Kingsport Times Newspaper Archives Mar 11 1953, Page 14

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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 11, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseePhony Talent scout will be t the tryouts to Vou up so Way wont to hire m3u for Well i aiu5t give Tou credit this mom i did t expect to see smile con t be go away Nephew. Ican Tatrow my a care to a Luck Promise not do a nothing Cap to Hab a poem Porky but i Hearp one in the air for Ouk 5ou wet i Over heard Ricky and Fred Cook up night or did dad mean what does it matter an Elphant w and Start watching again donnetmnkshe5 arvo sure discovered a sprite it soft am Elp xxx up it he Woods. I Savi j itt too big for Anele cd an ou7 of went of Hist. The joker a maybe x never it int and the clock out front is like atop. How ask Wjt five Lam. The joker sets Cutek up flew i like real Strong he Man Coffee to Wake me up in the morning it won t even go Down the Drain Blondie you be been making the Coffee too weak let me make it this morning f All Pight hello Etta. It she s gone Ovee Board so had foetus Basket Ball plays 12, i m a obeyed it s about Debby 1 stopped him from comings to the House. Now she meets him Side Etta i want you to Beeai this me. You must be joking he sep to th1 boy who took. It. The Worp you or Lowhin. I la Puzzle about note he Meil a f Well know How it Pho Fly find is with us important i things Wnda science fellas around Here mows you gotta stay j been used to on th1 Job High powered twent1eth Century so that.1 Tou better we dont5ee muchof1ou Here in Moo any More Aurewa contributed to y the thorns 114 his Roll Horseshoe we just stopped Dandruff 77 a Ackwith new store us of yes wow-woou5 like or where Tahr hlb64nds we Wjk tried to a shovel open for Busl mess could xxx Lemd body puts the byte Obj him for the Junior met s beam were guaranteed Gostav put of a i a Underd a walked hours into this cave.7-ah must be Miles away Fum la l Abner an Daisy Mae am Tass the Wavah a Mats it Becz Mah evil inflow Esice Kin sept mroueh solid mock Joe Btu silk i rights his hard Luck radiations arc rising up up work with a smile for the Samll town Trunx 4md a tip of the Hatt-0 u4tto of a. E3merai.das, Ecuador s. A. Vor Voli my answer to previous it tots Call the doctor Host 1 of chewing does it get a Happy Little lift. Chew Wrigley s spearmint cum. Helps you on the Job. Work goes faster easier. Horizontal 61 City in 1 animal Pennsylvania doctors vertical s sickness is no i Clamp 2 goddess of discord 3 foxes 4 cuts 5 the doctor May Down a prescription 9 speck 12 blood building Mineral 13 poems 14 High priest bib 15 evades 17 born 18 German City 19 loud talker 21 bodies of water 23 self styled Disant 24 deed 27 notes of 22 vigilant 40 a nurse May 24 pointed tools the t 25 skin crack doctor 6 soviet seaport 26 pertaining to 43 Trees 14 wednesday March 11, 1953 Kingsport times i feel. Sorry i f0 its an utterly desperate situation i wish there was some thing we could 15oto break it up but or. Wayman is a determined vats this i hear about Ralph Way Mam is or gon6 to leave our Good old Bachelor. Ranks according to the Talv of route. The Pooh. Quy s a ox3kep l aint heart the water Kunnin. Hey Are 1ou in the Tup How c n a set -50 7ikty ou6 Pamn Ball get there aim take 7 retained 8 Worms s tooth doctoring 10 butter substitute 11 Row lockjaw 28 Post 30 majesty 31 Paradise 33 heating devices 45 seaweed 46 knocks 47 Region 48 girl s name 50 Ogle 51 italian City 52 essential being 55 observe 16 cold symptom 35 take vengeance ii oies 01 guide s scale 20 sound 29 Small Island poet 32 Call the doctor 34 sampled 36 second of two 37 opposed 38 Bridge 38 your Medicine 41 Oriental Coin 42 Short sleep 44 the doctor wow that cake looks Good a wave i can steal a bite without Sable seeing bakery better stay Avav from it it bit All this tattle Wash in above do Tou suppose Wattam would actually will a Bill 46 dried grapes doctor s name for throats 53 curve 54 silent 56 Green vegetable 57 gaelic 98 places 59 pharmaceutical ult 60 cloy

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