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Kingsport Times (Newspaper) - March 4, 1954, Kingsport, Tennessee4 thursday March 4, 1954 a Kingsport times an Independent democratic newspaper c p Edwards or to Genera manager bar. Haden. Assistant to the publisher and . Gen. Mgr. W j Maul tale. Editor Kilts Bible Rev executive cullor j20-s2 e. Street cd Nispon. Tenn. Associated press International news service news service member of the Assoc Tea press. Soutner newspaper publishers association and the audit Bureau of circulation to Independent democratic newspaper published each after noon except saturday and sunday the associated Prenti ext la Lely enl turd to the use or publication of All Newi dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited 1n this paper and also the local news published herein entered at for. Office in . Tenn As second class matter 27. Under Tho act of March 8. National advert Lsne representatives. Shannon As hoc lates inc., with offices in new York. Chicago. Detroit Al . St. Louis. Kansas City los Antelmi and san trance so. Merry go round letter to editor de. Is another in Drew Pear son s series on the problems president Eisen Hower faces in connection with senator Mccarthy by Drew Pearson John Foster Dulles the sincere indefatigable Secretary of state testified before the Senate foreign relations committee last week he almost wept. His voice choked As he said i secured an agreement in writing that the Geneva conference would not constitute recognition of China but even so i can t seem to please you gentlemen. It looks As if there s subscription rate by mall first and second just no Way we can conduct foreign relations zones daily and sunday one year to your what upset the Secretary of state was the persistent relentless heckling of the Man who is supposed to Lead Eisenhower s policies in the Knowland of California. The democrats were sympathetic and asked helpful encouraging questions. The Republican majority Leader heckled and objected. The incident illustrates one phase of the Hope the authorities at Nashville growing split in the Republican split will feel the effects of this awful not caused by senator Mccarthy but widened Blunder. The governor we think and brought into sharper focus by him. It also illustrates the problem Eisenhower himself sooner or later will have to tackle. The longer Man it is not thy works which Are mortal he puts it off the harder it will be. At present he has the prestige and popularity to tackle it successfully. If he puts it off it May be too late. What president Eisenhower has to realize is that the Republican party for years has been divided Between the isolationists and those who believe in world cooperation. He has to realize tha t senator Mccarthy and the Little group which brain washed his Secretary of the army represent the extreme isolationist Wing of the party some of them Neo postal by Carrier daily and sunday one week 40c. Today s Bible thought Yea also i continued in the work of this neither bought we any land and All my servants were gathered thither unto the work. The times daily tonic infinitely Little and the greatest no greater than the least but Only the spirit thou work est in that can have Worth or Carlyle. Editor Kingsport times dear sir we commend you on several things you said on the Stallard Case but think you should have said More. Wish you could hear what the Rural citizens think about this matter. This is the worst murder and robbery Case that has happened in this Community in a Hundred years. Then think How this Model Stallard has been walking about unguarded. What will the Young boys of this country think of this won t they think they can do anything and then in a Short time be a. Model prisoner walking about free think How these murderers misled this Young Man with their badges and killed him. There must be something wrong about this badge handling. We referendum is paving the Way for his future opponent by not firing that Warden. Throw this in the waste Basket. If you like but you have the Opin Ion of 99 per cent of the country people that these Birds should have been executed. Yours Alvin East it. 1 the Parent teacher association has asked for and the Board of mayor and fascist. And he has to realize aldermen has agreed to Call a referendum vote on the question of adding flu Orides to the water Supply of Kingsport. We feel that this is Good news. We be Lieve this is the Only proper Way to Settle this question of which there has been ably does t realize it but the tvs question of Woiln int e a client of a rep Alcan senat0r Heck nere and air much argument. Of course it is under ing a Republican Secretary of state has of alternately in our three comm stood that the results of such a referee curved often in the past. This newsman As a cities Dum Are not legally binding on the Board Young reporter covering 3n any Case the Board must act and pass or roup or the other and begin before the extremists take away control altogether. Lessons of the past Eisenhower a lifelong military Man prob the editor Kingsport times dear sir an editorial recently appeared in the Johnson City press Chron ical advocating a Tri cities preaching Mission on the order of the present Bristol preaching Mission. Under such a program a joint committee from our three communities would invite speakers who. Would come Here and speak Why of these incidents eventually ordinance As required by Law. How paved the Way to War. Here Are some of them Ever it can be assumed that the Board Republican split no. Will act in conformity with the opinion of us newsmen of the majority of the people. Wrote stories that Henry l. Stimson then the referendum will be held some time Secretary in May. This should give people who have not paid much attention to the matter ample time to find out the pros War threatened. It pledged no use of troops and cons of the discussion. This is a else merely that we would talk matter that affects everyone of us and Atter our news stories broke Stimson is a real obligation to vote and vote called a press conference in London at which a he confirmed them while Herbert Hoover pledged the United states to consult in Case l has been endorsed by the Bristol Herald courier in an editorial of february 27. While i cannot speak officially for the Bristol preaching mis Sion As chairman of that mis Sion for 1955 i can assure you that we would be Happy to talk with representatives of Johnson City and Kingsport about possibilities of such a combined pro Gram. Our preaching Mission March 12, at the hotel general Shelby in Bristol we would Nave any represent from the Kingsport and calling Washington Aba Secretary of state John Foster dul Les celebrated his birthday thursday night feb. 25, with a quiet Little family dinner at Home. He was 66. That s one year past retirement age but there was nothing that looked like retirement in the rugged birthday week which the Secre tary put in in Washington. He got Home from the Man killing Berlin conference on Fri Day night feb. 19. Saturday morning he put in at his office. Night delivered his speech. Thursday he began briefings on the Caracas inter american conference. Friday Cabinet and National Security Council. Sat urday More briefings. Sunday take off for Caracas. A great life if you Don t weaken. He enjoys it. Hunting Protection Treasury Secretary George m. Humphrey As Boss of the secret service which protects the pres ident got to see How this organization worked when he in with care. Called a press conference in the White House we expect and Hope to see a full scale at Whlon he denied that the United states discussion on the subject of fluoridation. Would enter a consultative pact. The Isola we believe everyone should have Access zionist Wing japanese to the arguments and reason of the pro War lords entered Manchuria on sept. Is. 1931. Ponets and the antagonists of this a Secretary of state Stimson immediately saw ii or the no pm of this this for what it beginning of a Japa Tion. We expect to open the pages of tvs t to dominate Asia. X remember paper to such full discussion. _ but there should be a determination on the part of All Good citizens to keep their Heads and discuss this matter Calm up to his House that night to ask that by and quietly. Let s have no name Call i not write any More along that line because ing and imputing bad motives to people let us have Appeal to the head and not of the Republican party. The Story he said to the emotions. Let us with the was True but embarrassing. Material Asso that afternoon and All Day Sun cited president Eisenhower Down by Peter Edson situation and i wonder whether they can with profit learn the lesson from Justice cleanup department of Justice has re placed 650 of its 1600 attorneys and most of the new men Are republicans. With the staff thus reorganized there Are fur ther plans afoot for cleaning up the but most of them will have to wait on passage of new legislation to strengthen the government s Powers of prosecution. Passage of a Law authorizing Ivlin j. O Kim _. _. _ _ with us to discuss Day he worked at Home on his to shoot Quail at the Humphrey the use of evidence obtained by Wilu Lio j a Xref Ted to this Tri City meet ing. If there Are to be such representatives we would like to radio to report to the nation. Monday morning he spent with congressional leaders at the t j writing that he had contacted the Canadian mexican and chilean governments to ask if about it by noon thursday state department. In the after 11 so that final arrange noon he worked on his speech be made for their some More at Home. Tuesday morning he held conferences on some Berlin cleanup matters. That afternoon he went to Cap Itol Hill to Confer with House leaders. Wednesday morning he spent with Senate leaders had lunch with and reported to president Eisenhower and that Assumption that All of us whether we favor fluoridation or oppose it or have no feeling on the subject Are sincerely heading off War what Stimson wanted was to head off Japa i Nese aggression before it blossomed into War. Interested in Public health and Public the isolationist is on the other hand did t want to get even remotely involved. And later when Stimson instructed the u. S. Consul Gen welfare and doing whatever is Best for the people that is All of us eral at Geneva to sit in As an observer during the observer. Had Henry l. Stimson an energetic Liberal Republican been Able to build up the peace of Era Ai be Nevi us in an in giving publicity to discussion of the league of natj0ns. Efforts to Block Japan fluoridation we will be guided by certain the isolationists even forced him to withdraw rules in the interest of Public welfare. We will not print unsigned letters. We Hope we will not get any letters signed machinery of the world when the seeds of or not which make personal attacks or War charge bad Faith to the other Side. We wag locked by the isolationists would particularly warn everyone to look go with a suspicious Eye or not look at All great at Anonymous pamphlets. Before you believe sensational statements make when Maves them sure who gop split no. 3 was tackled by another Arthur Vandenberg of who worked with i to try to keep american foreign policy out of partisan poli tics. And i remember a talk i had with Van Denberg about a year before he died. He looked we feel inclined to be proud that the about his headaches. People of Kingsport were not apathetic but even More he complained about the Trou about this matter. Perhaps it would ble Given him by his own Republican col have made for smoother sailing if nobody can be made for their coming. Sincerely yours Thomas a. Fry jr., pastor first presbyterian Church Bristol . I Hollywood by Erskine Johnson a gambling Hall sequence in a i s Dawn at Socorro brought out several thousand Casino chips with a Horseshoe design registered to the studio. Since the big gambling Boom at near by Las vegas Chip makers have Given each movie studio a Spe Cial design to avoid conflict with the Good As Gold Las vegas chips. Betty Grable May not know it but she s getting a hand me Down from Marilyn Monroe in her new Columbia Fil musical the pleasure s All Down a ,5ong written by Hoagy Carmichael for Marilyn to War ble in gentlemen prefer was just purchased for Betty. Shelley is bitter Shelley Winters wept so Many bitter tears and played hysterical Hannah so often that por trait artist Novella Parigini had to Call off the assignment to paint her likeness. There Are no stuff with Sylvana Mangano. It it it Marjorie main who has kept the memory of her late husband alive in Many ways has arranged to have his coffin re moved from a York pa., Ceme Tery and re interred next to her own Hollywood burial lot. The Story of Marjorie s love for her husband who was a minister and died 25 years ago is packed with inspiration. It it it there s a possible summer to show in Phil Harris and Alice Way. Vittorio plays the Smooch Side glances Knowland and some _. Had paid much attention and simply left giving Eisenhower and Dulles trouble today matters to the Board but while Public it was Vandenberg of course who picked 7 f for vice armm discussion Paul Hofeman for the important Job of and Iove scenes Between Shelley and interest makes for vigorous discussion the Marshall Pian. It was also her estranged mate Vittorio and opens the door to possible friction arranged with Dean aches or. Zassman in by the this latter need not happen. Public in to put John Foster Dulles right inside the Lulb Ripon Varv state department alongside the democrats. Terest is a sign of a healthy democracy. Vandenberg is dead now and the Man it is a Good sign when the people Are in who in part has taken his place As Senate Terestea in their own business. Republican Leader has been the chief heckler we do not believe that the voting on of the Eisenhower foreign policies this question will be apathetic. But it is bulletproof Glass needed up to everyone already interested to the spectacular gun spraying of Congress Rouse others who have not been. We be by three puerto rican fanatics would never Iipp that everyone owes it to himself or have happened if Economy minded Congress Lieve mat Revti Yule Wuco 11, u men had taken the advice of the professional herself to read up on the subject to talk to Needle whose judgment they Trust and Ever since july 1947, when a disgruntled trip in nip it to be a very heavy sex Capitol cop took a couple of potshots at vote. Their ought to of a very Gap sign John professional vote. Security officers have urged the inst lation we have enough Faith in american de of bulletproof Glass in front of the Senate and int polio Pirp of the House galleries. Recommended democracy and m the intelligence or Ine the Capito to average american to feel confident that Many of inexperienced old men and Young the larger the vote cast the greater will College students who hold patronage jobs As be the Chance of a Wise decision. This is a were pressed by a Fine Chance to prove whether democracy works or not. It works of course Only when people work at it. Appearance with Phil on an All Star revue in december Alice May be weakening in her now and forever decision to skip video. It it it scene the Golf links cast George Burns and Ben Hogan. George Ben Tell me honestly what am i doing wrong in my Golf Ben your big mistake is leaving the House in the morn it it it when a movie Queen tells you she s found an Ideal place for her marriage says Tony Ben Nett she usually Means the front Page. Plantation in Georgia. They kept the usual tight guard around the president or. His Hunting trip. They made particularly sure that nobody near him Ever fired a gun at a Bird in any direction where the president might be hit by stray shot. But How did they Secretary Humphrey was asked after he returned to washing ton. Of they were inconspicuous All Secretary Humphrey reported. That is they were As inconspicuous As a group can a persian lesson sen. Paul Douglas d-i11 once an economic professor him self is a Leader in calling Atten Tion to the dangers of increasing unemployment and business re cession. For this he has been charged indirectly with being a fear on the Senate floor the other Day he made his reply with a Short history lesson. It was the custom of the persian he said to put to death anyone who bore unfavourable news. So gradually the messengers brought Only favourable . The result was that the persian Kings became out of touch with developments and ultimately the persian Empire broke up i wonder if those in posses Sion of political Power today will Wake up to the realities of the wiretapping is expected to per Mit prosecution of a number of new communist cases. They Are said to involve persons not previously named. More cases involving charges of corruption on tax matters Are expected to be filed soon. They will involve Bureau of internal Revenue officials of the Truman administration and will Proba Bly be timed to provide gop Campaign ammunition. High priced Java. Americans complaining about retail col tee prices of a Dollar a Pound and More in the United states have been told by National committee for a free Europe to look at Coffee prices behind the Iron curtain. They Are a Pound in soviet rus Sia sc.47 in Romania s13.54 in Hungary in Czechoslovakia and in Poland. Fat Chance for Swap the proposed Deal to sell some of America s surplus food products to soviet Russia in t completely dead yet. What has been turned Clown is a proposal to sell some of these surpluses for Money or russian Pold. If the russians were to offer Manga Nese or some other strategic material which the u. S. Has in Short Exchange for surplus butter cheese wheat Corn or what have Swap might be arranged. But so far Mac s window. By w. J. Mcauliffe i Don t know this dentist Ferness but i would be willing to guess he d love to ret Joe in his dental chair his idea of a probe to express just imagine Mccarthy sitting Down in a dentist chair and suddenly looking up to Sec or. Press smiling at him. The smile would be one of those that literary Fellows describe As Sar Donic. A. Imagine the senator squirm ins As the Doc stands there with a Long thin wicked looking Needle in his hand saying Why senator your Mouth is in foul shape it s full of Poison your Wisdom tooth is decayed. Your Grinders Are chipped and you need several imagine Joe with his Mouth stuffed with Cotton trying to talk and Only groaning. If imagine the doctor waving that Needle around and smiling even More sardonically As he , this won t Jab and tile senator leaping As the Needle seems to go right up into his brain. Imagine the doctor grinning at. The senator us he starts Tho motor on that Drill. Imagine with what pleasure he d crack through and touch a live nerve. Some of the famous Mccarthy nerve. Imagine Percess with a forceps or just a pair of pliers yanking. Mccarthy Teeth right and left would the have fun Early to Rise and Early to bed is the path of Wisdom a Fel Low said. Bui late to bed and late to Rise is More to the taste of average Guys. A Well known steamship line. For the recruit who could not take it Basic training became sick Bay training. When a Motorist docs a. Foolish thing do you say i la bet a fiver before you see who s at the that there s a woman Driver Well if you Are better Cut it out for statistics say quite Strong that when a Man makes that remark it s 3 to 2 he s wrong Mccarthy accused the army of coddling the reds. You mean Caress Percess literature appeals to girls who have some brains beneath their curls but they read with intense passion when they Sec a Book on the latest fashion. Novels poetry autobiography history essays even Geog All of these Are just but their favorite Reading is a Book on styles. If a woman Ever runs for president will candidates for Congress try to ride in on her Petticoat tails some people have the trick of making people believe them no matter How often they fall the russians Haven t made such to Tell the truth. Take the an offer. Weatherman for instance. Doctor says by Edwin p. Jordan . Or. Molotov was wrong october 1939, when he condemned France Britain As being aggressors and praised Hitler Ite Ger Many As being a peace seeking concealed weapons that it would be a simple men Mike Dowd and Carl Champ both metropolitan police captains who Are detailed on Capitol Hill. Capitol police chief William Broderick a Veteran Law enforcement officer has also advocated the bulletproof Glass. They appealed privately to the Capitol housekeeping committee that it is impossible to frisk every visitor to the galleries for rotary of state Dulles. Each and every one of them women mentioned in letter filed in the easel is completely innocent of any misconduct with Roosevelt. Jimmy Roosevelt did t write those letters matter for a fanatic to toss an old Shoebox a bomb onto the floor of the sen ate or House. In the interests of Economy senators and congressmen rejected the bulletproof Glass. When Broderick came in police chief How Ever they gave him More leeway in selecting himself they were prepared Here and mailed his own men for the Capitol police Force . I i of in t a Nora Relur Viii who a to him overseas and he signed Roosevelt. It s wonderful. I love the police department. Moskovitz rescued from kidnappers. It in t generally known but the secret service sends the Capitol police a Complete description of every Crackpot who writes a threatening letter to the president or any other government official. T. M. Rie. S. Cd. J cop. 1954 b Nea , inc. Say they be changed the old arithmetic books a kit since my Days in school the Way Junior explains it i m really learning now is the time for parents who Are considering sending their children to summer Camps to Complete their arrangements. Such Camps for boys and girls Are now a part of the american scene which thousands of Lucky youngsters enjoy each year. A youngster must usually have a physical examination before going to Camp. The purpose is to reveal any physical defect which might interfere with full activity so that proper measures can be taken to avoid undesirable risks. The presence of heart Dis ease a severe allergy or diabetes for example should be known before the youngster gets into trouble from any activity nor Mally conducted in a summer Camp. All Camps give the parents instructions As to what clothes should a taken the number of blankets and similar information which is always needed be fore a camping experience can be comfortable and Happy. Most Camps require one or More successful smallpox vaccinations. Some ask for typhoid inoculations although the Dan Ger from this disease has greatly decreased. Others require inoculations against tetanus or lock jaw. The regulations for Camps vary and some other inoculations such As those against diphtheria May or May not be required. The youngster going to Camp should be prepared to abide by the rules. For example if the Camp is located in an area where there Are dangerous snakes High boots May have to be worn and it could be dangerous to break this regulation. In most places swimming is an important part of Camp life and the rules of safety should be strictly followed. Knives axes and other instruments which can cause injury should be taken Only advised by the Camp directors and then certain rules for their safely use must be followed. Rules for 1 to lostion but camping is rarely bound by Many rules. Summer Camps for youngsters have Only those rules which have been proved necessary for the Protection of the observing them will not interfere with pleasure but will greatly increase the safety of Tho fortunate boys and girls who can have this experience. Thousands of Camps to suit Al most every need desire and even pocketbook arc available. Parents who do not know How to about choosing a Camp for their youngsters can obtain information by writing the american camping association 343 South Dearborn Street Chicago 111. This Fine organization can also Supply information on Camps for youngsters who Are suffering from some physical Handicap which might make one of the general Camps unsuitable. Out our Way you re 3oime to write a letter with a Foumtain pen amp eat a piece of Berry pie a spa beam amp Ketchup Sandwich Over it co you a ainu letting a be see the letter before you put a stamp of it Why mothers get Seav

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