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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 10, 1954, Kingsport, TennesseeCaptain expresses feeling As he becomes u. S. Citizen Frim rur apr 01 u. S. Wurf Nii Rall Zed Amr can Twiny in irm to or in of Juopo. trip Nurali Yini or u s Lin apr in at 00 i s. Annii sri a Titi lithuanian Captain Tull is Varna 33. N n. Irvint Mph lira. Dot tar Uniti m to s. Tax , Alnor i1-- Iron c Tali in o or Nav. It thu of Varna of As the entire population scat fleeing into Germany where i Tercel 10 hide from the red the u. S. Armed forces in two Days alone june 15-16 would soon be taking Over in 1940. People were either like thousands of others i or whisked off to the left alone leaving my family be siberian sail mines. Hind from whom i r Hospital Foud today Indian almanac sought i wednesday. March 10, 1954 King port times 7 wednesday others were shot to death out hear i since. Have never Ivy Caf t. Citurs Varnas Frankfurt l ins i frequently slope in a Norcup among the bodies of deceased lithuanians 10 savr from being killed by the soviets. That was in june 1040, when the reds overran hone country. Today my dream came True i am an american Cilien. To is the Day of my life. I can hardly express my feelings in wore a. So deeply am i moved. Between today and Hafl lie 14 years of fear hunger Lis , bul also happiness and satisfaction. However the i Only found in the United states i immigrated in april 1948 Al for spending four years in a do Camp in Germany. I believe me there an 1m- me ise difference Between living in constant fear of death under the harshest conditions that pre jailed in Lithuania when the reds forcefully annexed my country and the comfortable so Crity which i am now enjoying. Thinking Back to the i to soviets moved into Lithuania. I still shudder i remember the terror that ae-1 Companick unwarranted soviet aggression. I was a student then 18 years old. Too Young to realize the Ren son for soviet Conquest. Nevertheless i sensed the fear and tension that settled Over Lithuania. Iwas on the evening of graduation from High school when soviet tanks moved my Hometown a Clay i shall forget. I i was standing up to receive diploma an excited Man in Sercl into the school building to shout that the russians were in t in. Tie graduation cancelled i during my flight i narrowly i hey were the political leaders escaped being shot three times to state Board and the intelligentsia whom the and i dare say i barely made it. Chattanooga termed enemies of the when the americans took More than 785.000 members a ii form of their of Germany in 1945 of Blue shield and Blue Cross then a now mayor of the City j was placed on do staffs received in was appointed a mongolian in t _ lion and surgical benefits in 1953. Roy Mcdonald who tuesday family for Genera. L Fil St worked in a Camp Dis tons Hau been . Pessary later studied at the uni at the russians did not varsity of tue Bingen where i re prohibit us from attending my doctors in sponsored by my aunt who lives in Brooklyn n. Y., i was re elected president of the nonprofit Tennessee Hospital service Assn. Announced the figure at the eighth annual grated to the United states in of the association Here. By soon they launched Witch Hunt. I was attend Lar the medical the sum was nearly a Millon Cokeen of the University of a fim in dollars More than paid in 1952 Vilnius when it Icban. I w file in ran to Over 20 million Dol a in Dan scr of be Iii killed Dur Urtha j h m t v c m v worries inn. By i ins error raids by the secret in its eight years of police i and Many fellow Stu Jana said. Id in of Hirt in Ftp in but of the country that was to in lip in the morgue or hid in the., b clouded these Board of trustees nearby Forest to escape soviet new Nome. Now i am an american a Citi a free Anci wonderful a Mahan m. Siler or. R. B. Wood and Harold firn a. I inn . We know that superstitions soldiers were scared of my avers o thanks no out to Frather of Knoxville t. F. Doo corpses so they never searched i ayes of thanks go out to Johnsqn City. Stanford the morgue. Herron Jackson col a d when the germans drove the Huddleston Alcoa Tom c i russians out of Lithuania in kidnapper sentenced c l vip auditorium wrap Futini in main auditorium. Flinger party in club room a 1. 2. And 3. Opss n Corner room Fra in Cloud tire real inn Center Center Ani Vitlar s. Gnu class Rorr fration or room 4 civic Danry in game room. In oked Ruk making in club rooms 4, and 5. I boy Seoul i Sibirt commission in club i Linonis 4 s. Violin in Porner room. Frank Cloud recreation Onorr kid s Nihl. Douglass Kerei thin can err game Arnm arum by Rask Bah game mid gels k i i a civic auditorium music in main acid form a. And club in club to inv. 3 i and n trunk Climort Herrera Lynn Crater noticing Irr Reann Onorr Gump room basketball Gamp k1nt.spoht inn Hii Finui school 2 30 room. Thursday luncheon non club room. A furl corp. Dinner. . In tyres . Friday Kiwi is lunch lion. Noon club room. Sunday Francrs Mirl Durlon or Riding Nice Pylon room. New Delhi Calen Dar Reform committee of the Council of scientific and Indus trial research has recommended that the government compile an Indian Ephel Neris and nautical almanac showing in Advance the position of the Sun the Moon planets and other heavenly Bod ies. Such almanacs Are useful to navigators meteorological files and India s department of defense members of the com Mittee reported. But they Are also helpful to astrologers and Fortune tellers who presently must depend on european ver Sions corrected As Best they can to Indian positions. J calendars containing positions have an important use j also As guides to daily religious life. I if you want to save on your insurance the place to save is ecu Chr pts Roll or Amirr 101 Broad Street for fast Safe dependable service Gilliam cabs dial Circle Back of Union bus Ivr Mannl 1d41, we had a respite from Ter ror but it was Short lived. In 1944, the russians started their big push and the germans be sin 10 Retreat. Santiago Cuba Manuel Echevarria was sentenced to four years imprison ment yesterday for the feb. 19 i decided that this was the kidnapping of eight year old rum time to flee even if it meant Fortune heir Facundo Bacardi. Stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 cases in doctors tests Many women and girls who suffer from the functionally caused cramps backache and headaches due to menstruation Are suffering needlessly doctors tests prove Lydia Pinkham s compound or Tab lets stopped or gave amazing Relief of such distress in 3 out of 4 cases even on the first the use of pain deadening drugs take Lydia Pinkham s Vine Kingsport and or. R. Kampmeier or. J. 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