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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 6, 1953, Kingsport, Tennessee4 Friday. March 6. 1953 Kingsport times merry go round Hollywood an Independent democratic newspaper Drew Pearson c. P. Edwards. Or. j. Vav West Genera w. J. Mail Lufte. Editor Ell i in Hlaj elec it e Markutt Street. I Nispon Lenn member of me press Douton crib pub Fishers association Ana the audit Bureau of circulation an Independent demo canc news Jot each alter noon saturday and sunday Assn Zlatec Teresi 1 exclusively entitle to the us of publication of All dispatches Crete had to it or not otherwise in this news published her a entered at Post office in Kingsport. Tenn. As second class mull mutter october 37. 1944. Under the act of March 8 1879 National advert sons . Shinnor As. Sor Lutcs. Inc. With or tows in new York . Detroit . St. Louts. Kansas Clov. Los Anc Elps and san r in Cusco. Subscription rate by mail first and second postal zones daily and sunday one year by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought for the lord will not forsake his people for his great name s Sake because it hath pleased the lord to make you his Samuel the times daily tonic , Washington a e c r e t a r y John Foster Editto. Dulles meeting with top officers of the state -__________0 department turned to Chip Bohlen new in and ruthless turned the Voy to Russia and chief interpreter for for stardom trick for George raft by Erskine Johnson Guys and dolls maybe being at Yalta. Alan Ladd and Humphrey to what s this i hear about some running Gart but Bettger who s accounts of Yalta being on file he been Fianer than All of them asked. I told the senators that there Are no on the screen says the big to such notes and thought there were not. Now Mance Between movie goers i hear that there we got them Back from the White replied Bohlen. They carry Little of import heavies is Over. Lyle who just finished play Ink a Trio of varmints in you i Tance mostly rather bum jokes by the presi Belone to All Dent and or. Churchill. The senators have All and the great Sioux uprising the agreement material. The stenographic at analyses it this Way notes Are not essential. Some of the jokes might unintentionally Hurt the feelings of one or another of our current if i m queried by the senators i la stick to audiences can now see Tough us for free on to. Home screens Are full of leering heavies. Just being mean and Ruth my old countered Dulles. I Don t less in t enough. You have to have some relation to the heroine. I m not griping but it s All very frustrating. I did 17 plays on Broadway and nobody thought of me As a heavy. Now when they need a killer in hol Lywood they say get Lyle. I of any stenographic notes in the files i suppose that s All you can observed Bohlen. Penalty for an editor the Senate Interior committee called a Spe Cial secret session Early this week to consider he that Tabeth All his own cares upon him he question of disciplining or even recording can t break away from it Elf loads himself in vain with an uneasy Bur the indictment of Bernard Tassler. Managing Den. I will cast All my cares on god he hath editor of the american federation of labor Bidden me they cannot Burden Magazine the american federation St for Joseph Hall. Mccarthy his criticism of tidelands Oil senators. This unusual procedure was hushed up be Hind doors but senators were told to be present at . 30 minutes before the the life of Lupe Velez on the screen Why big eyed abbe Lane wife of Xavier Cugat is asking now that she s being the enemies of senator Mccarthy arc trying very hard to sow the seeds of dissension Between the president and the senator from Wisconsin. There is emphasis on the statement that there must be a showdown Between the two and president Eisenhower is either going to Buck Mccarthy or buckle under to him. Apparently there is some feeling that the state department and that Means the administration is already giving Tassler is a Leader Ancl is afraid to fight the great investigator. There seems to be disappointment that or. Eisenhower does t act like or. Public session opened. A special request was g Ven the movie stardom push made to have a quorum present in order to take important action. Simultaneously. Editor Tassler was called by Stewart French clerk of the Interior commit tee Ancl asked to be present. Tassler replied that or would be glad to appear before a pub lot participate what caused All the Senate indignation was an editorial in the Washington news captioned the 300-billion Dollar offshore Oil Giveaway Price Daniel fumes the Man who got literally purple of face who from Texas oilmen and who made tidelands Oil one of the chief issues of his Campaign. Truman and or. Dulles does not copy an Ancl wanted to discipline Tassler y freshman senator Price Daniel of Texas or. Acheson. The Anvil chorus is ready to Start in on the president and or. Dulles. The fact is that while it is True that the state department changed its orders when senator Mccarthy questioned those orders the senator was in the right Ancl the orders were not Good and could not be justified. The senator had a Vic tory because he happened to be right. We believe that president Eisenhower has no More intention of being ordered around by senator Mccarthy and he has no intention of being told what he must do by the enemies and critics of Mccar thy. We have a Hunch that his relations and can dream about future movie roles to follow the Hawk of the Lupe was such a vibrant per abbe enthused. She had 12 chihuahuas and so have i. The studio sees me As a combi nation of Lupe and Maria Mon abbe s in the same league with Lupe and Maria when it comes to chatter. Some samples i will hire the singers who replace me on Cugat s show. If they re too i have to Wear period clothes in my first picture. If the neck lines Aren t Low enough i la get a scissors and Cut them Way face up to trend new York television producers Are reconciled to the fact that Mac s window by w. J. Mcauliffe Paul Lawrence Dunbar wrote a poem in which occur the words speak up Ike an spress Yose very Good cur rent advice. If de Mortus nil Nisi Bodum. That s advice we be listened to but there Are some occasions when it s very hard to do lakes formed by dams Are very popular but the dam that forms the Market Street Lake we could get along without. When you have mailed in your income tax you feel relieved and you should because you have been. Why can t women understand Why can t they Ever learn that toothpaste tubes Are to be squeezed Only from the Stern pro Bono Pebeco. If the reason Why folks advertise by Selling a silly Jingle is that it adds up to More buys and makes the Cash Register ditto. St. Louis baseball fans Are go ing to have to make a Choice this year. Either go without Beer entirely or have a Glass of one brew in one hand and a Glass of another in the other hand if Little Johnny was asked who was the speaker of the House of representatives and he an swered they All How right you Are Johnny. Pretty girls Are both attractive and dist Active at the same time. Marquis Childs a quote such Ful complexions come out of Washington among other in a 12-Day interrogation the before a jury for at least a year lobby vanity Hiltl try fat it Ella _ i i _ _ j j u. J i in. Lir Iwao 14 1j _ the sceptre Washington calling 4. _ j Tut Uci Uit a Juv ii til a year. I quizzed Latti quite apart from the i divid is ration left behind in the Cha the Case of Owen Flash from Gene Raymond Back in movie town after three years of Manhattan to emoting. While he Nas turned u Over r admit with Mccarthy will continue to be just is True that Somp h so administration leaders Hollywood is destined to be the with the greatest caution the the paid and raised the question As to Why a nation s video capital. That s the new administration is approach Smail group of senators were in such a Rush to pass the tidelands Oil Bill. Is the and Skod a pay off for lavish Campaign contributions last when the secret meeting convened How Ever. Senator . A freshman Republic rat. Kept silent. He let older gop senator Guy cordon of Oregon carry the Ball. The american people want to Cor Don read the and. His face Flushing Why con Gross is in such an unseemly Rush to give away s300.000.000.000. What s the explanation is it True that the plan is to Rob the american people for the Benefit of a few. Greedy Power Ful interests lev there be a searching open bipartisan investigation to find out whether it More on the basis of voluminous Ful persons have been concerned about the Case. The doubt per the Johns Hopkins University is Force fury raised in seem ing this celebrated Case sus pro lessor a noted Par Eastern Omahoney b that he petting that it May backfire scholar was not accused by me Beir g tried is Ort ions and with loud repercussions. Carran of perjury in denying not for any overt act his views his temperament is How re i sults could come out of such Beautiful containers. About the Case. The doubt per Tiv it s very Nice to own a House in. 1100 a Ucucu in Vuci that he was a communist or a 1o a new prosecutor. Leo Rover red agent or the architect of old me att0rney general Herbert brow american policy in Asia. These it. Their the indictment of professor lat them. Believed that America should timbre on a charge of perjury after the election Mcgranery Side with nazi Germany. But if run much Ai what they were during the Campaign not cordial enough to suit the senator but too cordial to suit the anti Mccar thy ites. Which is just what common sense says they should be. If the keynote of this administration is to be cooperation it must be All around cooperation. Senator Mccarthy will get cooperation from the executive department As Long As he Only asks for cooperation not obedience. The investigation business is overdone in Washington and it takes up too much of the legislators time. Senators and representatives spend too much time and some members of Congress now sweating to Rush through the offshore Giveaway had heir election campaigns of last fall lavishly financed by the Oil Industry. The american people Are highly suspicious bemused they know that it just does t make sense for senators and congressmen from the 45 states which would lose heavily by the pro to be working for the give Nell intends to give it his own were the original charges Only argument now careful scrutiny. One reason for brought by senator Joseph against film is. You can always a. F Ell film when it s on the air and my answer is yes. You can Tell it s film because it s Al ways belter Gene is on the prowl for a Good part in a Good play but hell Don movie make up again if somebody makes me a Good some Day for Gene in a letter to the 3 department of Justice in july 1952. Those demands were repeated from time to time. The then attorney general was James p. Mcgranery who was prejudices and passions have of been deeply stirred on issues of foreign policy in recent years in thus millions of americans were sincerely convinced in 1938 and and to pay no landlord who can r y tin a once they Are have the strange for showing up twi Zmij. Sui. In we i Jiu 111 it Fod Una t Vii of a f this caution is the curious be Carthy and repeatedly Latti 39 that America should stay out mat need a change quince of events leading up to More under oath had denied of Europe s War. A few actually repairs Ait noun they re bad enough growing out of his testimony took the Lattimore Case to a you had asked these people aft before senator Pat Mccarran s grand jury and on dec. 16, 1952, or Hitler s declaration of War judiciary subcommittee. And his wife Jeanette Aid who Well could afford it i doubt he says. I Don t f us was 20 an indictment was returned. The whether they had promoted senator Mccarran began to indictment has been challenged nazi interests against the inter press his demand that Lattimore by Lattimore s counsel in a Long ests of their own country they Brief prepared by former Sena would have indignantly said no. Tor Joseph c. O Mahoney. O a the recent Brief from Latti Honey was Defeated last fall after 20 years in the Senate and after Long consultation with Abe from More s counsel contains a state ment from an opinion by Justice attempts of the courts to this is the reason for the widespread charge that the Giveaway Deal is just a pay off to those who contributed lavishly to Cam the charge untrue Oil Money flowed senator cordon looked around he room indignantly As he finished Reading then handed the and to senator Molly Malone of arrived not enough for a quorum and a quo rum is necessary to take such important action As the disciplining of a newsman. So the committee went into a Public session and the question of proceeding against Tass As judges and jury and not enough As Nevada. Time Only seven senators had legislators. But that does not change the fact that the Power of investigation is very important and it is within the constitutional limits of Congress. There is abuse and sometimes innocent people Are pilloried but the accent should be on the abuse and not the use. If some people had their Way congressional investigation would be so limited and checked As to make them powerless and therefore useless. One has Only to think Back to past Days to realize that investigations have done great service to retire at 40. Now i want to work More than i Ever did when i 20." no push from mama if newcomer Barbara Ruick lands the Ruth etting role in Mem s screen biography of the famed Singer another second generation actress will have a Star on her dressing room door. Barbara is the daughter of radio s starring actress Lurene Tuttle. But mama Lurene. She told me on the set of affairs of Dobie did t lift a Finger to help her career along. Appointed after the uproar re the Start of his troubles agreed fathom modern political medi there s i if inn t3xnf nn4 of to la Tatj spa f ti71 Tel to Vlf it j_____1 j 1__ rent can be very Tough. But it s All those Little changes alterations and additions that constantly keep cropping to meet new needs and conditions. Closets insulation a window there a door when you think the suiting in president Truman s dismissal of Howard Mcgrath. Privately Mcgranery told inquirers that he did not intend to take the perjury charge be fore a grand jury. He expressed doubts about the perjury accusation which was on two grounds. One was that Lattimore to associate himself with the nations of an accused would be yes e to Fet g Fine to own a Home the has a the o Mahone As futile and mischievous As the but pleasured Diminu hed f St government prosecutor efforts in infamous heresy trials a for a delay to study of old to fathom religious be Brief. It will lies it is True that in eng land of Olden times men were tried for treason for mental indiscretions such As imagining the death of the King. But our there almost Una Luo. W Liao a t l a Uzumi. Had denied to the committee be a to Constitution was intended to end that he had been a sympathizer or promoter of communism or communist the second detailed a half dozen Points at which Lattimore s statements failed to coincide with incidents occurring either before or during world War ii. The United states circuit court of appeals and from there in court the lip must not that at Torney general Brownell would darkest periods of human his tory has any Western govern ment concerned itself with Mere is never really finished you Don t have to be a prize fighter to be punch drunk. A child psychologist says that a Small child go to a that is. Dora from the City was however be ruled out that at belief however eccentric or mis asked she had ship inns we pal Irvine inf i Accel u. Tow she said my goo even know cows Chievous when it has not a never encouraged me never the Oil contributions out Side Texas Here is a partial listing of the 000 Given away by Texas oilman h. R. Cullen during the recent Campaign Eisenhower. S5.000 Mccarthy in Wisconsin. Jenner in Indiana. Cain in Washington Brewster in Maine. Watkins in Utah. Pat Hurley in new Mexico Malone in Nevada Ecton in Montana Kim in Missouri . Price Daniel of ing career but i m sure she d have drowned me if i had t made the Barbara used to substitute for ing to his decision to leave hol Lywood next year. Chievous when in Nas not a Sim fli1ri .v.0 agree to dismiss the indictment tured into overt action and if i i dirt even goodness Marine in that . A Wiull u even Knrow Nynva in i tile of jilt 3.nvwncr6 Law s delay hat the highest it is in the communist coun court can scarcely pass on the tries whose philosophies we there was a time when the Winter. Those Are words All americans ssi land of a week and Back r mama As Effie on the Sam Yard swimming pools for an in the country we believe now thir Texas also got s5 000 a of the above have Ulf a Thieve Hunt now Tondl in tort for nil the investigation of communism and the attempt to find out How far it has infiltrated american life through the col Leges through Public office is a worthy thing. We do not have much sympathy for people who scream that their right of Freedom of speech is being taken from them when All that is being asked of t b a cast la Follette. Them is whether they believe in the Ide ology of communism. If it can be established that there Are Many teachers in tax supported schools and colleges who Are communists and Are therefore using every possible Means to inculcate their ideas in the minds of that is their absolute duty the country has a right to find out. They had better find voted for tidelands Oil except Malone. Ecton and Watkins. And it now appears that wat Kins has changed his views and is for the Oil interests. A southerner s tribute one of the most shocked Over the late Sena Tor Bob la Toilette s suicide was the old political warhorse. Senator Walter George of Georgia who fought Many legislative Battles it was George who delivered probably the most glowing tribute to la Follette s memory on the Senate floor. Afterwards senator Paul of Illinois who has locked horns with southerner. There was an intense look on George s face As he replied very simply i loved that Spade radio show and nobody Ever knew the difference. But i became known As Lurene s Little girl so i pulled up stakes and went to new York. Then Mem signed me without even know ing i was Lurene s to. Of course. But that would be certain future. It s just that there Are so Many interesting things beyond Hollywood for an actor these he told me. I could fall doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Mrs. S. Writes my Mother sons the Bursa around the Al to Pum face on Broadway or in has just developed bursitis in Bow is involved in Tennis e have to be e e new contracts Are being waved under his nose every Day but Widmark is still stick my right. I m tired of getting the removal May Side glances merry go round general Jerry Slick persons has reported out. Because it is through education that to to change the communist Hopes to take Over the world not by bombs. If there has been laxity in the state Mexico an expert on latin America White in a Vitric department so that communists and communist sympathizers have wormed their Way into key jobs that is something we had better find out and we will be acting like fools if we say it s impossible that the situation is worse than Ever before to find out without stepping on innocent and a to walk 4. T j in _ _ career diplomats really stick together toes and we must not do that. After unpopular ambassador George wads senator Mccarthy is overbearing and Worth was eased out of Turkey he was sent congressman Dan Reed s mind on taxes. Herbert Hoover was chiefly behind the appointment of Francis White As ambassador to has one bad strike against him. As head of the bondholders committee he s identified throughout latin America with Wall Street. Loy Henderson the boy from Winfield kans., who s now u. S. Ambassador in the hot test hot spot in the world , has cabled ruthless. He will defeat himself that Way provided that his enemies do not to Czechoslovakia. His career friends carefully figured that sooner or later newsman Wil Liam Oatis would be freed from jail and that create Public sympathy for him. That s if George were in Czechoslovakia he could get what has happened. We remember cer Tain Southern congressmen who were elected time and again Only because the voters resented attacks from Radical sources. Credit for releasing him. Diplomatic blood is thicker than water. I m just or. Truman Plain s. Truman after president Eisenhower s inauguration. Out our Way i think it works on his income tax every night just to scare us out of mentioning new Spring you did not speak of the stiff cause and partly on the Ness that occurs. I do not suffer and Type of inflammation. Pain any longer but the Shoul More acute conditions com some cases of Chr Mir h Der is still quite stiff and i am plete rest by Means of a splint Are resistant to All wondering if there is danger of Bandage or cast is generally of treatment. Injection of a 1 this becoming needed aesthetic into the Bursa itself in this Way one by one come a removed is often useful but May not letters from victims of that pain in those cases in which the bring lasting effects the Miniec Ful condition known As bursitis. Is great and the pres Tion of some Irrl Atine fluid before discussing again the a causes considerable pain called a Scle Rosing solution has Ture of bursitis a word might be some o the excess fluid May be been reported to be useful of said in answer to g. A s ques removed. Since the fluid is Likely Casio Nally. Tion about the stiffness. The fact that the pain has gone is a favourable sign and in All probability cautious increase in activity perhaps joined by treatment with physiotherapy would bring a gradual lessening of the stiffness. True bursitis is an inflammation of any Small pocket lined by delicate tissue which lies near one of the movable joints of the body. These pockets Are called bursts. Typical ones and ones rather liable to inflammation Are present around the elbows shoulders and above the Knees. An attack of bursitis is Likely to Start suddenly. When it Doe the involved Bursa or cavity is Likely to be swollen and often contains a fluid. Pain is usually quite severe and the area is also Likely to be tender to touch. When the limb is moved the pain frequently becomes excruciating. Either a single severe injury or lesser repeated injuries Are com Mon causes of bursitis. Kneeling for a Long time is Likely to affect the Bursa just above the knee and this condition frequently goes under the name House maid s for similar Rea to find out How Good Vou Afee. Hemk3ht not even have Vou

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