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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 11, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee18 wednesday March 11, 1953 Kingsport times youth continued from Pace 1 and a lunch Date with her Hus band in Bristol prompted her to accept the ride with the unknown Man the housewife said. She said no advances were made by the defendant until he had turned Trie truck onto the Sid Road near Avoca and parked near an abandoned Rock Quarry. He tried to put his hands on me and i jumped out of the the woman said. She said the defendant caught her and dragged her into the Woods near the old Quarry and assaulted her. She said her life was threat ened As she allegedly struggled with the defendant. He said if i did t submit he d kill me and throw me into the housewife said. Following the alleged attack the defendant left her on the Road and drove away the Wom an testified. She said shr went to a nearby and called a cab from Bristol and was taken to a physician. According to testimony of the complainant and an investigating officer the nearest dwelling to the scene was some 250 Yards away. A Bristol physician. Or. P. D. Stout said an examination of the woman showed evidence of recent sex relations. He said he saw bruises on the woman s face and body and de scribed her condition As Bor Dering on Oliver took the witness stand in the Early afternoon and was examined for 30 minutes. The defendant who remained outwardly Calm during the entire trial told state s attorney Hal Carr lie did t consider the charge against him he said he was married two weeks Apo and that his wife was a Spectator at the trial. According to his testimony the woman thumbed a ride with him and showed signs of unusual friendliness As the ride progressed. He admitted having sex relations with his passenger but said that no resistance was offered at any time by the complainant. He said he left the woman at the scene because she him to take her Home to Bluff City. The defense attempted to show that an Effort was made by the complainant to extort Money from the defendant Dur ing the month following the Al ipod crimp and before a War rant charging o Ivor with rape was sworn to in july. Oliver said he was bothered constantly by the complainant for Days after the incident. He said she wanted s83 to pay for her doctor s Bill. Mrs. Charlie Bell wife of Oliver s employer while testify ing in the defendant s behalf told of numerous times she and her husband were contacted by the complainant. Mrs. Bell said the woman called shortly after the incident occurred and was taken to their Home and permitted to take a Bath. She said the complainant objected to calling the police and asked them not to Tell her Hus band of what had happened. The witness said Oliver was discharged from his Job because he had broken a company Rule by picking up riders. During the warm season a movement of several feet per Day of ice near the Edge of a Glacier would be considered rap id says the National geographic society. Court continued from Page 1 i removed to the Hospital where she died a few hours later of an abdominal wound Davis said. When arrested at the Martin claimed the shooting was Fletcher requests License numbers of trash throwers Bills offensive continued from Page 1 continued from Page 1 up a new mental health depart Wilson s statement As Given ment. A major Campaign pledge out to newsmen did not say an gov. Clement is expected to sign offensive would be launched. Little Hope is seen for missing miners the Bill without delay. Other important action yes nor did any of the senators who heard him. Ter Day included the introduction Van Fleet just returned from accidental Davis testified. Kingsport police chief g. Bills calling for a new three i Fletcher wednesday requested member civil service comr is two negro witnesses City residents report to to Sion a tax on Chain stores of Korea spent hours before the committee in a face to face exp . Chanee with top Pentagon fied that Martin borrowed the be License numbers of to crating in Tennessee and a one i facials some of whom seemed Shotgun at a House on Walnut tourists seen throwing Beer cent per bottle tax on soft to differ. Street about an hour before other refuse from car shooting on pretence that he was going Hunting. One witness windows. He pointed out that City Laws drinks. The Senate yesterday approved a Resolution urging con Gress to return All Federal Gaso door and said he i the police chief said that the tax and cd Era could t go Hunting Aid except in states the two cents a tax Edgar Davis said Martin re the of trash on turned the gun about 9 ., set parkways. Another witness Eddie Robin son 733 Walnut Street who said he spent part of the evening with Martin told of driving the de i Feii Dant to his sex wife s apart ment shortly before the shoot ing. Robinson said he met Martin court. To be plane continued from Page 1 later in the night and was it is entirely too Early to i shot Louise and meant to do conclude that new soviet pre Mier Georgi Malenkos has pm the witness said another Man barked on a More aggressive in fed6ral All this Exchange was behind closed doors but prepared state ments by Pentagon officials were handed to reporters. The army chief of staff Gen. J. Lawton Collins said in his statement there has never been a shortage of ammunition either to repel an attack that be eliminated As soon As states i actually developed or to conduct have enacted taxes to replace it. Our own operations Emery Utah men missing in an abandoned and burning Coal mine May. Have to be sealed inside ornery county sheriff Joseph Holman said last night As weary Rescue Crews temporarily suspended their search. The rescuers planned to re sume efforts today to reach Al Bert Ricci jr., 24, Helper Utah and Wright m. Scott 35, St. George Utah who entered the smouldering mine monday. The Rescue Crews fought Cave ins smoke and Gas throughout yesterday. The mine was sealed off three years ago following a fire. When Ricci and Scott opened the mine circulation of air apparently caused the fire to flare up and trap them. Chafed skin smarting misery in Annaly relieved when mediated retinal Rick in applied to chafed skin. Medicated. Helps to heal. Bathe under Akia with mild Retinol soap. Those who know choose Rusco nothing like it Ever before a screen door and storm door All one. Just raise Glass for like a window order payments til sprint phone 3969 window co. 1781 j. C. Hwy. Usco action on a Bill now in the Senate to stiffen penalties for drunk driving is scheduled for tomorrow. A Resolution reserving Low Auto License tags for legislators now goes to the governor after the Senate yesterday okayed two i minor House amendments to the Emmet Collins was at the apart Ter National policy. Ment and that Martin and his on the basis of preliminary proposal. Sex wife argued about rumours confidential reports from it. S. House Bills passed yesterday that she intended to re marry. Air Force officials in Germany. And now scheduled for Senate while at the apartment. Mar they saw no reason to believe consideration would tin played with one of his two that the attack was a deliberate i. Increase state Bank exam chairman Saltonstall mass told newsmen j regardless of what has taken place i believe we can say that the situation in Korea is not perfect because it never will be. I but the stocks of ammunition available in Korea today Are adequate for the operations contemplated and Are rapidly improving. Furthermore the testimony is Clear that the ammunition re children and asked the child warlike gesture ordered from liners starting salary from s2501 serve stocks in this country and what it wanted for Christmas or inspired by Moscow. Robinson said. Another witness Fanny Between Czechoslovakia and 12 testified she saw Martin about West Germany where the attack 2 to monthly and increase the in the Back areas in the far East they pointed out that the Bor number of examiners from 10 to Are rapidly growing allow Small counties to a reporter asked was there any relation Between the stale And that he said i m occurred has been closely tax levies for general fund mated truce talks in Korea and going to kill me trolled by red and Allied fighter purposes from 40 to 60 cents. The supplies of ammunition for a Long time with 3. Limit charges on a Crimi witness j planes chances of a clash always pos Nal Bond to 10 per cent. I m sorry i can t comment on 4. Remove the 50 cent fee Saltonstall replied after less than two hours after re charged by registers for record i a pause. Continued from Page 1 must have come Down to 3.000 department instructed the Yards and circled. They were go american embassy in Prague to ing so fast i could t see any deliver the strongest possible protest to the czech foreign of ceiling the first Flash from Veteran discharges. Defense department the state Senate Bills passed and sent to jets climbed up fice against the attack. Markings. The two again then circled and dived depart and there was More shooting. Ment moved fast to head off any this seemed to last several min red claims that the incident utes and i began to look for was caused by the american where cause v. J planes crossing the czech when the planes came Down Der i i ice. Again i looked around and saw after full the House would 1. Set charges to counties for state auditing service. 2. Allow payment of Money a statement from Secretary of the army Stevens said the army is borrowing from the Navy 000 rounds of 105 Mil meter am munition and that production of heavier shells designed to for services of prisoners to wife blast the reds out of their and family for support amended j bunkers has been greatly stepped to allow court discretion. 3. Allow venue in county of litigation of require foreign insurance s Olaf ground. Suddenly one of the jets u s is investigation the companies to pay the same a to i amount of tax As Tennessee a a second companies pay in their states to i hot t to no rat demanding a red apology and amended to apply Only to fire be coming Light at us i went assurances that the Border will and casually companies straight into the ground behind be respected in the future our barn. We put our faces deep Down in the dirt. 2 demand compensation for a new Senate Bill would Dis up. Both Stevens and Wilson indicated there have been past shortages of some types of artillery shells but that corrective Steps Are being taken. Sen. Byrd who listened to the testimony said in a state ment that Van Fleet had not re treated on his testimony that ammunition shortages inter qualify anyone from a employ a feed with the successful prose. The u. S. F-84 Thunder Jet de ment compensation for 10 weeks cution of the War in Korea and thee was a Teri Ifica crash. Slayed by the red Jet fighters if he had made yearly in added to the perils and Metal flew everywhere and am the air Force r_84 Jelf mediately prior to a employ fatalities of our m i c f i munition began exploding. Planes at each. American officials also saw an ment. Calling this a National scan other new Senate Byrd said inc causes up i saw a immediate Opportunity to make would allow political sub Divi should be cleared up imme Parachute just going into a tree. Com War capital out of the Jenci lion to withdraw from the re cd lately and those responsible the Man in the Chute Dent by it to refute Tir ement system when Thev Arri reprimanded and shouted. I ran and helped propaganda. The enable to make payments allow j Lyhl r a voice of America will stress his the state commissioner of i could t understand a word waste products of Coal mines the first news of the incident operated by the state and per was received Here tuesday morn Mil landowners to build dams ship ing. Fined for assault Man. He was bleeding from the face. He could walk but he from dizziness or Shock. Policemen arrived from the Village and telephoned the police at Regensburg. A United a Kingsport Man received a states car arrived in about 20 Fine and jail sentence in sessions minutes and later another court wednesday after pleading group of americans came to in a guilty to assault and Battery on f a Spect the wreck. It was 18-year-old daughter. The j drunkenness and Possession of and three seamen. 1 on Nonon Avitable sol Falls in a storm which Cut irrigation purposes. Visibility to two Miles. It was proceeding to Cherbourg France with the Tanker s survivors. I the ship s agents Here said they did not know the National Ity of the Crew but surmised they1 in a Brief session of City court might be greek. Wednesday judge Lacy West the missing included All the wed. City court imposed one Fine for officers its radio operator smoking. I girl charged that her father what is going to happen her and pulled her hair my Field with these examiners for refusing to give him a drink digging up ground and Hunting of Lilac for parts of the sessions judge s. G. Gilbreath whisky and four fines drunkenness. Forfeitures on the docket included one s10 Bond for speeding in a school zone one Bond for the Claiborne first had re ported it was unable to attempt Rescue of the men because of heavy seas. The coast guard said the Angy imposed a 30-Day mail sentence for illegal parking and seven j was a liberian vessel under Char about seven million tons of by anc3. A Fine of plus of each for meter Viola Ter to Gulf and had been due to Luminous Coal Are consumed an against the defendant. Tons. Arrive in Philadelphia today. J dually in Missouri. 6as? thank heavens attacks acid indigestion. When it strikes take Bell ans tablets. They contain the fastest acting medicines known to doctors for the Relief of Hanbun and ens. 50c i funded if not satisfied. Send empty Carton to Beu sons. Fiance big. N. Y. Get Bell ans today. 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