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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 9, 1953, Kingsport, TennesseeMonday March 9, 1953 Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c. P. Edwards jr., publisher j. W. West general manager w. J. A Cauthe it floor Ellis Pinkley. Kiec Tulve Edilio 220-22 e Market Street i Enn. Member of the associated press Soutaer publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent demo Catoc newspaper published each after noon except saturday Ano sunday. The associated presi is entitled to the use for publication at All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in Ihle paper and also the local news published herein. Entered at Post in. Term., As second class mall matter. October 27. 1944. Under the act of March 8. 187fi. National representatives. Shannon it associates. Inc., with offices in new York. Chicago Detroit at Anta. St. Louis. Kansas City. Los Angeles and san t Ranci Fco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Merry go round Hollywood today s Bible thought and that be. Put. On the new Man which after god is created in righteousness and True the times daily tonic Man greater than a systems of worlds there More mystery in the Union of soul with body than in the creation of a Giles. Van Fleet s charge if the statements of general Van Fleet on the subject of a shortage of ammunition in Korea Are to be taken at face value the uproar in Congress is thoroughly justified. It is a terrible thing if we Are sending boys into Battle and not giving them the weapons with which to fight Back. And the finest guns in the world Are not weapons but Only so much paraphernalia if there is no ammunition for them. General Van Fleet s report is not the first we have heard on this subject. It has been hinted before. President Eisen Hower himself heard it when he went to Korea. And Drew Pearson has mentioned it apparently getting his information from disgruntled army officers who Are among his sources of information. But the Van Fleet Story goes pretty far. It puts matters straight up to the defense department and the Pentagon. Of course or. Wilson has not been in office Long enough to Bear the weight of the charge but general Bradley and general col Lins have been and it becomes something of a showdown Between these two and Van Fleet. But there Are two Points to think of. One question is How much is it is quite possible that different officers have different ideas. There is a current joke that with some military and naval men enough is ten times As much As you can of course no one wants the army to be economical about ammunition but we would Point out that there May be an honest difference of opinion As to what is enough even among Mili tary men. There is a possibility that Gen eral Van Fleet May have exaggerated the situation. In this connection there is the personality of the general to look at. He is the fire eater Type of the Patton school a Fine general and an inspiring Leader on the Field but with a Little tendency to talk extravagantly off the Field. It will be remembered that in turning Over his command to general Taylor general Van Fleet made some very dramatic statements to the press about the ability of the eighth army to put on a Success Ful general offensive at any time and then he intimated strongly that it was Only the policymakers who held things Back. In fact he said that the diplomats had twice prevented the army from smashing the reds. General Van Fleet made his Flat state ment that the eighth army was at the ready for a successful offensive without any ands or buts. He did t say if it had the equipment and manpower and ammunition. Of course this May have been implied but it was also implied that the army had All it needed when he said it was ready now. We have a feeling that when All the facts Are sifted it will be found that the general did not mean to be taken quite so literally. It will probably be found that there has been some shortage of ammunition but that this shortage has not actually affected the military picture. It is doubt Ful if general Van Fleet would say that we would hold More territory or better position if there had been More ammunition. It is doubtful if he would say we had actually been Defeated in a Battle because of a shortage of ammunition. It is not unlikely the general will say that what he meant was that if a big scale offensive was ordered tomorrow the am munition for it would not be there. General Van Fleet is apparently not quite As Well up on International politics As he is on tactics and strategy. He seems to have a tendency to become impatient with the non military people and to As sume that any that pre vent the situation in Korea from being regarded purely As a military matter have no Validity. This is not Good. The politicians who have been saying they Are guaranteeing farm prices have been get Ting away with murder. Prices have been held up in the main by Bureau president a. B. Kline. By Drew Pearson Are some Little known facts about Josef Stalin in his relations with the u. S. A. Probably Harry Truman is the Only person who Ever bawled out Josef Stalin since the Day when he became top Man in soviet rus Sia. For years All of Russia bowed before the ruler in the Kremlin. His word was Law. No one around him Ever questioned it. However the Little Man from Missouri newly made president of the United states in 1945, gave Stalin a bawling out which those around tru Man have never forgotten. It was As if he were talking to a music critic or a newspaper columnist. The incident occurred during the first few minutes of play at the Potsdam conference. Stalin had arrived one Day late. Truman prime minister Churchill and Secretary of state Jimmie Byrnes had been on time had sat around waiting for him. Official reason for Stalin s delay was that the train across Poland and East Germany got held up which considering rail conditions in that War torn area in 1945, May have been True. However As the first Potsdam session opened Truman took the floor and proceeded to Tell Stalin that sessions were going to begin on time were going to follow a regular sched ule and went on to outline what he proposed doing. Aiming his remarks directly at Stalin he talked with such vigor that Churchill looked at Jimmie Byrnes with a View to get Ting the new president to take his seat. This proved impossible. But driving Back to their Headquarters Secretary Byrnes was on the verge of suggesting that it might be Wise for Truman not to antagonize Stalin during the first session of the conference when Harry Vaughan piped up. That was wonderful he enthused. You certainly did bawl him out. Pour it on him also bawled out foreign min ister Molotov in Washington when the latter arrived Here in april. 1945, after Roosevelt s death. Chip Bohlen now ambassador to rus Sia who served As interpreter for Truman told his superiors that he had never heard a for eign cig Hilary bawled out in such language. It lasted for Over an hour. Stalin scolds Stalin in turn has done some bawling out. The late Wendell Willkie once told me How he had been entertained at a gala dinner in the Kremlin which featured a pleasant round of toasts to the allies. Suddenly Stalin let Loose a diatribe against the British whom he accused of stealing 16 air cobras which the United states was ship Ping to Murmansk but which had been taken off the vessel in Scotland. Willkie said he had Seldom heard such bitter language from a High official at a Public fun with the British ambassador pres ent. Later it was discovered that the 16 cobras had been removed from the ship after Gen eral Eisenhower had appealed personally to Churchill. He wanted them for the african in Vasion. The British were not to blame but probably Stalin never did learn the True facts. Repartee with Churchill Stalin also had some pungent sessions with Churchill Over the opening of a second front across the English Channel. This was hashed Over backward and Forward at Teheran with Churchill proposing a second front through the Balkans or Southern France or any other place except the English Channel. Finally u. S. Military men swung their weight against Churchill and for the Cross Channel operation. As the conference ended however Stalin was still Churchill discovered when he left Teheran. Goodbye he said ill see you in replied Stalin i in a tank and you in a Pullman at the Teheran conference Churchill also needled because for was siding with Stalin regarding the second front saying marshal everybody who comes in Contact with you becomes slightly As any doctor will Tell you my dear prime shot Back Stalin Pink is the Healthiest physical to which Roosevelt trying to smooth Over the Cross fire replied Don to forget gentlemen that the most Beautiful combination is All the colors of the Stalin s Mother in recent years Stalin has seen few Ameri cans nor even Many foreign ambassadors. At Teheran he complained that his health was not Good. Prior to Yalta he refused to leave Russia on the grounds of health. Roosevelt at that time was in far worse health yet travelled Halfway around the world to see Stalin. He died four months later. Various americans such As Willkie and Harry Hopkins who saw Stalin during the War usually were ushered in to see him late at night. He worked until 2 and 3 . Church ill went to the Kremlin in his specially made Zipper suit looking like a Teddy Bear and Stalin said he wanted a suit like that too. Occasionally one of the visitors met the Dic Tator s mistress described As a plump and none too attractive russian woman of about 45. One american who managed to a few words with Stalin at the Bolshoi theatre some years ago was Carleton Smith of the National arts foundation. Smith had met Stalin s Mother near tiflis in 1936, found her to be a kindly wrinkled old lady living in a hut dug into the Side of a Hill. She remarked that she had raised her boy to be a priest. I hear she added that he is run Ning All of Russia but i Don t believe Stalin listened to Smith s account of his Mother but did not appear pleased. Cia s evaluation of crisis there is Little likelihood of revolution inside Russia As a result of the crisis Over Josef Stalin Central intelligence reported to the White House and the Pentagon shortly after the aged dictator was taken sick. Allen Dulles brother of the Secretary of state and head of the Central intelligence Agency delivered the report to president Eisenhower personally. His associates made a similar report to the joint chiefs of staff. Naturally they made reservations on what would happen inside Russia but Here Are the possibilities that might occur following Sta Lin s death 1. Continuation of the present situation. 2. An outbreak of War with the West. 3. Internal tensions possibly revolution. Of these three Cia concluded that the most Likely result would be a continuation of the status quo. While reporting that there would be flare ups inside Russia from certain dissident groups Gia expressed the View that they would t get anywhere. The Iron curtain was too tight the intelligence chiefs said for revolting groups to get any Aid. Little could be done from the outside to help sow the seeds of revolt. Therefore Moscow would be Able to keep far Flung area in line. Furthermore part of the dissident elements already have been removed and whole populations trans planted. By Erskine Johnson closeups and Lon shots hol Lywood chorus cuties have kicked their legs and flipped their bustles doing the French can can in countless movies but i be never heard of a wife snatching her husband out of the audience while hissing Elbert you be seen enough you re coming but now that 3-d movies Are Here it can happen. I be just seen the first can can dance sequence Ever filmed in natural vision three Dimen Sion men it s for Warners House of due for release in april and for the first time in history censors not Only will be blushing but also ducking. Those High kicking legs leave the screen and come right out Over the audience. And when the girls flip their bustles at the camera you la flip your if you Wear one. The illusion of things coming out into the audience is one of the big tricks of 3-d movies. For the same film a Ping Pong Ball attached to a paddle by a length of rubber is batted directly at the camera. The effect is so realistic you la be ducking. House of Wax is a horror film with killer Vincent Price turning people into Wax figures for his museum. Maybe the Wax figures won t melt but i assure you the Candy bars in the audience will when those can can dancers look like they re kicking All the bulbs out of the theater chandeliers. Those Friendly people eyebrows May be lifted else where but Howard Duff sees nothing unusual about wife Ida Lupino s Friendship with her sex husbands and their wives. I think it s the Only Way to he explained it. I m fond of her sex husband Collier Young and his wife. Joan Fontaine. Matter of fact i feel the Sauie Way with everyone who s been in my life. Ava Gard Ner certainly. As far As i know Ava and i Are still very it world crisis seem to be converging. It drama on the grand scale in keeping with the awesome sweep of events of the past 15 years. The endless speculation about what it Means for the future largely meaningless. We cannot even Tell who the new Spinx to be. But something can be Learned from the past. The noteworthy fact was the constancy of Stalin s policy. It mowed it i think she s a terribly Nice Young it it it agent to director Tay Gar Nett it in t that i mind the Hollywood rat race. Ifs just that there Are so Many of us on the bebop photographer to Joey Adams after seeing cinerama Man dig that crazy enlarge sudden thought whatever happened to the movies Are better than Ever Goodwill Tours have All of them been cancelled now that Hollywood has discovered 3-d? sudden death Edgar Bergen and Charlie Mccarthy Are blushing about a gag that curled up and died at a Cabinet dinner in Washington. Bergen asked Charlie to explain the duties of vice president Nixon. Welled Charlie he s the Boss of the does Taft know about asked Bergen. Charlie gave it the approved wait for the laugh pause but he s still waiting. There were no laughs. Now that Mem reissuing trader it can be told that Edwina Booth the Star is working As a Secretary for a hol Lywood to producer. Sigrid Gurie is planning a film come Back studying with a dramatic coach in Philadelphia. Love go round dept Terry Moore who married football Star Glenn Davis once engaged to Elizabeth Taylor is now Dat ing Nicky Hilton Liz sex Hubby. Was invariably designed to push by any and All Means the communist revolution All Over the world. But invariably before the threat of outright War. Stalin pulled Back. That Iron handed capacity to go so far and no farther Stalin had developed in his Long and bloody climb to Power. That con ability to turn Back at the last scarcely be expected from new Leader ship. It is Why the likelihood is for greater rather than less danger at those Points at which the tension Between East and West is most serious. The evil that Stalin has done in the world is incalculable. Above All it is in the example he set of brutal and ruthless in Trigue of Oriental despotism valuing human life the individual As no More than a match stick of the necessity for human sacrifice to atone for any error in policy of the Savage and sub human Means that have Long since overwhelmed the glitter of the false idealism of the end. One has Only to look around to see the corrupting Force of this example. The twin motives of fear and hate inspired by the evil Genius. Stalin make our actions at times resemble those of the image we profess to loathe. It was not merely the present and the future that Stalin worked incessantly to Pervert he had a Host of Hacks hard at work rewriting the past to make it conform with the stalinist View of history enshrining the great Man in the Center of the revolutionary drama. The Stalin henchmen do not bother with anything As flamboyant As Burn ing the heretical books in Public bonfires. They merely Root them out of every Library and class room and replace them with the official text. Some of our own politicians seem to want history rewritten. Charles e. Bohlen nominated ambassador to Moscow was interrogated by the Senate foreign relations committee on Yalta and Potsdam. And again what a Bohlen one of the two or three survivors who really know what happened at those meetings should be Mak ing a new Entrance at this particular moment. In secret session Bohlen Testi fied that the agreements reached at Yalta and Potsdam were fair and would have been to the advantage of the West if Russia had lived up to them. This was not what some of the Republican senators wanted to hear. They were determined that the testimony should fit their ver Sion of a sellout by Roosevelt and Truman. But that was not the Way Bohlen had heard it. He had been present at both Confer Ferencek As a technician a technician inter Preter of a High order but nevertheless a non political no policy making expert. Before the committee he testified As to his expert knowl Edge of what happened at those sessions. And even though his confirmation was at stake he presented the facts As he had known them. John Carter Vincent is in a sense a sacrifice to the failure of american policy in China. To this observer it seems that John Foster Dulles has handled the Vincent Case in As humane a Way As possible. Given the Atti tude in Congress Vincent could not have stayed Long in any Post to which he might have been As signed. But with a Little More Candor Dulles might have said that Vincent s usefulness was ended not by his own acts but by the attacks directed against him by senator Joseph Mccarthy of Wisconsin and others. The evil that Stalin has done will live Long after he has gone. Throughout history men for Power have brought terrible calamities Down on the poor struggling human race. And the Saddest commentary of All is that these Meix find follow ers often followers by the Mil Lions who glorify them As heroes and even As gods. The terrible chorus of the sports Palast saluting Hitler the Long processions bearing the Stalin iconography these Are the dark stains on the Page of our time. Mac s window by w. J. Mvauliffe not Many people realize that they have one thing to be Ful to Stalin for. Every news Paperman especially the Lino Type operators and proofreaders thank him for changing his name. It imagine if every time his name had to go into print he had to be listed As Josef vis Sario Novich drug Shvili. It if you see a Kewanian with Long face chances Are he has t sold All his kapers tickets yet. Ask him for a couple and watch his face shorten it people avoid a Pessimist be cause they want to miss a pest. You can judge a Man s age not by the Way he sits Down but by the Way he gets up out of an easy chair. It a mean Guy is a fellow who tells you a funny Story and tells everyone else so there is no one for you to Tell it to. There is a Story of a fellow who won a bet by eating seven Apple pies. He certainly wound up a very pious Man. It who will take j. Stalin s place whose the new important face will it be the Molotov or Beria or Malenkos if we had to take our Choice which of these three would be worse the truth is we doubt Muchley if it really will make any diff. All of them Are just As red As the Leader who is now dead. The chances really seem to be there la be trouble with any one of the three so when All is said and done. Whatever happens in Russia will be no fun. It p. It seems it s Georgi of course we really knew it. Twas logical the rus skies would say let Georgi do it it says one red Stalin was steel. Malenkos will be rockhead Georgi they Calls him. It one thing about the situation in Russia. Any Speculator can speculate any kind of speculations and nobody can Call them nonsense. It Ike and Eden Swap opinions. Well that s one thing we can Swap without it costing Money. Very few women of the opposite sex have an inferiority Complex it dumb Dora thought you went to a Beauty parlor if you had an inferiority thought it was the same thing As an in complexion. It some people who Are very thought need to be slapped cause their thoughts Are naughty. It there is nothing More frustrating than not to be Able to make people laugh at a Story that set you a Haing. A Reader who must be Young but not too Young writes one sensible thing about the English language is the perfect Misa and kiss and Bliss. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Side glances you used to enjoy taking Long walks before were the honeymoon s Over All i have a Little writes mrs. C. D., who has had ringworm of the Scalp for four months. He lost All his hair. What causes it and How do you get ringworm of the Scalp or Tinea Rapitis is a fungus infection generally involving the Root of the hair and that part of the hair which is close to the Scalp. Sometimes there Are scattered Semi Bald patches on the Back or sides of the head but com plete loss of hair is the exception. These patches Are scaly and the infected hair has a Dull Luster and is often broken off rather Short. It is often necessary for the physician to use special equip ment in order to make a diag Nosis. A Light which consists of ultraviolet rays filtered through a special Type of Glass is used and examination must be carried out in a darkened room. Under this special Light the infected hair usually gives a Bright glow. Other tests such As looking at the hairs or scrapings from the Scalp Are sometimes made. The treatment for ringworm is not easy but in time is usually successful. The ointments con Taining chemicals which have worked on other types of fungus infections May not prove effective for this so treatment May seem discouraging for a time. Some Success has been reported with a Ray treatment. When ringworm of the Scalp is really epidemic in a Community an attempt should be made to find All of the cases by making a Survey of school children and pre school children in families where an older child is found to be infected. Watch for signs children living in institutions Are even More Likely to be exposed than children in Homes. Also Barbers can be helpful if they watch for any such Condi Tion of the Scalp and they should refrain from cutting the hair of a child having this infection. This problem is of serious con Cern to skin specialists. Parents can help enormously by being on the Lookout for any disease of the Scalp and reporting it immediately for it is most important to recognize infectious nature and to Stop it from spreading. Out our Way

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