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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 15, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Kingsport times monday March 15, 1954 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p Edwards jr., publisher and general Ben Haden assistant to the publisher and ass. Gen. W. J. Mcauliffe. Editor Ellis Binkley executive editor 22g-22 e Market Street. Kingsport. Tenn. Asol rated press International new service news service member of the associated Southern newspaper publishers association and he Audi Bureau of circuit icon. An ind open Lacni democratic newspaper published each after care i saturday and sunday. The associated prefix in Tii Spaiches credited to or not otherwise credited in this purr and no o the local news herein entered at office in Ken report. Tenn., As second class mail matter. Of Lober 27, 1944, under the act of March 8, 1879. National Arf Vert sync representatives. Shannon a Assort in with office in new York. Chicago. Detroit. Al Iasi. Louis. Kansas City los Angeles and san . Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought and when beasts give glory and Hon our and thanks to him that sat on the throne who liveth for Ever and the times daily tonic stand with anybody that stands right stand with him while he is right and pare with him when he goes Lincoln. Indochinese Puzzle As we get nearer to the Date of the Geneva conference there seems to be More and More jitters Over what might happen. There seems to be still a. Great Deal of doubt in some minds whether or. Dulles is smart enough to match Molotov and a fear that we will be looked by the reds As we have been on some other occasions. This in spite of the fact that we Are on our guard now As we never used to be and the Berlin conference proved that or. Dulles was Able to take care of himself. But the big danger at Geneva is that we will go into the conference at Odds with our allies. How wide the difference is was shown in Paris when Premier Laniel was asked Why he did not respond to the Nehru proposal for a cease fire in Indochina instead of letting the United states which was footing the Bills Call the tune. V or. Laniel denied that the United states was calling the tune and explained Why the Nehru proposal was not accepted. But he added the highly significant words there have been two ideas about the War. One was that we must carry it on to Victory. The other was that we should negotiate peace. Now there is Only one idea. We shall negotiate. There is no use arguing about so we will go into the conference with the French seeking a Way to negotiate with to Chi Minh and the United states opposing such negotiations because it will mean virtual surrender. We will be in the position of urging France to keep on fighting. Thus from being in the eyes of the East supporters of the colonial War of France a View that was not complimentary we will be in the far worse position of urging the continuance of that War even when France itself is ready to quit. At Geneva or. Dulles is going to have More trouble with Bidault than with Molotov Public servant the announcement from the City Man Ager s office of the appointment of j. J. Rogers As City tax assessor brings to a incl that in the operation of a City like Kingsport there Are a number of Unsung people whose names Are not in the Public Eye but without whose quiet services behind the scene there would be a lot of difficulties. One such Man is he who now gives up the position of tax assessor after Many years of serv ice Walker Nelms. For Twenty three years he has had the Job of seeing that every piece of property in the growing City was properly assessed. It was no Small Job. It pays a very modest salary. And it has been done supremely Well with the least possible friction. Taxes tax assessment and tax collections Are the biggest headache of a great Many municipalities. The subject is a constant source of gripes and com plaints it is a constant source of Poten tial graft. A tax assessor is in a very Good position to do favors for friends. More Over haphazard careless methods of assessment can soon bring a municipality to the Brink of financial Crisos. One of the ways in which Kingsport has been different is in the matter of taxes. The City has a most extraordinary record for tax payments without pres sure. It has had a minimum of com plaint and it has never been touched with a breath of scandal a whisper of corruption or unfair dealing. It s a rec Ord to be proud of. Comparisons Are odious and we will not make them but we do know that Kingsport has been particularly Fortu Nate in this regard. And no Small part of. The credit is due to the fact that the key Man has been one who has had the re Spect and Trust of All the people whose property he assessed just As he now has the appreciation of those people for his Long years of service and their Good wishes for the future. Meny go Rounce Hollywood by Drew Pearson his famous encounter with senator Mccarthy Brig. Gen. Ralph Zwicker angrily picked up the phone called his Superior it. Gen. Withers Burress and threatened to resign from the army. Mccarthy had slapped Zwicker in the face with derisive insults charging that he lacked the brains of a five year old should be removed from any was unfit to Wear that was either dumb or Dis honest. I Don t have to take exploded Zwicker afterwards Over the phone to his Superior officer and said he would give up his army commission before Swalling any More in sults. Burress immediately telephoned the army chief of staff Gen. Matt Ridgway about Zwicker s threat to resign. Ridgway considered the entire Mccarthy attack serious enough to Call in his top offi cers who agreed that Mccarthy was under mining army morale. Zwicker had gritted his Teeth and taken Mccarthy s abuse for refusing to disobey orders. Now it was up to the army they decided to come to Zwicker s defense. This was one Factor that led to Secretary Ste Vens original stand against Mccarthy. Talking Over the problem some officers got to comparing Zwicker s War record with Mccarthy s. Mccarthy s real record the actual record shows that while Zwicker was winning 13 combat decorations including the purple heart Mccarthy did t earn a sin Gle combat medal. Kis alleged wound came from a Sailor s prank during an initiation Cere Mony crossing the Equator and during the height of the Pacific War Mccarthy resigned from the Marine corps to go Home and run for the Senate. He boasted during his Senate Campaign that he had enlisted As a private but the record shows he wangled a corr.mis.5ion, not As a second lieutenant but As a first lieu tenant beforehand. Here is the Complete record of the Man who impugned the patriotism of general Zwicker. When Mccarthy first resigned from the Marine corps he tried to fast talk the marines out of a couple of air medals. These Are Al ways awarded As a matter of routine for every 10 air missions. Mccarthy claimed 30 mis Sions but the Marine corps checking the rec ords could find record of Only nine. Even these were flown As an in other words As a passenger. So Mccarthy s application was turned Down. Long after the War had ended and Mccarthy had become an important senator he applied for his air medals again. At first they again turned him Down. But right after Eisenhower s election the brass hats discreetly chose to ignore the record and take the senator s word for the number of missions he had flown. At his request Mccarthy was formally decorated with the air medals at a military ceremony in his office to which reporters and photographers were carefully invited. Thus Mccarthy became the first Marine in history to get the full treatment usually reserved for congressional medal of Honor winners for nothing More than a couple routine air medals. Mccarthy s wound Mccarthy also promoted a commendation for allegedly bravely refusing to be hospitalized though suffering from a severe leg this was awarded on the recommendation of a Marine crony maj. E. E. Mum who wrote on 22 june 1943 Captain Mccar thy suffered a broken and burned foot and leg. Pie however refused to be hospitalized and continued doing an excellent Job working on a routine inspection of Navy records How Ever shows that Mccarthy was crossing the Equator on the . Chandeler on june 22, 1943. His shipmates report that Mccarthy injured his foot All right but not in action against the japs. He was wounded during the traditional King Neptune hazing ceremony while crossing the Equator. Here is How it happened in the words of one of his buddies Mccarthy was nearly through his initiation when he was Hurt. He was going Down a lad Der with a bucket fastened to his foot when he slipped. His other foot caught on a lower Iron pipe a few inches from the steel he fell backward injuring his foot. After my initiation was Over and i had rinsed the stain from my shaved head i went to the sick Bay to see How Joe was getting along. They had decided that three Bones were thus Mccarthy became the Only Marine in history to be awarded a hero s commendation for crossing the Equator. Mccarthy resigns Mccarthy was such a mediocre Marine offi cer that while his buddies shot up the pro motion ladder during the rapid War build up he was promoted Only one rank from first lieutenant to Captain. Later he tried to add Luster to his Marine record by claiming in his official biography that he had risen from a private to Captain. Marine records show How Ever that he was sworn in As a first Lieuten ant on aug. 4, 1942, skipping the rank of Sec Ond lieutenant. Finally while general Zwicker was storm ing the beaches at Normandy and leading the 38th infantry regiment across the Rhineland Mccarthy was dangling to get out of the marines to go Home and election Eer. He was granted one furlough during which he Back to Wisconsin and campaigned for the to Marine regulations. In this first try however he lost to sen. Alex Ander Wiley. A few weeks later Mccarthy applied for another 30-Day leave to Campaign for re elec Tion to the circuit court Bench. This was in october 1944. At the height of the Pacific War. However the Marine corps turned thumbs Down gave him his Choice of fighting or re signing. Though Mccarthy had announced to the press in 1942, i to join for the he handed in his resignation. It was accepted feb. 20, 1945, and Mccarthy hurried Home displaying his phony Limp to the voters while his Marine buddies were still fighting the bloody Battles for Saipan and Okinawa. ,1-. A. Of v. M senator Ferguson of Michigan chairman of the powerful Republican policy committee of the Senate seemed to mean business when he announced an overhauling of Senate investigative procedure. He even told newsmen that the overhaul was aimed at senator Mccarthy s methods. It was also Mace known that the president himself wanted such an overhaul. However the charming senator from Mich is. Not a Man who shows great determination when put on the hot spot As far As other senators Are concerned once before when he was chairman of the committee my now presides Over Ferguson let it be known he would probe the speculation of sen. Elmer. Thonia i of Oklahoma a Democrat who used Hii High place on the Senate agriculture committee to speculate in Cotton and. Other farm products. Though Ferguson actually started the probe lie suddenly called it off. By Erskine Johnson Hollywood on to i be been sounding the put it on film cry Ever since i first chipped a tooth on a Beer bottle while watching television. The networks out hollered me screaming that people loved the spontaneity of live shows. But now i can say i told you even the networks Are admitting that film syndication is the most practical pattern for reporting the rapid growth of the Abc film division from two programs a year ago to 14, Carl h. Stanton . Of the division says local advertisers Are Avail ing themselves of syndicated film As a streamlined High Ity inexpensive Selling at lbs it s a similar increase of 300 per cent in Tele film Gross sales for the first Quarter of 54 Over a similar period last year. And this is just the beginning. Prosperity note Ray Bolger signed for another year on Abc to just bought an Bev Erly Hills Home Marge and grower Champion finally said no to the big lbs offer to head up a West coast variety show. They re on the anti live Side of the live or film debate. Seasonal change of weather note last month s battlers Ida Lupino and Howard Duff Are this month s costars of a season to on Ford theater. There s another feature movie being planned at Mem for Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. The Long Long trailer is scooping up the Long Green stuff a proof that for free to stars Are Box office Money Mak ers. One in every crowd it finally happened shooting a Lone Wolf telefilm in a Las vegas hotel assistant Doc Mer Man announced to the patrons this is a scene for a telefilm. Please Don t look at the so one doll probably weaned on live video waved at the Cam Era. But Uncle Fud won t see her on to. The scene was re shot. Of those big cast changes re Mored for big town Are bigger than even Hollywood suspected. Pat Mcvey the Steve Wilson hero and Beverly Tyler who re placed Jane nigh As Lorelei Are out with Pat headed for new York. Big movie names Are expected to step into the roles. Already hired for the new big town format is pretty Marjorie lord. Once a big time movie emote Marjorie switched from Brunette to blonde hair to telefilm leads three years ago. Her explanation is typically Hollywood i made the mistake of Start ing too Young. The film studios gave me the we want new faces routine. But i was Wel come in to because of Rny experience. And believe me i be had much better acting roles in to. In most of my movies i was part of the atmosphere and i won Der Why i was in them at democracy at work dept when Molly Goldberg comes in As Bishop Fulton j. Sheen s sum Mer replacement. It happens around. June. Reaction of a Reader mrs. C. J. To actor hucksters on to who is so stupid As to be Lieve that a person will buy a product because miss Glamor puss recommends it the Public knows Shell endorse anything with a Check at Marie Wilson and designer Michael Woulfe Are Tiffin Over the gowns he dreams up for her to Wear in my Friend when Woulfe in t looking Marie has a dressmaker Cut the necklines Down Down Down. Humble Pic a la Mode a television show of his own for Julius Larosa the Guy s Humble about it. I Don t think i could sustain working on Ike s Railroad Washington calling Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe nothing gets you the reputation for being a person of discerning judgment easier than to compliment other people. A fellow says that Mccarthy s reputation in this country is be gunning to shrink and his Friend answered it always you said shrink it if you were describing the Dif Ferent months As persons you would Call March the politician. Because it s so Windy. A some people Are so unlucky that they can be squeezed be tween the upper and lower Mill stones while being out on a limb. Dumb Dora thought that ides of March referred to the fact that on that Day the government took the hides off taxpayers. A fellow said he always Felt relieved on March 16 which is natural. By that time he been relieved. What a mean thing to say a to Salesman suggests that with the Money you save after they take lie tax off movie tickets you can buy a to set and stay Home. Now that you have filed your income tax report All you have to worry about is the possibility of one of or. Andrews men com ing around and asking questions. Bonn Germany what lies beneath the surface of this Busy hard working Germany is any one s guess. Doggedly on the Job at hand moving As though with a reflex condition ing them to keep at it in Field and workshop the German peo ple seem Bent on wiping out the past. Yet even passing through on the briefest sort of Survey one can find beneath the surface old attitudes old fears and suspicions evoked by the memories of past grandeur and past de feat. The old demons that set the German spirit on the path of flame and blood can be discerned again. A most significant Touchstone in Germany is Sena Tor Mccarthy who has become for All of Europe the chief apparition on the Western horizon. This reporter talked to a number of germans As Well As to Many foreign observers in an Effort to find out the reaction to reports of Mccarthy and mccarthyism which fill so Many columns of the German newspapers. Two strikingly different re actions come to Light at once. First those genuinely concerned with seeing Germany be come part of a unified Europe realize that America must share in this undertaking and at least help to underwrite it. They Are fearful that Mccarthy will so Divide America As to bring about a reversion to the old isolation ism. This attitude is found particularly among Young people Many of whom Are working actively to further International cooperation. They Are fearful too that the Ideal of democracy will be so degraded by demagogic a show after a few he told me. I need experience and i m getting it in night clubs and Heaters. Maybe in six months i la be ready for my own to i m not ready booked solid in Heaters and night clubs until september he told me i admit probably 50 per cent of the people think i m a Freak. But i like to believe the other 50 per cent just like to hear me Paramount s indecision about its new Fil musical has postponed his screen emoting and head mits disappointment because i d like to do a movie like tactics As to encourage the1 forces within their own country looking once again to an authoritarian Way. The Neo nazis however Are believed to be comparatively Small in number and confined thus far to the extremist fringe. The second reaction is that of germans who Are rather Happy to see the United states suffer ing from the embarrassment of one who flouts the rules of Law and order in a constant Succes Sion of sensational headlines. This attitude grows partly out of a thinly concealed resentment of the occupation the restraints it has imposed on a Defeated people. Some germans have not for gotten the Way in which Mccarthy s name first became known Here. That was when us ing the same tactics he later applied to the communist Issue he investigated a Senate investigation into the treatment of Ger mans imprisoned for shooting Down disarmed american sol Diers at the time of the Battle of the bulge. Injecting himself into the in Quiry Mccarthy did everything he could to make it seem that americans had mistreated and even tortured German prisoners. Former senator Raymond Bald win Republican of Connecticut tried to bring out the facts clearly refuting this charge. Yet Mccarthy s sensational accusations found a wide Public in Ger Many where they supported a kind of self pitying View that All the world had turned against the German people. It is this latter attitude that concerns serious minded Ger mans fearful of a revival of the old rampant spirit of revenge. After 1919 and the Versailles treaty the Stab in the Back thesis took a deep hold. The German army had not lost the War the German Soldier had been betrayed by traitors be Hind the lines. The generals encouraged this line and it was taken up by Hitler and the nazis and used with great effective Ness to discredit the struggling democracy known As the Weimar Republic. Careful observers who have followed the fortunes of the new Bonn Republic for several years believe that something like the Stab in the Back theory to explain away defeat can take hold again. One can hear from Ger mans the argument that when America in 1944 saw that the russians were winning in the East the american armies should have changed sides and begun then and there to put Down the menace of communist aggression. Sometimes in the heat of argument germans put this As a Stern Challenge Why did t you know enough then to realize that you would let the barbarian come into Central Europe this fits neatly of course with the charge of treason brought by Mccarthy Tes in America against general mar shall and others responsible for the conduct of the War. It Dove tails with the sellout at Yalta line so widely advertised. The books of certain americans some of them relatively obscure which have advanced this thesis Are translated into German and have a much wider Sale Here than they do at Home. The go it alone element in Germany thus has a lot in com Mon with the go it alone ele ment in America. Should Chan cellar Adenauer fail of the goal he so passionately bringing a revived Germany into the Community of nations As a Good can without too much difficulty imagine Germany making common cause in a strange Alliance As has so been said. The German people have such great qualities and yet they so frequently have allowed themselves to be led by Power hungry militarists or demagogues. Their present leaders give every evidence of a sober and Earnest desire to follow in the paths of righteousness but they know far better than any out Sider the forces with which they must Cope. February is the shortest month and March one of the longest. Which is Odd because March is when most people Are the shortest. A teacher was explaining to the class about figures of speech. When people say you give me a pain in the neck they do not really mean a pain in the she said. It is reported for the Benefit of gardeners that the pictures on this year s seed packages Are More attractive than Ever when a girl does t care How much a Man spends on her he can relax. She just has designs on his Wallet not on him. If the British have a special word for crooners. Americans do too but the postmaster says no no you must t. A child psychologist says it is surprising How fast children pick up habits. It s also surprising How slow they Are in picking up their clothes. There is More difference be tween Salon and Saloon than the dictionaries really intended. It a girl can be sure of one thing. If she dates a Flat tire there won t be much of a blow out. A. The term thirty Means the end in newspaper parlance and with some old maids. The last stage of the Day for a to out Over a staring out the window at the rain on a saturday afternoon wondering what to do with him self was the fellow who last week said wistfully to a Friend i really wish i had More time to read doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances t. K. U. Pm. On. 1954 by Nea inc. J a get this straight now two bases on a broken window How does a person usually act in the midst of a nervous break a Reader asks. One Day when i was pouring out my troubles to my sister in Law about my Nasty Landlady i Sud Denly lost All control of myself. I dropped baby to the floor started to scream and cry and suddenly lost my senses. I woke up in bed feeling rhumb and with my Teeth chattering. Do you think this was a nervous breakdown i am now taking nerve Medicine but still get melancholy and disgusted. I also get the urge to end my life now and no one could Call this Normal behaviour and anyone with such severe difficulties should be under the care of a psychiatrist and possibly in an institution. The term nervous breakdown is not applied to any single Dis ease and therefore it has single group of symptoms or sin Gle cause. In a tragic situation such As that Given by the correspondent severe mental illness is obviously present. The problem is to find out the nature of the difficulty and the cause if possible. The latter is particularly difficult since the causes of most mental conditions Are not thoroughly understood. Some of them May be the result of the heavy strains and mental ten Sions existing in the world of today. A few May have their origin in specific diseases or in some inherited pattern. In spite of the Many prob lems and deficiencies in our knowledge the treatment of Many mental diseases has been greatly improved. Psychotherapy administered by brain specialists is often of great help rest phys ical therapy handwork and Shock treatments As Well As other methods have been used with considerable Success in Many cases. Progress being made although much still has to be Learned about causes prevention and treatment of the various kinds of mental diseases Prog Ress is already far advanced and even better results will surely come. Some readers May be ested in the excellent pamphlet by Kathleen when mental illness your to obtain mail 25 cents to Public committee 22 East 38th new York 16, n. Y. Inter Little Doyle strike.? a copy affairs Street ouf our Way vow first j time in my life 1 Ever had a Chance to Butler for both of pm i at when 1 open the poor per one the other always Waits till i m comfortable v a6im before a he keeps track of How Many times he Waits on pm amp throws it up to me. Hell count this As twice amp they re not six year Olds Why mothers get Gay

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