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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 9, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee8 Kingsport times tuesday March 9, 1954 local Man cleared foreign player of attack charge n criminal court by Paul Williams Blountville it took for new movie Hollywood ins Holly Wood is wondering today if its i Talent roster is hitting a new rom Surv Here about Low in View big time roles minute monday evening Toj being grabbed off by foreigners acquit a 30-year-old Kingsport and stage players. Oak Ridge returns adv comes More tax Silver used during for Tennessee Roods atomic production if Highway tax revenues we re i not diverted by the state of ten Rural Routs and carriers travel daily Miles. Insulation Salesman of charges of rape and violation age Warner Brothers beat the Drums for months in search of of consent. Found not guilty after a trial that lasted seven hours was Claude Loy of Lynn Garden. The defense characterized the 16-year-old Kingsport former High school girl whose Mother swore out the warrant As a girl of easy attorneys produced two teen age boys who swore on the witness stand they had had previous sexual relations with her. The girl who says she is preg Nant denied this. Loy was alleged to have assaulted her in his car on a gravel Road off the Johnson City High Way one Day last october. The girl s Mother testified she had seen Loy bring her daughter then 15 years old and a girl Friend Home after school last october and that later that Day h brought her daughter now alone at about dark. Hollywood now the sex High school said she first met the near the school when he came j a voluptuous Beauty to play of Troy and tested Many american actresses for the role. But Helen finally went to an Podesta. After testing More than 70 actors for the role of Paris in the same film the studio handed the Plum to Jacques Pierratt a Frenchman. Twentieth Century Fox recently tested More than 50 actors for the important role of Sinuhe in the then topped English born Edmund Purdum As the Winner. Polish born Bella Darvi out tested numerous for the Only Femme role in hell and High and writer producer Brucks Randell has announced his intention of con ducting a search in the East for an unknown to play the Mur girl in the Black Dan is wondering contingent the Ramon up and asked me my he asked me if he could give me driving she said in explanation of Why she went in a car with him later on the Day alleged assault. Speaking in a Low Small voice the dark haired full faced girl said the defendant had first taken her to a House and asked her to go into the bedroom with him and she refused and then he drove her to the gravel Road Navarro Francis x. Bushman May Mcavoy and Carmel Myers roles in the upcoming Mem production of Ben Hur " Ben Hur is not scheduled for production until late Spring but where he one of attacked her. The state s own wit Nesses the 16-year-old girl Friend who swore Loy went off in a car with the female principal in the Case made statements that dealt 11 damaging blow to the state s Case. Under defense Cross Examina Tion the girl Friend said that the girl whom Loy was charged with Randell wants to shoot his Black Dahlia in april. It is to be a documentary famed Black Dahlia Mur Der Case which occurred in los Angeles seven years ago involving Elizabeth Short 22-year-old victim of a torture slaying. Model Mara Corday once was scheduled to play the role but hastily dropped the assignment after letter receiving warning a threatening her that she might be among the missing. Randell said he has inter viewed hundreds of girls in hol Lywood but none of them fill the Bill. Oak Ridge Tenn. Ins three Hundred million dollars Worth of Silver is being returned gradually to the u. S. Treasury today having served its purpose in production first atomic bomb. The 14.000 tons of Silver is being sent Back by the atomic Energy commission because Oak Ridge is through using it As a substitute for Copper. The rental was used As electrical conductors in the y-12 Plant the Plant which produced the makings for the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. Back in 1042-43 when the huge electro magnetic Plant was being built huge amounts of Copper were needed for electrical conductors. There was not that much cop per available. Silver is just As Good a conductor of electric Ity the government shipped out tons of Bullion and the Oak Ridge operations was named As its custodian. The Manhattan District which was replaced by the age later never did buy the Silver but merely borrowed it. In effect Oak Ridge has been practically a sub station u. S. Treasury without too Many people being aware of it. After the bomb was dropped the process used at y-12, that separating fissionable uranium 235 from natural uranium by the electric magnetic method was outmoded and a cheaper process developed. Gradually the y-12 Plant at Oak Ridge is being re modelled to fit other needs. And the Silver now in the form of bus bars and coils is being re turned Home. Age officials say about tons have been re moved leaving about tons still in the Oak Ridge since the Silver was borrowed its Market value has gone up so that the amount still at Oak Ridge is Worth about As much As the original tons. Officials at Oak Ridge will not say too much about How the Sil ver is being reclaimed or when or How it is being shipped. Since this role requires a girl with lit is quite a valuable cargo they Blue Grey eyes skin Pale As out silence might Well be raping had previously been out Magnolia vivacity and plenty of Golden with married men had Appeal. Company with a Man now in the and since she will be portray i t or Frio w frill Fol Peri i i t kill cd a Penitentiary. The admitted she had girl said Friend it was ing a real person i believe she should be completely unknown to the another foreigner to score recently in an american film is belly dancer Samia Gamal who performs her controversial bump and grind routine in Val Ley Kingsport Man faces wife beating charge a 30-year-old Kingsport Man was arraigned in general ses Sions court tuesday on a charge of beating his wife. Hearing for Keener Goodwin the baby belonged to the Man now in the Penitentiary. Did you rape this Little a defense attorney asked Loy a big dark complexioned Man wearing a Blue business suit. Absolutely the defend ant answered. He said he had never had her in his car or even talked to her. A 17-year-old Kingsport boy testified that on a double Date summer he had left the car taken the girl into a Field and had sex relations with her. In Ottier teen Ager gave similar testimony about a Date he said he d had with her in september. One state s attorneys in his argument declared any boy 91 Cloud apartment was set for who has a heart in him will 10 . Wednesday before judge never get up on the witness s. G. Gilbreath or. Bond was set stand and testify he has had at relations with a j Goodwin was arrested at 11 the Law throws a cloak of . Monday by county officers Protection around a warrant charging assault women. The minute they throw i and the cloak aside the Law washes its hands of a defense at Torney countered. In other rape Case set for the docket monday charging Bobby Casteel and Harvey Simp son both of Kingsport. With assaulting a 15-year-old gravely Road girl judge Thomas h. Rogan granted a defense motion to continue the Case until the next term of court. The defense said one of their material wit Nesses was unable to be present because she underwent an appendicitis operation Friday. To meet wednesday Kingsport restaurant manag ers and personnel Sullivan county health department Are jointly conducting a meeting at the Kingsport inn wednesday at . The exchanging of ideas and methods of training food handlers will be the chief topic for discussion. Those taking part on the pro Gram will be local restaurant managers health department officials and the state inspector from the state department of conservation. All managers of restaurants Are to attend. Nessee the present county Rural judge Burrus said the Tennes roads construction legislature about 25 years could be continued. Levied a two cent Gas tax to that is the substance of a talk1 be used with the county prop judge Andrew l. Burrus county superintendent of roads Lor Obion county and president Tennessee county Highway officials association gave tues Day before a state subcommittee this body is the subcommittee on Rural roads legislative Council general Assembly and is composed of senator for rest Ladd chairman rep. Damon r. Headden and rep. Car Roll g. Oakes. We believe the Rural Road program should be financed by current Revenue and recommend that Highway users tax should be earmarked for that judge Burrus said. This amount with the 000 Federal Highway Rural fund would give us the a year which we Are asking. There is being collected yearly a Highway users tax to the amount of million from motor vehicle registration million from Gas Oline taxes and million from inspection fees on fuel Oil. A total of million of this Kingsport today tuesday civic auditorium guard Drill in main Audi erty lax to maintain county roads. This is not enough to maintain county roads he declared. About five years the legislature appropriated Sll Mil lion per year for two years to Start a construction program to i improve the county Road sys i Tern. The Rural roads division under the state Highway de j apartment has supervision expenditure of this fund. The Federal Money was to match this fund and this fund produced about a year for construction of Rural roads. When this fund was exhausted Bonds were issued to carry the program on until 1956. Judge Burrus said this pro Gram should be maintained and that the state county services association is asking Only for the amount of Money for the continuance program. Alexander to speak before it workshop Highway users tax is placed in i Marks Alexander ten National Lor Luci. L. T. Alumni in game room. Shower Pany in All club rooms. Mason 5 Dixon meeting in Corner room recreation Center game room card Frank l. Recreation Center recreation Center activities. Wednesday civic auditorium wrestling in main auditorium. Shower party in club 1. 2. And 3. club in Corner room. l. Cloud Jucar Talon Center Center activities recreation ciame room activity 4 bunco thursday uric Aurah Orlinm Nance Chris in game room. Hooked rur making in club rooms 4 Nanri 5. Bov scout District commission in club loom 4 find 5. Violin in Corner room Frank l. Clond recreation Center kid s Nigil. rec Realynn Onorr game room activity basketball game midgets -7 00. Friday civic Zodl Torino mum festival in main auditorium. Rod and gun club in club rooms 3 4. And 5 Frank i. Cloud recreation Center Square Duncing. Non class re err a lion Center game room Bastein full game 7 .00 Kings Ort inn ones Raj c. M. Mcclurg dinner com Merce room. Dale Carnegie dinner room. Wednesday rotary luncheon. Noon club Cora Henlly school a room thursday , noon club room. Mead , . Jaycees dinner Friday kiwanis luncheon. Noon club j room 1 sunday prances word uni reception room. The sinking fund to retire the state debt and a total of from the three tax sources is diverted for other Pur poses than roads. This amount includes from motor vehicle registrations from inspection fees on fuel Oil and from gasoline taxes. We recommend that this be earmarked for High Way purposes. If this is done it will leave the Rural roads and j the state highways at their present status quo we believe our plan is economically sound that it is the opinion of most people that a diversion of Highway Money should be stopped and that All Highway Revenue should be used for summarizing the Rural roads program in the state he said there Are weather roads in me maintained. School buses travel Over the roads. Miles per Day transporting children. In Sullivan county alone pupils Are transported Miles daily. In Tennessee there Are 1.152 Nessee Eastman company of Kingsport will be one principal speakers at a secretarial workshop Friday and sat urday at the University of ten Nessee in Knox Ike. Alexander will speak on what a Boss expects of a Secretary and training new office work ers at the saturday morning session workshop. The workshop sponsored Larkins sentenced to three year term Blountville spa a 3-year Penitentiary sentence Here monday afternoon ended the Short Freedom of Bud Lar Kins 28, of Kingsport. Larkins who was Only released from the state prison in january pleaded guilty by agreement to charges of breaking and enter ing and grand larceny. The state recommended the minimum sentence and a jury so ruled. Cap b. F. Cutshall Kingsport. Police department testified that he was one policemen arresting Larkins shortly past Midnight Friday morning after three men Cap tured the sex convict in the. Midst of a break in at Tran Barger Gulf service station. Cash tickets totalling about s2 Worth of change and keys to the filling station s Cash Register and door were found on Larkins Cutshall said. Jaylor Gate cily a. 1% t of d a v in the Navy it and the Knoxville chapter National secretaries association will include discussions exhibits and demonstrations on everything from office procedure to the common i problem of How to live on what you discussion topics Are designed to supplement previous training and to serve As a refresher course in office procedure according to Don r. Macken the University s conference co Ordi Nator. Tonight Esther Williams Fernando lamas dangerous when wet technicolor favorite Kingsport theatres Miles of All Tennessee to Kingsport Alrec Neville Highway opposite area to a i go to a t11 Ocean drive Riri Edmond of Ftak a fms. My wild Otto mum Luh Irmi Tlle Burtt Elk Nan h. Sting 2 shows nightly first show starts at dusk color cartoon or trip Pritim Lidert Fox today Ida Lupino Robert Ryan in beware my Lovely Warner color stereophonic sound starts saturday Kee Brasselle Marilyn Erskine to tit Omar i Rogersjr. .1 features today and cartoon Tricam kids and news strand 01 at n o w u stun Law Ford Louis mwstron6 Gen Kupa Ben Pollack 7h be tier uni the Bic technicolor musical my heart goes crazy r i a lotto Cine William Holden Eleanor Parker in escape from for Bravo Velar Popeye Colon cartoon world news events dial Circle 5-1671 big double feature divan Martin Jerry Lewis in jumping jacks feature no trip As the Inri Klics of a master spy James Mason in five fingers drive in tonight Vicki starring Jeanne Grain Jean Peters us on re to Johnson City s St the Evision fashion show be sure and tune in wednesday evening March 10th, from till see local models including those from Johnson City and Greeneville i relented m please note last show last feature at we will present another in a series of films for the Junior service ticket holders attending the last showing of Eddie Cantor Story May remain in the theatre for tonight s film classic the seventh tickets will be available at the Box office for others who would like to attend. In 6 Johnson cily Kingsport Greeneville memorial gymnasium state College Johnson City Tenn. March 15 thru 21 nightly at 8 except sunday mat. Sat. Sun. At . 1000 taught 1000 thrills it s a grand show company of 80 reserved and Sun. Matinee main floor s2.50, few at Balcony and unreserved including tax tickets on Sale now Sevier hotel for Choice seats order by mail now just Send Check or Money or Der with stamped self addressed envelope to ice vogues e.t.s.c., Box 398, Johnson City Tenn. Make checks payable to ice vogues bargain mat. Saturday adults students 75c unreserved or Frigidaire products save up to on refrigerators save up to on ranges Liberal Trade in convenient terms 1 appliance 3u Cherokee Street w phone i 7-7411 radio programs wept wept pm 1400 pc. 98.5 Tylik Sijats me. We in 1320 pc. A kid at look at tin Wal tier i Bra love i 30 sport s news Joe Firlit Sund world Nicl Man s frilly in Sci Shore show Ink i with san Ali. Inc Crair Dent Tiel Init i Cameron swim or a in bpm Fortune a o r n 1 n k m c d m b i i o n comes chill inc ski moral or music tic 9 p 1 l o m r to n c o r s for you cd is the ii Nirh 11 30 phrase . 2 1 5 m of v. B ill m t5 1 of y t m c Hoti Dup time 1 2 m i Oil in m a Racli Tim r 1 00-Kicsta be Ronner 30 j jul inc mfg Sicsu Scran Ndoc a or. 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