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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 15, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee3 Kingsport monday March 15, 1954 democrats predict Ike s farm program is without backing Washington a top Democrat predicted sunday that no More than three 01 the 23 i members of the House Agricula closed irregular but most-1ture committee would support along the Eastern Seaboard and v Strong to higher at Midwest the Eisenhower administration lower sales volume Falls to hog prices Atlanta lower volume failed to strengthen hog prices last week the agricultural marketing service reported. The outlet for fresh pork loins narrowed in wholesale markets moved at rather High prices. Turnips and greens were plentiful at some markets with prices Low. Chicago ins cattle prices declined to a Hun dred pounds. Fewer hogs shewed up at Prin Cipal markets As Farmers turned their attention to Field work. Prices ranged steady to 25 cents lower at Georgia Florida Ala Bana packing plants and at Points in Teh Carolinas. By thursday s close at Richmond they Weer Down 75 cents. Prices wound up steady at Atlanta Louisville and Nashville and mainly steady at Memphis. Closing prices Friday for the Best weight butchers at leading markets included Chicago s2540 to about 35 cents for the week Nashville Memphis livestock markets the past week. Hogs also displayed a mixed trend while lambs were mostly steady to higher. The stronger trend in the Gen eral cattle Trade in spite of larger marketing than a week ago and steady to lower whole Sale beef prices at Chicago. Slaughter steers and heifers Weer Strong to 50 cents higher at most markets but showed losses of 50 cents at seme Termi nals. The top on prime fed steers was paid at Chicago. It was the highest Peak for steers in a month. Most of the prime steers and yearlings sol Dat Chi Cago from to per Hun dred pounds. Bulk of the Good and Choice Louisville s25.25-25.75 and yearlings brought Gomery and Atlanta to at the markets Jas a whole with some High Choice up to 5ar.d better. The top on heifers was paid for at top hog Price was at hog Richmond thursday the buying stations in the Carolinas offer Friday tops ranged Ings at Chicago cattle prices vary cattle Price trends were mixed j r i i More cattle moved to Southern Voo lev Stock markets and arrivals monday at a inv Lyle totalling More than head probably were the largest for a March Day on rec Ord. Prices for live cattle and calves held up Well in the lower South and showed some Advance. At help yourself farm program. Rep. Poage of Texas second ranking committee Democrat said the president would get two maybe three votes out of the committee to Send the administration Bill to the House and Nashville prices for most classes wound up Only about steady with steers and heifers ranging weak to 50 cents lower at Memphis. Bulls sold 50 cents or More higher at both markets. Cows strengthened As much As 50 cents at Memphis. At Montgomery improved Quality and generally Active trading saw prices Range Strong to 50 cents higher for both Slaughter and Stocker classes while calves ranged Stead to higher. Imports top previous year Washington ins the agriculture department reports imports of cattle into the United states last year totalled head an increase of head from 1952. Cattle make up the largest part of u. S. Trade in live Ani Mals and often Are brought in from mexican and Canadian ranches owned by u. S. Citizens. This was in line with private estimates of some gop Mem Bers that the president could count on no More than three or four members to Back his pro Gram of flexible farm Price sup ports in committee. If True this could mean Sud Den death for the Eisenhower program in committee and virtually assure House Extension of the present program of Manda tory High level Price supports for another year at least. Chairman Hope a Kan declined to predict the Fate of the Bill in the House. But he indicated a belief the administration might have to Settle for some Compromise or accept continuation of govern ment Price supports at 90 per cent of parity for another year or two. There is some possibility of working out something other than a straight continuance of the 90 per cent of parity pro Hope said. Parity is a formula designed to assure the Farmer a fair return for his products in relation to the prices of the things he must buy. Whatever Compromise resulted Hope said it probably would have to be worked out in conference Between the Senate and House. Secretary of agriculture Ben son said last week he probably while scours Coffee killer yields to modern medical treatment in the beginning of civilization the cow was one of the first animals Man domesticated. As Man turned from Hunting to a primitive form of Agricula Colon Bacilli More particularly Escherichia Coli and 2 an unidentified virus. Some authorities believe both of work together. Another school holds Ture he had his first the virus prepares for the with animal invasion of the Bacilli and Sliu another group maintains the opposite. Early Man attributed the Dis ease to Forest spirits wind spirits edly White scours of calves the ancient Kier of Young cattle. Few diseases have represented a greater menace to Man s at tempts at animal husbandry. Even today White scours an infectious diarrhoea takes the lives of More cattle than any other Factor except the Slaugher houses. Five or six million dollars a approximate value of the tribute american Farmers pay to the dread disease. White scours is known also As acute dysentery Dys Enteria be on Torum and by other names. Often it is confused with scours caused by Coccidiosis or by Para Sites such As round Worms and rain spirits and just Plain milk. Preventing White scours was established in 1922, by or. Theo Bald Smith the u. S. Public health service s scientist who did notable work on Texas lever in Caule As Well As tuberculosis in human beings and in cattle. Or. Smith found fewer calves fed on Colo Stral milk developed scours and died than did calves of a control group not Given spirits. Devils to came in for their share of the blame As did antibodies developed or. Paul Karl link of the Una assorted demons often endowed a varsity of Wisconsin carried the with the forms of animals farther. Reasoning thai the As hyenas wolves and even peo immunity pie conferred upon the Ica if came from antibodies in the with such a wide and image Mother s milk he Felt that More native variety of cause it is not surprising to find cures and preventives which included the leg Bone of a Chicken tied around the calf s neck ashes rubbed under its Tail and the feeding of raw eggs. In the prevention of the Dis nematodes. However it is White ease the Basic precaution is despite the increase in cattle j would recommend a presidential imports from the previous of any Bill continuing Price the 1953 figure was the second supports at mandatory High lev no need to write your congressman for free Agri cultural pamphlets. Approximately 100 titles Are available at the county agent s offices in Kingsport and Bristol. If you re too Busy to Call in person you May Telephone the office and the desired bulletin will be mailed to you assistant county agent Claude Prince says. Photo by scours which takes the greatest toll. Symptoms and causes White scours usually becomes evident in 24 to 72 hours after birth. The Basic symptom is a heavy yellow White diarrhoea with a sweetish unpleasant odor. The calf is listless inactive and obviously weak. Other symptoms include dry skin rough coat awkward gait poor appetite smearing and irritation of the Hind quarters the cause of White scours is in dispute. The two most accepted causes Are 1 certain of the cleanliness cleanliness in maternity pens and corrals and in effective immunity might be obtained from the actual blood of adult cattle. It has since been fairly Well demonstrated that administration of Bovine serum solids As the dried blood serum is called to calves confers a High degree of immunity from White scours. The main drawback is Price enough immunizing material for one calf costs 55. Pens and corrals used for the sulfa drugs have also been calf. Tried for prophylaxis but with other precautions recommended Are a diet High in Vita mins a and d prior to calving restricting the calf s feeding on out satisfactory results. In the United states antibiotics have been successfully used for prevention in Numor its dams milk during the first Ous instances. One of the Pio two Days insuring that the calf Wieers in this has been h. C. Rose receives an Early feeding on the i of the Rose Stock farm Ross dam s Colo Stral milk disinfect 1 Ville ind., who reported in the ing the calf s umbilical Cord with j Magazine the shorthorn world iodine insuring against expo "100 per cent Success in pre sure to inclement weather wet venting White scours by admin bedding or drafts within doors. Josie ring Terra Yin orally to the value of Colo Stral in calves. Form acreage May be Short smallest since 1947. Imports hogs and sheep and lambs also a Load of Choice lightweight increased last year. Steers averaging 630 pounds sold at Nashville at the the department expects imports of cattle to remain rela bulk of Good and Choice animals Lively Small this year with can Ada remaining the Only nation weighing generally less than pounds sold at with a few Choice steers bring ing Early week sales of Utility cows at North Georgia auctions ranged from to but the closing Range was mostly to canner and Cutter grades brought plenty of vegetables broiler markets were unchanged in North Alabama Cen trial North Carolina and South West Mississippi one cent a Pound lower in North Georgia Central Mississippi and the Shenandoah Valley. Del mar a prices were unchanged to cent a Pound lower. Southeastern Points stepped up the Tempo of fresh fruit and vegetable movement. On the Atlanta produce Market Friday cabbage prices Range from to and even per 50 Pound sack compared to 75-85 cents for fair Quality and for the Best a week earlier. Florida loaded Libent Quanti ties of new Irish potatoes with prices showing Little change. Celery held near recent Low Levels. Cucumbers yellow Crook neck Squash and tomatoes from which cattle will come in volume. The United states now has an All time record number of cat farms and ranches. This is an increase of about head from the january 1953, total. Canada s cattle numbers also have increased but still Are about eight percent below the record High of head reached in late 1944. Cattle prices in the to. S. And Canada Are in close adjustment to each other. In 1953, imports of cattle from Canada totalled Only though the Border was open Only 10 months of the yeai4. In the three years 1949-51, when there were no direct government restrictions on imports from Canada Between and head of cattle were shipped into the u. S. Annually. Exports of cattle from the u. S. Last year were the largest since 1946, though no definite figure is listed by the government. There cattle usually Are exported Els. This brought a retort from sen. Allender a la that he did t think Eisenhower would have veto the political courage to legislation extending the present Price support Law. An Early test is in. Prospect on the politically loaded Price sup port Issue when the Senate con siders a special Wool support Bill this week. Ellender has announced he will try to tack onto it a two year Extension of the present High level Price support Law due to expire this year. Tennessee cattle group will hold show saturday Johnson City the ten Nessee Valley shorthorn Breed ers association will hold its an Nual Spring show and Sale Here saturday. Judging is scheduled to begin at 10 . The Sale will be held Washington ins a government farm expert says the country May be Short about one third the number of acres it needs in 1975 to produce adequate food and fiber for the rapidly increasing population. Agricultural research administrator b. T. Shaw told a House subcommittee in Testi Mony made Public last week that new estimates of crop land availability for 1975 indicate shortages ranging from 122 million to 165 million acres. The Range is determined by new census Bureau estimates of the u. S. Population in 1975. Or. Shaw said he believes about 507 million acres prob ably will be available for use by that time. At the same time the re search administrator warned the congressmen that the in crease in production per acre probably will not be As Large in the next few years As it has been in the past 15. Or. Shaw said he doubts that u. S. Farmers can find the required farm land by 1975 but will be required to make up the difference by increasing production per acre. Tennessee Farmers Corner tree pruning can conserve water during a dry season Washington ers in dry areas May follow two paths in combating the acute shortage of soil moisture which j be for seasons of heavy rain. Murneek says that Plant re Moval and heavy pruning Are of vital importance in has burned up crops in some adapting shrubs to drought con parts of the nation and caused editions. Heavy dust storms. White grubs Hurt new tobacco Beds Knoxville spa keep a Lookout for White grubs or Rich Worms in tobacco Beds the University of Tennessee agricultural Extension service advises. They can cause a lot of damage. The grubs larvae of the Green he Points out that around most june Beetle Are White six legged a. E. Murneek University of Homes the number and size of wrinkled heavy bodied and Missouri Horticulturist explains Manv shrubs is frequent la More Brown headed. They Burrow and Missouri Horticulturist explains Many shrubs is frequently that the drought problem can be than the usual number required p of in the ground in search of organic matter on which they feed uprooting seed and plants. _ they feed very Little on the ants themselves. Application of Bic benzene met through irrigation or through reducing the demand of plants for water. Murneek explains that in Many areas irrigation and Meas ures designed to reduce the de Mand for water can be used to Gether. He adds however that for those sectors where irrigation May be too costly or impossible to obtain the Farmer May have to depend on cutting Down the demand of plants for Mois by the associated press three of Tennessee a big farm youth organizations Are buzzing with plans for their annual conventions which Are coming up within the next few first on the list is the three Day annual state future Home makers association meeting which convenes in Nashville thursday. The 4-h club Congress holds its convention april 25, also in Nashville. Each county will Send two senators and one represent lindane or malathion insecticides. The Low opinion most truck Farmers in Tennessee had for 1953 is confirmed by the latest figures. Because of drought and lower prices the total value of Prin Cipal truck crops was 12 per cent less than the 52 take. S. T. Marsh of the Federal state cooperative crop report ing service says the Only crop to show an increase Over the pre Vious year was snap a to w Thau Active for every 500 4-h cent Higner in total value members. Last year than in 52. For Breeding purposes and while j Creek mich., will be auctioneer they Are Small in nut re have and Ned w. Place Wapakoneta in the afternoon at the Stock j Mern Bers Volunteer leaders Yards. Stanley Perkins Swarts University of Tennessee Exten in All about 600 outstanding cabbages were off 46 per cent a High value. Jo., is Sale manager. Now is time to plan your landscaping by Henry free written for Aba service now is the time for the new Home owner to review the land scape development of his Yard and Garden. Defects Are More discernible at this time than in summer when foliage and flow ers Are at their Best. Particularly noticeable will be either the Lack or excess of Trees. Generally the first is True since most new Homes Are on treeless lots. Both cases present problems because the removal of excess Trees can be As costly As the planting of fairly Well matured Shade Trees. Unfortunately most Young Cou Ples arc confronted with Many demands upon their very slender budget and must to their own planting or removal operation. Realizing that fairly Well matured Trees that provide imme Diate Shade and background Are beyond their Means the Young get expert advice before you Start landscaping your Home. Also it is most important to dig holes larger than the spread of the roots to allow for Root development and the Hole must Drain itself of excess water. About the Home include a few flowering Trees like the Cra Bap Ples Dogwood Golden Chain and the lilacs. These Small Trees likewise Are fast growers. Quizzing the Gardener sort of soil is Best for potted Philodendron Rich open through which water runs quickly. A Good mixture is four parts Loam soil one part peat Moss and one part Sand. In often should one water House plants As often As Neces sary. Whether once a Day or tomatoes 44 per cent Irish Pota toes 35 per cent and Straw --------.----------_, i 4. 11 Lugo w Tuaau. Fivi. U it Sion agents and specialists Iii berries 33 per cent this is based be on hand for the contests on total which takes into Tours and special programs. A 4-h governor will be elected to succeed Dean Butler who lives near Readyville. Delegates also will name new speakers for the House and Senate. At present the House Gavel is held by Gerald stavely of near Trenton. Sara Traughber of near Springfield is speaker of the Senate. The congressmen will represent Tennessee s Rural boys and girls who Are members of the some clubs in All 95 counties of the state. The future Farmers of Amer Ica holds its annual state convention in Nashville beginning april 15, and around Mem Bers will be there. There Are 275 state chapters. The Fra will give some 300 members the state Farmer the highest degree con the following is a list of rather fast growing Trees available at i the better nurseries and Roadside Garden Supply centers. Some will be suitable to your House and lot while others May not. If in doubt be guided by the judgment of those who know the Arbogst the nurseryman and the landscape architect. Fast growing Shade Trees red Maple acer sugar Maple acer Norway Maple acer Plata thornless Honey Locust Gle dits a Triaca Thos Tulip tree Liriodendron to Hackberry cells Occidental yet suitable Trees. The Willow Honey Locust Syc Amore Poplar and soft Maple Are fast growing Trees but Are not recommended because their Vig Orous close to the surface Root systems Rob the soil of All its nutrients and because of their susceptibility to wind breakage. However these Trees can be used to advantage where space permits and they Are planted at least 100 feet from the House. Regardless of the varieties chosen Success with planting will depend upon drainage and soil. Since the roots of Trees grow from the soil it is important that the soil be deep and As Loamy As possible. Can i Purchase the Plant food vermiculite obtainable at All Garden Supply shops is not a Plant food. Vermiculite is a Mica like silicate Mineral containing thousands of air cells capable of liquid absorption eight times its weight. Hence it is valuable As a soil conditioner. Henry free is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers. However with each column he will answer the most interesting and most frequently asked questions it is Well to keep Shade Trees once a the soil Clear Ujj erred by the state organization at least 15 feet out from the not again until House. This is especially Pertl j the soil appears to be getting dry. Ent to ranch Type houses Spray the foliage at the their Large overhanging roofs. Same time. Consideration both drought reduced crops and lower prices. He Points out that the removal of undesirable Trees and heavier for Beauty and Murneek finds that crowding is a common and undesirable sight in an older land it should be used especially in excessively dry and hot growing season. Murneek warns that now is Jathion insecticides will control the grubs it entomologists say. Apply one Pound of 10 per cent Bic dust or three pounds of per cent lindane or Bic the time to remove some of per 00-Yard bed and work poorer shrubs thereby Jgr Jelv into the soil. Wettable Mic. Stand. Or save the re out the stand. He says the remaining ones also will need a heavy consists of a careful thinning of branches cutting Back of powders of materials Ai sprays also will work. Recently malathion has shown Murneek explains 300 to Cne j Iii to a. 1j ice cd j i needed for every Pound of dry demand or water says matter produced by fruit Trees. Irrigation where feasible of 50 pc or three pounds of 25 per cent since pruning and Plant powder As a Crecli merely will reduce the a too Yard bed. He says also that at least 10 times As much moisture is lost by transpiration through the leaves As by direct evaporation from the ground. The Horticulturist notes there fore that pruning can prove of great value As a Means of con serving moisture in years when rainfall is below Normal or when subsoil moisture has been depleted. This latter situation now exists in Missouri As Well As in a number of other states. Murneek says that heavily pruned Trees will have a reduced top in relation to the Root sys Fitu was probably the Only crop that had a favourable growing season. One of these will be Star Farmer of the top Honor. Entomologists Are warning to Bacco growers to watch out for White grubs or Rich the pests do a lot of damage in a tobacco bed. The grubs larvae of the Green june Beetle a re White six legged wrinkled heavy bodied and Brown headed about As ugly As any creature around these parts. With strawberries. Compared to 52 Market prices cabbages were Down 50 per cent strawberries 2 per cent Irish potatoes 50 per cent. Only about acres of to Matoes were grown 44 per cent less than the 1952 acreage and the cutback continued a Down Ward trend first noticed in 1947. For 1954, figures show mid february farm Market prices have come up some since the be ginning of the year but Are still under the level for the same period of 1953. Soybean Export record they rowing cause damage by Bur and in the ground in search of organic matter on which the feed. To control the grubs tit entomologists recommend an application of Bic benzene hex pin Oak Quircus Hornbeam Cappinus to add variety to the planting Here s extra Relief from compare our prices and terms Coal furnaces Coal fired a nth Uel for Homes. Completely inn tilled. Priced from 1240 to 1350 Oil floor Furnace special with fun thermostat control no Down months to pay Sheet Metal works 331 e. Sullivan St. Dial Circle 5-4241 . Winkler Oil floor Furnace Complete with 1. Circulating fan 2. Forced draft fan f. Safety switch 4. Automatic controls installed Complete Only per month to 666 m no Ordinary pain reliever can mate this claim but the 666 formula contains a combination of prescription Type ingredients not found in any other cold Medicine. For that extra Relief try 666 liquid or tablets. Remember 666 a Foch More because it hat More j us miseries attacks Alt cold symptoms one time in Cimfl 666 liquid or tablets does More Lecausi it has Moi be required for Good Washington ins the agriculture department reports United states exports of soy Beans last year reached an All time High of 41 million 600 thousand bushels. Exports of soybean Oil fell however to less than 25 thou Sands smallest amount since 1945. That when Trees Lack of Mois growth will be will be Small and he fruit crop will be limited and of poor Quality. In areas of continual dryness Farmers have become used to pruning their Trees More heavily than they would in areas of abundant or even just adequate moisture. Since dry hot weather has persisted Over much of the nation for the past two or three years it appears logical that pruning should be More severe in All arid regions than it would Koa sanitary supplies disinfectants 0 cleaners soaps deodorant blocks Che i Dent products Circle 5-1771 growth and ample flowering of shrubs in periods of dryness. The reduction of water demand can be of great Aid however. Panama to make own cigarettes Washington can tobacco growers and Cigar Ette manufacturers Are facing new Competition in the Western hemisphere Panama will open its modern cigarette factory year and the run a full production schedule could produce enough cigarettes to satisfy local demand. Phone cd 6-9371 for Sale International Harvester new super m. Tractor new cult Packer with seed attachment new Lime spreader Power equipment co. Corner Clay and main streets Kingsport this offer expires March 19

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