Carl talk when a hold up Man hit Mem fold. Vera Ellen s his duties in excellent condition. Relieved of its embarrassment w. Mccardle. Her and knocked her Down. Then friends Are worried about her he. Said to me i have been for her the crowd in the ban there s sentiment growing on the woman s husband knocked. Starvation diet and continued leading an abnormal life for Over Quet room howled with laughter Capitol Hill in favor of a special Down the hold up Man. Loss of weight. Jane weeks 0 years. I should take a rest and gave nor a big hand. Tax exemption for professional the movie Beauty who retired to every year and hereafter i plan Long wait for results women who have to hire baby a doctor says people should millionaire John Martin to do so. It is important not much Hope for any action Sitters to take care of their fam laugh for All they Are Worth. Just underwent surgery a second i never heard that he pro on the big Eisenhower plan to Ilies while mama works. The a Bob Hope has made people Lime for ulcers in Hartford needed to carry out that eliminate duplication in Federal Zuments in favor of it Are simple laugh for All he is Worth. P. Jackson no White him by calling him a Flat head. Worrying about her weight can make a woman a Hippo chord Ria. A woman who had lost the Conn. Governor Byrnes declared. He and state tax Laws can be sex when a Man who is the head has been staying close to mos petted before then. The of a family has to hire a Secre t simple Simon thought that All Claudette Colbert and or. Cow. What happened was Only present plan is to Send a Bill to tary. He can deduct her salary As an express Man was a former t i _ Newspaperman. They Are making Chat resist Joel Pressman have to do is deny it but the magpies along the Riviera Are linking her with British Star Anton Wai ploy have you heard about the study the mat be permitted to deduct expenses ant clothing. Sounds Tike the Brook. Dan Dailey s howling new play that ambassador to Ter. It can t possibly come up for maid housekeeper or other right kind of clothes for some Over deductions that his Fox Italy Clare Boothe Luce is going with any recommendations be Kitchen Mechanic who keeps people to be buried in to be Congress authorizing a special a business expense. So Why Luce talk commission like the Hoover should t a wife and Mother who first state department pm commission on government re works full time at an outside Job to write second see no what s it go ing to be about first see it s going to be a sequel to Call me second see of. That so what will she Call it fore next year. Home fires burning Bosses Are taking out of his weekly paycheck. Rita Hay Worth her pals Tell it has staked out a claim to the role of the night club Singer in from Hern to eternity and is sure to get it. Fools the people Ann Sothern has the Best argument of them All in favor of film Over live television. Her new and hilarious private Sec of the american legion s a their changes could t go into that it was something that would children got this Benefi trin the Congress and the state legis school children forgotten the City girl thought that natures would then have to pass surest note in the whole pro hard boiled eggs were Laid by Laws on any recommended Gram to relieve falling meat Plymouth rocks. Changes they proposed to put prices was the proposal to have into effect. Forty four of the the government buy a lot of meat state Legislatures Are meeting for the school lunch program ports that youngsters first see Call me this year. Since most of them nobody thought about this As were Given free lunches in 57 000 a kick for the crowd hold Only biennial sessions they something primarily Good for the schools last year. This Means Robert m. Mccurdy chairman won t meet again till 1955. So children. The whole idea was that less than half of the school rotary series is on film but tonal rehabilitation conference every Day the postman brings acted As toastmaster for a big effect before 1956. Be Good for the meat Industry whole u. S. There Are the Long winded names of big and the cattle raisers. Public elementary schools with hundreds of letters from people banquet capping a meeting of Law firms mentioning All the department of agriculture re an attendance of 22 million. Who write please Send me a pair of tickets to your show. We d like to see you in How about film mind f d Ann is chuckling. I m on film his group in Washington. About 750 people were there including All the big shots in veterans affairs. Mccurdy introduced All the people at the head table going doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . But people think it s a live Spon straight Down the line from one Vaneous show. That proves Audi end to the other. When he got i often wish readers did not to get the victim of Thrush in be just As bad. In pcs can t Tell the to rep. Edith Nourse Rogers ask such difficult questions As the Best possible condition there Ann s situation comedy Stan Massachusetts Republican con to Ciao s first but they do Are local treatments which Are is the cause and cure generally highly effective. As present her As a sexy of tier Gres woman who is chairman of Whiz and already Are giving i the House veterans affairs com of a thymus condition i am love Lucy Competition in the Mittee Mccurdy paused and anxious about my rating charts. Said Side glances read that a cancer is a tumor beginning with and con i sisting of epithelial if that what is your opinion of is the Case would epithelial cells r h Young parents who hold their in the urine be an indication of the thymus is a Ductless youngsters ranging from the age mrs. C. E. Gland lying in the Back of the of one year to two years old by cancer cells Are by no Chest. What function or fun the feet and swing them pen Means always of epithelial Ori tons it serves is still largely durum Wise head Down also Gin and if they Are they will shrouded in mystery and its round and round in other words have characteristics which set relations if any to clinical Dis clockwise head Down f. R. Them apart from Normal Epi eases is Uncertain. It was for a i think the parents Are in therial cells. Epithelial cells Are Merly thought that enlargement necessarily rough and thought commonly found in the urine of the thymus was sometimes less. If they swung their Chil and Are rarely an indication of responsible for sudden death in Dren counter clockwise it would cancer. That looks like Margie they pushed into the puddle How d she Ever get so popular with the the gland and thus to try and avoid this situation. This procedure has now been largely abandoned and usually nothing is or needs to be done. The writer of the letter should relax and not worry about her child. It can arthritis be inherited both my husband and i Are suf Fering from it and wonder what Chance our child has. Mrs. H. S. A there is Little or no reason to believe that arthritis is inherited and a child of parents who have arthritis has As Good a Chance of escaping difficulty As any other child. In sir q i have been told by my Doc Tor that i have Thrush. My Hus band also has this. What causes mrs. L. E. W. Thrush is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the Mouth caused by a yeast like fungus. It occurs particularly in people who Are weakened by some chronic disease or by operation and in undernourished children. In addition to trying out our Way

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